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Daniel Crichton: Yes yes yes. This is that soul sound I've been looking for ­čĹî­čĆŻ´╗┐

TomMRF: Cee-Lo, you magnificient turtle.´╗┐

I know Do you: If music genres were human beings soul music will look like Cee Lo Green´╗┐

skylander dad and skylander boy show skylanders: love this song ,super ceelo.´╗┐

Jaffet Sanz: Cee Lo is the only man can dress like that and doesn't look gay.´╗┐

FlyshHD: major vibes right here´╗┐

Finlay Tomasso: He should be way more popular just hear some of his other songs.´╗┐

Allan Coelho: Hell yeah´╗┐


Kaya Ray Rogers: Andrei chikatilo´╗┐

China Kensh1n: Swag´╗┐

Will Mallory: I love this song! I just can't stop laughing at his outfits. Ôś║´╗┐

worldstarviral: this song is soo underrated><<
Karen Gallarday Berrocal: Fabulous ­čśŐ´╗┐

George Marinho Marques: I LOVE CEE LO, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!!!!!´╗┐

Duarte Jr: this song is one of the most beautiful thing a human been has created.´╗┐

penelope santiago: love this´╗┐

Series de Jogos DJ: brasil´╗┐

G Armstrong: Swagoo. Cee lo got it´╗┐

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