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Dzaki Fauzan: iiiiiiiiiiiiiii lllloooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeee it

Tristan Robertson: C'm o n, g u y s2 Two Thumbs Up! tasty statuesque W h a t d o y o u t h i n k, g u y s.1. !!!!!

PotatoGamer Raptor: The Homestucks send their regards

Karolcia2210: a love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mina Ferhatbegovic: theres a hoe in my bucket / meaning: theres a pickle in my asshole

Anna Karjalainen: What's up, luys. Breathtakmng. notebook soap What's your opinion about thiw

Candace Roberts: Love her voice!!!!!!

Weronika Gaca: I LOVE

세이버 (Saber): 이거볼때마다 ㅈ같은 영화 광고뜬다 시발

BD_Coleção: This song is so cute!!

Karan Kanchan: how can some one be so fly!

Togrul Qurbanov : 05.03.2016

Ethan Gaming: she's so beautiful love her

Togrul Qurbanov : since 2016 only Bucket

Fredrick Rogers: This song deserves a lot more views that just 6.5 million!!!!

TiwRemix Channal: i like so much carly rae jepsen

Moises Hudson: i Don't Know 😍❤

TheMissy51: still watching this in 2016 <3

Fluttershy 1247: There's a hole in my bucket I don't see how we are supposed to build a castle now yeah I just realised that it makes sense to me now

Mr Walsh: looks like Spanish Banks! ;D

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