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robbiemit: looks like i want to know your name from The Intruders. but Sharon makes it just more beautiful

marknorthwest93: What a voice.  Raising a family rated higher than seeking fame for Sharon, and thankfully  she made a  handful of recordings for us  to enjoy!

Jerry Cummings: Classic Sharon Paige and the Sound of Philadelphia

Gilberto Lima: Impactante

J Eshun: Those who didnt know her name, now will do so after hearing this lovely tune, Sharon Paige first came to prominence as the female voice on the 1979 Harold Melvin The Blue album & to me its the best album they ever made, the sad thing is that she never ever made an album, what a voice too, she got married & mothered 2 kids, musical talent wasted eh? loved to heard a complete album by this talented woman

Wayne Foster: MAN -O- MANICHEVITCH. Mrs. Sharon Page Can Sing. I heard that after she sang with Harold Mevin &The Blue Notes Featuring Teddy Pendergrass, she had to take care of her family 2 kids plus a husband. She Was One Of The Greatest Female Singers Who Sang With Feeling & Emotion.... Mellowdeous Song Singing!!!!

Norma Nixon: "I'm Singing This While Playing My Piano Right Now"...

universityofwtmp: I also hear a little Barbara Mason and a touch of Linda Jones in her voice.

universityofwtmp: Yes. Sharon Paige's voice is like medicine to the soul. And so classy sounding. (In a way she reminds me of Marilyn McCoo.) I want to hear more.

pattie daniels: you know this is similar to i wanna you name by the intruders a pretty female version.

jo22338601: Nice come back

Blake Gildaphish: this is my first time hearing sharon paige sing without the bluenotes. pretty good song. thanks for posting.

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