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Sourav Das: I literally hear this song each and every day, number of times, and it always makes me feel so empty and estranged!
<3 from Bangladesh!

Vivek Sagar: This hits you harder than a car.
I have never heard more bful lyrics in my lifetime. God i miss her.
Will i always feel this way?

Rohit kumar: SUNSHINE I am so empty inside .. will I always feel this way...

Carolina Martinez: Detachment ♡

Stephanie Michelle: oh, this is just Louise lecturing me about what I do that she doesn't. And you T, you stay with her, you travel with her, you give to her, you honor her. I don't want to give you anything anymore. I don't feel empty, I feel full of the poison you've both injected me with. I think you both did it together, by agreement

Stephanie Michelle: I wish I would die so this would be over

Siddhartha Bhattacharya: Sounds a bit like "Society" by Eddie Vedder

Christina Zachou: Reminds me of Damien Rice.

Wajd Khalil: Will I always feel this way ?
So empty
So estranged ?

Zach Chandler: Every Time I'm drunk I come here.

saurav sharma: hey you, yeah you.. i love you & i miss you..❤

Fernando Wurlitzer: Anyone from Detached movie too?

Antara Paul: This song is so soothing I can't even explain💕

Rekha dey: Crushing my heart........................such a soulful song

Jiří Malík: Clear diamonds.

keltainen: I can't listen to music for too long as my ears start to ache. Listening to this on repeat was totally worth the ache I'll have for a few hours now.

Neel Sarkar: Love this song

ambili das: loved 😘

Rafid Ahmed: What a deep song ❤

Soumaya Kazed: Such a deep song... Quite depressing, but so beautiful

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