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Atlas Drugged: part of the reason we never let go of the pain is to always remember the joy

Rachael Pakhumate: this song has music, words and emotion in it. My friends dont very much agree with me, but i love this song so much i dont care even the music makes me sad bc this song has made me feel a feeling no other song has made me feel. i love Ray, he is so underrated.

Nadeem Asif: This song is so much true.

Robert Caliendo: Someone needs to make an instrumental version of this song.

Anshul Srivastava: Will I always feel this way ? 😢

Records: Love Love Love
the lyrics doesn't seem right to me you=i in the end

jatin raj: This journey of life is really alone.... no matter how many people we are surrounded with. This journey is all Aloof

Cheryl Schumacher: Empty, have your husband of 26 years, die in your arms of. massive heart attack. Want to talk about empty

Akshay Chougaonkar: The imagery in this is so vivid, so beautiful.

EllieAine: Listened to this probably 13 times today.

Heather Lambert: no word will ever properly describe this.

umer adrees: "Quite love we make" I think he isn't referring to the physical love but rather these two are looking and eachother and are in deep thoughts looking in eachothers souls

Bret Vinson: i am so sorry

Claudia Chipman: This song is me

Kevin Biju: who else thought it was paul mccartney

MsKsmith1234: superb

Gray Bailey: Holy cow. That was amazing. Period. Thank you.

Ishu D: I bet I'm responsible for more than 1000 views.

arielartista: "she lifts her skirt up to her knees, walks through the garden rows with her barefeet laughing" most beautiful imagery ever described in one song verse.

betül: Biraz Cohen,biraz Lennon u anımsattı:) eskilerden gibi sanki...Harika!

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