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philip desien: Rock n roll Dames Durbin , you got under covered.

ana montagnard: Love all his music.. awesome..

Grey Wolf-233: That badass 74 chanlleger

Makayla Clayton: Still listening in 2017😍

Trans Am Motors: 94.5 KBAD Siouxfalls South Dakota  will play this song once I contact them ........one of the DJ'S is Ron Keel from band Keel in the 80's they play songs that radio never plays,i was first in line for Dokken tickets last summer for Tooth And Nail tour

Jennifer Hecht: same thing happened to me

0sum gamezzz: This is Poop Metal.

Jillian Cosby: Love me bad is true how I get treated

Jennifer Hecht: I love that song my favorit song was may it was so sad it made me

D R.: Awesome

Sheneiqwa Lapoots: Chorus kinda sounds like Bully By Shinedown

Dillon Does gaming 138765: this guy is AMAZING! Haley should have gotten voted off before him! JMO

kb5zht: His stuff is okay BUT he campaigned on the "give metal chance" platform and expressed a love for bands like Judas Priest.
This ain't metal.

Susan Dyck: we all new james you wanted it so bad ...awesome song ...just keep it real don't get phoney on us like some stars

Gerardine Cizmar: New fan of his. I didn't watch the season of AI he was on so I knew nothing of him until I watched a clip on Youtube of him on the AI finale. He can really rock and he has gorgeous platinum hair now. He deserves much more attention.

Jordan A: One of the best songs he's released so far! I will continue to support one of my favorite American Idol contestants ever!

nick Keymel: he sounds better then now his music is all pop music

Spike Ralph: I wish the radio stations would play Jame's music!

A. L. Halsaver: wow love it rocks star James Durbin

Toralynne Dawnstar: I can't stop hitting replay. OMG the feels!

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