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Fan Comments

Asaurian R: Hoodini.

I'm so sorry.

Percy Gordon: final destination much

Nayeli Gonzalez: ¡¡¡Amoo esta cancion!!ღ

Me encanta Mark Foster....😍

NYC Kali: scary

Esmeralda Pardo: Can't get enoff of this song

esmeralda españa tiol: LOVE

Johnathan Pierce: This song is a true masterpiece, my favorite by them and I'm lucky enough to have seen it played live

Danda TV: Perfect!

AeroRanger100: I've been playing this song without actually watching the video, switching to a different window/tab after the first two seconds.  Now that I've actually seen what happened AFTER those two seconds... o.O

Yasmin Walker: This video always makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it.

lazy f0rever98: Hipsters!!! Hipsters everywhere!

Alex Terrel: MGMT-esque all day

supermc55: The "Hoo-dini" joke is freaking annoying

Ikram Bartolo: I love the video, the song and they. That's my fav song since I was 7 😌

Danial Akim: how-die-it....

tatiana prieto: it's the best song that I can listen when I feel bored ♥

Daaboo: if they are dead , should the bodies have a awful smell when they decomposing?

Lady Garcia: 1:10 me encanta esa coreografia ♥♥

Michael Philips: Suits everyone? :D

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