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Ben Palmer: Oh god! It's happening!!! The attack of the tentacle lady's!

Doug Turner: This is absolutely horrible.

Earl Hedrick: Excelent!!! Thank Yall

Magna Karter: Singing la la la la la la la la la

Gunner Linde: Just amazing only Christ de burgh can do IT better

Mary Murray: I heard Chris de Burg sing that too

Jacek Talaj: beautifull and amazing and "music shock" of me :) !!!!!!! BR!

nicky davani: Why is the singer just waving her hands. Someone give this stupid girl some dancing lessons or direction!

nicky davani: This should be the soundtrack to a nasa rocket launch.

Rebecca Costin: the background singers are even wearing TARDIS blue

Samuel McMaster: It took me a while to realize that this is actually christmas song. I always thought "This sounds like the christmas story." but I never bothered to check if it was a christmas song.

2Je11ies: This is a very beautiful version of this classic song, but it can't be a live performance for this YouTube version as the vocals are far too pure for the surroundings and movements the singer makes. It has to be a recording.

Ella Price: U love it I'm singing it in my dance

Ted Pearson: Proud to be the 300th person to dislike this nauseating crap. xxxx

Adam Demgar: Nice voice

Александр Верещагин: Хлоя,я скучаю!

Snotterkop: Really really really love this song and the performance! But; It was light years of time since his missions.... etc. Light years is a measure of distance, not of time. Bothers me more than it should have. Really great song though!

lj58smx b: I love this song with all my heart it's so magical and soothing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Jaimy Metts: I love this song

Benito Strange: Oui tis a good song one of their best.

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