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Jamila Laine: what the fk did I just see, that ish was awful. The whole crew looked a mess.

mikechete: Is this a new dollar a day could save this guy commercial???

mikechete: Yeah so not goin to Uganda

zarr Sar: haha, nice. Love it. From an Ethiopian.

Kayla Young: I thought the one in the pink and yellow was young thug at first

chinafakeeggs: What is the creature with the blue hair?

jozef vintr: swadefrvzth

Doug Duran: why have a woman holding a big pickle on a tree on related videos !?!?!? WTF

Yousef Fitaka: bingoo€

favor favor: WTF???!!!

Logan Stanfield: Found this on T BABY's Favorites. What the freak man.

pramod kumar: i love this video

TheWhat667: Freaky

TrueHolyGhost: Wtf is this ? Fake jamaican music. 

Frank Burns: Gorillas are offended by this, since they're smart enough to know they'll be compared to these ridiculous beasts.

Saber Karchoud: The best song

Snoogy Music: This is the most ugandan video viewed via on this chanel youtu.be...... One love ug 


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Willi Willi Dance Pati Didi Rico Rynz New Ugandan Video Dj Din 5 out of 5