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Apostle John Herlihy: praise God brother! I also play keyboards and sing,I will be posting some of that later. God bless you!

jessd6heart: Me again. I loveeeee this song! I'm going through a hard time and this song---ah, each time I listen to it, I have to listen to it again! And right now, I feel like it was written for me. Straight from God. Thank you soooooo much.

jessd6heart: I still watch this a lot. This song is so Spirit-empowered. Thank you for listening to God's voice and sharing it. =) Let me know when you get a CD, ok?

tom boutilier: dude sounds kinda like Jeremy Camp

hardcorps72: @ethurmond Thanks, I will play the video to get the words and figure out the placement of the cords. No worries about the strumming, I will just go with it till it sounds good. Thanks again. May His blessings be with you and your family.

hardcorps72: @ethurmond I know you said you were busy with work and your newborn baby, but have you by chance had the time to post the words, chords, (maybe a strum pattern) to your song? Congrats on the new addition to your family. Children are a blessing.

hardcorps72: @ethurmond Thanks so much that would be great. I have a child so I know what you are doing though with the time issue. I will be waiting for them. Thanks again.

Sparky913: Hey Eric! You need to make a CD if you haven't already! :) If you have.. where do I buy one! This is Christine from ABHS btw.. :)

mdugaxc: Peru Crew shirt. I miss you at FBCJ. (10th grader now). Good luck Eric!

Dancrm12000: Eric, I am still waiting on the album. When am I getting some new songs????? like this!!

Donald Douglas: nice song! i am a "fan" of another "competitor", but saw your positive post on his video and had to check out your video. that's what this should really be all about, less about competing against one another and more about encouraging people and ultimately helping lead others to Christ. Keep up the great work!

jessd6heart: I loved this song. You have an amazing voice that you used well to share a wonderful message. Best of hopes for your future!

hardcorps72: That is a great song. Would you be willing by chance to post the lyrics with the chords to it? I am really wanting to play it but cannot make the chords and changes out. I would understand if you do not want to. Still a great song and I am not competing in the contest.

Becka Boot: Oh mt gosh this Is SOOOO good I wish you luck man!!!

Tina Williams: Love the message!

wespants: Great job!

Jacob Denton: As usual, this is awesome!

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