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lilakaye lisota: Casey currivan. Above all else.

CasaNova CasaNovaCasaNova CasaNovaCasaNova CasaNova: I love you Anita 😍😍

Sam Joseph: simply beautiful

Damaris Isigar: Wow i could write a song with every comment...this comment section's so heartbroken 😢 such a beautiful song..only a few songs could make the brain remember feellings

john poignand: A wonderful work. Simple truths wrapped in gentle chords and soulful voice. Thanks

VictoriA M: Wow!

JeongHan Lim: beautifuly composed

Julián Avalos: Algún argentino q escuche esto??

János: Oh, go freak yourself, Mr. LaMontagne.

Büşra Gül: 'ruhumu derinden okşayan sesler..'🍀🌹

Dylan L: Super Man???

need some suga: I'm 18 and I feel like iv ruined my whole life

Sally Bradshaw: Oh wow I just love this guy!

Neha Pande: That song which fills the empty

Anjali Wadhwani: Everyone should count dere blessings😍

sunny samrat: dude people turn so cold for one who have been like everything they didn't deserve,ruins you

Moin Uddin: I have lost every person I have come across really close. This song always reminds me how empty I am even though I have everything more than I need. There's something called Love, which you need most every single moment. I used to trust people a lot, now everything has changed. Now I feel like every person I meet is going to change like the ones before. She drove, while I played this song into her car. We weren't talking... There were some beautiful feelings even though we didn't talk. I can't express many things. The next day she changed.. She doesn't know me anymore. I wanted to know what the problem was, I told her everything will be alright if there were any problems she was facing and I would help her heal her scars and we would fight everything together. But nothing worked. You know, sometimes you should not give yourself up. People take that as granted. I feel so Empty sometimes .. Soo Empty .....

Georg molin: 2 months of joy 5 months in hell.
We kissed each other in our first date
And for 7 weeks everything was so perfect. She told me she was scared of me leaving her one day but a week after she broke up with me 😔
Couldn't believe it , 5 months ago today she broke up with me . Haven't seen/heard from her because we met online. What one day seemed so bright today is so dark.
Where are you now ☹️ LJ
Tears rolling down my cheeks!!!😭

Akash Chauhan: im in tears while I'm writing this... Manu you were my first love, i miss you, i love you and I want to be with you but, darling, we can't be together now.

hope you are doing well, hope you'll find someone better than me... i miss you mansi and I'll always love you.

kritish bhattarai: finally a song with soul

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