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Jean Marc: Pour Amélie et Alexandre ...........

Truc Thanh: I'm addicted to that voice.

Mr Nezic The Second: I dont know why I get a Elliot Smith vibe from him, but I do.

cj Morris: all of his music is amazing...but this song brings back some great memories and some not so well. to me this song is a tribute to my best friend who passed away several years ago...she was amazing. the song reminds me of the good times. "she lifts her skirt up to her knees. walks through the garden rows with her bare feet laughing. always puts a smile on my face. she was simple yet elegant. i love her still. even though she is gone. i was a mess for a very long time. this song helped me through a lot of it. thank you ray for all the amazing things you do.
r.i.p ashlynn.

t lockmn: this is it, right there. a man, a singer/songwriter who , when he sings simply tears open your chest, breaks your heart then massages it back to life and sends you on your way, a better/stronger man / woman than you were before. it's all right here. keep smiling be happy. x

john thomson: empty

Wendy D: Wow ShamRockJack I had a similar experience- with a beautiful person - fell in love with them and Ray LaMontagne at the same time in 2007 - just heard one of his tracks and looked him up - I remember how sweet both were

Dash Jeffreys: I'm always amazed by the artists that you never hear of, then all of the sudden you become aware. It's like getting to the party 2 hours late. I was driving home in a snow storm recently and the local NPR station was playing the newest LP, Ouroboros. Which blew me away. But I am digging most of the older material also.

Catherine Shanahan: i got something in my eye

Holladay Cummings: I am....

Marja: 😢👌💗💖

In The SHADOW Of The SUN: one of those familiar songs I keep coming back too!

jim carrey: love this song !!

Phillip Wilcox: I've always felt this song was about having so many beautiful things around you and still never being able to find happiness. Always feeling so empty.

Arquitecto Asturias: Muy bueno !!!

Macushla XOXO: ....I never learned to count my blessings
I choose instead to dwell in my disasters...

Why can't people be happy with what they have, and not fixate on what they don't have?

Gwen Molfetas: God I Love this!!!

Iam Murphy: Music is good, voice is generic.

L mendez: I'm fighting demons greater than I've ever fought in my 32 years on this earth. I've always had trouble but nothing like this before. I feel empty and estranged from the world I know. If I turn around now I'll never succeed. I'll lose my wife, my kids and everything else I know. pray for me please

Monica Barão: ❤❤❤

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