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Feb 22 2014 by Fresh releases
Clone Ace: You gotta hear this song I love it and I think you will

CrazedAddictz: I heard it on the radio today! c:

Claudio Chiarella: VHI 

MrMartinmarc: This video is a "great little" autoironic movie for a cool original song

Galo Bertin: Escuchamos Foster The People - Houdini

AlbumReviewTV: Probably my all time favorite FTP song, so irresistible! I just reviewed the band's new album "Supermodel", check it out on my channel! Would love to hear what everyone else is thinking of it.

bella romasanta: Listening to this and watching some Black Butler , nothings better :)

Talbie Toes: This music video XD awesome

jap346: This, Simple Math, and Turn Down For What are proof that Daniels are the best music video directors ever.

SirEriol: Being honest, if I was at that concert, at first I would think that there is something odd, but I would never had guessed they were dead.

Anthony Tudela: Someone important died? Look no further than Asian people!

christianlorre: The sad thing is the "Coming of Age" music video isn't as good as this. Nothing really could be, but still... this raised the bar for everything.

Foster30: I love this band and the new single "coming of age" 

ismael fuentes: is music is cool

Celine Marie: f*** amazing band,song vid,love them

joe pass: Love these guy

malik myers: its funny cause there playing with their dead bodies

Chairunisa Azizah: seriously funny! XD

drake castens: Weekend at fosters

franzpierre: SSX

Daisy Z: this song is amazing

RITA Stewart: omg i got the alblum

projectchon: this video reminds me of Hot Chips' Over and Over video 

missmelodies52: This so reminds me of Interstella 5555!

Nyla Robinson: Similar to warrior by kimbra 😄😄

360MonaLisa: lmfao i just love how they called the asians

Yohanes Pasaribu: (y)

SimplyRODAX: Rise above, gonna start the war! What you want, what you need, what'd you come here for? Well, an eye for an eye and an 'F' for fight They're taking me down as the prisoners riot This songs lyrics > 

PatchVideos: Is this…ahhh… auto….auto-erotica..?

holly noel: Reminds me of Electric Feel from MGMT.

Horus Lupercal: Damn it Waymon!!!

samLIPS66: this music reminds me so much of empire of the sun

Chris Hubson: Music industry these days -.-

Alberto - do - música: Divertidísimos los Foster The People!

Kenny Dobbs: Weekend at Bernie's, eat your heart out. 

M.J. Thomas: Did anybody notice the people are still there in the background?

alexandra trujillo: This is rad

Никита Фирсов: please, someone, post the correct lyrics...

Jordan Tafoya: This is so delightfully morbid. 

Jorge Argote: :D

Naufal Aziz: What does that video mean ? Anyone plz

Reebo0: SSX

DasNehalen: This vid is like a metaphor for some bands. They die on the inside and wanna stop, but are still controlled like muppets. freaking love this piece of art tough!

Mohammed Al Khub: Omg!! One of the best music VIDEOs I've ever watched!.. The person who created the idea of the video is FKN GENIUS !!

Joely Corrales: Why would Foster the People be killed like. That? Like the song but not the VEVO

Emanuele Alcantara: Very good music of them <3

Nurin Husni: The CUTEST dance ever !!!! 

CanotSpel: waymondddd also this song was in suits but none of their obnoxious fans came and posted over and over again

Issa Rafique: "Focus on your ability, Then they can't get what they want to steal" Awesome.

Dora Núñez:

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