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cfnjofa: Amy Pond about the Doctor

Leonie Vogel: Fdsc fris

Princess Diamonds: HER DRESS IS SO AMAZING :) :D

Unnas Ahmad: what album is this from? i can't find this single on amazon, google play or itunes.

Need ajanovic: Waow that is so so soo good .. Peace people enjoy the life

Witch of Infinate Fire AlanaSkye: Wish I had a beautiful singing voice like Lisa. Gods bless her. :) <3

Amber Roberts: I think its beautiful!

Sebastian Michaelis: I love this one it was truly marvelous

STELLA PEARCE: Oops lisa is not miming people who where on the front rows vouched

STELLA PEARCE: Lisa is not Ming

Ian Ainscow: Awful

Heiko Bischoff: I see you, 14.02.2016 in Nürnberg

Heiko Bischoff: I see you at 14.02.2016 by Nürnberg Germany, Happy

ryan busuttil: alright, one De Burgh song, then this nice woman and now De Burgh again x3 the same song

Darragh O Sullivan: what is this


salem mhnna: syria--25-12-2015

Sionnach1601: Why the hell are they all smiling like Simpletons! This is a poignant song, melancholic and beautiful

Sionnach1601: I am a BIG fan of Celtic Woman...
But seeing them "performing" this just shattered my illusions. Their constant unnecessary smiling is just daft! Daft! Added to that, their silly swaying from side-to-side - like something from "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"....both of these silly antics just completely takes away from the seriousness and beauty of the song, as it is a pensive, and mystical song....not to be sung by some wandering circus entertainers...
Maybe if I just watched it without the video I'd have been better off...or I might just watch Chris de Burgh singing it altogether.

Xx_AwesomeGhost_xX: Minimiter LOL haha

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