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Теменужка Христова: 👌❤💙💚💛💜

Nadia Olkowicz: beautiful

SS Black: Absolutely fantastic.

Alvontae Wilson: This is my song

Trish Thomas: Beautiful song. Listen.....2017

เฟิร์น หมวย'ย: ชอบที่สุดเพลงนี้

Sydney Gonzales: this song is so emotional in my own opinion its even better than how she sang it in dream girls

Joy Love: Yo why she so beautiful I wish to loo and have a body like her but my own style that would be nice, but loved it =)

Michelle Francis: Love this how many 'don't have a VOICE' when you're slated for 'nagging'

Теменужка Христова: beatiful! 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌!!!

MonaTheBellydancer: Is this video from another video or movie?

sony soumya: who even dislike this? i mean.. how?

Paulo Junior: 01:47

Paulo Junior: 03:18

Iggor Vasconcelos: só uma palavra... PERFEITA 😍

ชื่อเนย นะคะ: อินเนอมาเต็ม

Jenny Lawrence: I love her n her voice

kiara tabert: best song ever❤

Keith Morgan: Montgomery. wes

Anne Bruce: love this music

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