Willi Willi Dance Pati Didi Rico Rynz New Ugandan Video Dj Din Music Video for Free!

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Mar 05 2014 by Fresh releases
Pablo Harry: Willi Willi Dance. hahahahahahahaha

bluebird1308: still one of my favorite

genious ienstine: @@@@@@@@>Why tha freak is he in a blouse why tha freak is he twerking why tha freak is his hair that colour@@@@@>>>> This is gay-

yendel omar: GOOD

Sauer PeEl: gay?

Gringa Abdou: 80% sex *_* 20% music !!!

dXb Nas: Human animals

Lucia Gaziova: :D

mukesh gupta: Hot sexy show

Hermann Yao: t djaa maan

Jose Luis Garcia Martinez: WTF?

Edur Esturaín: El Willi Willi (el Passa Passa ya es pasado)

Neo Kay: Dont you dare youtube when sleepy, i mean WTF, apart from making yourself a willie (pickle). tstststst

mamdou jdira: wli wali

willi willi pati: 

Lollipopsy TUTO: i like this song

elektroxi: blue dress woman --> lkHXJ-zWWc0

lovesharalda: ewww

mad24sexy: best dance

abdulsabith2012: Ggir

Hassan Eno: Lol nice :)

xFlighHighx: Way better than Gangnam Style! Shout out from Germany! <3

shire alinur: love this song

MbusiMan: r&b king of ny is the realest crap on you tube word to me

Representaciones Rme: peth agdikhr jhdgtdk

stardollblox: Jamaican music is better than this wtf everybody there look skinny

Ell Muuz: i don't care what people say. 23 millions views, The people must be enjoying everything about the video. happy for you brothers. keep it up.

Careddi: Suomi :P

MileNitA GarAy: Ayayay! amoo esta rola<3 :3

dor pettel: willi willi dance!! i 3 > u

Alexandru Mosulescu: what the freak is this?:)))

barwaaqo1234: Ghchvjvj

dedinemampouya: Je kiffffff willi willi

Anass Prod: 2 840 Can't dance The WILI WILI !!

hanni lige: hhhhh the jabansk woman can't shake cuz she hv't big as

adde8x: thats so gay init?????

AnisVan93: african Brazzers)

BONZOBERRY: Che delirio. Il vecchio edifico fatiscente ed abbandonato , la danza delirante , il gay snodato , la giapponese in kimono , poi , è delirio allo stato puro.

19a6s1f: Its our lady gaga from africa LOOOL!!!!

jose carlos: nno entiendo ni mierda pero el willi wiilli es pegajoso

Teoloves6969: Real GAY from uganda

cuari1: lool

enginyirci: Attempting to give a fck about opinions of asian woman..**loading**..

Warak Wak: dance willi willi don't stop forever. go on African people

Ik weet niet: 8000 likes for the Willi Willi Dance!

salsachickii: Zumba!! <3

muchie bryan: SICK....!!!

giuseppe parrino: trpp forte

MrVisionofafrica: What can I say. Uganda here I come.

Nina Lyons: XD

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