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Mar 08 2015 by Download
Momtaaaz Hassan: Every thing you do remember that Allah is waching you

Mumtaz TheDimond: Mashalah it is very nice nashid

Liane2008 MSP: Whenever my cousins sing this to my baby cousin she starts to stop crying most of the time. 

Liban Warsame: NICE 

Sabiya Arif: When ever I put it on my sister stops crying

Abdul Rahman: awesome reminds me of when i was a little kid

Haseenah B: i love this! i remeber i used to watch it when i was 5

Isaac Hussain: Whenever I put this on my little cousins stop crying and start getting happy and exciting so I put this on to stop them from crying lol

marya sami: Mashallah😊

leon leon: Merjem love this nasheed :-)

aisha salahuddin: (Y) ♥♥♥

Ifak Yrudwohc: so creepy... yet good message

Jabir Ahmad Chowdhury: A beautiful nasheed and there is a lesson in this nasheed for us all to learn. 

Lugman Bowe: This is the best show

abdi abdullahi: Thanks for the video

Sumayah Muhammad: Masha'Allah

Amnah Khan: I love this nasheed...!!!

sara khan: Just love this nasheed 

Amna Qamar: Hey everyone, كيف حالك؟

Fadumo Fadumo65: | Childrens Nasheed | Baba Telephone (No Music) |: http://youtu.be/REopDk_9Z_w

shamso ali: Ilov this nasheeda

sara124 alnahas: بوركتم

Samiyah Hussein: Now i remenber i used to listen to this when i was like 6 its soo beautiful! 

Taj Uddin: 

Yazmiin Baez: La la la la la la la la... ♥♥♥

Hibaq Mohamed: Baba is sayin tell them im not here lool 

amina abdikadir: haha he should listen to his kids there rytee plus there too adorable 

Sam _xoxo: lovee thisss 

Imane El Marcaee: lalalalalalalalalalalaaaalllllaaallllallallalalalalalalllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baba telephone lalalalalalalalalalalalallallalalalalaaaaaal

Nassi Dhhd: Mashalla 

Sahra Noor: Masha Allah this is going to teach us a great lesson

hafsa yusuf: mashallah

Fartun Abdullahi: This nasheed is beautiful

Shabab Naqvi: good way to quieten children down

Suhaylah smith: Lovely song Marshallh

Anika Islam: Nice

Nazir Omar: i like it

Ahmed Osman Farah: True don't lie I am a muslime dont lie to others parents

Abdul Chowdhury: Like it

Engr.Salim Patel: Baba Telephone 

Asfi S: Aww

I لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله I Turki: old this girl now *almost* 15 :]

shamso ali: Nice

Namqaan Abdi: WOW! it's beautiful nasheed

John Johnson: Th

Abdul Munim: Aŵ,'jvo

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