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whatarethoose :0: @renell Williams I know this comment old but...what de ass yuh comin here with yuh. scientific crap for is all yuh people who does start up racism thing you know Trinidad is a place where all people are equal and this song is just a good parang song I gone to a Chinese shop and de people c'ya dance to this song more than that and their Chinese people...fall back with yuh crap and keep it in Canada eh

CheesyHercules: Trini to d bone!!!

Rebecca M Lynch: i dont know why but this song suddenly popped in my head
and i had to go and listen it
i missed hearing this song At Christmas since nobody didnt do anything i couldnt listen to Parang music
Chinee Parang Chinee Parang Wang Wang
This is what Trinidians listen to at Christmas Time

Evelyn Applewhite: Back in the day race didn't matter.  As a matter of fact the color of the skin wasn't the focus...just enjoyment of the soul, the occasion and your neighbors and we had a great time for the Christmas....LoL.

Kashy Dollaz: I loveee dis song all the way from SVGGG

Stephanie Providence: It's not Christmas in SVG without this song for me! It's so absurd but the beat is one of my Christmas staples.

whitethug: Here I was, worried this song was going to be racist.

Janice Fournillier: Ah ready for Trini Parang Christmas Part

Hayato Fung: y is there korean in chinee parang??????

kiran rampersad: i love dis song

Hilkiah Logie: thats how they sing bOSS TUNE

Geneva Neale: Including all mix of cultural races in Trinidad & Tobago.


RedBunnyFromMars: The thing about this song is that it's so freaking catchy. I don't want to be caught in public be like "chinee parang chinee parang, wang kong ling longgg"

Tyrell Charles : Ching chong mack ah hilo

Shellyann Dasent-Boodoo: wang ping woong pong thats how they sound! my kids love this

Megan Fong Chong: nice 

XxXPachy05XxX: Trini Klassik

Jjaay Frank: It's not Christmas if this song isn't played at my house lmfao

Amrit MaHaRaJ: whoa!!

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