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raquel veronica: :**

raquel veronica: ;)

Ankit D.: Watched the leader of the band on Mr. Jimmy Fallon's Show. #Fallon #Foster the People #NASA

Astrid Garcia: Lamegor

NOP da CALL: There is this crazy thing that happens with good music, its good in any year.

Farmento: Foste The People melhor banda

Emiya Kiritsugu: Makes you sad and happy at the same time

BlueSand Gaming & Music: When ur dead but theres a concert tommorow.

Soledad Cahuana: me encanta oir esta cancion

bendy Cardenas: This is kripi

Malinda Chandrarathna: wow

wimpy computer: This is the most creative video ever

el chido: esta rola y unas tashas, puta madre si te viajas chido

Jasiely Cornejo: 2017, y sigo aquí v:


Diego Melgar: ¿Soy el único que cree que la canción se parece a Electric Feel de MGMT?

Alex Martinez Barcenas: I am fan in foster the people

mangoo: anyone else here because of SSX on the ps3??

Kricket Jagessar: Im lovin this song still "2017"

IttyBittyCoward: This is my favorite song.

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