Andrea Bocelli & Judy Weiss - Vivo per lei (very rare video) Music Video for Free!

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May 02 2015 by Fresh releases
maria angela silva: Lindo

swat67ify: Che bello!

evelyn rodriguez: Andrés es tan joven

alexis Orozco perez: Un deleite poder escuchar este extraordinario cantante ..... espero poder tener el gusto de volverlo a escuchar en vivo 

Rose des Sables: j'adore !!! deux superbe voix pour une magnifique chanson !!!!

cingaroperu: Una epoca en que los cantantes no requerían de extravagantes bestimentas ni arreglos de sonido, calidad en todos lados, ahora encontrar estas estrellas son contadas.

Enox Caballero: Amazzonica combinazione 

mozart200657: Das Lied berührt meinen Herz... ja, ich auch lebe für sie!

buncari: Wahnsinn, was diese Stimmen harmonieren. Judy Weiss kann hier wieder zeigen, was sie für eine gute Sängerin ist. Ein tolles Duett, auch wenn Andrea Bocelli ein paar Timing Probleme hat und oft etwas zu früh / zu schnell ist.

Mozart Gabriel Sonata Piano: Vivo per lei 

Irma Groh: @Jazzy Faye, the solo part of her is german

agustin ojeda: Guau que joven que esta andrea

Alin Reyes: Es muy recordo a mi mami!! =D

Małgorzata Fiuk: Jaki piękny duet stworzyli...

Marco quintanilla: la voz mas dulce del mundo ....Judy Weiss...eres mi mussa

Pietro Danini: ....c è di meglio....

Camille Bouchard: Very beautiful this duo.

Jazzy Faye: Ok is this whole song in Italian because the girl parts sound French to me. :/

fidel viveros cuellar: @rekolob no amigo de hecho la musica es el lenguaje universal con que todos podemos trasmitir un sentimiento

HotBandita88: Der sah ja gut aus...Schade...;(

Plamen Yankov: "She says that what i cannot say"

Paulo Henrique Serra: De que ano é esse video ??

anxiouslittlegirl: @Usotski i think it's more because of the singer and less because of the language :D :D

ledzepgurl: hurrr gerita?

goatneck: woww!.. its t 1st live video i see in which bocelli actually reaches the 2:50 note! :D

michael volpe: Warum Lügen Menschen in einer ehe

sherp2u1: She ooozes sexuality!

fakelife7: She is so beautiful! nice video, old old!

silina stinco: should i need to explain that??? h h h who doesnt know the italian andrea bocelli??? of course i'm speaking bout the girl, plz learn to reed before finnish the school

brandnwyear2010: la version que me gusta más :-) Judy tiene una voz perfecta para esta camcion

Nowa Prawica: Judy Weiss is so beautliful... She is perfect... :****

Nick Reaney: che bella

eirinn1978: Hey i did record this TV Show on VHS and it must been in the year 1996. Or End of 95?

claptonfreak6: Bocelliiiii !!

Leochris75: ich kenns schon soooo lange, und jedes Mal ist es wunderschön anzuhören ....

Kraftwerker: @lionary What are you talking about? No she doesn't...

MegaJazz1984: zajefajny utworek.........

mobile madman: respectfully i disagree....this should be sung in a latin language...only....

Moved To A Different Channel: WOW

Andrea H. Warmuth: This is the first version of the song I´ve ever heard! And it´s very beautiful! Oh my god I´m so old that I can remember this on the ZDF-Hitparade!!!


halcon7000: I'm in love with this woman.

ledzepgurl: Yes! Hetalia all the way! :D :D Glad to see I'm not alone XD

1Ginrin: Bocelli made a mistake! :o

FemaleAyase: Holy Yes! Hetalia fangirls are freakin everywhere nowadays XD

varoojanoohe: Judie weiss she the best.

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Andrea Bocelli & Judy Weiss - Vivo per lei (very rare video) 4.9 out of 5