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Vanessa Hernandez: Every song she sings touches me in every special way. I love her very much she can bring anything out of you. Her singing can make you think are you in the place where you should be at this time with our holy heavenly father.

prayingStella: Your singing will always be like Honey to God's ear darling...Your songs always bring joy to our cozy home...You are so so precious to my daughter Lena and I. "We love you so so very much !
May our precious Lord always watch out for you sweetheart.. Estella and Lena

leplombier34: Merci Seigneur JÉSUS merci Betty
Thank you Lord JESUS thanks Betty

Margie Essenmacher: Love ❤️ your beautiful gospel voice brings tears to my eyes warms my heart ❤️ thank
You Jesus

Theresa Duplesis: thank you jesus for the day You have done this day is great thamk you lord I love you

penny pesellin: thank you Lord for each everyday I love you
so much Lord you all ways know what I need
you all ways been there for me in Jesus name

A Watkins: Miss those singins at Arno so much. was there many times. Made me draw closer to my Lord. l will never forget you. Precious memories!


Carole Alvey: Dear Father, thank you for doing just that.You and I are in this together and even though it is just us, Praise God. You truly have always known what I needed.

Ann Hagan: So thankful our father knows all.

CHARLOW Livestreams: lovely song

Elect of The Endtimes: God Bless you Ma'am

anthony wade: yes god knows what we need thanks be to god i love him so much just need some help down the road i know one day we can be what we have always wanted to become thanks be to god for giving his son we have a home to go to im proud im saved Ms betty missed u on tv great singing love ur speeches We all are a vesual to teach others what god has done for me

Voye Richards: Thank you Betty for blessing me today

Clayton Pownell: I miss her very much

Faye Tackett: Faye Tackett I have loved your singing for many years. Have sung many of them in Church you are an inspiration to many and I hold you close to my heart. Keep up the Lords work

Kirubai Ark: May the Lord bless u abundantly, tnx for this wonderful song .. i thank God for His mighty presence when u sing..

sherrykrueger: Betty jean .......youve been such an inspiration ......

venna jordan: Betty Jean has such a great anointing on all her songs. She has recorded about 40 albums in gospel,& wrote most of them.

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