Beyonc - I Was Here (music video)

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Isabelle Dixon: Who's watching in 2016?

China G: Great job! I think Beyonce would ever approve of this video.

Sia mondeh: this is a great song. Are great moment and beaufiul life of people with their friends and family. And caring for ours that are in danger, trouble or wants us to be with them. This song would inspire you and your life with joy and happiness

Joe Henry: Most beautiful song ever

Julie Jolie: She made it!

prince_charming: This song was played on my dad's funeral. It's very emotional and always brings me to tears because anytime I hear it I remember my dad. RIP dad love you forever.

Delores Coùsin: 2013

shadiya awad: ill never forget u beyonce ill always remember u!:') ur so amazing i just love u to bits! we will remember u of ur best character ur amazing just brilliant noone could forget u!3333333333333 u beyonce

larissa lala: 2013

Lidiele Gomes: Demais!

Jade Bilan: is sade my heart is.... écrasé

Richard Cypha: you are really amazing beyonce

Michelle Siguenza: amazing

Sarah Cleophat: We know and won't forget you are here

jm xano: i was here!!!! where?? haha

mahogany brown: Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

BrittSymone: Smh, try re-singing this.

Kyra_OG: Love It...3

China G: this is great!!

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