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Adel Kimitashi Asoka Mohov: Still here 🤘

philip desien: Rocking James Durbin in house Go rock n roll.

ana montagnard: I'm big fan of you james Durbin . Love you. Subscribe more...and like..

Michael Sans: i really like this song a lot

Kpoole25: PDX Winterhawks!

Tyler Joseph's iRenew Bracelet: James is so freaking talented I love him so much

Dragon born: Can someone tell me what Tourette's syndrome is and how it affects the person?

dinman68: This is a pretty bad ass song, can't believe I'm just now hearing it.

Charleen Swiger: quiet riots new singer

FPChris: Autotune from the very. first. word.

Abel Pony: Music is a bit on the mainstream side, but at the same time, I am not gonna deny it of a high rating. Please keep producing more.

Neils Svenssen: such a generic sounded heavy song

Jeff McLeroy: wait...corey Feldman?

The King Kaden: Please make more music

last first: I have no respect for this guy whatsoever. He started off playing heavy metal, influenced by bands like Priest and Maiden, and then he allowed the corporate machine to turn him into a pop musician. He should have stood up for himself instead of allowing them to change him and make him into just another pop artist. He really sold out big time.

Maria G: AMAZING!!!!!!!

bubba_at_youtube: Adid anyone see him like 3 years ago at the boardwalk? He has a concert there

shaun123456789987: He freakin rocks!!

The Mashie Niblick: This is interesting, it's rock n roll but it has that pop music feed back at the same time. It's a better song then most people because it has a good groove.

Susan Dyck: this one is one of my fav's

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