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Mario Bonanno: She has a good pair of lungs on her I'll give her that.

NellyBelle: I played this so much I would turn the tv/radio after awhile!! It was everywhere!!! Adele is the type of artist that really makes you look inside yourself and just let it go and flow!

javier andres carrillo martinez: deberia benir a Chile a ser cu consierto me encanta Adele

Jonathan Renard Bey: Remarkable!! hobble telescope

Andrea Gonzalez: es fantastico

Marwa Gribi: Straordinario

aaron Redmon: love this! It's still one of my favorites.

Amelia Wright: Adele is my idol.

Janette Vallejos Navea: jav

Janette Vallejos Navea: jav

Tammy Takon: cant believe 72k disliked this song i love it

Janette Vallejos Navea: ja

Tomas Pokorny: i love slow motion

Nicholas Runiewicz: This came out 5 years ago? Wtf?! Seriously. Wtf?! I'm old

Movere: BO1 anyone? Nostalgic.

Severin Baumann: what are they singin' ? "you gonna wish you never have met me" (and then ??) cheesy butter balls rolling in the deep or what ??????

Luis Isaac Garcia Vasquez: La de vasquez son buuuu apesa

Luis Isaac Garcia Vasquez: esa si es la verdadera

Eliška Butalová: very good

Francisco Rodriguez: hermosa!!! que buena musica..

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