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John Warren: Hell yeah!

Turquoise Morgan-Tom: freak yah

bgzmji: Coole Stimme ! ;-)))

Hell YeeHaw (TV): ALRIGHT FOLKS !!!!! LET'S HIT 1,000,000 PLAYS !!!!! If you video yourself clicking on our song "Drunk As Hell" to make the 1,000,000 mark please send us the video via our Official Facebook page Whiskeypickle and we will send you an awesome "ONE OF A KIND" Merchandise package and a surprise gift as well !!!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT !!! Sincerely ~ Fritz and Reverend Johnson of WHiSKEYpickle  

Xrysa G: Hell bent on alcohool  pour me a double before i fall you where there everytime i fell stumpling down drunk as heell ..Hammered down on alcohol pour me a double and we 'll play one more you where there spittin  fire and pickin steel stumpling down ..Drunk as heeel.. DRUNK AS HEEEELLLLL!

William Canavan: Awesome!!!

Harley Cullen: haha nice

Cory White: The dude on the left looks like that guy from the Son's of Anarchy!

Gord488: Someone said they look like the evil brothers of the Mythbuster guys.. now everytime I see them, I cant get that out of my head. LMFAO

cheslock13: freaking dumb as hell

Another Human On Earth: I can totally picture the legendary Dimebag doing this jam..  

Manuel Hägele: ´´Cool´´

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