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just another psychopath: It's not right to bully people and this song is what people do Laugh, call names, And ect. I stand agains bullying! Cyber bully, bully I don't care it's not right!!!

Mayok Island: This song makes my heart fast in a good way lol, it's a good thing

good girl: I get bullyed because I look cut this girl told me that


Fang Moon: If you feel different, then take pride in that. They say something mean, either pretend you didn't hear a thing or say something sarcastic.

Ava Sandwich: It's High School Musical :O

Sparkles RainbowGem: I wont let it get to me no more!!!!

McKessen Gaming: Rachel reminds me of Tip from Home.

doctor who and everything nerdy: I cried cuz I were t-shirts and am "flat" for my age and I'm considered ugly

Shileen Oum: Notice Maranda May

Peck: So a few months ago I was outside with my friend Matthew. This mean, popular girl, who was Matthews girlfriend, came up to me. She instantly started screaming, crying, saying He was cheating on her. That day on she always gives me dirty looks, calls me names, ruins my things, hurts me, and made all my friends turn against me... I can't hang out with Matthew anymore cause he said He has to be with his girlfriend. Recently she started insulting my body in the locker room. He calls me fat, overweight , ugly, and always says I was born by accident. Something like that happened to me at my old school, but the teachers helped. At my school Im at now, the teachers don't care.

Tanyra Young: Stop bullying now it needs to stop we need to do something now.......

It'sMe Amar: Love this song

Katrina metal: ok

Katrina metal: you nilah a gino nba like your sogs

HeyImMia !!!: I used to get bullied because I always cried at school because of home issues, my best friends became bffs with them and turned our group against me, a year later I have the best friend ever, a new group of friends, and a new dad who loves me...Bully made me think and realise that I need knew friends, but it also made me see every imperfection about myself, STOP BULLYING

Katrina metal: i im your fide dot i im litte nilah

Gary Morrison: i get bullyed every day😢😥

Ella Coutsoudis: don't worry I'm always falling out with my friend

Star Rose: People on who gets bullied here's a note:

Don't let those bullies control Your NOT a toy! Don't let them play you they are not your mother! So brave up. We wished God will hear our prayers to let them go away and when you feel alone just remember that others are getting bullied pay respects for Amanda Todd . But don't end up like her everyone loves you God loves You weren't born to suicide. You were born to be loved your family loves you and you know that ignore the bullies start again don't mention them .

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