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Mar 28 2014 by Songs Tracker
Kenny Hernandez: you laugh at her weight she laughs at your bank acount.

Lorraine Thomas: It's just facinating !

Emily Short: You had my heart inside of your hands," For some reason I pictured the Ood, with their brains held defenselessly in their hands. . . .

kaledovic: This clip is audio-visual art defined. Rarely have I watched a vid over and over like this one. The director and concept designer should be mentioned more. Pure class.

Richard Bowman: "Mindblowingly overrated fat chick." Wow. That's a lot of letters for an imbecile to string together. I'm sure YOU know a thing or two about fat chicks. I don't. I know more than most about music though; good and bad. Hers is one of the best voices to emerge in the past 20 years.

Billbill80s: Mindblowingly overrated fat chick. Made a stack of cash on one lame at best album.

stella d.: we could have had it all..............................

alisson Silva: adele you alive, always love you

juan camilo gallo: where is adele ?? we need of her right now!!

Roelant Frijns: Good to see a song in which the backing vocals really add something to the experience.

Mixalis Zoxios: great

Willie Dixon: 485 million now, wow, well, a million of them is mine. lol, Great song, thanks for sharing!

Nick Ryan: I am a huge Adele fan, and i mean this with respect but i'm so glad she lost weight...theres a pic if her going around on Instagram taken of her like last week (on the fan page of @adele_laurieblue_)and she's lost it all she looks great :)

lexi con: Almost half a BILLION plays! So much love for this special lady!

jayden etheridge: she did fantastic in this 

Antonio Cristina: Oh my God, I love Adele <3

Ana Vukoja: what does rolling in the deep even mean 

Ploy Puttapitakkul: O.k.

Pavlina Vagioni: they said her next album is coming in 5 years! 0.0

Anuj Abhishek: 

3boxersmf: She is a lil chunky in a "good" way,pretty and can sing her ASS off bro.Don't hate.

pipirig caransebes: talent does not give talent is born in our hearts and soul that labor toil and effort, such as this lady Adele - Do not You Remember

Pelin Karabulut: i love you ♥

michael stanich: the dancer I think has "GREAT LEGS".

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Michael Lyons: In 1986 aspecial person that may have been associated with a special beauty pagent crow , as the talent of this person was utterly amazing , what was astounding is that of the heart . There is more to the meaning of the lyrics of the song then what you may have realized . And the person mentioned ,, did not know . So its amazing that the music having been in the making probably longer then you may have thought . Those that I know having music talent , yet probably xid not know . Would you like to corraspond , as to what the mewas with the song .

Anna Ruiz: I need a friend

Micheena .: WV217

paul mitchell: songs always seem better whens there a motive and passion behind them....great song!!! nice one adele :)

nelly knt: moro mou eisai poutsaa kavla

chelpa2: 485,797,589.........Really Adelle? Aren't you the amazing woman!!

Danail Naydenow: The ninja represnts her ex dancing in the dust of their relationship, the house is empty and unfinished, because they didn't get to live in it and now she's left alone, the glasses with almost spilling water represent her emotions/tears, ready to burst out, the cups represent her memories and dreams now dying and the model, so perfectly done with every detail, represents their future plans that are now destroyed. Fair enough?

Sims 3: 

Erica Martinez: I wish I have the voice Adele does, she's absolutely amazing!

Samantha Sweet: Fat chick? At least she isnt starving herself and she has more talent then most of the singers these days

Ashley Lopez: Where is the remix with childish gambino? Upload it adele :)

Peter Tkáč: 

natchar chongwarin: l love you very very mech

Anna S: you're viewer number 485,245,990 😍 wow 48k pressed the dislike button by mistake, it's so easy to make a mistake :/

ابوغلا الصاعدي: write " Rolling in the saudi deep " in TouTube research , it's much better with remix

binh vo trong: ban

Grzesiek Mazurek: I'M SO DEEP HER RIGHT NOW

Kamal Upreti: Leave a comment....

Melanie Oesh: I love this video one of your biggest successes that dad sing adele'm your fan

Zoe Bueche: I love you & thank you for inspiring 

Efren Alonso: Noemi 

Nasser Himed: Whoovians rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!

carolina covit: this song to me is in two languages: Spanish and English 

RE ada x leon: 0:55 Beautiful voice but unfortunately in this snapshot-like duck fat !!! :D

Angkhana Hofman: Is she dead?

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