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mj_lover 2907: I'm tearing up rn😢😢😢😭

assíria Thalita: 2017 ieee

celso luiz sacchetti junior Sacchetti: #Simplesmente Mágico. .

Geysa Carla: essa musica e perfeita

Callum Gemmell: she really is the Queen of 21 and 20 century music

Ingryd Rodrigues Freitas: 2017

INGRID SOUZA: tem algum brasileiro aqui? kkkkkkkkkkkkkk ❤❤❤❤

fiona denzel: She's such a good actress.

fiona denzel: SHE'S SOOO TALENTED!!!

arfahchytos babe: amasing.. i like it

Donna Peroche: The sound is not HD, unless you call crap HD

Alice: wonderful

terrence ellis: This is Terrance granddaughter Beyonce is good because she's beautiful

Top & Top: فين #اصحاب_ثنيان ؟

breatheharrystylez: forever my fav song by Queen Bey

Alison DiLaurentis: Somebody please help me. Is there any name or something for the 'thing' she does with her voice at 2:35 when she sings 'don't'. Is there any name for it what you do with your voice if you sing like that? Would be happy if someone knew and told me😊

Yuko Mon: She is amazing !

Bruna Martins: LINDAAAAAA

Dominica MyoncE': there are no words to express the pain...SHE did

walid elharmossi: ilove boyonce so much and ilove sing her music

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