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Gennemer Roma: One of my favorite korean drama 😘😘😘 amazing

Ame 55: مسللسلي المفضل 😭😭 ذكرياااات

Jayane Ferreira: LOVE IS MUSIC

Dana Alturk: I don't know why this drama failed 😕😕😕 it was amazing

Gopalsamy Ragavan: I love this song. Thanks for sharing.

lora cute: waaaah I miss this😭😭😭

한국인살인인육쳐먹는조선족: When the drama is over. The rest of the thing is this song

Jashbel Goles: I loveee thisss song😍😘

。 밀 리: 最高〜❤❤❤

İsmi Bilinmeyen Kız: omgg

Ÿûng Rk: ذكريات ❤ ولله احساس روعة تجي تسمع اغنية من ذي الاغاني وتتذكر الجو وانت تشوف المسلسل و احداثه روعة 💙

MABEL NG: like this song very much

*: ذكريااات 💘💘

raghed stars: waw

Josh Williams: ياقدمه المسلسل ذا قسم ذكريات

Elise Konicov: Guys seeing this video. you gotta see the show its called Big its freaking predictable but its awesome. Its a korean show so anyone used to subtitles from watching anime then you should totally watch it XD.

Zander Tomenio: im a animelover but when i heared this song it make feel relax and let me think happy thoughs

Ziad elgedawyy: مسلسل "من أنا: :)

‫ايمان‬‎: حبيت الاغنية

kensuke ohtani: I wanna know the meaning this songs letters.please someone translate this song to in English 🙏🏽

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