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Oct 12 2014 by Torrent
Lena Stone: I get bullied! I get screamed at, I don't have many friends, i get rumours spread around about me, these group of girls take videos of me and photos and send them on social media :( I wish I just DIED!!! All the boys in class call me, FAT, UGLY, LOSER, WORTHLESS, GORILLA, GO DIE IN A HOLE! they hit me and say I'm a sped and because I'm in high school in Australia, not America, we have sped unit for slow kids and they say I belong in there and when people bully me, the teachers laugh.. even the teachers said they were going to put me in sped unit!!! :( WHY? JUST WHY ME? omg! some girl keeps sending me messages saying shes going to beat me up and murder me at school HELP!! :(

Tina Hadzic: I used to get bullied and I still do by boys. And it sucks! I hate it I always have to fake a smile I always hurt inside no matter how hard I try I can't get over it. 

ashelei niehart: i have been told that the econmy is bad cuase i am alive ifi i dont die im gunna mekr the world come to an end 

Rabbitgirl57: +Lena Stone Sweetheart, let me tell you something. Those people who bully you? freak them. I see your profile pic and there is nothing wrong with what I see. I am so sorry that you have to go through that, and I imagine that the teachers make things worse. So let me say it; self confidence is key. If you love yourself, genuinely and truly, people will be attracted to you. I never went through intense bullying like yours. Mine was from the school in general. I was considered a pimply loser who was into anime, and people made fun of me too, but I kind of just floated on by. I wanted to kill myself in 6th grade and the treatment I received my from dad was downright abuse at the time. But you know what? I realized that I could climb out of the pit. Tbh it required a make over, a self evaluation, and telling myself every day something beautiful or good about me. Good grades improved my confidence too. Try doing some of those, maybe a different style and ik it seems shallow but it works. If it doesn't, you need to rethink schools with your parents. And confront them about your suicidal thoughts too, but I would add that into a reason for changing schools too. As you get older you will realize how there is no popular clique, just groups of people getting through high school. But you won't get that ideal until you are confident with yourself. Tbh I still have things about my appearance that I dislike, but it's nowhere near intense as what I often see. Make some friends, find something to help relax (my outlet was video games lol), hobbies.

Helena Edwards: This is for my friends Bree,Juliana,JT,LPS jenny wolfie, kk y, Erica Latingroove, Cara,Reggie, and all my other friends being bullied by Laci,Savannah,piggypie,and nyan pie.

Danisha Carter: I'm surprised so many people give a freak about what others think. Bullying is wrong, yes, but it's NEVER going to stop, it's time to face that fact. Stop caring about other people, who gives a freak what snot nosed johnny thinks about you? Rumors? Guess what, they're rumors made by kids! You know whos going to hear those rumors? KIDS. Only kids in your school. They will have no affect on anything in the real world that matters, it wont slander your reputation in the real world, so why would you give a freak?

Emilyrera Woozworld: There's no bullying at my school like pushing and name calling but there's "mean girls" who exclude me from every activity we have to do in class and ignore me, don't want to be friends with me. I cried at home or in the school bathrooms. But now i don't anymore because i found someone else who gets bullied and i talked her out from commiting suicide and now we're besties so im really happy :)

Sapphire TV™: I'm technically the popular girl, but my friends are the bullies. They call everyone including my boyfriend a loser. They said if I don't stop being nice to people they'll spread true rumors about me. I don't want to lose everything, but I really don't want to be mean either. Someone, please help me out!!

MintLPSchannel: This makes me want to slap some major a-hole girls at my school. They make me so mad. They laugh like they're so perfect and 'all that'. Yeah right. You're no different then the rest of us.

Kyrakitty Kat: i get bullied by my ex best friend her new gang they spread rumors that i sleep with her boyfriend brother and they kick and hit and saying i am a slut,lesbian,ugly bitch,loser, a fat gorilla and tell me to go die in a hole and i just starting to trust them what should i do

Dizaster: I honestly don't give a crap about you guys being bullied, so stop looking for attention... 

Justin Garvin: i got bullied soooooooo bad in 7th grade and 8th grade, and when i got to high school i promised myself i will stand up for myself and not let anyone talk about me, People say i'm so mean and rude now because i stand up for myself against comments which should not be mentioned in the first. I realized to not change yourself for anyone elses satisfaction. but have confidence and defend yourself or simply boost your self esteem. im in 10 grade btw

TwitterRocksLol XoXoX: You.All.Are.Perfect I might not know you and you might not know me, but I know that you all have a heart that beats for love and that's all I need to trust you. Good luck for your life.... But I know you wont need it <3

Auralia robinson: There really isn't mean girls at my school but im not bullied I just feel left out with my friends like I'm the one left behind but I don't say anything because then they'll probably not like me so I just act like everything is ok...

Ariana Paiman: Who ever get bullied,gets rumors spread about them,and gets beaten up by people,like this comment ima not trying to get likes to just get them I'm just saying if u gets bullied like me like this comment and reply back to me if u get bullied too we don't have to get bullied no more we can stand up ignore don't care what people say about us,if they say it we ignore them and move on,so who's with me?

Panda AJ: The thing about this video, is that it isn't just females getting bullied. This video is about females, but there are many males out there going through the same things.

Jasmine Be: It's funny how the bullied girls are always prettier then the bullys

Alex G.: i get bullied! boys hit me girls beat me spread rumors and say im fat well im skinny and they make fun of my clothes thats when i had enough i took a kinfe a hid it under my pillow i waited till the next day they called me loser fat ass one boy took his belt off and whipped me the teachers laughed and beat me! i got called SUCKER.USELESS.LOSER.WORTHLESS SHORT.BITCH.UGLY FAT ASS BITCH. why just me i did nothing wrong! should i kill myself? like if no reply if yes CAUSE IM SICK OF IT EVERYDAY JUST ME ALWAYS ME!

pinkie pinktv: I get bullied for my height clothes and likening my little pony and I don't know how to handle it!!! But I've learned to not let the preppy girls push me and bully me like she said let me just comb you out of my curls!! They no longer rule my world they will never rule my world again!!! ;( I might get laughed at for having a my little pony wallpaper on my school email but idc!!! 

faith Pedersen: All of the popular kids bully me. They call me names and think that I am weird. At lunch they all sit at the 5 teer. Me and all my friends sit on the 1,2, or 4 teer. All my friends are boys except my besties Sydney, Lucy, and Morgan. I wish that I could just walk up to all of the popular girls and tell them what I really think and feel. They all make fun of me because I hate pink and sparkles. I was raised on a military base and I was adopted. I am ALWAYS trying to find my parents and 5 siblings. I do wrestling and play soccer, golf, and lacrosse. I feel like the only people who really accept me are the boys. For 2 years of my life I didn't speak a word. That was because I was being bulled and I didn't want anyone in my personal life. I do study hall because I have ADHD. It only means that it is harder for me to focus on things. We didn't do anything wrong. My cousin is the only one except for my friends that protects me. And of course, he is popular. If you know anyone and their daughter was adopted on June 17, 2003, please contact me!!! It would mean the WORLD to me if I found my birth parents and siblings! If you do think that you know them, please tell them that Faith A. Pedersen is waiting for them.

queen gahwekazi: you westerners are so sensitive to every little thing. if you wanna survive get tough.

Dominique Corasmin: I got bullied and they said 'Your So ugly black ppl are werdios' UMM RACIST WHITE PERSON I AM NOT GHETTO LIKE NICKI MINAJ GET UR BULLcrap AND TELL THAT TO UR MUM AND GET UR ASS WHIPED AND YOUR MUM WILL SAY YOU RACIST MONKEY DONT TALK ABOUT THAT crap . Then I told my principal and she suspended the bully and the bully had to say sorry and mean it! GUYS U ARE BEATUYFUL (Sorry for wrong spelling lol) STAND UP FOR YOUR SELF AND TELL A ADULT BUT IF THE ADULT DOES NOT BELIVE U OH WELL! I WILL RATHER JUST TELL MY PARENTS AND THE PARENTS WILL DRIVE IN TAHE SCHOOL AND TALK TO THE TEACHERS OKAY? AND THE PRINCIPAL AMD THIS IS WHAT A BULLY WILL SAY (Lol) It's apparent that you guys have nothing to say and know we're right. It shows that you two are inferior human beings that can't defend themselves online because you never had parents to teach you about this. Mooney needs to stop sucking his thumb and get a life. Pei needs to learn how to stop being another mans bitch and following in mooneys footsteps. Isnt THAT RUDE GUYS? they WILL START TALKING ABOUT UR FRIENDS AND YOU! I hope THIS WORKED :D

maria aldama: I think this is the girl who won la voz kids

aruhnow: To all of you who've been bullied: Stay strong. 😉 No one can change who you are, you are who you are. If they can't see how amazing everyone but themselves are. Never give up hope. Stand up and stay strong.

Anna Tink Msp: Bulliers Are Just Jelly Of You Cause You Are Way Better Then Them So They Would Do Anything Just To Be The Perfect One A Bully Is Someone Who Was No One And Brought ThemSelf To The Top!

Lauren Fosselman: I get made fun of!! I love this song because it is a great help!!! I can be my self!:)

Whitney Curtis: Who's still listening to this in 2014?

Marissa Nicole: I'm going into the eighth grade . 😝 && I feel this year is just going to be a repeat of my last 2 years . 😟 I've been bullied about the things that I have no control of . Sometimes I wish I could wake up with amnesia, && forget about the little things . 😕 I get bullied about my glasses .. 👓 but that's something everyone goes through " four eyes " 👀👀 I feel every time I walk through the classroom doors they notice all my flaws . 🙈 I see them myself every time I look in the mirror . 💀 I'm embarrassed to look at myself anymore . 👽 my friends ? they didn't even try to save me .. 

Aiden bu: Here tip for you there... Once we all in college, no one even cares about u anymore.. Why dont we focus on what we do in school= to learn, let all the homework and stuff get u busy from thinking all the shjt people call you. Join club and have a self respect. Once u have self respect that also time for you to start to build a confidence and take everything people say as a compliment. That how i dealt with thing. All the kids that bullying others, once in you college, where are they now?? Popular in school is no longer a shjt in college. If u a" homecoming queen" ya, be proud of it but once u in college, brag about it, no one gives a shjt..

Sarah smile: I don't get why there is so much bullying in American High schools... I mean why are there theachers not doing anything! I think that is very unrespectfull of them.I'm lucky I go to an European school. Okay they bully in my school too but, they punishe them if that doesn't work well they have to go to another school. 

TheFashionistas: All them dislikes, they mean nothing. This song is pure gold. Its inspirational. Its happy. Its amazing. Thank you, Rachel Crow for this song, this made me smile. I've been cyber bullied, and ik its not that bad, but when you're bullied over the computer, people think they can say anything. Trust me, if they stood next to me and called me all them things, I would of slapped them. Real hard. Showed em what I thought of them. But hey! Mean girls, Im just gonna comb you outta my straight hair, curls :D Love this song<3

LoveAGB: why do people act like theyre life is so hard?!?!? We think typical bullies is girls making fun of your clothes THATS NOT REALITY These girls are annoying and mean and hatred it just sucks! , i wish i just transfered schools

Cici 5ever: I got bullied by 2 girls this year. They would stop me, laugh, whisper. The 3rd attempt, 4 of my friends defended me and stayed by my side. One of my friends yelled "WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?!" The girls laughed and said "Whaaaaat?" and walked off. We told security/bullying enforcement. They never bothered me again. To anyone who's been bullied: they are doing it out of jealousy, insecurity, or frustration. TELL SOMEONE!!!! You were made for this life. Stay strong and SMILE c; ~God Bless, Ci <3

Eunice Sofia: Such a beautiful song!

Navneet Rai: You are such a great person

Sabah Cumer: Sometimes some people be rude but RACHEL CROW told me I can stay away from the mean girls. So I hope she told you about mean girls I am a kid and I have fights with my friends .Then I become friends but I don't have friends anymore. That's heartbreaking so I don't think I is going to happen to you. 

Thalia hardy: this song makes me cry cuz ppl in my class are kinda bullys but my bffs help me!

Sheri Depoy: saXZghjkl;'

ItsmeJosh: Dam! Girl you have an amazing voice , your voice is gonna give you a successful career. Thumbs up! :D

Justin Porter: I get bullied all the time at school and people tell me I should kill my self.......

megan genkens: I luv this song omg I got bullied I wish I can change of what I look like I don't look pretty I look ugly I don't feel skinny I feel fat I mean I look fat I don't know its just I lost all my friends I only have one true best friend left and her name is Paige my name is Megan and my whole family don't even care about me I feel upset everyday and every year I cut everyday but they just get worse. Thanks I just shared my story with you 😥

connequlah austin: why do people really bully i'll tell you because there insecure about them selves 

jane Doe: I really think this song mean girls go"s to heart, but what if, u keep trying to make friwnds but no one shows up?i keep waiting and its almost have into the school year, im an outsider .....what should I do?!?!

San Mac: is she a new singer?

Angie Qi: I get bullied at school all the time. Even by my true friends. Whenever we play a game during music BAND VS CHOIR they act like a big deal. I'm in choir and their in band. Then they act all mean and ignore me all the time. I hate bullies and I hate my life. No one ever understands my life. NOT even my friends.

Daniel Guzman: You are ugly

Misty Brown: I don't have friends

MakeUpByJojo: I used to get bullied but I learned to ignore it and not care what people think

Allyson Eeren Dullas: You have a freakin mole

Ojone Aduku: If u thumbs downed this video ur a mean girl

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