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Dyuksha stypayhorlikson: Why am I not dead yet? I am so much in love with this song. 😍

Taha yousuf: After hearing this my mom told me to crack some plates xD

Sterlyn Villegas: I always love her SONGS...GBU ms. ADELE

Freya Lee: My mum showed me this song when i was around 5 and now i love it!

Royal Chamberlain: My first Adele song 7 years ago. My gf at the time song it to me. Think of her everytime I hear this. R.I.P Sadie

Sabina Kiss Serik: я одна здесь руская

Vua Gemini: tôi là người việt nam =))

abigail Hernandez: 😘😘😍

Alnenda Hernandez: That's the last time we tell a ninja to do the paint job...

lida ren: wow

Denise Noguera: Hol

Rahim Hamidy: 💗💗💗👑.

Vicky Ale: creo que soy la unica VENEZOLANA
PERO ADELE me encanta si en latinoamericana o no

Salma Khan: why she looks so fatty 😨😨😨😨

Mário Marek: Adele is fat😂😂😂😂

¡¡¡¡¡si lees esto!!!!! te la comes xD: hello

¡¡¡¡¡si lees esto!!!!! te la comes xD: i love you

kiss Ronni: thats my fav music this is verry good i can listen to it evry day evry sec

Adriana Gañan: me encanta esta cansion

Braulio Jiménez: Cada ves que escucho esto me pone en un estado muy campechano

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