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Nov 05 2014 by Download
MissMusicPro: In reply to milkyway2211, this Lettermen version is the one used in the movie and the original and official soundtrack.

Gary Pike: A bit of trivia for you.. This great song is done in four part harmony and Jim asked our friend Glen Campbell to sing the fourth part.

lanciasongs Jay: "

Carina Demonteverde: always brings back sentimental memories whenever I listen to this Lettermen rendition. perfect harmonics.

lanciasongs Jay: SAVIE/SALVO/JOHNNY LANCIA THE ITALIAN LETTERMEN 1968-1969 "THE THEME FROM THE SEVENTH DAWN" we never did this one;.....I wish we had.

User Guest: "... The 7th Dawn is a 1964 drama film starring William Holden, Capucine and Tetsuro Tamba. The film set in the Malayan Emergency was based on the novel The Durian Tree by Michael Keon and filmed on location in Malaysia." "... The Malayan Emergency was the colonial government's term for the conflict. The MNLA termed it the Anti-British National Liberation War.[1] The rubber plantations and tin mining industries had pushed for the use of the term "emergency" since their losses would not have been covered by Lloyd's insurers if it had been termed a "war"." -wikipedia Habang nakikinig ka sa kanta ng maramihang patayan para sa kagahaman ng mga panginoong maylupa sa Malaysia, maala-ala mo ang magagandang tanawin sa Pilipinas. :)

Ray Brunka: I so miss the original sound and the original three they are the best.

stillgotit01: (1)Thanks for posting this, I've never heard the words the song. I bought the long playing record back in 1965 of the piano duo Ferrante and Teicher playing the song. The movie was made in 1964. It's set in Malaysia after WW II and the country is under British rule but faced with a communist takeover.

taikotaro: いい曲ですね。 心がなごみます。

jundayo55: Glad to know you've known them personally. Say hello, to Tony and the rest of The Lettermen.

jundayo55: @packer007007 There are many stalls in MCS, Groundfloor who are converting LP's to CD's, they might be the answer to your wishful thinking.

stillgotit01: (3)In the background is this lovely music and the the exotic and beautiful country side is a treat. There's a scene in the movie at the end with Holden and a young woman who is romantically interested in him. He has nothing left to give and very little interest in anything romantic, his girlfriend was killed and he just wants to leave because everything there reminds him of her. He tells the young woman,

jundayo55: Never have the file movie of William Holden's "The Seventh Dawn" but I've seen the movie thrice in an old Paete Cinema when i was a small kid.

Ricardo Gabriel: I first saw the movie when I was still in Grade 7 during the mid 60's. It's one great war epic and the very theme itself as rendered by The Lettermen made this movie for me truly unforgettable. Thanks for posting. How I wish HBO and/or TCM will have this movie played again on Philippine cable television soonest. Fantastic song, fantastic artists, and what a fantastic movie indeed.

jundayo55: Take your time posting the paragraph 4.We'll be waiting for it! Thanks for a patronizing my posting of the classic movie and it's great theme song.

milkyway2211: Beautiful. The original soundtrack was done by the Walker Brothers

jundayo55: You are welcome, lafemmedutemps. Keep on watching.

jundayo55: @pickles2009 For your dearest dad...The Seventh dawn.

leonoragomez100: im crazy inlove with this song. makes me more inlove thnx

jundayo55: Luv it all,ticovaldezmd. Thanks!

daddy1135: have seen the movie long long time ago and from then on like the 'song' and been singing or playing it till now. thanks for posting.

jundayo55: @saidadulay Ngayon ko lang uli nabuksan ang Youtube Accounts ko. Kinapa ko lahat ng password ko. Kaya ngayon ko lang masasagot itong comments mo. Salamat sa suporta.

leonoragomez100: @PVcat1 oh yes so true tnx..ure a christian

Richard Merritt: Richard, It was a love story with in a war setting. I did not see any thing pertaining to our Lord or God, Did I miss some thing you saw. I for one think is was a very strong movie. In the context it played. William Holden, and MS Capucine. Where ideal. thanks

connie hurlburt: Beautiful soundtrack from my favorite movie.The melodies is so amazing.It bring tears to my eyes.

PraiseHolyTrinity: thank you so much for posting this very lovely song! One of my favorite song! May God, dwelling in spirit in the deepest center of our soul, bless you.

Lainie48: Thank you so much for putting this up. I saw this movie at the drive-in and I fell in love with the song. I'm always singing this song.

mortygwhiz: I don't know if you get Turner Classic Movies where you live. If you do, sometimes it plays on that channel. It is playing now in the USA.

TheMaria1217: yes i am a pauliniam from nursey to highschool and we are a talented girl too. the lettermen really makes me relaxed more music from them

jundayo55: I'm always singing this on my way back home from the office and it's great singing along while walking. Somehow people wander what song I am singing, they didn't know it's a hit of yesteryears and it's much more beautiful than "Nobody But You."

santorio55: it's now available in CD format. the title: the lettermen - - - complete hits

Jai Stevens: Thank-you so much :D

Ulitawo: Jaiz101, I collect classic movies. I have the original movie on VHS, the original Soundtrack on LP and CD. I remember but I will check out the scene you are describing. I might be able to help you. Let me know where you are based in a personal message. Great Movie, Great Music!.

mortygwhiz: This is really a beautiful song. I have always loved hearing it. I remember it also came out as a movie sound track album and is beautiful as an instrumental, as well.

kundimanpinoy: I found my back-up copy of all the videos I posted before I lost my channel. I'll be posting it. I just hope you don't mind.

jundayo55: Just type googledotcom and search for The Seventh Dawn Lyrics. This will make your dad very very happy and to add more to his happiness, let him sing along with my posting here. Thanks zxad. You love your dad well.

jundayo55: Welcome back,kundimanpinoy.

TheMaria1217: i agree most of the music today is "lemon" i loved the lettermen a lot

J. Michael Haithcock: lovely!

saida dulay: hi jun, at last ay nabuksan ko ulit ito. 7th Dawn is one of my favorite songs by the Lettermen....nakaka IN LOVE!!!

jundayo55: @packer007007 You can make it on a CD if you want to, packer007007.

Ramon Bondoc: I'm sure this song is in your fave list. Happy listening my love.

poly8123: jun damihan mo pang lettermen pls...tnx

stillgotit01: My DVD copy of The 7th Dawn arrived in the mail today. I need to make a slight correction to what I said. I got it close but what Ferris said to young Candace was, "Go find me when I was 21, he'll want you like mad." I found some other oldies but goodies too that I've ordered. I like the old movies.

DALSU: this is bizzarre that someone made this....

jundayo55: Glad you now have the copy of the said movie, you're such an avid movie fan and a great music enthusiast. Hope you'll enjoy watching the movie. More power,stillgotit01

stillgotit01: (4)I'll try to finish what Holden comments to the young woman and see if it will post. He tells the young woman," Go find me when I was young and madly in love with you."

jundayo55: Yeah, I've seen this picture 3x when I'm a kid. Of course, I have forgotten everything on it, but the story is still within my mind and my imagination. I will try to help you find this bit of footage, at the time your grand dad is alive, kicking and setting the village on fire. What a memories?!

jundayo55: Approved, pare. Let me know kung na-apply mo na song mo.Syempre, I want to watch it also. Thanks!

manuel .aquino: jundayo55 thanks a lot for the effort. The Lettermen will always have a special place in the hearts of teeners in the 70's. This song reminds me of the memorable high school days. Thanks again and may you post more of The Lettermen.

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