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NothingButMuse 98: @NBThieves brought me here 😆

Artic Nova: The best memories of my life happened when listening to this song.

LuKaSsS: What do you call a magic owl?


Erik Fujiyama: Foster >>>> All

willian wallace de matos silva: meu

Romina Eyseles Álvarez Varas: Bruno ma

Kawaii Turtle c:: Same start as Black Magic by Little Mix :3

Kyman Trahss: those corpses would smell so bad

Kole Dupe: These guys copied black magic by Little Mix beat

all a bit of music: mito

Totalytaco: I love the music video, I think it is about how bands are like assets to the people that own them and they don't have the choice not to perform and that their actions are all thought out by not them but the people in charge

t hunt: yesss

magnifecent1swagg: ssx Zoe

Alexa Lopez: is it me or the way the sadly died really funny!I'm not trying to be mean but I'm just saying

Nir vanana: best song ever

Alexandre Pereira: top

Yzzy Norris: This is a great song and a amazing vidio consept and meaning 😍 and there all pretty cute 😶exsept there "dead" sad times 🌙

christianlorre: The greatest music video ever made. Period. It's a fact, certainly not just my opinion.


Dark Mask: So good 😊😇😌

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Foster The People - Houdini 5 out of 5