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Mar 29 2015 by New Albums
Lissette Alcala: Nice

imaginekinz: Your the prettiest coolest girl luv your vids

KazmoKaz98: Your videos are always amazing(; Keep up the good work! xx

andrea garza: Love it!

xHipsterMusicGirlx: memories...

Jeffskeet Yeah: This video was kind of like OhThatsOlivia's...but I like it anyway! All my Video Star videos suck! I don't know how you can do that!

madds12344: What is ur other account

Lilian Fajardo: Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LightsCameraSparkle: AMAZINGGG!

missmoshifan123: EPICC

BelieberAlely15: I love it

Cookie Monster: I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS :DD i wanna start to make videos too :)

ArtsyDreamer: ahhh i wish i was as popular as u ur following my ig ( stephaniestudiosx) and i was like ahhh!!! U followed me!!! I love ur vids also!! <3

Lydia. DeeTV: Dear jasmine, PLEASE just say one more good bye to us all on moshi And reply to our reply to out messages PLZ

Jeffskeet Yeah: My FAVORITE of all your vids! Also, I featured you in my featured vid on my channel: 10 Facts about Jeffskeet! And...were you on Moshi Monsters? Aren't you Jasminemoshi1?

Contestcentralmoshi: Cool!

Moshi Monster: Awesome;') Seeing Justin Next Year..♥

Izzy Rivers: COOL

sparklesthepikachu: @ Moshi Monster LUCKY!!! And I play tht game

Daisy Davis: What do you use?

andyurnerd101: @officialjukeboxjrs i knoww theyre soo dumb them dislikers on amazing videos

Heloisa M.: LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!

w: this is so cool!

Lemonade99100: I Love this Song :)

Lydia. DeeTV: :(((((((((((((((((( Jazzy left moshi FOREVER

TheKikidc: Awesome!!!

Jessica: Omg your amazing subbed :D

Lydia. DeeTV: Ahhhhhh I don't like Justin But I guess this is AWESOME cause it's by you :)

thatsoferni: You re super im your #1 fan

Brookie Cookie: Loved it!

KRaiz5: you held up that money i was like wtf and then i notced u live in the united kingdom but i live the united states so i was like wtf

thatsoferni: Im imspire wh

SuperCookieBubbles: (':

asdfghjkl: 100th Like!!

moshimonsters2003: OMG AWESOME P.S plz don't quit Moshi :(

littlecuties78: awesome video please check out ours and sub to our channel and please enter our contest

dancefulpeaceful: Cute!! Love the glasses!

Natürlich nicht blond: OMG i love your videos :DD but imitaded you :( @ jukebox i like your videos too :Dd

Claudy Torres: i like your video visit my blog is in spanish bat you can traducir

SuperCookieBubbles: Omg, thanks sooo much Video Star! FEATURED ON VIDEO STAR! :D Yaaay! 3rd video on Video Star, or shall I say 4th because of my other account. ;)

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