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Dec 01 2014 by Demo
Carlos Andres: SSX Games whit gold

Maya W: Alright, guys, here goes another crazy illuminati theory.... So, let's start from the beginning: 1. FTP is trying to escape the illuminati. "That's crazy!" you're probably saying and/or thinking right now. Or maybe if you're from the UK you're saying, "That's a bloody mess!" That's exactly what I'd say if someone tried to toss my favorite band into a fictional tank of Satan worshipers. Ouch. For the record, I love FTP, so this is as painful for me as it is for those of you who are reading it. 2. Okay, so for illuminati escaping proof: 1. The video. In the beginning of the video, the members of FTP are dressed plainly. Navy blue, dark, plain colors and clothes. Nothing special. Okay. No big deal. So then their stage equipment falls on them and kills them. Double ouch. So now they're dead. They can't think, can't make decisions for themselves, anything. They're dead. 2. A mysterious Asian-looking man is brought into the picture, and him and his little band of suited men jump in to handle the situation. There's a concert soon, and they can't just cancel it. The Asian man and his little band get to work on FTP. They dress up in all black and begin... wait for it... wait.... TO CONTROL THEM. Coincidence? I. Think. Not. 3. Alright, so FTP is no longer in control. They can't decide what they want. They've been taken over by this mysterious band of Asians. They're turned into robots (note the wires and all inside of Mark's face at 1:30 ) Thanks to these people, they get super famous and glitzy (note the clothing change at 2:07 ). - Here's the deal in the Illuminati: Do what they say, you get famous. FTP is no longer in control, they get famous. 4. See how at the end of the video, everyone is happy but FTP. The fans are happy, the producers are happy. Why not FTP? I guess you can say that this song is about how celebrities can't make their own decisions all for the sake of money and fame. But think about that for a moment... Let's say that is the case. Why would they say "Fear can make you compromise"? That doesn't sound like someone who isn't making decisions just so they can have money/fame. It sounds like someone who was pressured into doing something because they were very afraid of the 'it' and the 'they' mentioned in the song (see below). 4. His lyrics! - Got shackles on, my words are tied: he's obviously saying he can't do and say what he wants. When you're in the illuminati, you can't speak out how you want. - Fear can make you compromise: fear? fear of what? Getting in trouble for saying things he shouldn't? - Well you got what you want, and what you never knew: he got the fame he was searching for... And also a host of other things he never wanted or knew he'd have to face. - Running around before it corners you: 'it'? What the heck is 'it'? His ability? Nope. He's singing about focusing on your ability, so why would he run FROM it? - Then they can't get what they want to steal: 'They'? Kind of ambiguous, isn't it? 5. So, run from 'it' and don't let 'them' steal what they want. Who is 'they' and what is 'it'? 6. And last but not least: the song title. Houdini was a famous what? Escape artist. If this song was about how they, as celebrities, can't make their own choices, shouldn't the song be named 'Choices' or 'Pushover'? I mean, it's so obvious. Houdini was an escape artist, and they randomly chose HIS name to be the song title? Coincidence? I think not. Like I said, I love FTP's music as much as the next gal, but hey... Thank you for taking the time to read this dissertation.

louis cooper: how come this only has 23 million views when there's 7 billion people who could hear this great song!

Makayla Key: this song is like a drug, at first its a little but then you need it all the time

Nick C.: How cun this videeo how ovr 20 mileun vuus when therez onlie 7 THOWsind people in the wurld?

SamGamez: Houdini musical talent? He was a EscapeArtist In the late 1800s early 1900s this song has nothing to do with Houdini! Feel free to tell me.

DareedGaming: Conspiracy theory: The real FTP died... So a mysterious person made them puppets, he made the ones who are dead inside, look alive on the outside. Everything was done by this one man, let's say this man portrays the illuminati. People who died on the inside come to life on the outside by the illuminati as puppets and they have no control over themselves or their music and if they go away they will undergo issues so they cannot refuse, they are literally hidden robots, as seen when they put the face on and it moves. The title Houdini references Harry Houdini, a famous magician, magic? Yes, the illuminati used their magic to puppeteer dead people who became robots controlled by them.

Jayjay Wilson: sack the engineers. The mix is terrible. The pianos are too thumpy and the high synths dont cut through. The bass is pissy and the drums overwhelm the track. And yes, im listening on studio monitors. It sounds crap

Rey Menders: Sometimes I wanna Disappear

Samira Gomez: I love you mark foster 

DRAMANAGE: i came here because of SSX, love this song

Darkflue14: E-Dubble has a good taste in music!

Ant T: Seriously how do people get hooked on pumped up kicks when there's this

Flory Ourworld: How the hell can dis vid have 23 mil views while 177 thousand likes?!????!!!? Shouldn't everyone love FTP?!?!?! :3

BadlyBurned: This video makes me want to roll up on Wayman

Jerico Cross: Cara quue tenso esse clip

Nicki Minaj: I freaking love SSX game!

кαиєкι кєи: why does the concept of the music video remind me of let the wind blow by led apple @-@

Garrett Estep: IS THAT WAYMIN?

Rodrigo Laime: Cant stop waching this video over and over and over again!!!! like a drug to me

CGM: Sometimes I wanna disappear +LIC. LAURA FERNANDEZ !!

RYAN CRAZAN: I really love mark foster and I really want to know where is your next concert

Marisa Fernandes: Música muito boa!!!!!!! Não consigo parar de ouvir

Diana Montes: Me pasa que esta es una canción que no puedo dejar de ver ni escuchar, no entiendo muy bien la letra, pero aún así me encanta <3

Kumiii i: Para que mierda le ponen el telefono al chino sino habla? xD

Louis Gordon: At 1:29 no craps were given.

Carlos Manuel Guido Gómez: Foster The People - Houdini:

Najee Gordon: This is a very creepy setting but awesome song 

HypedXFaded: This the type of song that I wanna lose my virginity to

Bere Solís: Los vi en el corona capital en México y en el Pal norte en Monterrey y en ninguno cantaron esta canción😭 so sad

caroo labo: it's funny how they dance ha. Love them.

Foster Rojas: Foster SOS un genio creativo un abrazo desde Perú Att. FOSTERA REQUIPA Ver en YouTube FOSTER AREQUIPAY 

Sherri Daniels: this song is soooo goooodd fear can make you compromise... sometimes i want to disappear...

Sir CJ Punk: TRICKY TRYCKY TRYCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsey Wildman: 16 seconds into a 3 minutes and 22 seconds long video, the entire band dies. That was quick. Really though, the video concept is super cool!!!

Edward Wemple: I just murdered my replay button 

Trev P: I'm glad I clicked this video

XxRottweilerxX: The game ssx brought me here 

Caius: Still my fave track on SSX!


M.Rizki Akbar: really love this song

Ayami Reyes: My favorite ❤🍄✌🐒

Gino Basi: If only there was a behind the scenes...

Jack Robinson: This is a song of rebellion, and it's awesome!!!

Daniel Servin: Amazing video

TheBricktop222: I love the message behind this.

L. Adrix_99: 03:06 Happy Jabba xD

ZerbCSGO: Nice sound and best videoclip^w^

texasjesus23: 1:54 you can't tell me that his ankle isn't broken.

Keisha Taylor: Did he say "pickleing me down is a prisoners right"??? WOAH OK LOL!

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