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BeautyGlitterGirl !!!: Such powerful words x x x 🙏😻 I love this song :)

Mackenzie Loomis: BTW just because somone wears "bubble gum pink" or has blonde hair does not mean they are a bully. .. I love the concept of this video and the song.. but a little steriotypical

Desiree Rivera: wow just wow love it

♥MzDevineCarter♥: I really love this song because there is so much bullying going on in schools now a days it's out of control it's a shame were I live they have no self defends law witch is stupid because bullying needs to stop it's causing so much problems

Beyza Safer: she's so young and little?

Katie Costinak: One of the girls are in some Shane Dawson videos I think

Alicia Snow: I love this song you are a good singer xx

michael hernandez: This song describes my life

Melissa Posival: oh wow that's like my life 5th grade girls are mean!!! Even when my dad died!! Wow you are a awesome girl you changed my life I sing this everyday!!!♡♡♡♡

Shelby Shepard: love this song ❤🙏💋

julia Silva: Don't worry you don't fit in you stand out with brighter colors and shine like no other star in the universe

Flower Child Courtney: I used to be affected by mean girls and mean boys in school,but now that I am older and if I ever see anyone laughing at me or spreading rumours I laugh in their face and treat them like crap.Then they get scared and try to suck up to me it's hilarious they have no brains and aren't worth the brain energy for me to even care for their pathetic lives.just pity them because they are like really sad pieces of crap.

Emma Rose: Mean girls... Yep I have been bullied severely people found out about my past and I was bullied every day being told go kill yourself your a loser your stupid your fat your ugly. I deal with severe insecurities now and I have trust issues but now I'm laughing in the faces of the bullies cause I'm stronger with what they did to me now.

Sándor Kisari: WOW nice forever beautiful ............

rachael mangos: I no how it feels because I get picked on and the worsted thing about it, is that it's my old bff who's doing it and I don't no why ,feeling sad right now any advise plz.

Ash Msp: what if a boy bi=ullies u

Kaydynce Keller: i have bullied someone before but i only did it because i thought it would make me feel better because people were bullying me but it didn't make me feel better it made me feel worst  i don't like bullies i even had someone call me and call me a hoe and cuss me and i did nothing to them

nikeAir j: I love this song 👍🏾

Juana Rosa: a love dis song

Cassie Grace: I literally cried during this 😓

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