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josephine godfrey: I love this man

Bryan twan: who is the girl singing

tony Snow: mane evertime I listing to this song mane, I just reminisc about my first relationship bruhh.. smh.!!!

Reyna Ornelas Joseph: +Tony Joseph listen dumb ass

Tristan Gonzales: Ali I wish you would listen to this song and understand

kenisha stewart: this song never get old

Michael Holliday: foxx boosie and webbie ghetto boys of the south

Troy Thompson: this is not a bad song

DANYELLA JAHMIERAHH: sometimes is better to just let go n move on....

Tyzhae Weatherspoon: aww this boy told me to listen to this ig this how he feel about me

Akerria Davis: one of my favorite song

Bryan Moroz: i feel fox crap but dam he really fell off he leaned tf out now

Chelsea Herron: Foxx ain't never stop but out music before and after he got lock up.. plus boosie got him on wit him. Shot out to Baton Rouge legends(Bad Azz, Webbie, Foxx, Big Head, B low, TULUparktown not a rapper(riplil Handy,ripBleek )Kevin gates and hole lot more people who put out good music. Baton Rouge got talent it just some don't give a freak about nothing and just let the city eat him up. After 27 years in city this. And seen everything it was to c in baton rouge mane only a few with a good mind set make it out. crap almost every murder be personal or sum stupid crap. But that's br so once again shot to the legend of br mane. Park town kilzle.

Lauren mumphrey: This is me and my best friends song.
For a long time.
Love you(:

Abraham Perez: Real music right here!!! Dig your music Bruh
You put out stuff everyday people can relate too!

Beautiful Love: //damn this is me in my dude because he act like he the girl in the relationship always something we fight hard but love harder (FOXX ALWAYS TELL A STORY THAT U CAN RELATE TO) BEAUTIFUL ONE ♥♥ love my dude...

Joyce Blanchard: That is a very good son keep ur head up foxx

Xavier Rivera: I'm going through a divorce sucks

Dustin Rodriguez: Going through it right now but I love this woman with everything

First Lady Sanders: Going through it now...the scars cut deep every day

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Foxx - Nobody Else (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) 5 out of 5