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holly osterhoudt: wow. the gun shot scene is funny as hell.

Рудик Мейер: Follow me.

Whatsupchick3251: Anyone else freak out when they saw Keith Leak Jr!

Andrew Erbes: I'm dead

Chantel Dahl (chantel alyssa): the hide yo kids cameo hahaha

patrick Edmknd: 😅😂😂😂😅 when the three Thots smacked/popped their lips talking about Jerome!!

Becca Roman: Whats the one with Colleen Ballinger?

Samie Simon: I was done when I saw GloZell

Oscar Caballero: My best friend and I still start every call with:
- "Hey La'Washa!"
- "Hey La'Dry'ah!"

Anastasia M.: xDDDDD


cassandra celis: its 2016 and this video still makes me crack up!Hahaha good times

William Kristensen: 2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway

BSW Pilots: At 2:53 is that Keith from smosh

lotionbottlehead: okay....😂how many times am I gunna watch this?

CKBOXERS123: talented but arsehole to work with as per old videos]

Antonio Hernandez: lol!!!😂😂😂😂

Quenecia Woodruff: Did anyone come here cuz they thought this was justin

Michelle Alhassar: First time seeing this and I'm still trying to catch my breath from laughing!

Tyler Johnson: She's also from season 9 of american idol!

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