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Nov 14 2014 by Fresh releases
Lally Felipe: She has a nice voice. Sings candidly beautiful and very gracefull.

Robin Mack: *✞ Christmas Advent - Day 12 (12 to go) ✞* To mark the halfway stage through the Advent Season, I give you the vital & vivacious *Miss Lisa Lambe* of *Celtic Woman* giving an AWESOME performance of the song that inspired my Christmas Poem... *"Nativity"* [Still with the unfortunate error in the lyric's second line LOL :) :) :) ] *{:-)R* 

Sarah Angel: who is she? She does not sing with them anymore does she?

Celtic Queen: If that was me skipping down those steps i woul of fallen and fell on my face lol :/

mc23243: I want a Doctor Who Christmas episode about this and with this song as a soundtrack, cause it totally fits

Wade Wilson: "Twas light years since his mission had start"... A light year is a measure of distance... Not time... *Sigh*

Archie Lauder: Greetings from Bonnie Scotland - Let me settle the Time/Distance argument One Light Year means traveling at the speed of light it would take a full year to reach your destination, traveling at the speed of light it would take a full 25 years to travel 25 light years, so, the Time/Distance argument does not exist, you would need both to calculate both the distance and how long that distance would take to reach, so therefor, you cannot have one without the other. I hope this settles this argument once and for all.


Neil Murray: What is all this Celtic Bullcrap. There's no such thing as a Celt, they were an Iron Age tribe that spread pretty much all over Europe, they don't exist now. Is this just an Identity the Irish,Welsh, and Scots can cling to? 

Pete Buxton: Awesome voice and very beautiful. 

neil shaw: nice voice but whats with all the theatrical's? is she a singer or performer? and whats with the backing group standing their swinging their arms?. im sure she can do without all the " make up" of the performance. I quite fancy one of them in blue lol. 

nwk38: This song was written by Chris DeBurgh in 1975. Lisa Lambe does perfect justice to DeBurgh's wonderful song. Lisa's talents come clear in this rendition .Her beauty,voice and acting stand out in a beautiful performance. Theme or basis of song,from Wikipedia.... "The song is a narrative of a UFO religion tale ,is a retelling of how the angel Gabriel came to give a message to the shepherds, but with a spaceship and a spaceman instead. De Burgh seems to make a prophecy of the Second Coming in this song: "The stranger returned and said 'now I must fly. When two thousand years of your time has gone by. This song will begin once again, to a baby's cry..." The baby represents the purity with which the Christ will be returning." Compelling version.Thank you Lisa Lambe

Tom Fredriksen: I never get tired of watching/hearing this they are awesome and Lisa Lambe her voice gives me goosbumps 

aggiepride: I just want to wear this dress for 5 minutes then I'll be good for the rest of my life.

antono t: Too much flaunting, not at all in context of true meaning of song.

Bella Angel: The light of the Christmas star to you ❤ The warmth of home and hearth to you ❤ The cheer and good will of friends to you ❤ The hope of a childlike heart to you ❤ The joy of a thousand angels to you ❤ Love and God's peace to you ❤ And love for the Child ❤❤❤ ✴ Happy Christmas and Holidays to All of YOU 🎶 hugs & bright blessings, Bella xx

Cindy Bear: This is a beautiful song and it is clear that it's lyrics are a thinly veiled account of the birth of Christ, nothing at all about Dr. Who. It was written in 1975 when Jesus was still a very popular subject in pop music.

Troy Reiter: Lisa Lambe, incredibly beautiful voice, incredibly beautiful woman!

Kate Mulgrew: One of my favourite christmas songs, I probably prefer the original though

Stellana: Just because they're dancing doesn't mean they're not doing it live. You can train your voice not to bounce. Like, I'm not a singer but I did marching band and by that logic we wouldn't have been able to march and play at the same time because you'd hear our air bouncing when we moved. You simply train yourself to move smoothly and control your air. It's not an impossible thing. 

Carrie Dawson: my 3 yr old grandson has "his" ladies sing him to sleep at bedtime via the arts channel on sky...i have had to keep the "Believe" concert in my planner....Thank you ladies for giving us both a good nights sleep xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Simone Sprotte: Simplesmente..Maravilhoso!!!

todd sabrina: ADAM OF THE WILDERNESS / DAYS OF ELIJAH...............THE LAST GENERATION..................THE FIRST GENERATION ALSO.....................THE COMFORTER..........................SON OF mAN................................JESUS IS COMING

Xialyd: It's about Doctor Who ? XD Anyway, beautiful voice and song ^^

bertaga41: Its amazing that the heritage that lead to Riverdance produced such awful choreography. 

LordSpotty02: you ruined this song, originally by chris de burgh

OrionCity Taiwan: Lisa Lambe一曲動聽的《 A Spaceman came travelling ;外星人來訪》 “Lisa Lambe是最好的演員和歌手,可以說她塑造了一個全新的歌劇根基。”——《愛爾蘭時報》。 作為成名已久的歌手兼演員,Lisa Lambe在整個愛爾蘭、歐洲和英國戲曲舞臺上,都享有萬眾矚目的頭銜和美譽, 她曾在愛爾蘭、歐洲和英國主演了許多頂級的戲劇角色,並得到了冠軍。作為一個愛爾蘭後起之秀,她的才華從她3歲時候就已開始展露,直到她從都柏林戲劇學院表演專業畢業。Lisa Lambe的音樂生涯涵蓋從戲劇舞臺到音樂舞臺的跨越,即使在電影,電視節目和廣播頻道的領域裡也有精彩華麗的表演。

Rosalyn S: Dude-- major skill to Lisa for prancing around in that Godzilla sized confection of a dress Also, am I the only person that thinks she looks like she's lip-synching? I mean i know they don't traditionally do that, but it really looks like it here

René van der Meulen: An Amazing Cover over The Original Version from: Chris de Burgh

Matt Trigwell: Amazing performance

Staci McCollough: At 3:39 - 3:40, does it look like she stepped on the front edge of her dress to anyone else? If so, props to her for not tripping over it or tearing the dress in the process.

Jonathan S Fisher: Lip synced

Gregory Paradis: I can hope heaven will sounds this good

Sean Kennedy: anyone else think of doctor who?

Ned Buckley: one of my fave songs from the seventies,love this version 

12nightmarechild: @Kayla Deskins WHY WOULD YOU CRUSH HER DREAMS!?!

Chloe Brombley: Are you kidding, she must be real talented if she can sing a full song without breathing!

Nancy Kyle: Celtic Woman - A Spaceman Came Travelling: http://youtu.be/kXSyqK9ERRs

René D PH De Blois: Celtic Woman - A Spaceman Came Travelling Les Mastras sont des êtres de vision ...

Barbara Foster: She is beautiful and so is the song.

Bogdan Ambroży: I'm sorry, but she is not only "celtic women", she is ideal, from stars., women ! 

codfisher22: This lady has a beautiful voice. Excellent original song by Chris de burgh. I've lost count how many times I've listened to this song by this lady. She melts my heart. 

Vargsabg: This is an amazing song, but Lightyears are distance, not time. :-(

Violeta García Morales: Beautiful!!! I love the song!!! 

I Belong In A Book: There is no goodbye, you just climb in the TARDIS and ask to see more

IAN MUTCH: theres something about Irish women and singing.....i dont know what it is....but its bloody good...i love the voice....love the accent and love the song...nearly as much as orinoco flow

Daniel Baram: Куда лучше чем все эти гаги и спирсы 

coachjay57: First.... I don't think Yah'Shua was a space traveler, nor do I think Gabriel was. Second.... The word says, we shall not know the day or the hour, but know this, when you see all these thing happening know that summer is near. Guess what folks all those are happening and summer is near...... very near....

nia4me1: Wow...Chris.....you just been upstaged...

Robbie K555: my god she is so beautiful!! love that red hair!! santa all i want for christmas is a celtic woman!!! ill be good i promise!!

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