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Apr 01 2015 by Songs Tracker
China G: Great job! I think Beyonce would ever approve of this video.

rice mondeh: this is a great song. Are great moment and beaufiul life of people with their friends and family. And caring for ours that are in danger, trouble or wants us to be with them. This song would inspire you and your life with joy and happiness

LIRAZ RADA: this video is beautiful And made ​​me cry

Glenvideos13: This song for graduation at Glee ♥

TheJokerK2: I accidentally cried :')

lovemuffin097: Love this song! <3

Elijah Music: I cry.

HalliwellSon: I got a little emotional over this.

Officialidsandniks: Thank you ;)

Amie Hopkins: Best fan-made video of this song I've seen thus far. Good job!

Corlanda Diamond: I love u and admire u stay strong and always the same

delorescousind17: 2013

Michael A.P.: This song scares me....It makes me think Beyonce is going to die or something?!?!? :-(

iloveiamlegend: love this video... :)) #team BEY!

Ajai Zoltán: FOREVER We love Beyonce!

SierraBoggessFan16: I'm gonna sing this for my leavers song. I'm leaving this year. 

Jacob Rude: Team mimi , beyonce!!!!!

Anna Roberts: Thanks for bringing me here, Josh Ledet. You are the best!

Michelle Siguenza: amazing

Éva Nyergesné Fodor: megúnhatatlan! this is a beautiful music!!!!

latae carter: i want to dedicated this to my great aunt daisy who died yesterday love ya :(

KBikini93: This is going to be her funeral song. ) ;

Tracie Cochran-Morris: The hearts that you touched loved you so very much we love and miss you TBrown

Wen Jay Ma: 2:06~2:11 I've never seen that video. Where can i watch ?

DeBallas: It sounds like a song Rachel would sing.

helloVanessaBeauty: Wonderful song, my favorite singer :)

Delena Nelson: btw this is gr8

brittany fuller: i know with ugly ass made me mad but.. i love this song i cryed


Tracie Cochran-Morris: Tyler Brown did live, loved and did leave his mark (his memory) He gave his all! He is forever in our hearts love u TBrown #4,13,23

jamaica baisden: i love this video becouse its happy and sad it makes me wanna cry

Breymond Jones: Beyonce really did have a great career since Destiny's Child and she is still the best. 2013 is gonna be her great comeback year and i can't wait to see what's in store! "...strong enough to bare the children then get back to business" -Beyonce speaks the truth!!! lol

SwaggBetterDanYurz: Love It...3

Sarah Cleophat: We know and won't forget you are here

Andrew Norberg: badass job on tha vid tho

sarah Godchild: 49 dumbs !! amazing !

Gen S: This Song Makes Me Cry . I Love It :)

Sheldon Cyrus: At 1:49 she looks like she's knows she's prenegent with her baby

Sandra Thiongo: Thumbs up to the person who made the video. It was good

Officialidsandniks: hehe wow thanks ;) but mine is not much better than yours :P

Richard Cypher: you are really amazing beyonce

vikki ingram: If I didn't know this was fan made I woulda assumed it was the vid to this! You know artists do vids like this sometimes? kudos XD

Lauris Dg: and i still think lea's was better

sheikha0221: I love love love this song. Know the words by heart

Alonzo Wilson: this is not @Beyonce voice

StanaKatic BiggestFanEver: I forgot to say that I cried, I have heard the song so many times, I get sad, but when I saw this video, the tears came 33 And It's even more beautiful when she's my favourite singer 3

Dhamma Hajare: Nice

It's Me: #Team Beyoncé

Officialidsandniks: yeah ;) i adjusted it a little. The tone is higher :)

shynise allison: It's sad but I love this song and Beyonce is my favorite singer

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