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Paola Torcasio: Carly sei davvero forte. Ho detto alle mie amiche cdi guardarti.

Dawn Nangit: Anyone watching this in 2015!!

Izzie Kerivan: I like her new music but like her old stuff is just so good!! I miss this like chill (read: not so pop sounding) Carly.

naresh morales: Buckets yeah!

Philippe kikou: Ambiance baba cool !!
Ha lalala !!

Jeremy Young: does she say "freak it" at the beginning?

Erika LeBlanc: soo catchy

Alex Keith: How was this song super popular on the radio here in Canada? It's like the stations were really needing a Canadian singer and were like "ahhh... this is a song about buckets...oh well"

Jeremy Young: did they ever build a castle?

Phanith Potter: I love pop folk. so fresh. Love carly

Jess Express: Trolls must think this song is weird

MadLibsxox: I guess people really don't get that this song is based on a nursery rhyme......

Johnny Leung: This was my first Carly Rae Jepsen song, changed so much

Len Kagamine: All of the Homestucks.... 

Robert Helms: love this song

Grace .I.P. Alner: I like this song!

Gwen Williams: She is...... Gorgeous 

Electra Cat: Great song,  sadly, this talent has been wasted due to popularity, now its all about relationships. What about this cute style? Tug of war was great.

Antonella Bianca bis: CARLY RAE JEPSEN...

reshiram32: This... is a bucket.
Dear God...

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