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Mumtaz TheDimond: Mashalah it is very nice nashid

Liban Warsame: NICE

Nassi Dhhd: Mashalla

marya sami: Mashallah😊

Namlas Yruhdwohc: so creepy... yet good message

sara124 alnahas: بوركتم

Sahra Noor: Masha Allah this is going to teach us a great lesson

Lugman Bowe: This is the best show

Sabiya Arif: When ever I put it on my sister stops crying

Haseenah B: i love this! i remeber i used to watch it when i was 5

sara khan: Just love this nasheed

shamso ali: Nice

shamso ali: Ilov this nasheeda

Abdul Rahman: awesome reminds me of when i was a little kid

abdi abdullahi: Thanks for the video

Momtaaaz Hassan: Every thing you do remember that Allah is waching you

Amna Qamar: Hey everyone, كيف حالك؟

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| Childrens Nasheed | Baba Telephone (No Music) | 5 out of 5