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Alfredo Reyes: DETACHMENT!!!!!!

‫אורית אורה כהן‬‎: you the best you my Madison

Bny Tho: Profound lyrics. especially the last verse.. really gets me, damn

Kenny Villegas: #RayLaMontagne #Empty
#TillTheSunTurnsBlack 2006
#Detachment 2011

Mila Gee: Beautiful in oh, so familiar, miserable way! Love this!

li kl: hele gevoelige muziek very good !😅😉

Blas Medina Ávila: Maravillosa canción. La escuché por primera vez en la película 'Detachment', de cuya banda sonora forma parte.

Sarah Haney: so estranged... I have grown wearyyy

Flora Cash: lyrical genius.

Sam Holcombe: Ray is a true artist in every respect, with heart and soul. The kind of artist the world needs more of. Thanks Ray!

Kathleen Craig: Haunting song i first heard on the show Cold Case...Shazam ed it and love it!

Péter Balogh: Detachment

John Frederick: He is one of my favorites. For those of you that haven't watched his BBC sessions they're amazing.

mill7gor5: again and again "will I aaalways feeeel this waay, so eeeempty so estranged"

Ferruccio Pagliaro: every line comes to life

zoe: Totally agree, the music industry is dying a slow death with the rappers that talk, cuz they can't sing and all the Niki's that all sound the same. We need more Ray's of sunshine.

peaceful_lights: so sad an so beautiful

Noelia Vicente: so empty... missing u...

Kimberly O'Halloran: God..This song makes my heart hurt...

Korvis Devinco: I think he does everything Nick Drake was trying to do better. 

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