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Christine Lalgee: The man in the picture is Korean not Chinese. The handwriting is in Korean.

Nikhil Stephen: Merry Christmas Everyone ^_^

anthony charles: 2016 soca

Joanna Morrison: 2015?

Simon Ramkissoon: New parang. Yuh not ah trini, so stay way frm we, de only racist, I feel is he!

Lyndon Jackson: funny song..true Trini picong

Charles Badstones: It's not offensive. It's not racist. It's just someone expressing what they think it sounds like. If you are offended by this you are an overly sensitive cancer on this planet.

Trini Gamer: I love this song, even though it's offensive :P

Renaldo Matadeen: In Trinidad 2015, this song is kinda messed up.

Or any year for that matter.

whatarethoose :0: @renell Williams I know this comment old but...what de ass yuh comin here with yuh. scientific crap for is all yuh people who does start up racism thing you know Trinidad is a place where all people are equal and this song is just a good parang song I gone to a Chinese shop and de people c'ya dance to this song more than that and their Chinese people...fall back with yuh crap and keep it in Canada eh

CheesyHercules: Trini to d bone!!!

Rebecca M Lynch: i dont know why but this song suddenly popped in my head
and i had to go and listen it
i missed hearing this song At Christmas since nobody didnt do anything i couldnt listen to Parang music
Chinee Parang Chinee Parang Wang Wang
This is what Trinidians listen to at Christmas Time

Evelyn Applewhite: Back in the day race didn't matter.  As a matter of fact the color of the skin wasn't the focus...just enjoyment of the soul, the occasion and your neighbors and we had a great time for the Christmas....LoL.

Kashy Dollaz: I loveee dis song all the way from SVGGG

Stephanie Providence: It's not Christmas in SVG without this song for me! It's so absurd but the beat is one of my Christmas staples.

whitethug: Here I was, worried this song was going to be racist.

Janice Fournillier: Ah ready for Trini Parang Christmas Part

Hayato Fung: y is there korean in chinee parang??????

kiran rampersad: i love dis song

Hilkiah Logie: thats how they sing bOSS TUNE

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