Beyonc - I Was Here (music video)

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Mar 04 2014 by MP3 player
Denerio Molina: This song has been on my mind all day... I wonder whY???? I was here too BEY (lol)

LIRAZ RADA: this video is beautiful And made ​​me cry

Glenvideos13: This song for graduation at Glee ♥

TheJokerK2: I accidentally cried :')

lovemuffin097: Love this song! <3

Cherlotka: 3:16 I love this moment <33

Boybelieber Elijah: I cry.

HalliwellSon: I got a little emotional over this.

Officialidsandniks: Thank you ;)

Amie Hopkins: Best fan-made video of this song I've seen thus far. Good job!

Corlanda Diamond: I love u and admire u stay strong and always the same

delorescousind17: 2013

Michael A.P.: This song scares me....It makes me think Beyonce is going to die or something?!?!? :-(

iloveiamlegend: love this video... :)) #team BEY!

Ajai Zoltán: FOREVER We love Beyonce!

SierraBoggessFan16: I'm gonna sing this for my leavers song. I'm leaving this year. 

Jacob Rude: Team mimi , beyonce!!!!!

Anna Roberts: Thanks for bringing me here, Josh Ledet. You are the best!

Michelle Siguenza: amazing

Éva Nyergesné Fodor: megúnhatatlan! this is a beautiful music!!!!

latae carter: i want to dedicated this to my great aunt daisy who died yesterday love ya :(

KBikini93: This is going to be her funeral song. ) ;

Wen Jay Ma: 2:06~2:11 I've never seen that video. Where can i watch ?

DeBallas: It sounds like a song Rachel would sing.

piki306: Wonderful song, my favorite singer :)

brittany fuller: i know with ugly ass made me mad but.. i love this song i cryed


jamaica baisden: i love this video becouse its happy and sad it makes me wanna cry

SwaggBetterDanYurz: Love It...3

miss00angell: i love this song brings a tear to my eye every time, reminds me of my mum. R.I.P. mama. xxxx

Sarah Cleophat: We know and won't forget you are here

Andrew Norberg: badass job on tha vid tho

sarah Godchild: 49 dumbs !! amazing !

saya otazagi: At 1:49 she looks like she's knows she's prenegent with her baby

Sandra Thiongo: Thumbs up to the person who made the video. It was good

Officialidsandniks: hehe wow thanks ;) but mine is not much better than yours :P

Richard Cypher: you are really amazing beyonce

vikki ingram: If I didn't know this was fan made I woulda assumed it was the vid to this! You know artists do vids like this sometimes? kudos XD

Lauris Dg: and i still think lea's was better

sheikha0221: I love love love this song. Know the words by heart

andelolame76: i cried :')

Alonzo Wilson: this is not @Beyonce voice

StanaKatic BiggestFanEver: I forgot to say that I cried, I have heard the song so many times, I get sad, but when I saw this video, the tears came 33 And It's even more beautiful when she's my favourite singer 3

Dhamma Hajare: Nice

Raasheim Monts: #Team Beyoncé

jazzijotheho: i love this almost makes me cry everytime its so beautiful and so true...;)

soniagleeK38: @Glenvideos13

Officialidsandniks: yeah ;) i adjusted it a little. The tone is higher :)

shynise allison: It's sad but I love this song and Beyonce is my favorite singer

Deonna hall: :D LOVE IT

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