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Aug 14 2014 by New songs
SamGamez: Houdini musical talent? He was a EscapeArtist In the late 1800s early 1900s this song has nothing to do with Houdini! Feel free to tell me.

Phil Lauritzen: What does this have to do with Houdini?

Nick C.: How cun this videeo how ovr 20 mileun vuus when therez onlie 7 THOWsind people in the wurld?

куσυкσ нιвιуα: ((I love this song~)) */Dancing* *Rise above, gonna start the war!* *What you want, what you need, what'd you come here for?* *Well, an eye for an eye and an 'F' for fight* *They're taking me down as the prisoners riot* *Got shackles on, my words are tied* *Fear can make you compromise* *With the lights turned up, it's hard to hide* *Sometimes I wanna disappear*

Aysha V.A: Fav ever 

Sean Puffynipples: Great song, crapty video.

Jose M. Vazquez: Focus on your ability!

Kurt Poulos: Who wants a #sotd +Elizabeth Rayne Cause I'm magical and crap 

CGM: Sometimes I wanna disappear +LIC. LAURA FERNANDEZ !!

Priscila Felix: So nice

Lindsey Wildman: 16 seconds into a 3 minutes and 22 seconds long video, the entire band dies. That was quick. Really though, the video concept is super cool!!!

13Ravioli: Very strong message... Almost as if it doesnt matter about the band members. Only the money it brings. Even if they died, there is no remorse, only sadness over the loss of money. 

La X Más Música: Usted escucha a Foster The People con "Houdini" para nuestro conteo de de hoy:

Gino Basi: If only there was a behind the scenes...

VioletPlumbxbs: The music video is VERY cleverly done. 

Max Brony: ;l casi lloro cuando

Christian Ruiz: I know all the dance moves I did them like 1000 times

Ryan Fryer: Love dis song 😝

Axel Letard: SSX !!!!!!!!!!!!

noahthegamer: Neil Walker's walkup song :)

david velasquez: asdrujen embrujen bajren

TheScottishGuy: Search Houdini on urban dictionary, if you have a giggle thank me later. 

Dahlia_Neda: Bizarre video, I LOVE it!

Monix Xa: Grteat song and performance

nadia vanity: So cool!

Melissa Dawodu: This has to be one of my most favourite songs of the band and of all time! 😍♡ The video fits perfectly with the song, it's creative and eye hooking :D Don't see why anyone would think otherwise :|

FFOL VNfanpage: This song should be in FIFA 15

The Legacy Of Kaizer: Finished too fast... :C

TheTruth: It makes me sad that these guys aren't recognized for songs besides pumped up kicks and all these people come in here and say "oh I love this band" meanwhile they haven't heard a single song from their new album

Sacha D: 0:45 the suit´s a little tooo tight ...

Sparkley Brunette: 1:50

Samuel Dino: 1:55 sorry hahaha xD

amanda hernandez: whats the other song from the Houdini movie? The one they used when the advertised it...

David Gant: I know what it is about this video that has always been stuck in my mind! :) I never wanted to go to a live show that was being lip sync because you know that the record company's would do this!!! :(

Chelsey mcbrady: No words can explain how much I love this song.

SickJuan andres: I got tickets to see them in Miami,FL thank god i live here love these guys 

eduardo rendon: Amazing

Delaila Reitz: AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! <3 <3 Sometimes I wanna disappear!! Lol I sound crazyyyyy but this song and the video just make me feel sooo good!!!

Sam Schmidt: A great afternoon pickup. 

Cheko Derek Potter: What Houdini means???

Tom Lettar: I love this video SOOO much. They're really special to me.

Lidia Ruiz Sandoval: amo a foster the people 

Leidy López: no me gusta

JustinMP5: As, you can tell, anything is possible with Japanese technology. -_-

Ankit Aren: sometimes i wanna disappear ! 

TrueBlueSue49 .: Foster The People - Houdini

MyLlamaDrama: kinda morbid but i like the song

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