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Dec 12 2014 by New Albums
Lena Stone: I get bullied! I get screamed at, I don't have many friends, i get rumours spread around about me, these group of girls take videos of me and photos and send them on social media :( I wish I just DIED!!! All the boys in class call me, FAT, UGLY, LOSER, WORTHLESS, GORILLA, GO DIE IN A HOLE! they hit me and say I'm a sped and because I'm in high school in Australia, not America, we have sped unit for slow kids and they say I belong in there and when people bully me, the teachers laugh.. even the teachers said they were going to put me in sped unit!!! :( WHY? JUST WHY ME? omg! some girl keeps sending me messages saying shes going to beat me up and murder me at school HELP!! :(

Danisha Carter: I'm surprised so many people give a freak about what others think. Bullying is wrong, yes, but it's NEVER going to stop, it's time to face that fact. Stop caring about other people, who gives a freak what snot nosed johnny thinks about you? Rumors? Guess what, they're rumors made by kids! You know whos going to hear those rumors? KIDS. Only kids in your school. They will have no affect on anything in the real world that matters, it wont slander your reputation in the real world, so why would you give a freak?

LaLaMarbels: I don't go to school I am home schooled. But I do know what it is like to be bullied I go to dance and I am good at it but this girl and her mom is so mean to me she is making faces and rolling her eyes at me when I dance. :*((((((( I did nothing wrong. I am just dancing with my heart. 

Polish Rainbow: i remember this little brat and how she acted disgusting when the public voted her off...she's a piece of crap...poor nicole scherzinger felt bad, but this brat is disgusting.

bebe blossom: WATCH THIS VIDEO!! If you dont know how it feels to be bullied watch this. Watch it and weep. I almost cried... ALMOST! It takes a lot for me to cry. But like i said WATCH IT N' WEEP

Tina Hadzic: I used to get bullied and I still do by boys. And it sucks! I hate it I always have to fake a smile I always hurt inside no matter how hard I try I can't get over it. 

Brian Perez: Love this song!!! I hate it when people are bullied. 😠😡👎

jackie morales: I hate when people call me names. And stuff i been bullied. Since 6 grade and know im 9garde. I still get bullied. The call me name like slut whore. Fat ugly go and kill ur self bitch and other name this girl told me your mom should. Be shame of you and i dont know them i always check my Facebook. My kik and i just wanted die because of them it really. Hurts and i still get bullied they never like me. They always. Saying. Mean things to me i just dont wanna be here because of them i dont know why im getting. This if they dont know me and at school i dont have any friends. O only have my self. And im always sitting. In the front office. Pretending. That im at home i just can taje it anymore. I hate people that treat. People ugly i hate that like they do to me ..

Kelsey Atherton: just call me kelsey no not fatso or rat i have lunch by myself no one comes and hangs with me :( maybe thats how i should be treated

Maggie bunting: You have the best voice ever

Helena Edwards: This is for my friends Bree,Juliana,JT,LPS jenny wolfie, kk y, Erica Latingroove, Cara,Reggie, and all my other friends being bullied by Laci,Savannah,piggypie,and nyan pie.

Team lagoona: I like this song 😄 I feel bad for the people who do get Bullied 😢 STAY STRONG!!!!!!!!

Richard Patterson: I get bullied by my ex bffs Aaliyah zara and isabelle they call me names flick pencils and food at me and trip me over. At least I have Kirsty Faith Caitlin Phoebe Deeba Alisha Cynthia Heidi to be with me

sophie hammond: Thank you so mich for making this video it has helped me so many times!!! Rachel Crow You have cheered me up even with just a aong and I think you should be VERY proud of yourself with this video xox ❤️❤️😉😊

Mill Pj: I am thinking about suicide because people are saying that never should have been born at all and I spend most of every day in my room crying because they post mean things about me on facebook.

Theresa Mccoy: I get bullied and teesed evoryone that gets bullied who is reading this I know what it feels like there is many people in the world that are getting bullied at school say shut up leave me alone I'm so sorry you get bullied but I get through it and now I don't get bullied any more because of those two words and I'm going to tell you why I get bullied because of my size I'm not fat but I'm thick people should not have to come home feeling sad about something that happened at school I think bullies need to get a life and move on about themselves stad up too a bully and don't be afraid of the people in the world that are trying to make your life miserable because there life is people shouldn't have to say these words can't we be all friends and get along with our lives please don't let people get too you 

HaiItsPenny: I hate all these girls thinking they are so popular. To be honest cant we treat people who they just are? Not if they are fat or skinny. Does it matter? Oh wait to be popular it does! Giving you dirty looks. Just ooo im sorry was i in your way oh let me get a flipping parade to let everyone notice you in the hallway. It annoys me how people today take High school movies such as Mean girls ( Btw not hating that movie i love it ) But it has popular and unpopular girls. and teenagers thing thats them. Secondary school is the worst time to get bullied aswell. Ugh Life sometimes. I got bullied last year they was makeing rumors about me saying stuff like my PERSONAL LIFE that some bitch had to spread round spreading that my dad is in jail aha no he died thankyou very much

Makayla Jaidyn: I get bullied at school and by my cousin I always let it get to me but because of this song I don't care anymore

megan genkens: I luv this song omg I got bullied I wish I can change of what I look like I don't look pretty I look ugly I don't feel skinny I feel fat I mean I look fat I don't know its just I lost all my friends I only have one true best friend left and her name is Paige my name is Megan and my whole family don't even care about me I feel upset everyday and every year I cut everyday but they just get worse. Thanks I just shared my story with you 😥

elma r: i don't get bullied, but if i think about it how terrible it is how sad those stupid bitches are with no life and trying to ruin someone's life. People die because of that.. can't people just realize that. It just pisses me off. I wish i could show them bullies hell.

Tania Vazquez: +Lena Stone I've had people try to bully me but I deal with it in a way that might help you... I love to ignore bullies who think they're better than me. When the teachers laugh, I laugh with them until they stop laughing. Girls and boys spread a rumor that I hit someone with a violin case, though that wasn't true, so I pretended that the people were never there. That's all I have right now... Hope these ideas work! You are LOVED! God Bless You!

Britney Nicole: I'm so happy I'm in my school 😊 I'm happy because my school is a non-bully-school.... But even if I am in a non-bully-school I still feel bad for those people that have gotten bullied. In my other school two years ago there was a bully in my school that person cut my friends finger with scissors ( not cut off just a deep cut) btw I've only gotten bullied in pre-k but it's a good thing it's only in pre-k it was awful 😔😞😰 sorry for those people that have gotten bullied... 😪

Rabbitgirl57: +Lena Stone Sweetheart, let me tell you something. Those people who bully you? freak them. I see your profile pic and there is nothing wrong with what I see. I am so sorry that you have to go through that, and I imagine that the teachers make things worse. So let me say it; self confidence is key. If you love yourself, genuinely and truly, people will be attracted to you. I never went through intense bullying like yours. Mine was from the school in general. I was considered a pimply loser who was into anime, and people made fun of me too, but I kind of just floated on by. I wanted to kill myself in 6th grade and the treatment I received my from dad was downright abuse at the time. But you know what? I realized that I could climb out of the pit. Tbh it required a make over, a self evaluation, and telling myself every day something beautiful or good about me. Good grades improved my confidence too. Try doing some of those, maybe a different style and ik it seems shallow but it works. If it doesn't, you need to rethink schools with your parents. And confront them about your suicidal thoughts too, but I would add that into a reason for changing schools too. As you get older you will realize how there is no popular clique, just groups of people getting through high school. But you won't get that ideal until you are confident with yourself. Tbh I still have things about my appearance that I dislike, but it's nowhere near intense as what I often see. Make some friends, find something to help relax (my outlet was video games lol), hobbies.

Reynaliz Brito: I love this song 

Hamster Lover: Rachel Crow along with many others inspired me so much. Their music helped me with my battle of depression and suicide ideation. I'm still living, which is a blessing. I have used this blessing as a way of helping others. I have a campaign, The Christina's Story Campaign, which raises awareness and helps empower others. I can be followed on Twitter @BullyCampaign29 (I follow back.) And my YouTube is, +The Christina's Story Campaign thanks. I look forward to many more supporters 

Janiya Robinson: Thats how i was bullyed people begged for my food they said if i wouldnt they will fight me but then one day i was sooo once hungry i couldnt dothat day at recess they beat me up on the gate my friends jumped in it and helped me but not much the mean girls start kicking people in they face and i told and my friends was not my friends no more because i I got beat up but i mooved and went to a new school i was only 8 back then niw in 10 but thats a true bullying story

tehya blackwolf2: i get bullied every day people gudje me even when they dont know me the call me horrible names like fat girl , bitch ,whore ,slut , thought and a couple other things i just want it to stop they dont even give me a chance they just listen to what people say about me and think its true all the guys hate me my friends are disowning me i just cant take much more

The Clo: Those of you getting bullied go home and watch some anime it will make you feel tons better :) 

Sharon Perez: it makes me sad because people get bullied because of there weight or there skin color or what they wear.who ever is getting bullied tell somebody a friend or a sibling or an adult dont just let it happen because if u do the bullie is going to keep on doing it,or if you get scared or start crying it gives them

Daniela is here: Think of it this way, the bullies have a crapty life that they have to freak up someone elses life to make them feel ok for their low class asses. What YOU need to do if your getting bullied (dont rely on this and if u do it and it goes wrong its not my fault *sorry) tell a teacher and tell the bully to stop. You could also kill them with kindness and SHAKE IT OFF SHAKE IT OFF OUUUHHH *shake it of by taylor swift promotion :'D*

Cookiemuch2: I was Bullied I was pretty depressed but what I do I find a distraction as you may see its mlp fim. But I was still sad. STAY STRONG GUYS

Anitra Gates: I Really Love This Song Very Much, I Could Listen To This Song Every Single Day. This Song Makes Me Think About Personal Things. And Feel Like I Have A Connection To This Song. I Love Rachel Crow.

xoPeace Standsxo: "How would you feel if you're running home crying locked up in your room don't want anyone to see you"~

Jayden Kyle: i honestly connect to this song. i get called slut b**** whore and a**hole

Dean Deanny: I sang this song on fuhua got talent . the people that bullied me heared the song . They started to be scared of me .

Deshay Jackson: I dont care wat ppl say bout me i was only bullied in kindergarten and that. It i wish a bitch would touch me i kick dey ass

Steffy M.: It's easy to ask you not to give a damn about what others say, however, it's hard to feel intimidated.

Pinkie Pinktv: I get bullied for my height clothes and likening my little pony and I don't know how to handle it!!! But I've learned to not let the preppy girls push me and bully me like she said let me just comb you out of my curls!! They no longer rule my world they will never rule my world again!!! ;( I might get laughed at for having a my little pony wallpaper on my school email but idc!!! 

Sapphire TV™: I'm technically the popular girl, but my friends are the bullies. They call everyone including my boyfriend a loser. They said if I don't stop being nice to people they'll spread true rumors about me. I don't want to lose everything, but I really don't want to be mean either. Someone, please help me out!!

Christine Smith: This is Chrissy's daughter Aaliyah Rachel is very inspiring

MintLPSchannel: This makes me want to slap some major a-hole girls at my school. They make me so mad. They laugh like they're so perfect and 'all that'. Yeah right. You're no different then the rest of us.

Chris Smith: I remember her on the ex factor I said she was gonna go places

VocaloidPlaylist: I am just like her ,I am getting bulling what should I do? 

Emilyrera Woozworld: There's no bullying at my school like pushing and name calling but there's "mean girls" who exclude me from every activity we have to do in class and ignore me, don't want to be friends with me. I cried at home or in the school bathrooms. But now i don't anymore because i found someone else who gets bullied and i talked her out from commiting suicide and now we're besties so im really happy :)

Chase W.: I've never let it get to me and I have tons of friends and tons who don't like me but I don't care about them, all I care about are the ones who are my friends!!

Kirsten: I get bullied to.they throw books at me and push me down. They tell lies about me.

John Carter: The first girl is from shane dawson

Justin Garvin: i got bullied soooooooo bad in 7th grade and 8th grade, and when i got to high school i promised myself i will stand up for myself and not let anyone talk about me, People say i'm so mean and rude now because i stand up for myself against comments which should not be mentioned in the first. I realized to not change yourself for anyone elses satisfaction. but have confidence and defend yourself or simply boost your self esteem. im in 10 grade btw

ashelei niehart: i have been told that the econmy is bad cuase i am alive ifi i dont die im gunna mekr the world come to an end 

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