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Mar 27 2014 by New songs
bernice smith: U go Rachel! <3

Shanice C: Beautiful song and what a beautiful voice Rachel has. Such a talented young girl :)

Victoria Bell: Love this song

Will Knowles: wowwowowow this song is so muchhh better than the actual rnb artist why she is not famous as miley she deserve it that song is just amazing and so true i hope she's gonna stay like that and make good music like that

Jolene Osteen: Rachel Crow was also on X-Factor. I hope you guys like this song!! Hopefully it might have an effect on you....maybe...

Nice Puppy: I cry at this song because I get bullied 😥

Mary-Grace Prescott: i am doing it for the school talent show

Fatima Bravo: be kind to others!!!

Somebody Smith: i f****** love this

Makenzie Lee: One of my favorite songs <3

Adna mohamed: i love this song so sad ppl get bullied

Samia Savage: I was how she was at the end. Mean girls didn't pick on me but I stuck up for the ones they did pick on. Everybody deserves a friend it's lonely being all alone

Mahima Q: The song starts at 0:29

lucy gillman: Love this song

Jennifer Aldridge: good messege

happy zee: i <3 this song...... it just touched my heart.... frnd's...is smthing like.flower....they never..fade.........

Liana Bik: lol i got one thing to say: You bullies out there just have no life. im serious stahp it

Chika Udu: Powerful voice Rachel.

Sofia O: please get back to me i would be so happy if you reply me.thank you

kat rec: best song ever

Kathleen Dugan: OH NO!!!! CHEESE IN MY HAIR AGAIN!!!!!!!!!OH NO!!!!!!

ProGamer: Every time I hear this song I cry because I get picked on all the time

Emily Antcliff: i love this song it's awesome♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

CgrubbMsp X: Rachel crow= AMAZING

Jas Bates: Lovely snging

Hazel Grace: Rachel is so much better than the artists today. She has meaning to songs.

Jessica Butterworth: Rachel g8 song words mean alot. but bullies get a life!

lpskira: I love this song I am bullied

Janel Brown: Tell the people to stop cuz its not cool and people who bully other kids you should B I shamed of what you do 2 others

Janis Tsai: Amazing voice. Love her!

Rebecca McIntyre: I love this song because it has a meaning. don't let mean girls make you feel bad.

Herlinda Figueroa: why were there hates in this vid and thid song is about mean people???

jessica rodriguez: I loved this song. I mean I dont get bullied but I had this boy once call me uglu which hurt alot. so i'm against any person who bullies people who dont have a rough life already. sorry I got so off topic your music video really is awsome

Jim Rose: That's me I feel like I'm done in this world som times

Helen Odhiambo: Omg i love this song and if you getting bullied then you should speak out because they must feel really sorry for themselves so they take it out on you whos life is perfect: )

Aiša Kadrić: This is so me ... Now i get up and everyone wants to spent some time with me and they are now me!

Marine Gevorgyan: Cute girl, amazing voice ))) good luck sweetheart!!!

Katie Ahrens: Nice Puppy prayers. I hope everything gets better. Don't let it get to u anymore tell someone. Walk away don't look or talk to them. There lost!

Bonnierawr: she's so pretty and this is a beautiful song

Minhtrang Le: So touching ^^

babykrp: Your amazing keep up with the good work

Martijn Melchers: She is telling the truth. Im getting bullied too, Its awefull. :(!

ciang dim: I understand her todally makes sense

Amber Stone: Anybody could relate to this song most people get bullied every 14 mins someone dies of suicide bulling leads to it people break down easy I get bullied a lot no one ever sticks up for my life sucks some times. Love you Rachel!

Melissa Beaumont: Love This Song!!! :)

PurplePower2363: Great message!!!! :)

Alian Van: this is beautiful

Cenesia Norman: I love this song soooo much and if a mean girl seen this I hope they be nice

Amber Griffin: Baby girl you are just one of the greatest singers of this time thank you so much I wish you were around when I was little this would have helped me so much :) YOU KEEP IT UP you are beautiful and your first song I heard today on here if I were a boy I cried :) thankyou <3

Skylar Murphy: I sung this 4 the talent show and I got a message through so I won cuz this song is AWSOME 

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