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Sep 07 2014 by MP3 Download
Dusica Romcevic: Nebo je uvek plavo, razgrnite oblake :)

Cirlei Fajardo: O segredo é deixar o som da música mais alto que os nossos problemas... Deixar a música soar e percorrer o nosso ser... e levar para longe tudo o que não deve ficar... Cirlei Fajardo

Ricardo Corazón de León: Buenos días a todos con esta maravillosa canción!!! Tened un buen día!!!

kiana francis: Remember this

Mahdi Ben Khedda: ♥♡♡♡♡♥.....}

Adasha A: ~~~ Rolling in the Deep~~~

Naka Yoshio: Amazing

Juana Leilani: "...don't underestimate the things that I would do There's a fire starting in my heart Reaching a fever pitch And it's bringing me out the dark" Adele - Rolling in the Deep:

erne: Rolling in the Deep♦♫♦・*:..。♦♫♦*゚¨゚゚・*:..。♦ Adele Very nice song .... My Favorite song♫ #adele #RollingintheDeep 

Maria Aparecida da Silva: AMOOOOOOOOO !

Wasabi: Buongiorno, bom dia, bonjour, good morning, ...una magnifica voce da ascoltare....

Евгений Поздний: #настроение 

Sabine W.: Tolle Stimme - Super Frau - Toller Rythmus. **Einfach unverwechselbar: Adele**

Jess the Beauty Queen: ill say it again Catnip. ADELE. DID. NOT. DIE

Maximilian Dummnichtswürdigkerl: Someone please explain to me what is the big deal with adele. No Im not deaf, I realize she has a beautiful voice and all. But I just dont get whats so special about her. Do you have to be a woman to get it or what? 


Lawrence Newman: I just heard the sad news. I can't believe Adele has died from a drug overdose. This is tragic. I'm crying. Rest in peace, Adele. Your music will never be forgotten.

Lizzy Liz: The scars of your love remind me of us They keep me thinking that *we almost had it all...* The scars of your love, they leave me breathless.. *I can't help feeling...We could have had it all...* 💕🎶

Nun Cos: Buongiorno!

Sarita Parra: Adele - Rolling in the Deep:

Sam Burnstein: How can there be 500 million views if there's only 7 million people in the world

aiayumi: so what does Rolling in the Deep mean...?

Tyson Warren: Aretha Franklin is the original singer of this song but again white people trying to steal black music like they steal everything else

MeLo Di: یکی از آهنگایی که خیلی دوس دارم اولین آهنگی که تو ماشین گوش میدم اونم با صدای بلند :)) Rolling in the deep

Erick soul: Un poco de soul

Angela Hsiao: Who is the dancer?

FalloutNV: Such a great voice... R.I.P Adele

David Copperfield: What does the video mean??? Why does't Adele get out of that chair? I don't get it...Anyone wanna explain for me?

seratone waymar: That fire in your heart is probably heartburn cause of your obesity

Boo Tomlinson: Let's start a chain. There's a fire starting in my heart

iEUGENIA CONCEPCION RODRIGUEZ FERNANDEZ: Para todas las gente maravillosa que formamos este gran circulo ; que realmente es una gran Familia G+ UGE con todo mi cariño para todos Buenas tardes-noches .Os quiero +++ Mix: Adele: Adele - Rolling in the Deep


gemma connolly: fantastic voice, she has no need to change her diet or her weight, she has the vocal talent and that is all she needs

Legna Biersack: 

loris r: per +Anna Marchelli 

Jose Zamora: ♣ * Lovely song.

Peli grosisimo: ¿Por qué no deja de cantar canciones de otros artistas y compone y canta sus propias canciones? Maldita Gordele.

nickOP: i don't normally listen to this kind of music but this is just beautiful ;3

Michelle Sabatino: Check out this video on YouTube: Good evening Universe 💋

Hilinda zmte: Rolling in the deep

Niyumi Rodrigo: We could've had it all Rolling in the deep You had my heart inside your hand And you played it To the beat

Mohammad Abtahi: Adele - Rolling in the Deep

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