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Kaedi Windsor: can I get a friend

cool cat22: im the same

Salma El Gamal: This should get 1 billion views not those J.B songs

Michelle Pareja: mean girls suck

Michelle Pareja: watched this 800000000000 times mean are not cool 😘😘

Sammy Lamus: when people Bully you It means that they are jelous of you or they just want to make themselves feel better about themselves

Khalil Kelley: Who loves this song in 2017

sydney noel doesn't care about anything: Okay, so tons of people are putting "their story" or whatever into the comments, so I will, too.

So, this story starts in preschool. I was always a bit chubby, but we all were back then, at that young age. I met a girl called Sara. (these are all fake names, not their real names.) Sara and I were "best friends" during preschool. The thing is, when we met during kindergarten, she immediately hated me, for no reason. I remember our first day of kindergarten. Our elementary school had a huge staircase that we walked up. She was walking in, and I was behind her. I called Sara's name, and she turned around and scowled at me as I waved happily, causing me to frown, but I kept walking.

I met my best friend, Lizzy, on the second day of kindergarten. Sara was automatically the "popular" girl, even back then, and had a huge group of friends, and Lizzy and I were on our own. Of course, we were fine with this. We got along great, still do to this day.

Lizzy continued to tease me, though. Every single day, her and her little group of friends, or army as Lizzy and I called it, would follow me around during recess and lunch, chanting "Fatty, dumb, whale, ugly!" This lasted until about second grade, when it started to get worse as we became somewhat older.

At the age of seven, Sara had learned ways to make me sad. She could say to me, "The reason why your parents fight is because of you. It's your fault," and I would try my very best not to listen. She could tell me, "Nobody likes you, you're ugly and you only have one friend!" She would say these things all the time, and she would tell others, too, and they all laughed.

In third grade, she started the I Hate Sydney Club. (Sydney is my name.) It was a club of about ten or eleven members that met up every day at lunch and recess to spread rumors about me and come up with new ways to tease me. I remember sitting at lunch with Lizzy and looking over at all of them, and watching them laugh together, then point at something they had written on paper. Later on that day, I found a sticky note that said "You're so gross, you make me vomit."

It was by far the worst in fourth grade. My parents were in a very rocky relationship and I was in the middle, and used to stay up late at night looking in the mirror and telling myself horrible things while keeping a straight face, to teach myself not to cry. I was ten at this point, and so was Sara. She had developed The Sand Treatment at this point, something that the I Hate Sydney Club had come up with just for me. They would mix sand and water together in a bucket, and then hold me down and pour it over my head, while holding Lizzy down and forcing her to watch. I was trying to make more friends at this point, and every time I did, Sara ruined it. I specifically remember this one girl I wanted to be friends with, Ally. Ally and I were good friends, and she got along with Lizzy well. Then, one day, she began to completely ignore me. When I found out why, it turned out Sara had told her that if she kept hanging out with me, that her life would be ruined, and that she would tease her just as bad as me. (It has been years since we last saw Sara, and Ally just started talking to me recently. That is how scared she was.) Another time, Sara slapped me across the face, called me a sh*thead, and pushed me. I didn't fall over or cry, instead I pushed her back. She didn't fall, either, she wasn't even hurt. She began to sob. I was sent to the principal's office, and needed to visit the school counselor three times. They only believed Sara. She spread awful rumors about me, too, and would throw basketballs at me during recess when I wasn't looking. At this point, I hated everything, and just wanted to disappear. My parents were always screaming, and I was being bullied constantly. I hid in the bathrooms for all of recess usually.

Then, I told my parents. They called the school, and other parents, who stood up with me. I'm not sure what exactly happened to Sara, but most people say she was expelled, even her best friends said that, and that is what I believe. I have seen her out in public a few times, and since we are much older now, I gladly flipped her off each time. :)

Salma El Gamal: It's happening again first
1. Catholics
2. Women
3. Blacks
4. Muslims

I hate this cycle

Bronwyn Davison: just dont react

Bronwyn Davison: i dont know why teens kids want to do this what did they do?

TheTwizzler: Okay so does anyone know Jared Gilmore(Henry Mills) from Once Upon A Time? Am I the only one who thinks the first girl shown looks like Taylor Gilmore his twin sister?! Is it her? Can someone please tell me, because I'm going insane?!

Lyza Semenova: I have bullies in my class but mine are boys even worse

Spell Casting Magic: Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
This is a bullies weakness: they're not confident about there looks so they make fun of people's appearance to make themselves feel confident.

Sammy Lamus: i have tried killing me but never again this song is insparation i am in third grade

Nia Alvarez: your.a.amazing.singer.and I ADORE YOUR.HAIR!!!!!!

Sophia Lin: Lol the girls shirt says Rich

KARALYNNE ROGERS: you are so inspiring I love your song :)

I love Horses: don't listen to them your beautiful

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