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Zeke Kresco: The Miller's were at my church today singing specials during the Morning and Afternoon services . They all sounded GRREAT! They'll be singing for us on August 27th from 11AM - 1PM at the Concord , NH State House for our " Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally " . One of the songs that she'll be singing will be me and my Pastor's favorite song " Turn The Tide ".

Tori Dtark: Amen

Josh Groom: Is this video available in HD anywhere?

rolandbrutus: Beautiful/ Inspiring song. Thank you for sharing it. Abigail don't feel like you have to answer all attacks people write on the message of your song, If Christ had spent his time answering all the attacks and accusations of his enemies he wouldn't have had energy or time to share all the inspiring words he shared, ( and perform the miracles he performed). The best way of answering attacks is by creating and singing more songs where you share the Biblical message that's in your heart. Don't allow the enemy to consume your time in fruitless endeavors ( replying to people who won't agree with what you say anyways).

God gave you a gift, and a reason to sing. Thanks for using your voice to share the message that is in your heart.

Fjnng Bdbrbf: God please how long will you sit back as our nation has a bunch of Lots running around, deliever us oh Lord from the sin of our nations, you are the only one able to change a heart oh Lord for you changed mine. #sinnersavedbygrace

Fjnng Bdbrbf: I beg of america turn the tides. it tears my heart that churchs are falling away from a God who loves us, fellow christian we must take a stand for God and preach against sin love the sinner hate the sin.

Sandra Shytle: Abigail, honey you keep singing for Jesus, He ha blessed  you

teresacook761: Honestly WHO would not like this song? I LOVE THIS SONG Abigail, this song speaks volumes!! God bless you.

Jim Dubya: Thank you for your music, Abigail.  If you are ever going to be singing in Greenville SC, I would like to bring my family to see you sing and play.  I just discovered you a few days ago.  A blessing from the Lord.

smilingwife4life: Praying this today!!

Abigail Miller: It's a heart-cry prayer for revival. America is a moral mess. Homosexuality is not the theme, per se. But it is included because homosexuality is a huge contributor to our moral degradation. This is not a matter of human opinion. Homosexuality is wrong because God declares is such in the Bible.

Cedar Lay: i feel kinda stupid but what's this song about? it seems to have a gay theme to it but it it pro or anti gay?

Joy Leib: :) God bless you guys!

Sandy Hill: Very Nice! thank you, Abigail.

gopheryarrowzoo: Awesome song, heard this at the Southern California Men's Meeting the other week, I may see if I can't upload that version. Powerful song.

rachelfaith1997: i'm canadian but this song still always makes me cry!

computermanis: youth conference in santa clara california 2012. life changing and this was the theme. this song is beautiful .

Brie Roberts: Went to Youth Conference at North Valley Baptist Church this week and heard this song! I loved hearing it every night!

Faith Burnside: Thank you very much for this song Mrs.Miller.

Faith Burnside: This is such an Inspiring song! Thank you Mrs.Miller.

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