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Jul 20 2014 by MP3 Download
Isaac Hussain: Whenever I put this on my little cousins stop crying and start getting happy and exciting so I put this on to stop them from crying lol

Anika Islam: Nice

luan lala: Merjem love this nasheed :-)

jehan muharam: allahmdullah more islamic

zara bi: mashallah

yasin ali: waw what a good lesson you teach for both children and adults. Masha Allah May Allah accept your deed

John Johnson: Th

Hasan Miah: so cute

khadra diriye: nice 

Asfi S: Aww

Noah Obad: Nice

Ahmed Osman Farah: True don't lie I am a muslime dont lie to others parents

sahra abdirahman: it so cute <3

maahjabeen siddiqa: cute

NASRA MOHAMED: Nice video 

Mimi Strathaway: Love this mashallah 

Jamaal Jeylani: AYUUB

Samiyah Hussein: Now i remenber i used to listen to this when i was like 6 its soo beautiful! 

semira sedik: amazing and beautiful voice

lee john: Very good

Samran Hussain: Nice

Mohammed Amaan: Sweet mashallah!!

lps coolgirl: Best

Samran Hussain: Nice

Yahye Said: mamatelephone

molly3806: very nice

Salma Abdi: Huh

powermind d: This is teaching children great values...

nagina693: Ii

zakariya sharif: la la la la la la la la la love that part

zakariya sharif: I like this song

mufc424: So cute

عبادة الأنصاري: ما شاء الله عليها ربي يخليها لأهلها

zakariya sharif: I like this song

hamdahussein19: love this nasheed

Abu AbdulGhafoor: Children nasheee

Shafia Tasleem: love the voice mashallah

Muminahon Ibrohimova: Masha ALLAH

zakariya sharif: la la la la la la la la la

zakariya sharif: kinda funny


Kezhan Rashed: Cg

mufc424: Mashallah so Cute!

Nardjes Sellah: mashallah

Fatima Muse: hhahaha TELL THEM I'M NOT HERE ..

ibtihal abdurahman: Nicee

Rafique Ahmad: Awww

Ahmed M. Awl: great great great thanks for no mucis

mufc424: Mashallah so Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ami Adam: hua hu hown

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