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Apr 24 2015 by Songs Tracker
Jared Brodersen, The Antiquated Poet: Amen! He does know all our needs.

Ann Hagan: So thankful our father knows all.

peter charles: lovely song

Elect of The Endtimes: God Bless you Ma'am

anthony wade: yes god knows what we need thanks be to god i love him so much just need some help down the road i know one day we can be what we have always wanted to become thanks be to god for giving his son we have a home to go to im proud im saved Ms betty missed u on tv great singing love ur speeches We all are a vesual to teach others what god has done for me

Voye Richards: Thank you Betty for blessing me today

Veronica Mutisya: same

Veronica Mutisya: another one 

Clayton Pownell: I miss her very much

sherrykrueger: Betty jean .......youve been such an inspiration ......

venna jordan: Betty Jean has such a great anointing on all her songs. She has recorded about 40 albums in gospel,& wrote most of them.

Andrew Johnny: May the Lord bless u abundantly, tnx for this wonderful song .. i thank God for His mighty presence when u sing..

Faye Tackett: Faye Tackett I have loved your singing for many years. Have sung many of them in Church you are an inspiration to many and I hold you close to my heart. Keep up the Lords work

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