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Mar 16 2014 by MP3 Download
Paul King: I heard Mike Manuel sing this for the first time. I was holding my mothers hand as she left this life for a much better place. As much as I miss her I would not ask her to come back. The great news is we have the promise of seeing our mothers again. I enjoy this song very much.

Linda Jecker: I wish I could talk to my momma. I love and miss her

victoria duhon: Miss you mom and dad..... Love y'all with every beat of my heart :,(

Dennis Martin: this is one beautiful song..sung by a great singer...so touching ..god bless terry terrell...

Ronnie Despain: My momma passed away Sunday and I buried her this Christmas eve 2013 I miss her so much already, I wish I could have had Christmas with her but I know she is pain free living with jesus now. I know this will be my mommas best Christmas ever being with jesus this is a beautiful song I wish I could have called my momma today and said merry Christmas to hear. Thanks terry for this song I played it at my mom's funeral. Mom I love u and miss u so much

Michelle Williams: If Only There Was A Phone In Heaven,,I'd Ring My Mum Every Morning && Night To Tell Her How Much I Love && Miss Her ♡♥

Aline Cormier: very beautiful

Michelle Williams: If Only There Was A Phone In Heaven,,I'd Ring My Mum Every Morning && Night To Tell Her How Much I Love && Miss Her ♡♥

countrygirl1134: wow what a great voice

pittbulllover7: This is such a wonderful song I lost my maw maw in 2010 and I looked at her as a mother so this song defiinatly goes out to her..... <\3 love yu maw rest easy..

karen hiott: my Husband and I heard this song many a year ago and I was crying cause of my momma and how i miss her and cant talk to and how she left my sister and I with out warning.but she always knew how much she was loved and needed she was a angel walking this earth and I was lucky to have her as my momma xoxoxoxox your girls

australianfan: Look in the description and you will find his web site I just updated it :)

jollynana48: This is a beautiful son thank God I still have my mother

4569jenny: AWESOME SONG

Kevin R: TO DAY IS MY MOMMA BIRTHDAY I LOVE HER AND MISS HER SO MUCH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS SONG I wish so much there was a phone in heaven so I could talk to her today

Brooke E: I am crying right now -:( because, I miss my sister in heaven

tinkerbell0395: May God Bless You!I love your music, your voice and great video scene's you put with your songs.Please keep up the great work :)

Denise Oliver: Beautiful song love it.

australianfan: Check the description :)

jackie lemoine: beautiful song'

cadjunk: Aussie, what a treat to talk to you this morning - loved it. I love this song, every time I hear it. We would keep that phone busy if there was a phone in heaven, wouldn't we? What a great artist. Have a beautiful day, dear friend. God Bless, Your friend, Gwen

TheVada12: @maggot4life323 You were the angel that took the place of my Mama. Thanks so much.

theaheim: you have make me think of my mom and i miss her very much

Shirley Mcdaniel: @CORINA....IT NEVER STOPS~

Connie Brannon: the best song I ever heard for my mom in heaven thank you so much GOD BLESS YOU MY FRIEND.................

erniedsutton sutton: @TheAussiepride11 i lost my mom 2007 with cancer at the age 64 an its been so hard i miss her but this song always helps me know she in a better place because this old world is hell be strong

Lisa Beech: I lost my Mother in January and my heart breaks when I hear this beautiful song ...Momma I love you and miss you so much

samanthagary86: This is a great song and every word in it is exactly what I and others that has lost their mom would want to hear! Best song ever!

Jerry Speer: Please send me an e-mail @ paradiseranchtn@aol.com. I have recorded some songs you need to hear. IF I can figure out how I'll e-mail the whole album.

apey1971: This song makes me cry becasue it reminds me of my Mama. I lost her 11 years ago and miss her more everyday.

PaulaLinthorne: This is a beautiful song, and makes so much sense. Happy Mother's Day!

Shirley Mcdaniel: I ALSO LOST MY DAD ON CHRISTMAS DAY, Haven had a XMAS since!!

TheAussiepride11: I just lost my younger brother to cancer in September. I have played this version of the song constantly since then. I know my brothers spirit hears it & that one day I will stroll over Heaven with him. Thank you so much Alan for such a beautiful version of this song.

lindalovesal: Wow I love his singing real country thank you for posting

cadjunk: Thank you, so are you. Have a beautiful day. Gwen

Sundae811: This is an absolutely beautiful song!! Thank you so much for posting. I came across in when searching for a song for my Dad, has been sick now for 6 months with Cancer, anyone with any ideas please let me know. Thank You. Although I still have my Mama with me, this song touches me tremendously!

Sharon Wheeler: Such a beautiful song.!! Played song at my mothers funeral.

adduncan85: How in the world could someone dislike this song

Denise Gregory: Beautiful.

TOOKOOL75: this song makes me cry everytime. i still have my mom but my beloved grandmom has been gone sence april of 06 and lord knows id love to hear her just 1 more time!!!!!

Tammy Mclaine: I love it.Thank you!

Audrey Maynard: He has been to our church to sing many times.. Truly anointed and a great blessing.

Debbie Vickers: Yes my mommy is in heaven with you Jesus ..tell her that I love her !

Audrey Maynard: He has been to our church to sing many times.. Truly anointed and a great blessing.

nationmcdaniels: absolutely a beautiful song to keep the memories alive. god bless.

latokatn506: Very Good Song Thanks Aussie #1

tiffanyrwhitaker27: I love this song. Its so true and he knows just how to sing this and really hit home at the same time

MrDon Railey: Aussie my dear friend..This is the most beautiful song I've ever heard and so touched my heart. I will start out my days by listening to this and remembering not only my mother but my children's mother as well. Thanks so much..Don

jamie bond: i lost my momma when i was 12 three days after her birthday it will never get easier she died jan 27 2008 i miss her more and more everyday i really wish there was a phone in heaven i would talk to my momma all day long i would try to talk 24 7 if i could

Shirley Mcdaniel: THANK YOU, I'm looking forward to receiving this one ALBUM XO

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