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Aug 29 2014 by Lyrics
Celtic Queen: If that was me skipping down those steps i woul of fallen and fell on my face lol :/

aggiepride: I just want to wear this dress for 5 minutes then I'll be good for the rest of my life.

Kayla Deskins: It took me five minutes to convince my friend this was NOT about The Doctor......

LordSpotty02: you ruined this song, originally by chris de burgh

Bogdan Ambroży: I'm sorry, but she is not only "celtic women", she is ideal, from stars., women ! 

mc23243: where can I find this full concert?

I Belong In A Book: There is no goodbye, you just climb in the TARDIS and ask to see more

pony pond: she's got too much makeup on :(

IAN MUTCH: theres something about Irish women and singing.....i dont know what it is....but its bloody good...i love the voice....love the accent and love the song...nearly as much as orinoco flow

Rodney Ratliff: if a alien came to me i would freak XD

codfisher22: This lady has a beautiful voice. Excellent original song by Chris de burgh. I've lost count how many times I've listened to this song by this lady. She melts my heart. 

Timo Merio: la la la

Arthur Thomas: Who is this singer? I almost recognized the song.

Hedi Graus: Very nice song!! I Love it!!

Natalka Zycho: OMG...How can you screw up an original and beautiful song Chris de Burgh for such a thing!? (No heating me please crop the song as he sings :>)

mc23243: I don't care what this song is about, it totally fits to Doctor Who

Luke Rodrick: all it needs now is a tardis

ianrkav: Miming!

Lorenah Repinoski: Amei

Emily F: Amazing!

Stellana: Just because they're dancing doesn't mean they're not doing it live. You can train your voice not to bounce. Like, I'm not a singer but I did marching band and by that logic we wouldn't have been able to march and play at the same time because you'd hear our air bouncing when we moved. You simply train yourself to move smoothly and control your air. It's not an impossible thing. 


william bear: Love her voice! 

Shadowace724: Doctor Who?

Chloe Brombley: Are you kidding, she must be real talented if she can sing a full song without breathing!

Vargsabg: This is an amazing song, but Lightyears are distance, not time. :-(

Lorenah Repinoski: Lindo

Wayne Taylor: wonderfull Lisa!!

Henry Hall: Absolutely beautiful :) everything they do is amazing!!!!! Love their songs, and will keep on buying 

Violet Holmes: This song is DEFINITELY about the Doctor. Hello, Travelling Man.

charleen langley: sounds like she's describing Doctor Who

Evelyn Padin: Love this! More, more...

David Newell: She is so gorgeous. I wanna get lost in those wavy red locks.

katie Gilbreath: This song sounds like its about the doctor and rose from doctor who

sifucanary: A light year is a measure of distance.

Andrea M.: I love it so much

Matt Cooper: my favorite song

faeriemagic16: I don't think it really matters if they lip sync or not.. can you imagine having to dance around while singing? it's hard. Besides I'm sure they don't fix their voices. Their voices are already beautiful, they just prerecord the songs.

Mormonastroscout: This song is about Christ's birth. Listen carefully, and you'll hear it. :^)

Paul Maguire: I see various references to Dr Who below... I believe this song was written and recorded in early 1970's and first appeared on an album called Crusader by Chris DeBurgh who incidentally is the father of an internationally famous model Rosanna Davidson. She won the Miss World contest for Ireland about 8 or 10 years ago

Susannah Usov: This song gives me goosebumps.....

Monique Chamberlin: This totally fits doctor who

Duane Norrie: its a biblical song about the birth of Christ

Jamie Santos: Dr. "Who"? Really? This is the extent of mankind's understanding of the world? a 'tell a vision' program? Astounding. If anyone would care to understand what she is actually referring to one would have to look no further than the works of Zecheria Sitchin. His life's work was dedicated to the deciphering of the Sumerian clay tablets found in Nineveh in the late 1800's. Within the clay tablets ( a massive tome by any literary standard ) is revealed an epic story of ancient astronauts ( space travelers ) descending to Earth in search of gold to repair their diminishing atmosphere on "Nibiru". These beings eventually created homo Sapien Sapien through the genetic manipulation of their species with the indigenous Neanderthal. This story is, no doubt, much better than "Dr. Who" and absolutely real. Please read the 12th Planet if you want to know how this story ends...and, the parallels that it shares with our current state of affairs. Looks like 'someone' is letting that proverbial "cat out of the bag".

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