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Abigail Compton: i used to be bullyed to#StopTheBully

Madswan Cheeselover: I made a parody of this on my computer, I'll copy and paste it onto here.


Madswan Cheeselover: Rachel Crow has a really good voice and a really big heart.

CoolkidMM2ABC YT: Rachel thank you for making this video I have watched it every night and now I stand up to my bullies and this has helped me and when I showed this to people who get bullied they r now my friends and they stand up to bullies and there r not rlly bullies at my school so thank you for making this music video |||||||||| Here's my story! So I started elementary a long time ago and when I did I had 3 bullies they were big and mean and they would bully me every single day I go to school and the teacher would do nothing about it so I would suffer getting hit,kicked and basically beat up every where I go and then there was a new kid in the school and that new kid was a nice girl and she helped me with the bullies and she showed me this video in at the end of the year of 2nd grade so ever since then I watch this video every night bc it give me confidence in myself and now that girl is my BEST FRIEND she also had a YT channel which is My Life As Kayln plz go subscribe to her and that's my story!

shanya gordon: this might he insensitive but I never been bullied because I learn to make it not get to me but don't bottle things up because one day you will explode and it won't feel good and just know that whoever it is is most likely going through some thing so just let them be because if u know none of what they are saying is true it shouldn't affect you

Official Gamer Girl: Don't bully ;)

Senpai Wifey: An I the only one who thinks all the girls who are getting bullied are beautiful asf and the one with the glasses she so cute what’s her name?

Dava Dalton: This song it’s inspiring to me because my friend and her friends bully me:) and I’m fed up with it! Ima comb them out of my curls🙂

Slime._. Sistas: Ik what it's like when I was in 4 th grade there was this girl she was my bff till the end of 4th grade she was mean I made something for my friend and she got so jealous I took her o he principal and I showed the principal her texts about how she tried to make me jealous how she tried to make me jealous with sleepover comments and she said it was cyber and anti cause she said something on musically her friend from camp that doesn't even know me said to her rate her a 1/10 and yeah and she told me to not crawl back to her and she crawled back to me she keeps asking me I'm sorry for 4th grade can we be friends again almost everyday but I'm proud of myself for saying no🙂

Maple Shade: :"( #Meangirlssuck

Denise Erroa: I used to bully in 1st and 2th grade but I kept getting in trouble so I stopped myself

gaming fun and more master: In foundation reception I watched this I'm in year 6 now this has kept me confident to say to fight and protect myself I'm so happy now thanks to Rachel crow for helping us all out this bully story might be upsetting in year 4 this boy moved to our school he called me a idiot fat and was all ways threatening me

Ratnakumar Limbu: It's so not ok

Ratnakumar Limbu: What if you were them and you felt bad for her and her friends????

Sophie An: I was bullied too

My nguyen: I have been bullied
Especially by the cool kids which use to by my friends

Michelle Waldron: I feel so bad
these kids was being mean to one of my classmates and I did nothing about it I just say there and watched ...

Cindy Wolfey: and im kinda new at my school i came there in the 1st grade now im a in 3rd grade im not cool anymore :(

Cindy Wolfey: and poeple call me pepsi pepperoinr
and ( sniffs ) peppa pig...................

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