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Alex Wicked: omg thank you so much Rachel I am being bullied so much and I am so scared to stand up for myself.........

IceFox 55: This song inspired me to be me and stand up for myself. It also expresses me so much. Thank you. 💝

Creations By Makayla: How old is she

XxfoxygirlxX XxgamingxX: This has made me happy :) I get bullied :/

Cole Nix: Your alsome

Harriet Harris: i love this song 😘😘😘😘

Hannah Neighbors: Mean girls are doing bad stuff to people and mean girls are really bad and taking bad over people backs.

Johane bligh: etat james face like young

Paige Milio (FNAF R): Though, I've had the same problem. But, Bitches gonna Be Bitches. If one punches or kicks me, i whip there ass here to Texas, and they don't bother you again :T I think...

Jancarlos Salinas: i love this song i just want to punch those girls and they are not popular there just dum pink looking girls


Serena Perez: this is the best song ever

Sophia Hogan: Rachel's makeup looks like a clown

Porfirio Mezl: Omg is that that one girl from Shane's sweet 16 spoof at 2:09???!!!

Dejah Will: love this song I wanna get u dropped in your face whoooop

Edgar Heredia: nice bolling song

Breaksong15: I had a friend in elementary, then I transferred schools. Now that we are in the same middle school, she acts like she's never met me. I don't know what I ever did to her, but if I really did do something, then I'm sorry.

Hailey Mcneal: im so sick and tierd of you guys keep saying that its not your fault for getting bullied, which is true but its your fault for allowing them to bully you.. stand up.. tell someone..

jeno wooz: I've been bullied and when the girls heard this song... alot of things changed and we became bffs

kamiah Patterson: yesterday at school the teacher told me to collect everyones note books so i did and i got to this girl in my class who is rude and i said can i have your note book
she said do you know how stupid you sound right now
and i said what do you mean
she said shut up and get out of my face so i shound stupid for trying to collect your note book??? and girls at my school will talk about you and once i had girls talk about me because i got first place in a game and a girl said kamiah how you get in first place and i said because im smart..and she started talking about me to her friends and i remember in class my friend was doing my hair and everyone looked at me and started laughing like for what?!?! i dont like my school well the kids there i only have like 5 or 6 friends that i know wont talk about me behind my back

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