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Sep 02 2014 by Torrent
SamGamez: Houdini musical talent? He was a EscapeArtist In the late 1800s early 1900s this song has nothing to do with Houdini! Feel free to tell me.

Nick C.: How cun this videeo how ovr 20 mileun vuus when therez onlie 7 THOWsind people in the wurld?

Keisha Taylor: Did he say "pickleing me down is a prisoners right"??? WOAH OK LOL!

Phil Lauritzen: What does this have to do with Houdini?

Maya W: Alright, guys, here goes another crazy illuminati theory.... So, let's start from the beginning: 1. FTP is trying to escape the illuminati. "That's crazy!" you're probably saying and/or thinking right now. Or maybe if you're from the UK you're saying, "That's a bloody mess!" That's exactly what I'd say if someone tried to toss my favorite band into a fictional tank of Satan worshipers. Ouch. For the record, I love FTP, so this is as painful for me as it is for those of you who are reading it. 2. Okay, so for illuminati escaping proof: 1. The video. In the beginning of the video, the members of FTP are dressed plainly. Navy blue, dark, plain colors and clothes. Nothing special. Okay. No big deal. So then their stage equipment falls on them and kills them. Double ouch. So now they're dead. They can't think, can't make decisions for themselves, anything. They're dead. 2. A mysterious Asian-looking man is brought into the picture, and him and his little band of suited men jump in to handle the situation. There's a concert soon, and they can't just cancel it. The Asian man and his little band get to work on FTP. They dress up in all black and begin... wait for it... wait.... TO CONTROL THEM. Coincidence? I. Think. Not. 3. Alright, so FTP is no longer in control. They can't decide what they want. They've been taken over by this mysterious band of Asians. They're turned into robots (note the wires and all inside of Mark's face at 1:30 ) Thanks to these people, they get super famous and glitzy (note the clothing change at 2:07 ). 4. His lyrics! - Got shackles on, my words are tied: he's obviously saying he can't do and say what he wants. When you're in the illuminati, you can't speak out how you want. - Fear can make you compromise: fear? fear of what? Getting in trouble for saying things he shouldn't? - Well you got what you want, and what you never knew: he got the fame he was searching for. And also a host of other things he never wanted or knew he'd have to face. - Running around before it corners you: 'it'? What the heck is 'it'? His ability? Nope. He's singing about focusing on your ability, so why would he run FROM it? - Then they can't get what they want to steal: 'They'? Kind of ambiguous, isn't it? 5. And last but not least: the song title. Houdini was a famous what? Escape artist. Like I said, I love FTP's music as much as the next gal, but hey...

кιαиα тнє вαиαиα qυєєи: ((I love this song~)) */Dancing* *Rise above, gonna start the war!* *What you want, what you need, what'd you come here for?* *Well, an eye for an eye and an 'F' for fight* *They're taking me down as the prisoners riot* *Got shackles on, my words are tied* *Fear can make you compromise* *With the lights turned up, it's hard to hide* *Sometimes I wanna disappear*

KipperTheArt: That is so freaked up. I hope Foster the People doesn't still feel like this. 

Aysha V.A: Fav ever 

Sean Puffynipples: Great song, crapty video.

Jose M. Vazquez: Focus on your ability!

Kurt Poulos: Who wants a #sotd +Elizabeth Rayne Cause I'm magical and crap 

Josephina B: xD

haudace: lol when they started to dance, i kind of lost it lol

CGM: Sometimes I wanna disappear +LIC. LAURA FERNANDEZ !!

Meme Webb: haha omg i love this video

gps433fool: I thought this vid was so creative and funny hahaha loved it!

3xplo5ion: This gets you thinking... What if they really are dead D: 

Priscila Felix: So nice

Lindsey Wildman: 16 seconds into a 3 minutes and 22 seconds long video, the entire band dies. That was quick. Really though, the video concept is super cool!!!

Manuel Rojas Campos: foster the people is the proof that good music steel alife

13Ravioli: Very strong message... Almost as if it doesnt matter about the band members. Only the money it brings. Even if they died, there is no remorse, only sadness over the loss of money. 

mark40511: Love the song, but only the first 2 min's. For some reason I'm not crazy about the last half. 

Yzzi Albuquerque: #fosterthepeople ♥ #ótimasemanapranós ♪♫

Gino Basi: If only there was a behind the scenes...

VioletPlumbxbs: The music video is VERY cleverly done. 

Lolli Popper: One of my most favorite music videos. Song itself is up there too.

wildfire[FTP]: Loved the song, but one problem, HOW CAN YOU REPLACE AN FTP CONCERT WITH ROBOTS AND SHADOWMEN(?)!!!

noahthegamer: Neil Walker's walkup song :)

Dahlia_Neda: Bizarre video, I LOVE it!

nadia vanity: So cool!

Melissa Dawodu: This has to be one of my most favourite songs of the band and of all time! 😍♡ The video fits perfectly with the song, it's creative and eye hooking :D Don't see why anyone would think otherwise :|

Chelsey mcbrady: No words can explain how much I love this song.

SickJuan andres: I got tickets to see them in Miami,FL thank god i live here love these guys 

Gaviao SC: Got here by playing SSX, one of the best musics on the soundtrack of the game

Carol Almeida: adoro esse video, ainda + a musica!!

catiuska vina: ouvindo "trocentas" vezes ;) rsss

Cristian Trujillo Ocana: There'e something beautiful about this video though it may be concidered grim.

patricia vaz: Banda showwwww muito boa ...

Abisai Mendoza: Lo que escuchan los Hipster

Tanisha Burton: Ahhhhh

Milayne Escalante: I love them, but I knew this video seemed familiar. It's identical to Hot Chip's video "Over and over " from 2006 😒

Alejandro Uzeda Vidal: kool

eduardo rendon: Amazing

lizzie witmer: the vid freaks me out


laura romero rincon: :3 

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