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Oct 10 2014 by Gossips

Misfit559: To the crazy sum bitch that I work with 2 DUI's and he's still driving to work.. 

Hari Menon: Serious bad-ass voice. Fing awesome.

relaxman1993: I have just discovered this band... Amazing tune!

Kev Olw: so good !!

Harold Miller: Good tune.

Thor Odinsson: Listening to this Song, drinking a good old James E. Pepper 1776 Straight Bourbon... Thats like Heaven on Earth. :)

Nemanja Moraca: great

Fede García: Al margen de la letra, la música si es buena, no envejece, sino que relaja... y, ésta, entre otras muchas, no solo es agradable, si no, conveniente de vez en cuando escucharla a fin de doparse la mente un poco sin más consideraciones del tipo God bless the South... no es necesario....

tracy wallace: Southern whiskey, southern rock, southern women, and southern pride( not necessarily in that order) God bless the South. DEO VINDICE

john doe: great voice ,,,this crap rocks ,,,

mrome00: BADASS SONG!!!

pedraw: I'm,.........drunk as hell.

Luis Izquierdo: queria q os nossos caipiras tocassem algo do gênero... ta pra nasce haaa

Misfit559: @Earl ismyname ha funny If kids were still outside playing at 3:00 am .. 

Minor Pentatonic Blues: This is just another reason that mainstream can suck my pickle.......

cecil mitchell: Hell yea its 4th of july i"ll be drunk as hell

Joe hudson: feeling the same \m/

HexMeIfYouCan: That voice...

russell yoakum: Could help it this song is cool as hell its self

Minor Pentatonic Blues: I'm hell bent on life, so hats off to Whiskeypickle, I now have a whiskey pickle and I am proud of it..I'm drunk as hell....

lupe Noah: freaken awesome video thanks for sharing

Thomas Howland: great song

Marco Jansen: Wow echt geil. Wird morgen beim Oldtimertreffen in meinem 70er Cadillac coupe gespielt.

D Beebe: bad ass

Valdis G: Whiskeypickle - Drunk As Hell

sajf den ridder: freaking hell good song for this weekend

Diana Diamond: love how these guys basically dont give a freak

Hunor Szabó: TAB??

Hell YeeHaw: HELL YEEHAW THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT Y'ALL WE'RE All MOST DONE WITH OUR 2 NEW RECORDS AND 2 Live ALBUMS and 1 More to Go Trying to put out 5 WD Records This Year and We Start Touring again End OF March 2014.. FRITZ and REVEREND JOHNSON

Olivera Sijan: kakva glasčina!!

kick tothegroins: dont need to be drunk to enjoy this hell of a song!!

Kim Drumm: Good stuff...


Ikaros Inari: i want the tabs ._. this song is just freakin great keep on rocking \m/

StyrbjornStarke: My personal anthem haha

Péter Zámbor: This song made my day.

Trym Aas: Drunk As Hell ( Yeehaa ) Whiskeypickle Cool 

204dave204: I'd like to have some drinks with these guys! 

Guilhem Barthe-Vuillemin: That strange sound for a frenchy... I dont understand why but it makes me cum.

CrypticVader: The only thing I have to say is freak...YEAH.

xMANWH0REx: Drinking whiskey and Water in Canada. CROWN ROYAL freak eh bud

Monica Warner: They are hell of sick! Love them. This reminds me a little bit of Alcohaulin' Ass by Hellyeah

Nolwenn LaPomme: Ho crap.. That's awesome! Hell Yeah men!!

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