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Mar 16 2015 by New Music
Daan Jordens: This is so fetch

rick oddon: im 46 but i think the nerdy, non popular woman are more attractive

LPS CandyCaneTV: What I find funny is, even though her shirt was blue, it looked a lot more expensive and prettier then the mean girls clothes.

Thulakshi Gamage: The song is BEAUTIFUL & so is the video! It has soooo....much meaning.

Amber1999: My school is different I've never really been bullied but I'm ignored all of the time. The popular people have there group and don't let anyone in it. It's really depressing because you try to be nice and talk to them but they won't respond at all. They pretend like I don't exist :( 

Valentine Périn: I love this song so emotional 

Alexis Scott: I'm cyberbullied 

Nahalla Who im I to u ?: TO ALL THE HATERS OUT THERE Rachel Crow - Mean Girls: https://youtu.be/nTIBDuTxzUw

nevaeh Deputy: i have no friends :(

We are ℳᴇᴍᴏʀɪᴇs: Here's my story. More like an essay, but once you've read through, you'll understand my point. When I was a little girl, I met somebody who became my best friend. Let's call her J for now. Well, my family saw something in her that I didn't. Even at my house when she spent the night, she'd grab at our food and ask for mine. There was this one time, we were playing with barbies. She kept repeating the same thing over and over, "My doll is prettier than yours. Okay yeah, they are both equally pretty. But mine is still prettier!" Underneath her glasses was this superficial selfish girl. I stopped hanging around when we got a little older because I knew she was lying to me constantly. Her brother dragged me to their house. And damn, her parents broke me down crying telling me that I need to stop hurting their daughter because it's unacceptable. I should have told them that what made me stop being around her was the fact that she had beaten me up before, even though they wouldn't listen, I would've saved myself from years of pain. Another year or so, I was at J's house again. We were playing with our toys again, and she made fun of the way I do voices which I felt proud of because I consider being a voice for cartoons sometimes. I decided to leave. J got to the stairs before I could and freaking blocked me form leaving. I had to push my way out and when I was halfway down the street to my house, she said, "Go ahead, run away to your nice home! Wait a minute, good homes that people can actually afford don't have floods!" I freaking lost it. Almost punched her. Lucky bitch, her dad called her back in. I still believed that we were still friends. There was this girl who we will call C who ran into the picture. I got so jealous because they were alike in every way. One day, C wanted to walk all the way down to Jackson's. We were in 5th grade, and I told her I wasn't allowed to go."Too bad. At least my parents actually trust me.", she said. We all went to my house in the front yard. My dad was at work, Gran and mom took Gran's car to go shopping, my sister was in the house. My mom's van was unlocked in the trunk, they broke in and sat in the car. When I finally found the keys to unlock it, they laughed and told me to calm down because it was joke; in the palm of C's hand was a *permanent* marker. They asked me if they could draw a mustache on my face, those evil grins flashed as J pinned me to the car and C had the pen near my face. Something finally snapped in me, something that gave me the ability to fight back. I kicked C in the crotch and she backed away and said "Do it again and I'll kick your ass to hell.", I tested her and kicked in the face, pushed J off and screamed at them to leave as tears overfilled making my eyes so puffy I couldn't see a thing. J and I never went to the same school, but when Junior High came, we did. Stupidity ran through me with love for that bitchy girl. Well, we went to a dance together with this girl who will be called K and her cousin. I told J that K helped a girl who will be A spread rumors about me. She didn't care. They started talking about Eminem and how bands sucked and so does metal; my favorite music genre. I don't judge people for music choice, but I lost it told them to shut the freak up. K's cousin walked toward me, pushed me and said, "Want me to knock your teeth out?" J did nothing. After years of pain, the year we started Junior High was when I let her go. It had finally gotten through me that she was a plain bully to me, not a friend. Eventually I met a girls these girls who will be called CA, E, and EM. Not to mention these guys, F and M. Kids are mean, and I'm glad I have my new friends. Always stick up, because it never stops until you do. It will be okay, guys.

Maura McGovern: This is my story!! It sounds cliché but it's a story about a autistic girl who just wanted to have a true friend but got shoot down cause her "friends" we're too embarrassed to be seen public with her. My freshman year was a year I just want to forget. That year, I was embarrassed by a group of girls at lunch! They called me a bunch of names like stupid, retard, short bus. They even told me I bring in a special school. They recorded the whole conversation and posted on Facebook!! A classmate saw the videos and comments that people were posting. She printed the comments and took to the principal office. The girls spead a rumor saying that I did it cause I want them to get in trouble. The whole school including my "friends" turned against me. The girls got a slap on the wrist punishment. I got isolation and comments from my classmates. For the rest of the school year, I spoke to no one, spending lunch in the library with a book and my music on full blast! I build a wall around myself, never letting anyone in. But there is a happy ending to this story. The girl find a new friend the next school year, in her 6th period music class. The new friend transferred from catholic school. The girl open up to him about her past and he didn't judge her. He helped her learn how to smile truthfully and be happy. He ingore what people said about her because she didn't need pity, she needed a true friend to stand by her thick and thin. Thank you for reading my tale. SPOILERS: the girl is me. That boy who stood by me is my best friend nick!

kylee sanchez: I am being bullied and one boy likes me a lot he grabs me by my hair and kisses me I hit him he tells and his parents don't believe that he would ever do that he takes me by my hair and will through me into desks and I cry but the teacher just rolls her eyes and tells me to get up 

Victoria Brown: this song spoke to my heart and it made me cry

harry yeung: she sings alot better than justin bieber

Radiah Subratty: man! how rude!

Malaika James: If you are being bullied then ignore it because who cares about mean girls

Emakeegan: sad life. If bullys are trying 2 bring u down that just means ur higher than them #downwivbullies whos wiv me comment if u are

xoxmeganxox AJ: *Very* *last* *post* Remember me or not

KawaiiBunnBunn: I get bullied by two girls. They were my bestfriends! And they are new students. I always have to fake smile when I see them. They ignore. When I was talking to one of them, they said I'm not talking to you so shut up! That broke my heart. Today, at Recess, two of them came up to me and said "Yzabel, stop bossing people around. You don't boss people around because that's just rude!" I turned around, and walked away with my three friends. What should I do? I really want to tell the teacher but, if I do they will bully me! I'm scared and helpless.. I need help..

AlexIsHere:D: Don't call me giraffe or anything please I'm freaking not that tall call me Alex please

Mill Pj: I am thinking about suicide because people are saying that never should have been born at all and I spend most of every day in my room crying because they post mean things about me on facebook.

Lorenze Sparks: i only wear pink on wednesdays

Red Rachel: it's me

ItsBowe: This is definitely my new face song. She is really pretty too! This is my story, still happens today: It's not everyday, but I do get bullied. It isn't necessarily girls, it is mainly boys. But some girls like to have a go at me. I am 12 yrs old and am in yr 8. In yr 7 I split up with my bff and I would just be wondering the playground for the whole of break. Yr 10s would ask if I was ok, I said yes, because I am a extremely shy person. I finally found a new friend, and it all stopped. Yr 8 is worse. I get bits of paper and rubbers and other small things thrown at me. 2 weeks ago I got glue thrown on my long, curly hair, when all I was doing was putting my head down and getting on with work, trying to focus. The clowns of the class are obsessed of banging on tables, and when the teachers go out of the room they sing songs about me I just want to cry. But then they would just carry on. So I pretended to ignore them. 1 of my classmates is going round saying I have a yt channel then they sing songs about me doing yt. Last year some time someone shouted in the canteen 'My name's Emma and ive got no friends!' I didnt even eat half of my lunch. I threw it in the bin and stormed out. I went to my best friend then she took me to the head of year. Once in yr 7, people were spreading rumors about me being a lesbian. At the end of the day I ran home crying. I always sit by myself at the back of the classroom and when the teachers tell some1 to sit next to me they say 'I am not sitting next to her!' When I do nothing to tnem and they call me names like stinky and loser. I try to talk back, but it just makes it worse. Bullying will never stop, but we need to so somehow find a way!

DJ Hall: :( that how i felt in 6-7 grade <3

Amie Madigan: i wish i loved me

Heather TheMysteryGir: At my school it's like this (I am in middle school) I've been teased,laughed at and bullied about many things.The the stupidest thing is it's normally about my WEIGHT!I weigh 57kg so I am considered FAT I'm used to this now but I am 166cm tall so technically I'm NOT fat...... I've had many best friends... But I always choose my best friends unwisely because in the end we always break up because my best friend earthier she 1.Bullies me 2.Calls me the "B" word behind my back(and many other rude words) 3.Says she will be there for me forever when two months later she does all of the above...! And when I thought I found my forever one (because we were BFF's for 8 years)She starts doing all those things and runs off with a gang leaving me alone.I luckily play football with the guys so i easily made friends with them(I get along with guys better than girls)Then I started making friends with two girls....1 month later we became best friends then a new girl came and went off with my ex-forever friend.But then she started being bullied and bossed around by her so us three ended up bonding with her over my ex-friend. I still think of myself as fat though, but POO it?I still have the bullying issue but only with girls(sometimes the guys say it but playfully)Because the guys know not to mess with me!😉

briana stefani: Makes me feel better about myself... makes me smile.... and Amanda Bernstein call me!!!

Kristal Rice: I'm not bullied ALL the time but it does happen 😣im 11 in 5th grade & all the boys care about is how big the girls butts are they say my butt is flat & one boy made up a name for me he called me pancake since 4th grade cuz my butt is flat 😢now everyone even my friends call me pancake 😥I get so jealous of my friends because some of them have big butts and their cool and popular because of their butts like I really don't get it what's so great about a butt? 😖that's why I always try every day to do squats and over eating (tho I'm not gaining much weight because my metabolism is fast) so I can get a bigger butt & be cool & popular 😭im pretty,nice,& smart that's what everyone says but I guess all that doesn't really matter the world just revolves around butts its just sickening tho I wanna be apart of it 😔

Torey Woodside: I'm 11 just now in middle school everybody says I'm ugly stupid fake gig and a loser. Maybe if I am that I'll just believe it and commit suiside

Nickolas Sarmiento: One of my close friends died because she wash anorexic seven weeks ago and its sad that these people don't understand I still miss her. They say "get over it" as if its that easy. I just idk. I've been bullied since 3rd grade and idk how to deal with it anymore I'm in 11th grade now and its still bad. I just want to die tbh. 

Becky G.: Ha never heard this song its good thought😄😃😀

Tammi Shinholster: Rachel Crow - Mean Girls: https://youtu.be/nTIBDuTxzUw bullying is not good never bully 

amanda corey: I've been going to my school since kindergarten and I'm a fourth grader but still the popular girls act like we've never met and sometimes when I walk past them they fall to the ground and fake cough like they're allergic to me. And I'm not sure things will get bet better because I just dont fit in. I try to be nice and I don't care how mean they are im not a bad person I talk to them I ask them if I can play and I'm always nice to them then finally yesterday I yelled "what did I do to you"?!! They laughed though and now I know nothing will ever change I will always be a loser

Tkeyah Jackson: Rachel Crow - Mean Girls: http://youtu.be/nTIBDuTxzUw

Belinda New: She's amazing what a great song

jooshep1: God she's so good.

Emily Lee: The first song that popped up when I searched '' rachel crow '' was Mean Girls. lol


Jill Ingram: My best friend moved away and left me with this one girl who I thought was a good friend. But I realized that she makes me feel like crap. She makes fun of me, doesn't keep secrets, and turns into an entirely different person once someone "cool" is around. She's not nice to me. Every time I make plans to go somewhere with her she flakes at the last moment, making me feel like I'm not worth anything. She calls me stupid all the time and I think she's starting to rub off on me. I have every single class with her. She ditches me once we actually do go somewhere for one of the more popular girls, and she's a total attention hog all the time. I don't have any friends. All of the other nice girls who I might be able to be friends with are all too great of friends with her, and spend a lot of time with her. I feel like I can't escape her. I either stay being "friends" with her or have no friends at all. Whenever we are in a group setting she always pretends like I'm not there, and I get left out all the time. I can't take it anymore. I have never been so alone. Whenever I'm with her, I just feel horrible about myself. And the worst part is she's turning me into someone I'm not. She says all these horrible things and they rub off on me and stick with me. It hurts...

kassidy barrett: Ive been bullied for the past 8 years. And I have just delt with it in my own ways. But this year i only have 3 true friends. I just my life back i just want to be a girl who isn't bullied all the freaking time. I just want people to see that im not the girl i used to be. When i speek up it gets worst and i hate it any help??

Desiray greenman: Omg I have been bullied since I was 5 now I'm 10

Danielle larson-willis: "I won't let it get to me no more, I don't wanna feel this way. I can't believe I let it go so far. No, No It's NOT ok. What do you know about me? Do ya wanna know what I think? Mean Girls, Mean Girls, Imma Just comb you outta my curls. Mean Girls, Mean Girls, you no longer run MY world." Take a stand against bullyin'. Together we can stop this. NO ONE deserves to be mistreated or bullied. Let's ALL take a stand. 1 person can make all the difference. More people can change the world for the better.

Richard Patterson: I get bullied by my ex bffs Aaliyah zara and isabelle they call me names flick pencils and food at me and trip me over. At least I have Kirsty Faith Caitlin Phoebe Deeba Alisha Cynthia Heidi to be with me

!Random/Shallot6!: The girl at 0:43 I think she's from Shane Dawson vids.

Dave Hewitt: i feel so bad feel better D:

Giselle rojas: My friend made a stop bulling project when we see someone in trouble we help them out but some times I get bullied in school I just ignore them. stop bullying

Corissa Elliott: Ive got bullyed a lot i still do people call me mean thing they say im ugly in s they call me that everyday in some times i believe them i ask people some say yes some say no im only 11

Gemma Lopez: I'm bullied every day but I never tell anyone I keep it to myself😢😢😢 at school I don't have any friends they left me for the popular ones

Lps sparkle Lps: did u know when i show this song to the bullies and i said Mean girls they just ran away and they never came back

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