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Jan 16 2015 by Gossips
12hardyz: I don't quite understand the end of this song 2:22 and on in to the song.. Does she come back from where she is or is it the answering machine because it says that that isn"t and answering machine he's talking to?

trencher4lifeee: This is the best song ever!!

flyleaf3202: If Austin about a boy or a place?

kennersl13: no audio

charlotte morris: If it's Friday night I'm at The Batkave and first thing Saturday if my plans stay I'm headed out to Jillians and I'll be gone all weekend long But I'll call you back when I get home on Sunday afternoon and PS if this is Jonathan I still love you<3

Veedubayou: Awesome wish it true for me ...(~_~;) but this Valentines Day ! It's just me ....

romantictragedies: No.... it says she waited around for him to call back on sunday, and when he did thats what she said.... I don't get why this song is so confusing to people.. like seriously, i've listened to this since i was 12, and I understood it then.... smh.

12hardyz: I get it now this song is so cute

RinKagamine763: Nice job :3

Jay Seale: Austin is not a girl... The whole song is about a girl that leaves and goes to the place she talked about all the time. He calls her "Austin" because he's sayin to her "I know where u are, you're in Austin" when he says " and PS, if this is Austin, I still love you"

Rose Unruh: Luv this song.

Whitedranzer4: Yea its good to have to otiginal

Tobias Brewster: i have dated a girl named austin and she passed at the age of 12 i can still feel her in my heart like every time i would freak up she kick my ass now every time i freak up its like i can feel her letting me know i did wrong thats why i listen to this song.

Xilon Soulwraith: This song makes me cry.... so touching especially her part of the song you spend the whole song trying to fight back the tears then that part.... it just cuts deep

Jay Seale: @zikkilover1 its about a guy an girl who have been datin a long time, she leaves him and goes back to Austin (Texas). After a year of bein away from him she decides she wants to talk to him and calls. When she calls he doesnt answer and it goes to the voice mail (first chorus). Then she waits 3 days and calls and she gets his answering machine (secons chorus) but she leaves her number. He calls her to talk to her that sunday afternoon and he doesnt get her answering machine but is actually talk

Charm Allen: I'm inlove with Blake

Jay Seale: @zikkilover1 ing to her. So its about a guy and girl who break up and she ends up coming back to him

Tore Last: Thanks for making this I was looking for the original :)

Darkessrules: Lmao not even a week

NerdfightersDFTBA55: @flyleaf3242 Austin is a girl.

12hardyz: I know that part is so cute, i still cry every time to

zikkilover1: Can someone explain to me what is happening throughout the song I'm very confused

12hardyz: I know that part is sooo cute, i still cry every time to

hallowsevegurl24: @aannaj15 my name is austyn to but with a 'y' :)

stupidsticks123: sometimes at night i lye awake at night thinking about the one i love. i wounder where him and i might wind up. but this song makes me think of him because i never wanna leave him, i wanna be with him forever <3

Erkwashere: I love this song!!! -3

Robert Clayton: uploader- NO COPYRIGHT INFRENGMENT WMG-ahahha yea right bitch

NerdfightersDFTBA55: @flyleaf3202 sorry about butchering your name.

aannaj0815: My name is Austin and I'm a girl its not usual but it can be a girls name

shoffma1999: freak you and your stupid copyright bullcrap

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