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Kvng bling: wutang🈵🈲🈴🈵🈹🈂🉐🈚

Mario Singh: I love I am ah trini

Kadar Balkaran: this is real trini christmas

隔壁老王: whats this freaking song?!!!!!lol

cee how: Yeah

Bamboo Boi: I am offended by this.
First off, "chinee" is pejorative and leads away from inclusion. The meaningless sounds mock and demean Chinese languages and Chinese people. For many Trini Chinese, we have patiently endured these insulting taunts since childhood and feel humiliated whenever confronted with these nonsensical noises. Hope you understand.

Da GamerKid24: lol,😠

Trinavara: This is actually a big up to Chinese..some may never understand.

Smiley Boo: all year song lol

Deborah Forsythe: Funny

aryana art: im a triniiiii yassss

Sita Surat: Well,Christmas vibes in trinidad

Benza Nunes: Baltimore loving this one

Johnnyy Browne: Well 1st nov kno way dat mean Christmas again🎊🎊🎄

Jlani Loud: Merry Christmas T&T from Pokemaster2.0

Brandon Paguandas: starting early this year

star love: most offensive christmas song ever

Sherma Best: paramin people best Christmas

Christine Lalgee: The man in the picture is Korean not Chinese. The handwriting is in Korean.

Nikhil Stephen: Merry Christmas Everyone ^_^

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