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vcav22: it still is crazy that my cousin Ben directed this video

Elvina Akira Matsumoto: Who's watching this again in 2017? I DO!! Very Love this song, and love her long hair like in this video. Miss her long hair :(

Janice Douglas: Love it when you sing

THEY DIE WE LIVE: Theres a hole in my biscuit! freak!!!

THEY DIE WE LIVE: Theres a hole in my asshole!

Ibrahim Ahmed: Who else like pretty carly look at 1:00 t0 1:45

citlaly cat: ❤😭

Jarren Ajero: PH / 2017 ❤️

MA_sK_ANT_ jE_MoDZ2: Nice voice

ᘐᘎᙢᗰ૪ ᕼᘮᔕḰ૪ ッ: freaking disgusting song like who would freaking wrote this I need to put holy water and clear my search history after this.

Okxy xCherry Msp: this is baddddddd lol

Joch Bermudez: 2017 BITCH

I go 0 to 011 mike real quick: Anyone watching in 2017?

Thomas Liddle: I like the fact it was filmed in BC at Spanish Banks in Vancouver

the bffs channel: WOW😘

Barbucha Langoška: yes super

Awesomejuggler20: I love all the comments on this video complaining about how this is porn when it's far from that. Lol. How stupid can you people get? I'm pretty sure porn is something involving nudity and is there nudity in this video? NO, there ISN'T. Lol. The comments this video is getting are so dumb that they're hilarious. If you want to see a dirty music video, search ''Hedley anything''. That video is far more dirty than this video. That video shows the bands lead singer fully naked. Rethink before commenting.

EDM: wonderful music !!
It's slow music

Prajakta: there isno pornography in the vid????

Leah Barron: Anyone else here from Todd in the shadows?

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