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Ray Brunka: this is the kind of sound that makes you want to relax with a drink and a good friend. love these guy,s

Alfredo B. Panelo: We used to play many of The Lettermen's song in my band, The Technocrats & The Drifters before and I enjoyed it so much. Thanks a lot!

lazan arndt: I don't care that much for this recording of sleep walk. The first time I heard sleep walk with words it was sung by a man but not the lettermen.

Joey Basmayor: I love the song. nice one.

Manuel Felicia: ...a great song for lovers....

MissMusicPro: In reply to milkyway2211, this Lettermen version is the one used in the movie and the original and official soundtrack.

Gary Pike: A bit of trivia for you..  This great song is done in four part harmony and Jim asked our friend Glen Campbell to sing the fourth part.

lanciasongs Jay: "

lanciasongs Jay: SAVIE/SALVO/JOHNNY LANCIA THE ITALIAN LETTERMEN 1968-1969 "THE THEME FROM THE SEVENTH DAWN" we never did this one;.....I wish we had.

User Guest: "... The 7th Dawn is a 1964 drama film starring William Holden, Capucine and Tetsuro Tamba. The film set in the Malayan Emergency was based on the novel The Durian Tree by Michael Keon and filmed on location in Malaysia."

"... The Malayan Emergency was the colonial government's term for the conflict. The MNLA termed it the Anti-British National Liberation War.[1] The rubber plantations and tin mining industries had pushed for the use of the term "emergency" since their losses would not have been covered by Lloyd's insurers if it had been termed a "war"." -wikipedia
Habang nakikinig ka sa kanta ng maramihang patayan para sa kagahaman ng mga panginoong maylupa sa Malaysia, maala-ala mo ang magagandang tanawin sa Pilipinas. :)

Ray Brunka: I so miss the original sound and the original three         they are the best.

Carina Demonteverde: always brings back sentimental memories whenever I listen to this Lettermen rendition.  perfect harmonics.

Nora Enciso: I cant believe that you are gone from this world...

JRC 71: I'm sure this song is in your fave list. Happy listening my love.

santorio55: it's now available in CD format. the title: the lettermen - - - complete hits

Richard Merritt: Richard, It was a love story with in a war setting. I did not see any thing pertaining to our Lord or God, Did I miss some thing you saw. I for one think is was a very strong movie. In the context it played. William Holden, and MS Capucine. Where ideal. thanks

Hubba Dubba: Beautiful song, but the film sure bombed. Capucine couldn't believe it. She was of the opinion that this second film with Holden would make her financially sound. Not. I still like the film but I fast forward thru all that macho thrashing about thru the bush.. It's inane. BTW this song and its film have nothing to do with Christianity or Jesus or any of your born again rhetoric. I've learned over time to beware of you born again lot - something wrong with the picture there.

sachiko kobayashi: this song was! a song, sang to me,in 1971 by my high school bff but he left me.....after 40 years,we met again,this was still our favorite song when we joined our hearts again.....but he left me again....should i like this song still??? yes, i had moved on and i still love this, i was the one who got out of the philippines and i was the one who left him....hahahahaha....happy listening pips

CaptainJimKirk: So sad about Capucine. en dot wiki pedia dot org slash wiki slash Capucine

connie hurlburt: Beautiful soundtrack from my favorite movie.The melodies is so amazing.It bring tears to my eyes.

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