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Dec 23 2014 by Demo
Stephanie Providence: It's not Christmas in SVG without this song for me! It's so absurd but the beat is one of my Christmas staples.

Camishaa James.: I loveee dis song all the way from SVGGG

Janice Fournillier: Ah ready for Trini Parang Christmas Part


whitethug: Here I was, worried this song was going to be racist.

Hayato Fung: y is there korean in chinee parang??????

Geneva Neale: Including all mix of cultural races in Trinidad & Tobago.

RedBunnyFromMars: The thing about this song is that it's so freaking catchy. I don't want to be caught in public be like "chinee parang chinee parang, wang kong ling longgg"

Hilkiah Logie: thats how they sing bOSS TUNE

Shellyann Dasent: wang ping woong pong thats how they sound! my kids love this

kiran rampersad: i love dis song

Tyrell Charles: Ching chong mack ah hilo

Skyler Ramdial: Anyone still listening in 2013???

Justin Wong: TRINI TO DE BONE 

Megan Fong Chong: nice 

Jjaay Frank: It's not Christmas if this song isn't played at my house lmfao

dexter aberdeen: freak I am not even trini, I am from greez and I just love this song, hell no I don't see it as being racist In grenada this song rule the world

Skyler Ramdial: Hahahahahahahahahahaha really funny!! Parang real good!!! 

XxXPachy05XxX: Trini Klassik

Amrit MaHaRaJ: whoa!!

Kingluffy: lmfaooooo.... too funny

AgentKAYFLY: classic!!!its not christmas until u hear this chune!!!

marissa naidoo: Gotta love Trini Christmas! Gimme Char Siu Kai Fan!!! Hahahahaha

vytist phillips: one of trini best parang soca chinee parang wang wang just love it, i saw trini chinese dancing to it and all lolol

CaribbeanQueenTnT: Toooo funny -Lol

TheGeorgeAli: @renell chinee paranag chinee parang wang wang wang!!!! yuh dumb cunt!!!!

cinnamonenigma: All these comments about racism remind me of something learned in a recently completed Ethics course: those who don't understand the ways of a particular culture have no right passing judgment upon it.

Misana: @renell racist?

marcozune: @renell Trinidadians know how to ENJOY themselves and not act uptight and call everyhting racist. Relax nah man...

Misana: @renell nawww... ooga booga is caveman. lol!

TakeBusFace: @renell aye. hush yuh ass

fritzleslie99: this song is the best soca parang ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

howchildish: i'm Chinese, and my Trini friend show this to me... i think it's the funniest song ever made. I seriously couldn't stop laughing at it.

rejo14: lmao boss tune!

TxKat003: A fun Parang! Love it.

ckgyanlive: wait nah... if your roots so deep in Trini culture... how come you in Canada?

58mikeel: its not racist thats the language they song

pathanq1: This song glorifies the most ignorant stereotypes of Chinese culture. It's not funny, it's derogatory.

jeanmarcassee: best song ever

john77416: hush!!! u mudda cunt!!!!! dis chiney parang jus badddddddd!!! CHINEY PARANG,CHINEY PARANG!!!!

bagsmohess: @mrdegale Thank you for proving my point about your weak mind.

Bede Rovedas: A song with a great intention!!!!!!!!!!!

KUDDY1: This isnt racist its a trini ting!!!!!!!!! so go from here wit yuh racist minds!!!!!! leave we we go enjoy we music!

Peter James: @renell watch wey u going wit dat eh ?

W1CK3DA55A51N: relax u ass na this is how trini does celebrate we are a multicultural society everyone love each other no one iz racist

Harold Sankar: The guy is mocking chinese people and their language.. sick

01cornflakes: chinee parang wang wang wang

Lisa Hollingsworth: this is the best

ralal2003: If people don't know theTnT culture,leave it alone ,Because those who claim to live in unity,requires a written Law.But we in TnT don't need a Law for peace and unity in fact this is all natural..We are born with such a spirit..

triniredgal31: @renell I'm sure the only reason you have this opinion is because you have never been there to experience the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. How bout you do there before you pass judgement on something you don't even know about.

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