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Jun 26 2014 by Demo
ianrkav: Miming!

mc23243: where can I find this full concert?

Natalka Zycho: OMG...How can you screw up an original and beautiful song Chris de Burgh for such a thing!? (No heating me please crop the song as he sings :>)

charleen langley: sounds like she's describing Doctor Who

mc23243: I don't care what this song is about, it totally fits to Doctor Who

Celtic Queen: If that was me skipping down those steps i woul of fallen and fell on my face lol :/

Shadowace724: Doctor Who?

Evelyn Padin: Love this! More, more...

Gloria Villarreal: Excelente...

faeriemagic16: I don't think it really matters if they lip sync or not.. can you imagine having to dance around while singing? it's hard. Besides I'm sure they don't fix their voices. Their voices are already beautiful, they just prerecord the songs.

Jamie Santos: Dr. "Who"? Really? This is the extent of mankind's understanding of the world? a 'tell a vision' program? Astounding. If anyone would care to understand what she is actually referring to one would have to look no further than the works of Zecheria Sitchin. His life's work was dedicated to the deciphering of the Sumerian clay tablets found in Nineveh in the late 1800's. Within the clay tablets ( a massive tome by any literary standard ) is revealed an epic story of ancient astronauts ( space travelers ) descending to Earth in search of gold to repair their diminishing atmosphere on "Nibiru". These beings eventually created homo Sapien Sapien through the genetic manipulation of their species with the indigenous Neanderthal. This story is, no doubt, much better than "Dr. Who" and absolutely real. Please read the 12th Planet if you want to know how this story ends...and, the parallels that it shares with our current state of affairs. Looks like 'someone' is letting that proverbial "cat out of the bag".

rhondadoodle: Oh, she is a peach of a girl...and she is having a blast singing and being beautiful...just enjoy it or turn if off but I say she is absolutely gorgeous and talented AND...I feel younger and happier just watching her! MERRY CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS to everyone!

Duane Norrie: its a biblical song about the birth of Christ

Blake Cobain: shes talking about the doctor. i know it. 

Luke Rodrick: all it needs now is a tardis

JJbookluver: The birth of Jesus or the birth of Dr. Who. WHO CAN TELL?! Personally, I think it's Dr. Who and I haven't even watched the show!

Chris Cyster: Dare I say "Better than the original"

Andi wright: she looks like an old Victorian tart, the way she composes herself makes it look like she is flirting with everyone. also, crape performance and her dancing is crap. Additionaly if she is going to sing then she needs to make sure its not noticeable that she is miming, and hold the bullcrap about sync errors its bollocks, ALL the instruments are in time etc, only her voice and lip movement isn't. Also you show me ANY other singer who can run down a flight of stairs and make it sound as though she wasn't doing it same when spinning on the spot. NONE of them can. Its been recorded and then played back and she lip syncs to it. MORE than obvious, and any voice/ singing coach will tell you the same.

Yin Yang: Who's the girl singing the song?

Leandro Teles: I loved the video, but how can a person down a flight of stairs singing without affecting his voice?

arron sky: wait so she is saying that god is an alien?

Andrea M.: I love it so much

Monique Chamberlin: This totally fits doctor who

Arkadius K: fantastic music fantastic girls

Noush Kar: Celtic Woman - A Spaceman Came Travelling

Jane Scott: I do agree that it sounds a lot like Doctor Who, and that makes me smile. Especially with all the blue on the stage, it's perfect, even though it isn't based on the show or anything. It reminds me of Trenzalore and the Town Called Christmas. <3 Beautiful performance

BurkeMinecraft: she has an angels voice.. definately one of the most amazing voices ive ever heard

Misaki Miu: I feel like if I where her, I would accidentally whack myself by swinging my arms around like that. Then again i'm extremely uncoordinated... 

Dale Why: She's gorgeous 

Amanda Shields: I can't watch the video! Almost every video for this song comes up with an error (official or otherwise). I've tried different computers as well as different browsers!?

Jason Simonds: its about the first doctor the silver light is his hair

Stellana: Just because they're dancing doesn't mean they're not doing it live. You can train your voice not to bounce. Like, I'm not a singer but I did marching band and by that logic we wouldn't have been able to march and play at the same time because you'd hear our air bouncing when we moved. You simply train yourself to move smoothly and control your air. It's not an impossible thing. 

AmbieWolfie: Awwwwwww I love it! 

Jess Caron: So is this lip syncing or not? I've heard both- I think someone said they were there and she wasn't...

andreas mølgaard: This is... Beautiful ;')

Terezi Pyrope: She must've been a bellydancer at one point God, it's so easy to tell it's not even funny Just SHE'S DOING freakING SNAKE ARMS WAKE UP AMERICA What am I doing jesus...


TSimpson1993: Great voice but I'd want a refund watching this live, some points the lip sync wasn't even subtle.

Emily F: Amazing!

Simon Rushton: Yes it sounds just like Doctor Who...

Susannah Usov: This song gives me goosebumps.....

Victoria Hills: She has such a pure voice! She is a beautiful girl.

Sarah O' Donnell: +Andi wright its not the truth, its your opinion. Its ok for you to sit there and critisize someone but I bet my house you couldnt go up there and do better. You have no room to talk, so SHUT THE HELL UP 

Robert Birtch: Oi, Spaceman!

Dami Bakare: Part of me fell like she's singing about dr who or the burgh of Jesus. Either way the song is beautiful 

Mohammed Fida: This is from Crist de burg...collection 1980s'

Kairi chan: Everytime I hear this song it makes me so happy and joyous. It reminds me of just how amazing and happy music can be to you. It's simply beautiful and I love it. Also, she is truly singing, it is not fake, thanks. Love Celtic Woman :) .

oswin's11: I just would like to say that even though this song is not based on Doctor Who, as a fan of the music and a huge fan of the show their are a few ideas that span across both. Allow us whovians a chance to breathe, to image that our space man descends on the earth in his blue box. After all these are stories both whether one is true or not let the music take you into your own world, whether it be Gallifrey or the earth it doesn't matter your head your beliefs!

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