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Nati Makoka: indeed this is the best song ever

slindile magabela: just listen to the message

Oscar ombeni_2: cool. i like it

Graceful by Grace: Crying 😢, l love this song! 

Erma Johnson: I love this awesome worship! I am longing for this in my Church; Pray that my Church will catch on fire! This is what I long far Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Sinjonjo B: That trousers though lol

Joan M. Hwang: What a wonderful song

bshaidy: this song never used to have so much static, pls can you upload another version, it is impossible to hear it from the middle upwards, or kindly send a link to purchase it, I've looked on iTunes

jenny muigai: amazing....we loooove you here in kenya.....
i watches this song on tv and its absoulutely awesome...though i dont understand the language....

Obriki Esse: Can someone out there please do me a mighty favour by re-uploading the song? This version is scratched. God bless you.

Anne Jeptoo: God has been so gracious - your music is so wonderful though i may not understand the words, i usually google for the lyrics and get the translation in english - it is such a blessing listening to you wonderful music the messages are powerful and inspiring. When i get down/bored in office, i put on my speaker phones and listen to the beats and voices, it wakes me up to the Lord. I love your praise and worship. Will visit one of your shows in South Africa

Beata Ndinondjene: wow this is amazing keke, Solly and kgotso shuu !! keep singing for the Lord.. I was down mourning my aunt but after listening to this song it empowered me .. Glory be to GOD

Taapopi Enkara: Can someone please please please tell me where to get a much clearer version (recording) of this song (Bonang Suna), doesn't matter which version, isiZuli, isiXhosa....English, oshiwambo, Damara....whatever version

Cm Cmuhadiah: from south all the way up. It is time

Cm Cmuhadiah: Please other African nations wake up and embrace God . I have faith in him and it is working for me. I lost my phone in a matatu. didn't know the number plate or colour. but by faith I was directed by a tout at the stage three hours after when I went there. he remembered me and even the vehicle I boarded

Lotheling Tanner: What I could hear was beautiful but there was so much background static midway through the clip that made it impossible to hear it!

Philani Mazibuko: Our great physician Ongezeli Ongalali

charles omojola: This is soul moving

Lucia Senne: It reminds me of my pastor...whenever these song is worshiped i cry and i cant explain why... I love JESUS..

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