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Nov 24 2014 by Demo
Brian Heiden: Cellski goes hard on this track boy! Quins verse hits home so hard!

farley creig: Frisco home of the bridges and the bay

PeeGeeBeeDee: Cuz you rappin' like a White boy here, Cellibate.

502mrbay: vaginaboob


TheGwe123: u gata rep the bay area and wat about them giants

david408sjca: if i am corrcet that was black c bro that said that part

PeeGeeBeeDee: @77musica You ain't even in The City, bruh. You ain't never even been to The City, bruh. You in YO apartment all alone watchin' pornography rite now, bruh.

YoungAndUnknown: 707!!! Santa Rosa, California BABY!! REPRESENT!

PeeGeeBeeDee: @fadetoblack0116 Or The Niner's without Jerry Rice?

PeeGeeBeeDee: @fadetoblack0116 Or George W. Bush and Standford University without Condoleeza Rice?

lrocc7: freak you freakn rat mt norte mission niggaz run this and you know it freakn wet back

bigjaybone2: bangin ass west coast rap something sorely missing in the rap game today ....music sux now a days

aznrapboi: 41510 BAYAREEEA. REPRESENT!

PeeGeeBeeDee: @seandeeyousee Do you like my body? And I'm Nikki.

PeeGeeBeeDee: @SuckMyClip123 But it is because NOBODY wants Celibate to sound like Joe Dubbs.

dariusdebrow: bay love

PeeGeeBeeDee: I love you Black!


RBLPosse: my first time hearing this....hotttt!!! RBL's BLACK C...1LUV

brayp09: This some JAmmIN ass crap... Im Texas... but crap jammin crap jammin.. they need to play this crap on the radio.. this crap hard.

FG42MOD: yes

Alfred Rahmad: L0C Life 4 Cripz cuzzz

bil lee: is willie hen talking about the avenues in san francisco?

PeeGeeBeeDee: I said, "Cellibate, you needs ta get off that Hill, and get ya ass back off in those streetz.

marshall hall: Nor cal 4 life Miss my Grandma Marge Oakes

Brittany Castro: when i went last monthh...swear i left my fughkn heart derrr.....

mizzshine408: Black C should of rap more pimp

Tyler Ramey: you know we reppin the SFC. Giants goin all the way this year!!!!!!

Frank Wilson: PGBD: Living in America and being racist is like going to Starbucks when you hate coffee. America is the land of diversity. And if you don't like it, feel free to move to a more boring, "purer", plain place. After all, what's a taco without the spice?

David Yee: yes

Javonte Anderson: Yo Real talk I didn't know they made a remix to this song but fa-real this song is off tha chaing I can't get enough of it U Mind if I Post it on Myspace?

ken cool: in the real life sactown(Sacramento) runs CA (California) retards

Dj Tre: they shoulda put 3 more verses with Ya Boy, Rappin 4 Tay, Andre Nickatina, Messy Marv, JT The Bigga Figga, & bailey. Mega sf allstar remix!

PeeGeeBeeDee: @Pee Excuse, ME, Pray Jew Dice.

fresh1012007: whos da one in da song dat says dis song is fo da norte boys and avenues

Katherine Dominiko: We got this

Alfred Rahmad: fucc'n cool eiiite

aznkeo12: all da ppl dat talk crap about dis song or argue on the internet is gay

SuckMyClip123: @PeeGeeBeeDee its not thaa serious

justkillen07: freak u scrapa diz is str8 NORTE fool

PeeGeeBeeDee: @tylertheoneandonly Yes They Is.

fresh1012007: thanx fo da help bruh

seandeeyousee: @PeeGeeBeeDee You dont know crap about rap- show some respect bitch

rank2jr: off da chain

westbound650: LA dont run crap! sewer rats chupan verga

richardx916: thats cellski tho

ale14418: all about dee bay bitche$ dont likee then freakin leave bitche$

1996spacejam: "SF" Bay area all day

uglymancom: North side Cali

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