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Jul 21 2014 by New Albums
Cici Mici: so catchy song, and I love video :) You gotta focus on your ability! #goodmusic #fosterthepeople 

Galo Bertin: Escuchamos Foster The People - Houdini


Clone Ace: You gotta hear this song I love it and I think you will

Ayanna bond: Sometimes i wonder why they arent more popular

Sean Puffynipples: Great song, crapty video.

rhcp5351: I really just don't understand how this song didn't get as much fame as "Pumped Up Kicks". God that song was terrible. This is such a good song! Same goes for "I Would Do Anything For You"

FFOL VNfanpage: This song should be in FIFA 15

Purnzif: SSX

VioletPlumbxbs: The music video is VERY cleverly done. 

Jonathan Huang: i find this song similar to mgmt's style

Betaman156: This is one of my R.S revision songs.

10outofTenley: Their videos are by far the most creative I've ever seen from one band..

Hollywoodsteve: I stil think this is their best video. Clever, dark, funny and with a deeper meaning saying they'd die before they become a mainstream boy band. Love it.

Aysha V.A: Fav ever 

Mr.Chuck: 1:28 Brazzers

Annie Keller: You need to hear this song! I CAN'T STOP listening to it.

Dash Kagamine: No one cares they are dead .-.

1matroska: why is ad block not hiding adverts anymore with chrome?

Jose M. Vazquez: Focus on your ability!

Fuad Oxideon: SSX brought me here <3

UltraPrototype: 0:35 I used to think they said "iPhone 9 and iPhone 5" xD

ismael fuentes: is music is cool

Darren Chase: This song was featured on SSX video game. That's what turned me on to this band :-)

Ricky Wright: Love the vibe I get from this jam like Electric Feel from MGMT.

Anthony Tudela: Someone important died? Look no further than Asian people!

Blazingdude12345: Never really liked their other stuff, this is really good tho.

La X Más Música: Usted escucha a Foster The People con "Houdini", en #OnTheRadio con Paulina Laponte

Jade Anna M: Ahahaha idk what y'all are talking about, this video rocks!

HelikerX: Ah Foster the People I haven't heard you in a while! Good to be back 

AlbumReviewTV: Probably my all time favorite FTP song, so irresistible! I just reviewed the band's new album "Supermodel", check it out on my channel! Would love to hear what everyone else is thinking of it.

Eco419: so creative i love every bit of it

♬ ℳεℓ♫: Suits <'3

Maikon Rodrigues: Hot Chip - Over and Over

MerveStylinson: This song makes me happy. 

Alis R.S: Excellent M.F. ♡♥♡

Mohamed Mokrane: this song makes me SMILE :D

zCuzzy :P: Having a good time to this song! :D! 

Ratham Stone: simply genius.

Pie A La Mode: They're so creative. I love Foster the people ^_^

HeyItsMike: You guys need to come back now. I mean, right now!

Foster30: I love this band and the new single "coming of age" 

Jeremiah Joseph: Sometimes I wanna disappear...

rct3fan24: Foster The People has the weirdest music videos. XD

LukeDude759: *Sees them performing on stage* So... are they robots or something? *Inside of guy's head is wires and circuitry* freakING CALLED IT. :D

Moon and back: Need for Speed: Most Wanted!

TheFilmographe: Replay

Azhar Ansari: 3:11 - I'll just have a quick smack of the butt...

Kendall Jenner: One of my favorite songs ever

Tows AP: i must say, the video's awesome

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