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jori bukhari: This is amazing ! I love this song

Anjer Mozes: my little sister she's 10yearold she so mean to me she teld my friends a lay I never play with my friends

Lacee Stigger: i am bullied at my school and my apt complex they wont stop

aiden pearce: D_O_N_T_BE_A_B_U_LL_Y_BE_A BUDDY

Jazmine Rabadan: Love this song and it is sad

Kenna Wilson: i always get bullied πŸ˜žπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜₯

Zoe Johnson: I think everyone has been a mean girl even if you say no not me I'm the victim you have said something behind someone's back even if its just something about the way they wore their hair that day

Dancemoms _brynn: Damnn your singing 😍😍😍

KAYLEY ROBLOX: Nederlands? like

Melissa H: This song is so sweet and I love it 😍

Cheese: Dang it's been a long time since I've heard this

Lit Pre: This aint right no one should feel like they dont belong in this world everyone is beautiful just the way they are bring people up not down

Paige Byrne: I tell all my school teachers who I trust but they don't do anything to even help me one bit. I used to cut myself because I just had enough with life i wanted to die. I got called horrible names she told me to go die. I wanted to but I didn't. My BFF's and close true friends never left my side. They helped me get through it. But now she's started again. Calling me names telling me to die I feel worthless and like I'm nothing like nobody even cares or sees me. However my dad is going through something quite bad and may die so I asked him what would make him proud. He said I am already proud of you he asked if I like drama/acting. I said yes I love it. He said then try to become a actress. So I've set myself a goal. But if anyone knows any advice then please tell me how to deal with being called names because I may seem happy and cheerful on the outside but I'm broken on the inside.πŸ’–

Jazmine Moraga: In 1st Grade I Watched This Video I Am In 6th Grade And These Girls Call Me Fat,Ugly,Stupid,and they tell me I should kill myself and that I am terrible and they said that cuz i have more friends then them and i stole the main mean girl's boyfriend so she hates me but i will never let it get to me when i was in 5th Grade the same thing happened but when another girl told me to kill or cut myself i tried to commit suicide but im glad i didnt im not popular but i dont care about being popular. My friends say dont let it get to u but it always got to me but when middle school came everyone bullied me and in the locker room a girl grabbed me by my shirt and threw me against the locker. I was in pain and i would cry but i stood up for myself and when they would leave me bruises everyone would ask what happened and i would stay quiet cuz i didnt want her to do any more harm to me but i was so scared to go to middle school and now im not scared since i have friends that care about me and love me so thats my storyπŸ˜­πŸ’•πŸ’“

Jayna Willis: Remember that you were made for a reason don't listen to them

Ebony Ulett: whoever disliked this video are cruel AF

Savage Cabbage Team !!!: I love this song u should make more❀️

Maricela Castaneda: love the song and she is pretty

Tabitha Ndayishimiye: This
Changed my life thank you so much I was bulled too but I got through it thank you Rachel πŸ™

Sweet Potat0: 2017 anyone?

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