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Fan Comments

RubyDoesVids: No one is sad about them being dead?ok.

Diana Reyes berrospi: Da risa la espontaneidad con la que mueren los chicos xD

Prakeern Gupta: Why does the beat sound like Keane's song Spiralling

Ana Lucero Venancio: 😚

FosterTV: 0:28 best asian guy boss i have seen

Katerin Pineda: !!!!!

Rocio Castillo: best vid eva

Ginger McFartness: The wombats -Greek tragedy. The music videos are pretty similar

Alexandra Perez Bustamante: que vídeo tan tonto votenlo al chinoo okeyyy

Francisco Leiva: jajajajaj

M.BELEN ALONSO: me encanta👌❤

Potato: I listen to this song like 20 times at day

Lynne Bryan: Weekend at Bernie's was a hell lot better.

TricKzer_Prime: Only in foster the people's comment section will their be weird comments

ask the idiot gaming: 2:10 when she says she likes guys in white

Murtaza Shakir: And in a few days Its everyday bro will have more views than this 😑

Ain Fatehah: this is why i love them

lGWl Savitar: crazyy


(the wrong grammar is done on purpose)

jorge retamales gacitua: Cool

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