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Shirley Lopez: this guy takes you on a different journey in every song

Fel P: This guy has ability to evoke emotions you didn't even know you possessed.

Harley Quinn: he was sent by the gods (:

Caitlyn Manno: This song reminds me of Raven Reyes from the 100. Yikes

Michael Schüller: great!

Octavio Venegas: You will never know....

Ethan VanSell: I actually went to AIT with Ray Lamontagne's newphew. we were sitting at a cafe on a weekend pass in Augusta, GA. we were talking about great artists that never seem to be well known. He said his uncle was a great artist, but nobody had heard of him. I asked his name, and he said Ray lamontagne. my jaw dropped, and I unzipped my sweatshirt to reveal that I had a Ray Lamontagne shirt on. it's the green shirt with the lantern and a bird on it. he laughed, and we went to FYE to buy some Ray Lamontagne albums. One of the most memorable days I've ever had.

Aven cyghfer: I don't get it, he should be the one with more than 1,000,000,000 views, his music is far more lovely on every level than these artists.

Niki Browne: If you're a Virgo then yes you will,

Broken Biologist: It reminds me of growing up in the country. Stand strong for willing to face demons and change course to find more then rusty memories.

Janine Koele: Mash

Benidin Aneesh: listening to this song makes me realise that she will never mine.. ; (

Benidin Aneesh: listening to this song makes me realise that she will never mine.. ; (

Bayan Amereh: So deep! so genius!

tremer 2009: Thank you for presenting my new Favorite Song Club member, Jude B. Wow.

Laura Meadows: he puts into words what a thousand of my own could not say. love this.

Bobby Leshinski: who is this dude and where did he come from???? I heard this on radiohead Pandora and HOT DAMN, it's effing great

Jacob Hill: the emotions of this song, are so over powering on the soul. one of my favorite artists out there. we need more of this and less of that, mainstream junk they are calling music these days.

Abhinav Adv: Detachment

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