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Jun 27 2014 by Music agent
Happy Gribi: This is one of my favorite drama song , I have rewatch it 10 times.

khawla amartib: awww <3

Khadidja Ines: Yon jay Daran !!

chloey lim: Ohh>< I missed this Drama!! <3

aveen sdiq: omg how much i miss this dramaaa 

hanife dinç: yeppudaa :D

Sophia Collado: hey you! i love you! hahhah

chaima hadri: hey you <3

enjoy phonix: Hey U I love You <3

Ayam Qawy: Hey you

DutchAnimeCovers: Whow this brings back some good old memories! <3 *Love* this drama and the song ^-^

leejunel: kawaii♥

Paty Chang: Hey U - BIG (빅) OST (FULL SONG)

hannae fouad: <3

Pornpimol K: ^_____^

Sophia Collado: hey you! i love you! :S

hadjar adda: très belle i love you korea

sh3ila064: she is so cute xx

Shumaya Begum: where can yu watch the drama wiv eng sub???

melda ozturk: i love this drama 

Fiorella Unni: simplemente hermosa musica! :')

izabela yalin: I love this drama♥♥♥♥

izabela yalin: I love this song!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ ~Hey U x)♥♥♥♥♥

sosy sama: yy <3 <3

Yousra Doukhou: I am a big fan ilooooveyouuu♥

stayoutofmyemail135: Sherlock Holmes, never thought he would go for this kind of music. Does John know about this?

سوووما ..: اعشششق دددي الاغنننييييه

Miles Borbor: just finished watching it. nobody knows how much i was screaming

Samo fhd: والله روعه مشالله

chan kelvin: Good song <333333

Ah ra: cute song ever.best drama ever

Amran Abdulahi: love this movie

fatima hamdi: hey you

Froggy Sunshiner: Such A Cute Voice *-* (♥.♥)

Yunsuk CHOI: 베니 ㅋㅋ ベニが歌ます

xxRockxQatarxx: Hey you❤

ahlamlous: I love this song 3

Faiza Ismail: i like this song....

Jace Rebano: Nice Voice

kaya1026daisuki: いい曲!!

Ahmad Jayosi: Hey U

Oscar Lim Ao Zhe: Of course

Same Ha: Great *.* I love this drama ..

Alloul Mohammed: Love Youuu

has9306: Hey you

rand12377: اموت في اغنية

Nur Aisyah: cute s0ng ^^

cesnavs: Yup...I miss 2

KurtSenna Celso: i miss BIG

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Hey U - BIG (빅) OST (FULL SONG) 4.9 out of 5