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Anita Fabian: Rolling in the deep

Ricardo Corazón de León: Otra canción cuyo vídeo es otra pasada pero en esta gana la canción al vídeo. Es genial.

SikKidMusic: What I love most about adele Is her voice, but also that she isn't afraid to be her self, I love how she once said "I make music for the ears, not for the eyes"! Thumbs up if you agree!!! she inspires my music, If you guys can, check It out!

Nazla firmansyah: Adele - Rolling in the Deep:

Yeray Santana: ....... una .... Hermosa .... canción .........

♥Ice Heart™: *Paso por los pasillos como si nadaaaa Tranquila... Todo Fresh... xD* Yo: *cantando esa cancion que ven..* +Sweet Paint: Em..... +candy gum: SI... Ice?? Yo: ROLLING TH DEEP!!!!!! :D +candy gum: Ah ok. SpeedBlue: Cantas bien... Yo: *me callo.* +candy gum: No dejes que un hombre te arruine tu pasión la cual es cantar.... YO: *sonrio...* ROLLING IN THE DEEP!!! PD: Orgullosa de Sweety Blow Que ahora esta con SpeedBlue :,D Que viva el amor... Dx

Cirlei Fajardo: O segredo é deixar o som da música mais alto que os nossos problemas... Deixar a música soar e percorrer o nosso ser... e levar para longe tudo o que não deve ficar... Cirlei Fajardo

nasrin m: *Amazing song.* #SongOfTheDay #Adele 

Tangja Wanna: Adele - Rolling in the Deep When was the last time you thought of me? Or have you completely erased me from your memory? I often think about where I went wrong, The more I do, the less I know,

Mario Daniel: Adele - Rolling in the Deep

Aki Sabina: Adele - Rolling in the Deep:

luna: Adele - Rolling in the Deep:

Tomas Dirzys: kartais yra kazkur matricoje uzslepti tai yra uzsleptos klaidos jaunos mergaite ir zinoma mano kogero tai galetu atsakyti buves sodros direktorius kaip buvo vaiko dirbama gelbetoju instituciskai stipriai kartu su senele mazai valgant tiesiog badaujant nes pykino ir Tomas neveme ir daugiau maziau padejo dirbti gelbetoju prudelyje kuriame dirbo ir sodros direktorius Miliuko gelbetojo ir naro tevas Siauliu sodros direktorius tai faktas 100 procentu beje klipe matrica padirbejo grazus miestas is popieriaus arhitektinis zmoniu kompanijos matritca gerbia neabejoju prokuroru ir orbitrazo teisia Gero laiko visiems........

Jolie L: Adele - Rolling in the Deep:

wally pb merrill: Adelle .... Rolling ?In The Deep

Boyana K: „Adele - Rolling in the Deep“: Това е една страхотна певица и една страхотна песен 

Eli Mejia: We could have had it all Rolling in The Deep....

melody mix: Where is she now, I haven't heard of her for a while


Feona Willow: Heart and Soul 🌹

jonah bible: Huzur ve sevginin egemen olduğu güzel bir hafta dilerim I wish you a wonderful week of peace and love be dominated

Mike Rodriguez: She's the best!! I'll give her that! But! crap, no wonder she hired a Russian dancer here!! You don't think she going to dance her fat ass' off? She would only fall down!! 

Barbara A.: Adele - Rolling in the Deep: .......♥ MAGNIFICA..........♥♥..............

Tabassum Mirza: We could have had it all Rolling in the deep You had my heart inside of your hand And you played it, to the beat....

Maddalena Rocco: Grande Adele! E grande video!!!

kai downing: What does the background vocals say in the chrous? I got one line missing. "You're gunna wish you" "Never had met me" "?" "Rolling In The Deep"

Mike Rodriguez: . Wow!! This fat cow can really blow! She has a set of pipes like a whale! Imagine her and big mama cass" in a duet! If only that fat vile pig hadn't choked on a ham sandwich. "Two singing cows' are better than one!! 

Excursii in BUCEGI: Adele este o artista de exceptie.O apreciez.mult.Magdalena ,Romania.

kiana francis: Remember this

John Cares: Der Song ist der Hammer aber was soll das Musikvideo zeigen, was ist die Bedeutung dahinter ?

bullabulla _982: ballena qla penca.

Niki laverdure: Adele - Rolling in the Deep :

Lupita Guevara: yo digo que Adela canta muy bonito verdad por que ella lucho para hacer su carrera

Justin Graham: She is the definition of a one hit wonder! rip..

nancy Fring: Where is she??? WHERE IS SHE????? PLEASE ADELE SAVE US FROM TODAY'S CRAP.

GSpeedEmotion: This bitch's voice ain't that much i can think of at least 5 female singers that can overwelm her. This chick like a prebucent kid.

Jessica McNett: She is mine and my Cousin Alexas fave singer she has sort of a country ring but her songs are still considered pop music!!!!!!!! She still is and will always be one of my favorite singers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1 FANS

alaise gomes: *Adoroooo ......pra variar...*

Chris Madzier: Adele - Rolling in the Deep #soundsofsunday #music #whatshot #friday #halloween 

Domenico Sorace: Tutto fuori muove, il vento, il vento è forte... soffia canta. la pioggia, la pioggia danza sul mio parabrezza... ed io, io sento il bisogno di seguire il loro ritmo... È con chi? con l'incantata voce di Adele... ! Benvenuto autunno... ricordo da piccolo nel mese di ottobre, a scuola nel dettato in classe ci faceva scrivere il professore Spina... l'autunno è alle porte ! Beh caro autunno, sei arrivato intanto senza bussare... e dopo che sei entrato... eccomi qua !!! cavolo caro autunno che irruenza nella mia terra di Calabria... Bello giorno (speriamo) miei amici :-)))

semmi elga: wow!the best voice of the world!

lucian west: I see 59,907 have no taste in music cause this girl has soul

Sherry Kelly: Adele - Rolling in the Deep:

PartilGamer PlayFZ: why did she stop singing? :(


Marianna Anagnostopoulou: Γαματο τελειο!!!!!!!!!!!!😝😝😝😝😝👍👍👍👍👍👍✌✌✌✌✌✌👜👜🙆!!!!! 

Dusica Romcevic: Nebo je uvek plavo, razgrnite oblake :)

slayerq3: This cow cant sing for crap

James Herring: go and chill babe

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