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Tina Krasulak: One of my Favorites.

Zee Heaven: is this concert on a cd?

Harrisson Tann: she probebly isn't lip singing because she has perfect posture

Nora Hammen: Beautiful song, amazing dress, gorgeous singing. Also, this needs to be on Doctor Who. Love it!

Seb Raaijmakers: And flight to the moon,to blid a city.

Seb Raaijmakers: Let's start a comuntie, in Schotland 💞

George Hight: My ancestors painted their faces blue I guess that's why I am so fond of the Celtic music

TheHitDetector: Celtic Woman - A Spaceman Came Travelling

Mia Prins: How the heck is she able to sing and not get out of breath while also skipping down a flight of stairs with a gigantic dress on!?

Mary theMoonWolf: ... Is this song about Doctor Who?

Esoteric Wind: This was a hard choice between beautiful woman or beautiful music video ..because its both.!!!!
But she won😘

kwiatom: This is pure pleasure. Good headphones, glass of whiskey and this song ... PARADISE 

Aruie Kaelin: 0:28 I love this song. I honestly do. But the inner nerd inside me can't help but scream, "A LIGHT YEAR IS A MEASURE OF DISTANCE, NOT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  That's like saying "twas inches of time since his mission did start".

Oh well. It's still amazing.

Sunny Waterwave: Favorite of mine

Amanda Johnson: I love this so much but I have to wonder..... how in the world does her dress stay up?!

Yuen Josephine: Such a great voice!   She  look like a Bird,   -  A Spaceman Came Travelling:  one of my fave songs from the seventies .........!

Jermain Roberts: Love these ladies

katie fontaine: Umm you all know she's lip syncing right? I sing opera and I know how hard it is not to mess up on a pitch while "walking" she did not even stutter while pretty much jogging. The song is beautiful but not actually singing it ruins it for me. :( 

Eric French: As an alien conspiracy theorist...this really resonates with me

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Celtic Woman - A Spaceman Came Travelling 5 out of 5