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suraj sherchan: Wow...you just found yourself a fan .....MR Lamontagne

Ioana ThinkNice: Fantastic!! I love this song! Ray it's a great singer!!

Danny: This song is like unto a window to my soul, so poignant so witheringly accurate with the barb it employs to pin my heart to the world.
Thank you Ray

Elric 8: If I could, I would tell him stories of how his voice pulls out strings from different sad fantasies...

Randy Cunningham: Why isn't he on the top of billboards chart

Future Successful Business Owner: yep...I like this. :)

Милош Обровац: Could someone explain these words to me please
"laid bare my chest"

DMG73192: "I do not own this song" Yea, no crap.

Raghav Dhawan: I want George Ezra to cover this!

ALERIA KHACHATURIAN: Так много всего может убить человека
Есть так много способов умереть
Да, некоторые уже мертвые идут рядом

MrGopk: this song embellishes one of the most powerful movies ever. Thanks

beardedwanderer: love it

Luanesha78: This song is touching every corner of my heart and soul ... Emotions all stirred up ...

sky yeo: Such a beautiful song. I just luv his raspy voice, so unique and soulful. Good job!

Mary Goulding: this song blows my mind regyuuewrytkjhgerftey

AKU: Am I alone to seeing that beautiful song after watching the movie Detachment?

Monika Seiler: Amazing! Can't stop listening! He touches my heart and soul ❤

Connie Winchester: Ray is amazing. Such a pure feel to his music. He's the person you could listen to while roadtripping of a sunny afternoon. His songs feel wanderlust and as if he's an old soul. So wise, so free, such a deep sense of emotion and feeling.

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