Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Madilyn Bailey Official Music Video Cover

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Apr 09 2014 by Demo
Just Wall-e: awesome^^

accesscountry.com: Awesome! Someone should really enter this artist in accesscountry.com's Country Cover Contest!

Sanjana Das: Love this song!!!!

Vinces delaCruz: i love this song awesome!!!!!!

maxz wee: Fell asleep watching this video not because its boring but because ur voice is so soothing and relaxing it just calms my mind xoxoxo <3 <3<3<3

Shubhodeep Banerjee: gr8 job...epic voice..u sound like taylor !!!

Lee Brooks: i love your hair its like mine

Lucia Frazzer: Muuuuuch better than Taylor. 

caron wolf: Im in love with ur voice its amazing xxxxx

Lunetta Adela: Your voice is awesome ! But i think taylor sing this song way better than you.ofc because this is her song xx but i'm still in love with your voice💋 please do more and more cover madilyn ! Ily

Lilly Bär: Every time you sing high , i get Goosebumbs

kimani kamau: she sings so romantically can't imagine its a broke up song...like ever!!!

Annie Pesaleli: What's up with "No one can beat Taylor Swift?" Did you ever hear Taylor sing on live? That's what I thought. She can't hit the high notes lively/acoustically at all like Maddy. So better zip it haters. 

Elizabeth Miranda: Your face look like Barbie !!

sam ashton: I was watching this video of Bethany Mota when she played never getting back together in the background, i thought... I remember that voice..... THATS MADILYN sir i came here hahahahaha

Smilez Cat: You sound AMAZING! my brother say you sound bad but that's just him being a little brother. :/ point being your AMAZING!

Andry Rahmadhansyah: Your voice so unique I like it

石川淳一: I like sooo much this cover

Nancy Eugenia Hoyos: You're amazing!


May Joly: You sing verry good and better than the original :) !

evi zegikniet: i know now that i defenitely hate Taylor and not the song ...

Nidhi Vaidya: It's good... But no ones ever gonna sing Taylor Swift better than her herself. 

Achriem Yapie: Beautiful face and voice :)

Rebekah Flores: gonna watch our for madilyn bailey, her songs will be covered in a few years :)

Jojo M: Amazing I love you so much and your voice is fantastic and wonderful but Taylor is better than u sorry :) I like it this video

Alireyzito xD: Great Voice !

Andrejus Necvetnas: Sweet,but NOT sour ))

cheyanne ford: ..............speechless!!!

Paris: we are never, ever, ever gonna cook together!!! 

Jess Maxwell: 483 people are deaf

DaNiela Villamizar: Amazing your voice madilyn. COLOMBIA <3

Satria Nalapradipta: sexy voice :)

David Wu: I am listening to your music with beats and it is soooooo good (you are soo good :)

prince princeston: sad song transform into happy song..i love this version! GO MADILYN!

Mia Love: Why do people try to do a really good job at singing really bad songs...I don't get it.

Linda Thao: Please check out this cover http://youtu.be/3HuAMK3UkfA

Fabien Firmansyah: sunsek 

sam davies: ;( never mind how great you are there always dislikes (n) 

Neng Cucu: I Like this......

Daphne Baan: so much better than the original!

Elisa Sassu: better than taylor

chris b: r u kidding me ur voice is just amazing holy moly roly poly

Carol Sivieri: Perfect! *-* <3333

ami fauzia: you are very talented <3

Darlene Villabriga: Oh my gawd, this is way better than the original.

Bufu Chan: Beautiful *o* !!

Ivan Ivanov: You have an amazing voice.

yeni nur aini: like it...

Rina Cherry: The person who found Justin Bieber on YouTube and make him like this now ..Is it difficult for him to find a star like her?!!

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