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Abigail Miller: It's a heart-cry prayer for revival. America is a moral mess. Homosexuality is not the theme, per se. But it is included because homosexuality is a huge contributor to our moral degradation. This is not a matter of human opinion. Homosexuality is wrong because God declares is such in the Bible.

Cedar Lay: i feel kinda stupid but what's this song about? it seems to have a gay theme to it but it it pro or anti gay?

Matthew Perkins: Love this song

Ebone Mcneil: I'm singing this song for armed forces Sunday :)

rachelfaith1997: o i went there! it was so amazing! i loved the preaching there and i had a lot of fun. :)

rachelfaith1997: pst hi hannah i knew you would look this up. :D

Hannah Marie: Thank you :)

Abigail Miller: That must have been the one. One of the pastors called us and told us about the conference, and that the Lord was doing great things there. Praise God!

Abigail Miller: Yes, Hannah, we have the sheet music for "Turn the Tide" on our website: abigailmiller[.]com. Click the "Purchase Music" tab and you'll see sheet music when it drops down.

Hannah Marie: I really love this song...I was hoping to learn it on the piano. Does anyone have the sheet music?

Hannah Marie: are you talking about the youth conference in barrie, ontario? one of my friends went...she said it was really fun

Abigail Miller: Praise the Lord! What youth conference were you at? God bless you.

April Csire: I was at that Youth Conference it was very good i enjoyed it very much. It was my first year and I had lots of fun.

April Csire: I was there that was a great Youth Conference. I was my first year and I really liked it.

rachelfaith1997: GASP! I WAS THERE!!!!! btw i love the way it was sung! PRAISE THE LORD! HE IS AN AMAZING GOD!

Abigail Miller: Praise the Lord! What school do you attend?

jay dizzle: Since you support cold blooded murder, please stay away from me!!!

catlyana13: This is my favorite Christian song! Everytime I listen to it, it gives me a good reminder about America's condition, and how we as faithful Christians, must continue to pray for our country, even until the end of the world. Heavenly Father, I KNOW you will bless us, and make the wickedness stop.

Hannah Godfrey: This is defenely what Amercia needs.

Abigail Miller: @MsRaraboo16 Abigail had a wonderful time and was humbled and blessed to be a part of a song she wrote with so many singing with her. Awesome!

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