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Jul 12 2014 by MP3 player
Misfit559: To the crazy sum bitch that I work with 2 DUI's and he's still driving to work.. 

Trym Aas: Drunk As Hell ( Yeehaa ) Whiskeypickle Cool 

Thor Odinsson: Listening to this Song, drinking a good old James E. Pepper 1776 Straight Bourbon... Thats like Heaven on Earth. :)

pedraw: I'm,.........drunk as hell.

john doe: great voice ,,,this crap rocks ,,,

Holm Doolinger: Richtig nette Jungs Whiskeypickle - Drunk As Hell

Hell YeeHaw: HELL YEEHAW THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT Y'ALL WE'RE All MOST DONE WITH OUR 2 NEW RECORDS AND 2 Live ALBUMS and 1 More to Go Trying to put out 5 WD Records This Year and We Start Touring again End OF March 2014.. FRITZ and REVEREND JOHNSON

Irontalon1: 4 My Ex Roomate

Misfit559: @Earl ismyname ha funny If kids were still outside playing at 3:00 am .. 

cecil mitchell: Hell yea its 4th of july i"ll be drunk as hell

204dave204: I'd like to have some drinks with these guys! 

Diana Diamond: love how these guys basically dont give a freak

Joe hudson: feeling the same \m/

GALVESTON340: ....damn good sound here.

Ikaros Inari: i want the tabs ._. this song is just freakin great keep on rocking \m/

Hunor Szabó: TAB??

sajf den ridder: freaking hell good song for this weekend

Daniel Metcalf: sudden urge to get whisky bent & hellbound

Kenneth Edwards: sweet

Alissa: drunk as hell as well (perfect music)

Bob-Design: Cooler Sound

D Beebe: bad ass

CrypticVader: The only thing I have to say is freak...YEAH.

russell yoakum: Could help it this song is cool as hell its self

Péter Zámbor: This song made my day.

Thomas Howland: great song

kick tothegroins: dont need to be drunk to enjoy this hell of a song!!


Patrice Soucy: brand new to me and i love it

Kim Drumm: Good stuff...

Guilhem Barthe-Vuillemin: That strange sound for a frenchy... I dont understand why but it makes me cum.

HexMeIfYouCan: That voice...

MaliceAVideo: Loving this.

xMANWH0REx: Drinking whiskey and Water in Canada. CROWN ROYAL freak eh bud

Todd Keener: Metalbilly

Valdis G: Whiskeypickle - Drunk As Hell

The Prince: Brother Bruce sais Hi ;) He sent us here after helping us jump a car, we love your music can't wait to see you guys live in the UK.

jeff judd: Jackson taylor is a badass but when he goes back to his hotel party he'll tell ya if ya aint got bitches or dope get the freak out

Fly Jones: I`m fixin to get right after hearing this

Sweoeod: yesss..

SATN HITLER: drunk as hell

Jawknee Rustle: Sleepy LaBeef On steroids.

sergeant5027: Chords?

StyrbjornStarke: My personal anthem haha

acerb45666555: Watch>>"2nd South Carolina String Band-Jackson In The Valley"<
acerb45666555: Well, we cant shoot Yanks! So lets drink and dream of great Reb victories! Whoop!!

Monica W.: They are hell of sick! Love them. This reminds me a little bit of Alcohaulin' Ass by Hellyeah

Nolwenn LaPomme: Ho crap.. That's awesome! Hell Yeah men!!

Robert Crifasi: ThankYou JimsterYO! works great!

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