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WRWSoldier: заебись, чётко!

EternalSilence: Builds up mood.

Jacober Rouven: okeyy but in youtube?....

Jacober Rouven: I HATE this long Intros..!

saxoo91: great ! but too short mix =)

RealHouse MusicLovers: some beats are different..i like this :)

JojoDieJukebox: difference between 360 and 480 ... 360 is more higher :D good song ! <3

Moe Joe: @DoughnutRain ....and maybe not the last...but i don't understand -.-

Edvinas Butkus: @chalik110055 Both versions for me is good. :)

Ciucio Belo: @styckin01 pentru gicu ai ? =)))

Ciucio Belo: @DoughnutRain why ??? dislike

4evernightowl: Goood! Like It!!!

andreatonduti: @Ameenz1984 Agree all the way!

chiller1919: i love this song :D 1:43 is realy good :D :D

Donut Rain: i was the first disliker :O

Anton Viliman: Great work Christopher ))

EternalSilence: @chalik110055 Original is ridiculously cheesy. This is much better.

Jonas Kaufmann: @binnichtemo haha^^ right :)

Nuno Duarte: Will be together again, to night.. :) Nice voice!!! :)

David Dominguez: i love this

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Mike Candys - Together Again (Christopher S Remix) 5 out of 5