Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Madilyn Bailey Official Music Video Cover

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Nov 09 2014 by New songs
1453 Community: taylor vs maddy but maddy better than :D

rainbow dash sweeden:-): +Madilyn Bailey I just love this song! Can you do let it go or Ugly heart? I think it will be amazing if you did that!!!!! I love u! You are an AMAZING singer!

Spartacus Jim: Great technique with the chord progressions. How are you dampening.? Top work. V talented

Kalisha Watson: Gosh,she is much better then Taylor swift(no offence Taylor fans)(but It is true)

Ashliegh Roh: Madilyn! You're awesome!!

DiegiLP Diegi: Nice Voice :)

laiba anwar: Madilyn has an amazing voice but you cant really compare her to Taylor Swift. And just for the people saying that Taylor swift can't hit the high notes and can't sing at all live, maybe you should watch more videos of her. And I gotta brake to you guys that Madilyn isn't really singing live either, this song Is obviously auto tuned. Even though I do respect other's opinions, but this comment section is to appreciate Madilyn, not compare her to others.

aacon loh: Comparison stires up conflicts. Just enjoy them, they are both beautiful flowers.

nguyễn công hùng: Sweet lips

野本毅: How beautiful her voice!!!!! It spread in my heart:)

ほとばさく: Very very cute.

charlee scott: This is no good comperd to talyr swifts

buriossyu672: いい声ですね! 本家と勘違いしてしまいました(●´ー`●)頑張ってください!

Thomas Barton: go on the x factor or the voice

Yasmin Chater: hammer 100000000 punkte nice you are a super

edd pennells: Really good !. I mean REALLY good. Prefer it to the original !

Just Wall-e: awesome^^

ALEATORYVLOGS: WHEN AN ALBUM GOD!!!! Love your covers *-*

faizal amri: ohh madilyn!!! i love you :"")) :**

Donna Jackson: Madilyn bailey is not just a great singer she is a musician who knows guitar, piano and voice Amazing

Hope2930❤: lovely sing what your fandom? hehe

Kate Almendarez: I wish I could show my voice but my family wont support me :(

adnane chakir: What a wonderful voise you make the real owner of the song looks to smaaaaal you're realy talented I like your voise your presnce I realy love you

Junny Park: I feel your so happy

breckandy: Has she not been snagged up by the Professional managers? She makes the original singers look tame. I'm missing something, she only has one leg or she is a guy or something :-)

lizeth parra: Awesomeeeeee 💕👍👏🎤📀🎵🎶🎼

Allyson Gaines: S she sing yes so good

Nagham Chan: This is junk 

Morgane Garces: J'adore je suis trop fan ! O.O ! C'est trop bien elle là reprend vraiment bien ! <3

kostantina kostantinopoulou: this is my favourite song!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucia Frazzer: Muuuuuch better than Taylor. 

Denis enzo: Canta muito linda !!! voz perfcta...

Junthima Nnamwongsa: Best smile !!!!

Cherie Domingo: amazing cover maddy :) thumbs up!

Toujours Lorine: Elle a tout!!! Elle est jolie elle chante magnifiquement bien et juste! Guitare piano... Elle est parfaite!?

jijo Lopez: Wowww maddyyyyy u rockzzzzz

Chanjin Joo: Best cover ever :)

Satria Nalapradipta: sexy voice :)

Tazam Rahman: Nice voice.. and you're so beautifull :)

MrNiX LTU: AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fahim Shahriar: awesome

angel: deine haarfrisur steht dir echt NICHT

Kusumoto Msym: I love her voice!

houcem eddine aouissaoui: didn't u change ur mind :3 I mean me and u ? hein ? :3 

連牙: OWO 超好聽的~ 你好棒WWW

Sherry Heilig-Tramel: she kind of sounds like taylor swift she realy good i want to meat her

Abby Luis: Cool song

Vecky Manoppo: (^_^)..... perfect

nadia musa: best ever

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