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davyhookbones: I Swear she sings this better than Whitney Houston ever did

Roy Elsworth: mealanie had a cold to and still nailed it

Yanis: this song is so amazing I made a cover of it , it would mean the world if you could check it out !

PRAYERIAS1: she needs to stick with singing mariah carey songs because she seems to struggle doing a whitney houston song and her voice isn't as strong or pure like whitney houston golden voice was but she is as good as mariah carey.

Javier Lopez: I think this wasn't one of the best of her performances. That first "close" was weird and the way they chopped the song was stupid. I think Ailee did a better job

TheVincentB123: GUYS !!!! Melanie Amaro's brand new song is OUT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXY-PVPcEUk
She is amazing! Let's make this single a #1 on Itunes!

yib71: Greatest rendition. Hands down.

김예진: Beautiful voice!

Delia Santiago: Muy buena versión

sunny cedar: she is awesome

Field Marshal Amd: whitney is that you??????

Nori Matsui: She is great singer.

핼림가: wow.....

Abdul Rauf Oekas: Go on Melanie

Sewmai hagao: when she started singing, the world just melted away. such a beautiful voice.

Jewels: Great singing but the arrangement was weird. Somebody told her that would be AWESOME. Good thing she had that amazing voice and sweet personality that week.


fresh milk: no no different song choice screaming omg make it stop

Riccardo Fiore: Too much Autotune

adjie REXA: also watch desy natalia i have nothing at top 5 x factor indonesia.i think she is better than this

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