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Jun 18 2014 by MP3 Download
Cici 5ever: I got bullied by 2 girls this year. They would stop me, laugh, whisper. The 3rd attempt, 4 of my friends defended me and stayed by my side. One of my friends yelled "WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?!" The girls laughed and said "Whaaaaat?" and walked off. We told security/bullying enforcement. They never bothered me again. To anyone who's been bullied: they are doing it out of jealousy, insecurity, or frustration. TELL SOMEONE!!!! You were made for this life. Stay strong and SMILE c; ~God Bless, Ci <3

Maud Audry Kasey: some people who get bullied are just absolutely weak. yeah. it would be rush time against those weaklings. haha.

Maame Hienno: for me its a mean girl

Jasmine Be: It's funny how the bullied girls are always prettier then the bullys

Animaljam Pandaz: The thing about this video, is that it isn't just females getting bullied. This video is about females, but there are many males out there going through the same things.

Arianna: i know someone will see this <33 I'm a dreamer... and somehow i will make my dream come true.. but i need your help, all you have to do is watch one video on my Channel just doing that makes me so happy and one step closer please listen before you hate,i know they aren't the best quality, thumbs this up so others can see?

magda moron: ★ Strangers are friends we haven't met so take bullies as strangers who are really scared to open up to new friends and bully so nobody will notice it ★


chimpyfry: i know she would be a great sing and awesome role model from when i saw her on x factor.

kenzie Mahone beer: I feel like this every day I don't know how to stop it

LPSzombie: I get bullied everyday I have no idea what I did to them to make them hate me....:(

Alexius King: You are so pretty and i really like your song, I hope everyone listen to this!!!

Emily Parker: 0:45 AWESOME HAIR FLIP!

Dobby Dumbledore: The mean girl are actually the ugly ones

kojo parry: this song is cool but i get bullied by the boys at my school

Abbi Blankenship: I love this song it does not feel good to be bullied I now I was not popular when I was younger 

Eleni georgiou: This is so true..i get bullied alot..because of my looks..people judge

Mathilda Hansen: i have been bullied for nearly 2 years now and i have been called stuff like boy, ugly and that i don't fit in and i don't know how to make it stop i have told them to stop and that i feel bad and they wont stop and now i have lost 3 friends nearly 4 becuse of it and i Think i will lost my 2 best friends soon too

ChElSeA JoHnSoN: for all you girls/guys you will always belong no matter what anybody says ur not worthless you have me friendship and my respect you will always belong jjust remember mean girls no longer run your world they will never run your world We all belong!! xx <3

BroadwayLizbian: I've been bullied since I was in preschool by both boys and girls. This is still going on, even in 7th grade. And to top it off, my parents verbally abuse me. Please, everyone stop bullying. You don't know how one word or action could make someone drag that blade across their skin, overdose on those pils, tie that rope around their neck, or take that step off of a building. I still have these horrible scars and I just wanna be heard. Please, stop it.

Jasmine Burcher: she looks like female max out of the wizards of waverly place

roney faber: the mean girl with the rich shirt is ugly and has a small head

Kylie Galloway: no one should be bullied everybody should treat others like they want to be treated,if you get bullied just ignore them or tell them to stop,tell a teacher or adult,or ask why they are doing it if they call you a name make a joke out of it, or walk away,bullys just say things that arn't true :) Love who you are, <3

HeyItsReuben: No one should be bullied

Kate Young: made me cry beacuse i was so relatebal to it Help me send this viral so people know 

Mari o: do you ever go to lunch with no one by your side cause the moment you arrive they all leave the table calling me everything but my name need i remind you again just call me Rachel how would you feel if you running home crying lock yourself in your room, don't want anyone to see ya while everyone's having fun outside, and you're telling yourself i won't let it get to me no more i don't wanna feel this way i can't believe i let it go so far no no, it's not okay what do you know about me? do you wanna know what i think? mean girls, mean girls i'm a just comb you outta my curls mean girls, mean girls you no longer run my world mean girls, mean girls i'm a just comb you outta my curls how would you feel every time you go to school someone's looking at you weird calling you a loser all these girls wearing bubble-gum pink guess i didn't get the memo cause they're laughing at my blue shirt well i hope you feeling good about you treating someone you know like a perfect stranger cause it's easier than standing by my side ohhh i won't let it get to me no more i don't wanna feel this way i can't believe i let it go so far no no, it's not okay what do you know about me? do you wanna know what i think? mean girls, mean girls i'm a just comb you outta my curls mean girls, mean girls you no longer run my world who do you think you are? loud mouth, cafeteria star maybe somebody was cruel to you so you think that's what you're supposed to do one day, it might be you when you need a friend, but you no longer cool when everyone leaves when you walk in the room i just hope they forgive you i won't let it get to me no more i don't wanna feel this way i can't believe i let it go so far no no, it's not okay what do you know about me? do you wanna know what i think? mean girls, mean girls i'm a just comb you outta my curls mean girls, mean girls you no longer run my world mean girls, mean girls i'm a just comb you outta my curls mean girls, mean girls you no longer run my world 

Bunny Bella: I listen to this song all the time cause i get bullied all the time 

Spruce Lee: Just because you weren't popular, doesn't mean you were bullied. Sheesh, everyone is so oversensitive nowadays. Just because people arent kissing your ass you think they're mean. Respect is something that's earned.

Sophie Curtis: Recently my so called best friend hurt me in so many ways, and I was suicidal and even has a relapse because of the stuff she did, I always listen to this when this stuff happens, I cry myself to sleep thinking about why people are so harsh and can hurt you freely.... This girl is my ex friend now I don't care.... Her along with another backstabbing bitch are just mean girls who think it's okay to hurt others and this helps in so many ways.... 

Serrena Lee Lee: l hate life!!!!!

Cim-Fam: I have been bullied and excluded during 3 years at school because I was younger than the others... Now it's over but 5 years after, I still have these scars and I can't trust anybody. Please stop bullying people because they're different ! It hurts a lot even after years !

Tristian Price: I know how it all feels a lot of my friends have betrayed me and backstabbed me I was ready to kill myself and now I still have those thoughts and cut myself because of the mean and hurtful things they say to me everyday along with the bullies and the bad thing is that I still miss having them as my friends and still try to fix stuff I've tried to stop cutting myself but I still have to see them everyday so I can't stop I hope one day I can be happy again

Yasmeen Minute: I don' t undrstand why there is 3,262 thumbs down

Rawand Wakim: This song is perfect.. i can't understand why it doesn't have more viewers!

Koya Travis: love it so true I wish kids at my school could hear dis

BiZzArE tumbling: What's the point of bullying? It just makes your heart weaker

KittyPawz CP: How can 3k ppl dislike this?? They're probably the ppl that do bully!

adam scott: beautiful song

Alaina Bocanegra: Has like anyone noticed that the ppl who are getting bullied are prettier than the bullies like the blonde chick was like I'm fabulous but really 2 me she was ugly and like the Chinese girl was so ugly she thought she was all pretty she looked even worse when she smiled the brunette was pretty but the Chinese girl acted like she was all pretty I'm not being a bully I'm just saying that they were trying to be all gorgeous well anyway follow me on pintrest my names ♥Lani Adams♥

kenzie Mahone beer: I feel this way :( if feel it every day

Divaliciousbeauty123: I don't understand why people bully. Treating someone else like rubbish isn't going to make you feel better about yourself. And if it does you are mad in the head. Though I have always been considered a "popular" girl at my schools I have never been bullied because I don't let people bully me or anyone else. Join the movement and stop bullying. Be an up stander not a bystander. 

Gummy Bear AJ: to anyone who's is/was being bullied Their doing it because their jealous, they will never be as successful as you , when the day come when they bully you again and say stuff like "your so ugly" or " waste of life" just in goner them they want a reaction from you if you don't give them one then they will stop to the bullies freak OFF IDOITS DO YOU KNOW WHATS HAPPENING IN THEIR LIFE YOUR JUST JEALOUS YOU ASSHOLES GO DIE IN HELL WHO WILL BE THERE WHEN YOU NEED HELP IF YOU KEEP THIS UP?

Raina rashid: and the bullies are older than me but r in the same class

celeste danos: Im just remembering about Rachel. She is an amazing little star!! Ive loved her from the start! And this is a great example for people who get bullied. I was once bullied. And now i want to show people. There IS a light at the end of the road. They will ALWAYS have a light at the end of the road! You will reck, you will hit bumps, get stuck, pop a tire, everything can go wrong. But that is why you GET BACK UP, fix everything, and start agian. Everyone has their days, and everyone has struggles. But does that mean you should give up? No. You get back up and push through it. You can do anything you put your mind too. You can and Will get better. And Show others they arent alone. I was once bullied. I was the one being attacked Now im the one helping others that were/ are attacked too. Your not alone. You are strong. You can make it through anything. Have a voice!! 

sparks singerforlife: This song leave me in tears it so BEAUTIFUL 

shemoya carty: It's hard wen people say mean things to me n I start to dwell on it I mean how do I jus forget it

CDG: The majority of my life (right down to the "outta my curls" lyrics).

djedmix69: love it !!!!!

Angela Malak Packwood: I get bullyed :( we'll bacecly when I was bout 8 i went out to play with 2 nice girls,but then a group of boys that are teenagers would kik me,punch me,and they would beat me up,however I got so skinny,and I still am,my appearance has totally changed,all cause of them bully's,this song is my fav song,it helps me loads,also when I was 8,In class I was the least popularest, I had a few freinds but they Neva played with me...my life has Realy changed,this dark cloud won't get off me :( I commented cause I need a few ppl to talk to bout it,I need to go see a the therapist about it :(

jimmy bob: I used to get bullied , now I look back at it they are super ugly . One girl was short and chubby and she had a squeaky voice, the other girl had glassed and her gums were super big , I still can't believe I was scared of them . lol

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