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jeanette clinton: when I say I love love love this song

Joel Edgeworth: the thing is with this song is when I sing it at the moment I say "the fever pitch witch is bringing me out the dark." it always seems like I'm sayingg "fever bitch"

Tymocrack 88: Is so beautiful song <3

Monserrath Solorzano: cantas muy bonito su per bonito😉😃🙌🙌🙌🙌

20cher09: I doubt that whale is with us any longer and I know Tarzan isn't here. Or any of the long list of others.

20cher09: I've had the worst luck with cameras. I think I wrecked every camera my Dad had growing up. One I wrecked at the Victoria aquarium. I was taking a picture of the killer whale's pool, and i was standing in the red zone and one jumped out of the water right in front of me and then dove back down and soaked me from head to toe. I felt like a tidal wave hit me. I was drenched. Then I was on a canoeing/camping trip at Dixon Lake. And I got a lot of great pictures of the trip. We were heading home, were almost at the shore and then Leeann, the other girl in the canoe, her brother's friend Tarzan came up and flipped our canoe over with us in it. I cut my foot on a rock and everything i had was soaked. But the worst bad luck I've had happened to to other people involved in all these bad luck incidences. Don't Do It!!!

20cher09: It's Bad Luck!!! Don't Do It!!!

Кабаяши Адвокат: Более 137 тысяч гандонов сосите хуй против миллиарда!
Просто глотайте!и ты сучара ,который ставит дизлайк- глотай....

pastelito dulse: lol, it´, s funi

AliseTheCheerleader7: At the begging on the wall there is a Monster looking thing,people say it is What she uses ti stay in the illuminati

Gael Lallana: Great song adele

Bella Panora-Garcia: she like my ante AJ

Bella Panora-Garcia: i llllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ittttttttttttt

سعد العمري: عليكم اللعنه ياكفار تفووووووو.

Zane Ro'Meave •Chara The Killer•: ONE BILLION PLUS VIEWS XD

Marisela Osorio: I like

Marisela Osorio: 😍😍😍

Jesica Palma: jajajaja en yo

Jesica Palma: 😍😘😻💑💙💜👐

Vadim Kireev: 2017?

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