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mill7gor5: again and again "will I aaalways feeeel this waay, so eeeempty so estranged"

Ferruccio Pagliaro: every line comes to life

zoe: Totally agree, the music industry is dying a slow death with the rappers that talk, cuz they can't sing and all the Niki's that all sound the same. We need more Ray's of sunshine.

peaceful_lights: so sad an so beautiful

Noelia Vicente: so empty... missing u...

Kimberly O'Halloran: God..This song makes my heart hurt...

Korvis Devinco: I think he does everything Nick Drake was trying to do better. 

L Collins: I love this song, such poetry, I love him.  I heard the adapted version of "Empty" on a Robert Redford produced and directed movie, The Conspirator, as the end credits rolled, it was so appropriate, great movie too. I could listen to this all day.

Ned B: Powerful!

Ida Williams: Ray , emptiness is a place at the wheel of being ...... I been on that wheel of empty. .. With no love to fill me up 

peepsk771: Empty....

John Guertin: Tonight's lullaby...

Ray LaMontagne - Empty (lyrics): https://youtu.be/SY1V0Y7hscw

Reema Ameer: ابا واحد عنده احساس جي نفس دامين رايس و بن هاورد حنا اذا طلع عندنا واحد يغني و صدقنا عنده احساس يروح يسويلك شي يخليك تشك في اغانيه كلها مثل يوم دريت انو كاظم الساهر متزوج على حرمته

Karina Koleva: He sings his soul <3 beautiful :3

Philippe Greenleaf:   " Le vrai bonheur, c'est un visage inconnu, que la parole peu à peu éclaire, et le fait devenir familier."
Christian Bobin

R Shivesh: Simply put, astoundingly beautiful.

Ana Bruna Soares: 'Will I always feel this way? So empty, so estranged.' #RayLaMontagne   #music   #nowplaying   #World  

Huguette Silva: When music can make you feel something that you normally don't allow yourself to feel, that's when you know it's more than a song. You walk away feeling a sense of relief and to me.. that's beautiful. 

BonitaMals: Empty........

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