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Jul 07 2014 by New Albums
santi ramos: adele

earlyriseband: Can you guys take a.moment and check out ny songs? 

LuckyMusiqLive: she has a beautiful voice. you can hear the emotion in her voice, thats what makes this song so real and good. im getting popular quickly because i rap with meaning.. thumbs up if you hate when you take a crap and the water splashes your balls

jillfan1: I wanna see a duet with ADELE AND DEL REY but yeah I miss Adele dearly, she is golden, she has a ton of soul like AMY did <3

chiusaparentesipunto: ....ANIME...BUONA GIORNATA.... +Vincenza Cottone ......)))

lina C.: ❤⭐♥

Solomon Prentice: Another song of hers that I love

daytona rockstar :Y: I love this song :)

tangja wanna: Adele - Rolling in the Deep

Lena the caster: ill say it again Catnip. ADELE. DID. NOT. DIE

YoungA170: I'm just a guy following his dreams can you guys give my music a listen

Suki Wang: Love you Adele you have a really great voice

Karen Reyes: you have a good voice

dave silva: adele was fat as crap

Mohamed Mokrane: I refuse to listen to this song again! Last time I listened to it, it was stuck in my head for like 2 years.!!!

Brittany H.: What happened to her? I haven't heard from her in a while...

mar tt: i like a lot why did she die so early :((() 

Natalia Papadwniou: Adele - Rolling in the Deep

Chynaash: I'm sorry I love Adele with all my heart but what steals me breathless is that dancer. God I love him!

chris madzier: #adele Rolling in the Deep,,,,,, We almost had it all!!!!! :-)))) >>>>Please Share Public for All to Enjoy!!!!!<<<< #soundsofsunday #2014summertimejams 

Hilinda zmte: Rolling in the deep

Jackal APBR: If she wasn't big she wouldn't have that voice

Jasmine Mintarja: She reminds her of sprinkle of glitter or sprinkle of laughter... a.k.a Loise... She is a fan of Adele too..

rickyl jacksonjr: hahaha Rollin' in the Deep...everyone know why my eyes are brown hahahaha ♥ SMILE

Gaby feitosa: Diva ♥·♥

Silvia Rusu: Superb !!***

gemma connolly: fantastic voice, she has no need to change her diet or her weight, she has the vocal talent and that is all she needs

Soleyiu S: Short and fat. What's worse than that?

caleb slagle: Awesome voice, but god damn lay off the donuts! 

TheLegendDPS: This gave me goose bumps. Adele is love, Adele is life.

christopher gaming: money HORE 

WookieJinx: Looks like there's a fire staring in her belly as well ^_^ ....

Melissa Pearson: Love is a 4 letter Word. Just like a Sword It Cuts BOTH WAYS. for GOOD or Bad It ALL DEPENDS on Why You Are Staying? Its up to the Gods or What Ever You Believe in. Thanks for listening to my thoughts on the song. How do you feel when you listen to these words? Liv2uAll Me!☆

wanted0q8: adele is ugly

DumbDuck44: adele has more talent than Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Kesha combined... unfortunately, she could also eat all three of them in one sitting. You can't have it all though... ;)

aylisa L.: What a great voice..........!!!

PIJANI TURBO USTAŠA: Anwser corectly Is Adele: A: fat B:fat C:fat D:all of above

Papillon: I can sing thats ok... Im fat and i can sing... 518.510.472 views


Carolina Music .: ♪I know that someone will read this ♪You probably don't like these comments. ♪But It means so much to me... I have a dream ♪I wanna get noticed and be heard. ♪I am not the best but I want this more than to breathe ♪My dream starts right here on youtube. ♪Would you please help me with it? Take a few minutes and watch one of my videos. So I know that I at least got the chance. ♥Thank you♥

earlyriseband: Can you listen to my covers? 

HairyHog77: rolling in the fat

Andres Vergara: She so fat she sings sitting 

LuckyMusiqLive: she has the voice of an angel.. so blessed. im getting popular quickly because i rap real.. thumbs up if this song makes you think of someone

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