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marcos olivera: soy bastante hater de algunas bandas... es raro que me gusten todas las canciones de FTP <3

Mida Saragih: as if only asian businessman can find solution for this kind of problem :D


Agiimaa Agiit: eeew <3

AssasinGaming CT: Who came here from SSX?

Michael Gaudie: i cant stop lisening too it oh god no ive done it "dont stop dont stop dont stop talking to me

allysson henrique: on 2017

Nachito: No it's pumped up kicks.

holi mundo: nisiquiera se que dicen pero los amoooo🙌😍😍😍😘💕💜💜👏🎶🎶

Sr Alfa: que clase de pumped up kicks es este? :v

Syril Brooks: nice song whos here from pumed up kicks

James Angelo Castro Hernando: how is it pronounced? is it Hoedini,Hoodini or Odini?

Connor Charles: at 0:08 I died from laughing

Val idknow: Esta canción era mi himno durante la prepa, como extraño esos tiempos de Torches 💔 en fin, me sabía esos pasos jaja. Llegué aquí por las nuevas rolas de ftp 😍

Jack Johnston: Makes me think of SSX

Riotboy1: Suicide Squad 2.0

alcázar.: this is the music industry

El Calcetin :v: que pelotudos

SoyEvelyn OtraVez: Wait... this song reminds me VH1 😢😢😢

Kelsey: Torches is, and has been, my favorite album since its release. Every single song is so good and every time I listen to it I never lose the same amazement than the first time hearing it.

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