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Michelle Kalem: That bubble dress looks hilarious to me haha

charlie mashara: Personally, I really liked it when there was other Celtic women rather then just one.  I am not sure what happened.  I am not sure it is her fault though.

As If Aye Mate: The lead singer made my pencil semi solid.

Levente Lampa: beautyfull!

Mark Rae: "...light years of time..."

That is just beyond embarrassing.... :-(


-N- Tertain: Way to ruin a song ;)

Canaris3: freak me, that redhead is HOT af...

Denis Triton: Вау!

Troy Reiter: Lisa Lambe has such a beautiful voice and is incredibly beautiful!

charlie mashara: Personally, I wonder when they are going to do "Danny Boy."  I am know a Danny who doesn't like it, but I am not sure if they would like it if she sang it.  Though it maybe different.

Swordswoman: Absolutely wonderful. I've always loved this song, so deep and mysterious.

Leslie Town: It's Ancient Aliens version of the birth of Christ!

William Brennan: The lightyear is a unit of distance, not time. pushes glasses up nose

Its Jessica: I live Lisa lambre's hair it is so beautiful

thejonathan130: Why is everyone writing references about doctor who when the song is literally about the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus being visited by Michael?

Stefy Mancio: She's so beautiful <3

Luis Matatrejo: In my opinion the best Celtic Woman performer ever. Wish Lisa Lambe would come back to Celtic Woman : )

Travis H: How many chances do humans think they deserve ? LM, Pinto how is it you're still not brave enough to make something happen ? Humans violated the agreement .

Aisling Chiamaka John: we sang this song in our school Christmas

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