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Mar 05 2014 by New Albums
zmov1: Incredible.

Ian Knau: This song is so fun to sing along to.

Ranger Kimi: Law & Order criminal intent season 6 episode 22 has brought me here. I fell in love with this song the first minute I heard it. So ear-catchy...

Glori P.: I'm in love with someone that feels empty toward me. He's just been through so much that his heart has become numb. He sent me this. I love you Ian, despite the pain!

JCASHES1: O how lovely

gilbert villasenor: well its the hurt inside me that fuels my heart....

josef bernikova: my fav; singer :)

Janice Monticello: :)

TheLovachild: love this guy ~ so pure

giovane bennoda: Detachment Anww , Nice !

Douglas Bingley: Quiet love we've made...... Someone got the lyrics wrong there...... But what a great singer. Listen to Jolene, watched him in Bristol & Sheffield and the emotion in his voice was amazing. I wish the UK would get behind him some more.!!

Jade Davinci: The lyrics to this song are very beautiful and easy to imagine when you hear it. :)

Randy Sadberry: Saw The Conspirator, had to find this "Life Story" of many souls among us...

Lexy McCain: I looked my demons in the eye, laid bear my chest, said do your best to destroy me. See I've been to hell and back so many times I must admit you kind of bore me. 

Fırat Keskin: best song of my life

Vitor Martins: :) )))))) :)

Andrea Pontalti: The Conspirator brought me here, great movie, beautiful song

Eng.Nidhal Alhjooj: I love this song.. Thanks allots 

Ilse Dekker: I discovered his music only a couple of hours ago, and I all ready love his voice <3

Kevin Diego Gutierrez: great song ever!

Gardenheartgrowing: I heard he openly admits to struggling with life long depression. That makes me like him even more. :D

Ayman: The Conspirator movie brought me here, so underrated movie

NowUpFuckTheShut: ...that voice

Fatih Döner: Great song... Something a few of us can relate to

Fern Teather: the lyrics omg

Jennifer Burns: so poetically written, so unshakably haunting and beautiful 

Linda Haley: ♥ So in love with this song

Cordelia L.: the violin in this song,.... it breaks my heart .... 

Catarina Cardoso: kinda reminds me of a john mayer song, or the other way round

Andrea Joyner: This is a masterpiece.

Julie Tyler: i've been there too....

Julie Schmidt: He writes some of the best lyrics! All time favorite artist!

Златина Петрова: I can't stop listening to that song...

Grim Fandango: Doge meme

Higher Light: Genius lyricist, genius musician, pure and true human being.

jtalson95m8: Pretty much what i feel ... 

Sarakovinsky: Wow, this is amazingly beautiful. My new favourite. Thank you for bringing this to me, Jeffrey, my love <3

Charles Marrell: I found this song while listening to iTunes Radio

FreakyLilii: This fits perfectly in the film Detachment. <3

galletasconcaramelo: Well, it's the hurt I hide, that fuels the fires inside me

blackpower9: This is the soundtrack of my life!

Nida Alvi: "I never learned to count my blessings... i choose instead to dwell in my disasters....."

Sandy Red: ♫♪♥.♥♫♪♥.♥♫♪♥.♥

Edith F. Quezada: 

Khaled Khalifa: :)

Tracey Nordal: I watched 'The Conspirator' last night and this song was at the end of it. Liked it and wanted to share. Ray LaMontagne - Empty (lyrics) Ray LaMontagne - Empty (lyrics) www.youtube.com

Allyson Garcia: To start Saturday off... Click!

Homer Oie: Amazing son!!

Leopold Arguello: sometimes i feel like that...

fashion30mb: The way he almost like whisper some words and phrases is amazing, it makes the meaning even more powerful.

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