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Mar 17 2014 by MP3 Download
DimensionBucket: Hole in my bucket? I could swear there weren't any last week.

jokoreich: This is actually a really chill reggae like song.

_Swiftie_: I'm Jepsie then : Happy Birthday Carly !!!!

santaclaus152: 986 people are buckets

TheSamRSS: Is it just me, or does this song sound just like love is an open door from the movie frozen?

John Egderp: What In the ever loving *freak*

MyLifeAsLouis: I miss her old hairstyle

shelly singh: nice

Jems The Master: 1k people are deaf...

Lisanne Hofstra: whooow love it

abdula abula: Classy One carly!! :p 

Kanaya Maryam: Humans Never Cease To Amaze Me With Their Ridiculous Lewdness

tweakradje: Hey! Michael Franti / Spearhead ;o) Catchy.

Gara Sand: love her ................ vary talanted

Every Night We Meet: Hello! I'm a pop artist from Sweden and I just put *new songs* up today. If you like Bucket by CRJ then I think you'd like them also. *Thanks for supporting new music!*

Anni Talamantes: Ohh<3

Teamoei TheMan: How has this borderline pornographic video been on youtube for so long? At least put some warning on the title.

Cassandre Cantault: CARLY<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

Yadi Acevedo: She got ruined by Justin Bieber's influence lol


David McDonald: Oh my god she has a forehead I thought I would never see it with those thick bangs

HaremofScorpions: She really can't sing. At least she's hot. Why am I here?

abu harby: Nice

Terezi Pyrope: GOOD LORD WH4T TH3 freak

Christina Yoo: This song is so catchy and fun! Wonder why this isn't popular ><

OriginalMissTee: Loved this before the "Call Me Baby" frenzy.

Sakura Takahashi: This song is disgusting and borderline pornographic. Seriously, I'm 6 sweeps and there was no warning on this!!!! DISGUSTING!!!!

pierinacoll: 0:15 cute smile alert!

Nick Vicenzi: What.s not to like? I was young and full of dreams at one time sand is good ! Love the tune and the Lady

Gemi Hugo: Ami me encanta

Luna Flow: ...i remember when i had a hole in my bucket when i went to the beach a few years ago.... that was so sad cause then i really couldnt build a castle...

Sara Kohlman: Hi

Barbara Mendes: Orrivel

Lauren J: Oh gog, buckets. 

dude jucks: I have been litterally searching for this song since 2010! Found it just now and today the date is December.21 2013

Amabel Rene: My new 2 fave songs! Everyone's obsessed with call me maybe but im obsessed with these!!! Carly Rae Jepsen - Sour Candy ft. Josh Ramsay Carly Rae Jepsen - Bucket

marc köbrunner: I love this song!

Nyrese Davenport: +Carly Rae Jepsen 

Yvonne M Kadeshi Johnson: there's a hole in your bucket.........................

William Yan: 

Eli Baillie: i love summer :)

Eddie Carrington: Oh sure, this song isn't some musical masterpiece. But the melody is catch and it made me feel good, so I thought. Hey why not share it!

James Banks: This song sounds strangely Canadian.

Gabriela Centurion Neumann: She's lovely :)

Alejandro Rentería Almaráz: Me relaja :)

Nick Vicenzi: And by the way ! If you get stuck on the sand in a car jack it fill in the rut and then pour water on the path the sand get,s more dense and you can get back to hard ground. This I know for a fact!!!!!!!!!!

Amandine Sol: Carly You are pretty

tamlamsammam: How many Homestucks are in the comments? ^_^

sasha fox: And then karkat came in...

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