Sally Goodin - Fiddle Music Ricky Skaggs

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burrencrawler: My favourite version ever, great speed/groove, TODALLY god damn cool!!!!

charles brown: Love it!!

Joy T: Excellent playing!

Himekahorselover: Holy shiiitake I wish I could play like this!!!!!!!!!!

crop9901: cool vid thanks

Tracy3006: I have the album that this recording came from. It's JD Crowe and The New South, first album. An album I bought back in the late '70s. The one with "Old Home Place" and "Summer Wages" on it. The release date was 1975. While looking for the date online, I found this web page about the album. YouTube won't let me post the link, so search for JD Crowe and The New South's first album. It has all info and a pic of the album cover. It is a landmark album for bluegrass music.

Melissa Chan: Does anyone know where/if we can buy this song? Thanks.

gino066: Damn, Rick's aged.

Lane Crooks: WOW! I was just thinking about this song. I love Ricky & Boone Creek's version of Sally Goodin! Thanx for posting!

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Sally Goodin - Fiddle Music Ricky Skaggs 5 out of 5