Karara Rasha Karara Rasha Pashto new song 2011 (Rabia Tabbasum) Music Video for Free!

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Jul 26 2014 by MP3
irfan lala: very nice sad songs i very like this songs´╗┐

Zahidkhan Zahid: so nice song´╗┐

Maryam1904: althoUgh i cant unDerstand pahSto bt $till i Luv thiZ s0ng......!!!!

Adnan Ghani: thanxxxxxxxxxxx for uploadinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

shani2244: awesome song!

bak4201: nice

Rana Amir: dued this is the niced video


bannu0900: very niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anna Mayan: hmm even though I don't understand much "Phusto" but I like the ryhmings.....

IMRAN8475: awesome.....................

Shehzad Roy: i like this song......very nice song

Adeel Hafeez: what does it means.. ? karra ra rasha ???

sajid khan: vrye Nice song yar i love u all pakistan

xlpaco: dee khe

waqas ali: nice

SikanderPearl: i dont know this language but this song is really heart touching

Doma Goku: This song in Pak and this is Pushto language >> and the name of song " karara rasha " means come to me .. thXxx

Zeeshan K Khan: dresing daikh lo apni pathanooo

Raja Ibrar Aajiz: this is a good a song

abrarahmed863: I love This song @@SIRF@TUM@@

Aizaz131: nice song

shinwari33: thnxx 4 uploading bro

deeepblueeyes: good songs i really like this one!!! awesome

MsPrincesskhan: love dis track

qaiser abbas astori: @zeeshan once again for your kind information iam not pathan but i love my culture...... n tumay pathan itne buray lagtay hain aur un ki dressing itni buri lagti hai tou plz apne naam k saath bkhan lagna chor do

Adeel Javed: beautifull song

Swaatai: @Phadaybaaz9211 Qarar. Wai qarara rasha.

zara5535: sad 4 her family tht she died niceeeeeee song when i heard it i cryed its heart touching songs really good words

mehboobkhan20475: kia song hai

Haider Ali: deep music :)

MrSijjadkhan: bohat acha

zahirfahim: god bless her soul

murtazahussainbangas: so touching voice

sherali576: @SikanderPearl which do speaking. why u dont know this language?

funnymarwat002: Great Rabia Tabasum?????

Mateen Khan: very nice song i love theis song thank you for uploading

Riz khan Baffa: good job

Musafar Janan: @mateen353 your welcome mateen.


USMAN NOMI: usmanbhai mujhy pushto nai ati kisi se poch ke btaun ga

muhammad asghar khan muhammad anwar khan: my best song kara ra rashaa

sadaka khan khan: nice i like this songe

TheUsmanashiq: can someone give me the full meaning of this song in urdu or english many thanx

Anna Mayan: hi zeeshan although I can understand Pushto but I like the rhyming sound...what do yo think?

MsThedecider: i cant undersatand the language but the song is nice.....!!!!1

Shafqat Khan: noor badshah ( jadoon) swabi

MrNasamaj: nice song buttt veryy BAD video

Doma Goku: and the man on the song has name "Karara :" >>

sherali576: @SikanderPearl which language do u speaking. why u dont know this language?

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