Willi Willi Dance Pati Didi Rico Rynz New Ugandan Video Dj Din Music Video for Free!

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TheWhat667: Freaky

TrueHolyGhost: Wtf is this ? Fake jamaican music. 

Juliet Waleya: Dance the willi willi

Frank Burns: Gorillas are offended by this, since they're smart enough to know they'll be compared to these ridiculous beasts.

Juliet Waleya: Today 22.02.2015 it is 24,299.761. Ummmh this videos does not count beyond 249.999.99

Saber Karchoud: The best song

Juliet Waleya: +M. Holmes Watch this Video´s Count well (today 26.11.2014 it is  
24.259.419 as the likes go up the Count down does not come to 25M) , write it down and after two months check on it, it is along time like 2 years since someone managed to manupulate it, the Count went every week so high even before the gangam style Thing. What do you make out of this?

Snoogy: This is the most ugandan video viewed via on this chanel youtu.be...... One love ug 


Nelson Turyasingura: The asian woman was totally trying too hard.

Lila. D: Blog.

mike mumi: retards

okan kutlu: çılgın eşşeklerden gelenler

TheAs57: Search for " What is the biggest problem in the future" on youtube. You will learn a lot about your future. Share and comment. Thank you


Juliet Waleya: Lets count together. Today 26.08.2014 Tuesday 24,207,952 with 8705 likes and 3014 dislikes. Someone is manupulating the Counts, watch this space


asad omar: nice song

fernando garcia: muy feo estos negros que fueran cheles ojos seleste y altos ai si

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