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Dec 06 2014 by New songs
Vanessa Kay: @martijnspeed So uh... you're going to make love to her "Don't be afraid"?

Norbert Soós: and idiot danceing :DXD

The Dragostea Din Tei Channel (LouisRandy): @Royzilla2000 I can. It's about fear of roosterroaches. It's also got some friendship stuff mixed in.

Ch13f7hr4ll: rofl the look on her face at 1:46ish.. awesome

stayjit1: Is she a Chinese pop star?...well isnt she just the cutest.....

ShanePlaysMW2: What does mei shi ma mean? ive heard my chinese teacher say it before.

Aaron Castañeda: 令人印象深刻的,都是美丽的亲人。此致 :D

Alermyx Estelle: why is there steering wheels involved with this???? o-o

Zackryder3105: demon6228 O_O

Triple xXx Werewolf: who doesn't these days?

Botak Chin: na ni hao ting

trung thành: freaking song & bitch

joifreize: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Barthalo Yougosig: mai ah HO lol

Vermilion Flower: Ancient Chinese Secret.... ;o

cakecrumb095: At least I can understand this version.

ChuxyChux: @aKira414kk That's what I tried to tell to my mom, but she won't listen to me :D And I found out this with 2 months ago :"> I had to search for this XD To prove her

Daniel Fernandez: @SongLove5 Not mandarin but still understand. It's a fairly meaningless song like all the maia hee offshoots...

martijnspeed: id freak her bu pa bu pa all night long :P

Barthalo Yougosig: @CanadaxIreland i meant if you dont have anyone or anything to learn from

Higura Shiki: Who would have thought that a Mandarin song can be so epic.


james friel: yep Jocie kicks butt she sings great. Jocie Kok, or Guo Mei Mei her other alias.

BiancaEmily31: Best Hit in Europe song DRAGOSTEA DIN TEI , language original version is Romanian , best Music in Romanian and Europe :)

Emily Wong: Thumbs up if you are mandarin so I can see who ACTUALLY understands this.

TheKudaiPOP: la version mas similar en ritmo!!

MrSmasher350: ooca ooca ra ha ha ha

Silviu Dumitrescu: its useless... 4 bil asians now listening a romanian song translated to ?!?! japanese

Shirakiin: Damn She's hot, actually all the girls are

TaibyWish: Doamne Fereste :-s

mymomsezispecial: @LadyRissa211 LIES!!!

Artur Cosicov: Bravo Balan!


MIDNAq1LINK: She's pretty! :3

lucy magana: Do all schools in japan or china hav to were uniforms??

Sierra Bell: She's adorable, but lololol the lyrics

blqueemine: cute hot girl <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LouisLambert: I'd be scared to death if everyone's cell phone in class got the same picture message and then she shows up. 8-(

2prize: Communist Chinese propoganda trying to suck you in with it's cuteness!

jinardogirls: so cute!

ItalianAmber: @HiguraShiki duhhh who didn't know that. stop trying to act all smart cause u know your not

Ionut Marian Coardos: R O M A N I A

Fufusda F: @bigboom761 which pixel gave you the boner?

KpopFangirl712: did I get here???

SouthParkFirefly: @CanadaxIreland Not at all! And eeek you're back! Hooray!

RoyBoyDakiller: asians have the tughtest kitty's

Chara Nk: mandarin?? vlaxiko mantarini h kinezoula???

SweetSecret6660: irgentwie cool

Micka Lee: vraiment bien en chinois , sa dois être le fais que ces une fille qui chante que sa me plait ( haha ) xièxie

puntosuspensivo: Mei Mei is awesome

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