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Milan J: Perfection

MegaPonygirl122: is this politically incorrect? let me know.

Texbullnettle: she thank she got dat gud hur, girl that's a lace front I can tell. cant breathe

Sara Johansson: omg was that Keith from smosh?!

howdy curly: is that gaston? HAHAHAHAHA

sacha falcone: How funny this is you have to admit she has good voice

Kai Lun Qu: bruh. this is better than the actua live actionl film version by disney XD

HolandaChiquita: Watching the new Beauty and the Beast movie with my little sister. When she suddenly nudges me saying: stop singing that weird song. Apparently I was singing along these lyrics when the scene came up. I just can't help it, these are so much funnier!

bubblez: i really hate this, no wonder black people are looked at badly. and black people are the ones proudly perpetuating it.

holy freak i just finished it. would be funny if it wasn't so damn sad. the only good one is belle, the white girl. the rest are black ghetto hoodrat hooligans. my god this is every white racists dream, i bet they're laughing like "hahaha we don't even have to make a mockery of them, the dumb niggers to it themselves!" no shame in degrading his own race.

Justin Sigurd: holy crap this video shot up in views. I remember watching this back when it had 2 mil views

RJ Darrington: well I had heard that she a chocolate chasa they say she like dat care a Mel lolololololololol

Rachel: This will forever make me laugh till my stomach hurts. Pure gold.

Lizzie Shadow: that is destrom lol

walklikearobot: when i went to see beauty and the beast i was just singing this in my head during that first song haha

DearestClaudio: Iconic.

Vlad Sicoe: Hahaha, I loved it!!! xD

Darris Pope: 4:19 She think she in a fuerry tale. Why she pat her weave like that? *pat pat 😭😂💀💀👻

LatvePlays: Was that Keith from smosh?

Matthew snyder: can I start a tv show with crap like this? lol

Jeremy Otero: Omg after 4 years!!! Still my favorite video!!!!! Still better than the remake!!!!!

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