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Apr 21 2015 by Songs Tracker
Nathy Clhoe: 💖💖💖💖💖💖

Revital 2347: חולה על השיר הזה...!!

Inès Hoarau: Je love cette chanson ! ! !

Africa Rwandia: I love this song. Just heard it and tried to make a cover of t plz check it out on my channel. Africa.

Ilona Gijsbers: This song must go on I-tunes becauce this one is the best ever!

Martha Muswema: mampi is such a diva and i love ur voice dear keep it up! nice rythm.

Patience Muchinguri: dont understand what its sayin but im definately in love with this song!!!!Mampi just rocks.....

mpagi alex: this song has rocked the whole the world cos dis week i was abuja and one ov de best clubs was rockin it 5 time it was superb

tumushabe ivan: kawa

Isabelle Castor: j'adore trop fort

sledge405: Love the song...swilililililili iwe let go

roselyney kuli: i dont understand wat she's saying but im so love this song.lol

TEron Mario: If she continues to sing like this she will become more popular.....nice beat nice music.....school students here in Fiji love her songs, its like the hit song here for this young generation here in Fiji.

allan okello: at first I thought it was Luganda song

selena toussaint: monstre sa

Anushka Mootoosamy: mari topo

Chisanga Mukosa: my mister toldme if i ever break up with him he show up at my parents with a radio pLAying this song full Naked..LOL......funniest man i know..XX Fantastic Jam

Kangume Tom: 4sure i dont understand da meaning ov this word 'swilili '

pini6199: @tatoulov zambian..

Atentique Devilkiss: hmm.............top nets sa

anat malichy: שיר מושלם....ילא כולם לזוזזז

OriginalBabyPrankxta: ii dont even understand what she's saying but ii love this song heheh

stubboniac monnak: Great tune...love it...peace

Sundrew Charlot: tro bon sa....

BEN LAÎ: Wahou Mampi , petite perle d'Afrique Du Sud , un son trop bon que j'ai entendu pour la première fois à l'Île Maurice . La Famille je vous Aime , Pamplemousse dans mon coeur Merci Mompi et surtout GRAND MERCI A LA FAMILLE DE MAURICE VOUS NOUS MANQUEZ

kanuayi cedrick: It's only women start with cheating in love!!! It's better living like this!!!!!!!

assumpta gasana: just wow !!!!d meanin' is not that important <3 !!

Crystlin Palelei: iLove this <333

David Kapisu: i like the rythme and the swhlililiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Noazaprtmts: What she's talkin' about?

mulechillz: It says....love full of lies..you just used 2 lick me in my ears..where have we gone wrong today.. .chorus.... when removing my clothes we were together...now today you dont want me anymore.....can some one tell me who where i can run away!! second verse.:..what kinda of heart do you have...those manners that you have you should change...

Sabry omer: wow that amazing song she song about here people Fulani that great people in all Africa I like this

foseable: nice song

simonzed: 5 people need help they are in denial tiye Mampi Swililili nomba abali 5 kana swililili nayo nayo !!!!!

Simon Bada: it is all about love good song

erwin gereseb: best song ever

Makarena KoolyCat: What does the song mean? Luv Mampi! Thxs BBA for introducing as to her!

Rudy Knowles: I LOVE ITT SOOOO

Vita Mrenzi: NICE JAM!!!!

Tracy Ladouceur: humm jadore

DENNEMONT RAMSKY: waii p tuer :)

STRANGERMAN VIDEOS: O my God,so intresting,enjoyable.it does for me, thou i don't know the meaning

switgurl pooja: Nets mO diir Ou...

CherrYPoPPunK: M A U R I C E <3

Ash The Screamer: nisa la monter!!

ahidal haruna: nice

Adisu Yhune: איזה שיר יפה יואו!!

Nathalie jean louis: hot song and beat what language

Geofrey Twesige: swililili jamu empale nkulage butusi.

Jane Long: Love this song>.<

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