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lia nakamoto: Porqué no os suscrirbis

Kana Franz: love this song >_<

iXCrasherXi: does anyone else think her first album was GOLD and totally underrated?!

attker89: The Homestuck fandom is already here!

chlsea Curbelo: Me!!!!!

AnonymousHomestuck Fangirl: suggestively raises eyebrows

Jason Janse: great song :)

Mboo8 The Roblox Master (Roblox name is Mboo8): This song is perverted ._.

Weerapong Sasingh: 1:29 Like if you think that Carly looks like Scarlett Johansson.

Jordan Koizumi: Check out this playlist on YouTube:

Vincent Battistel: With this natural look, she is more beautiful than ever, really.

RaYni69: I listen this song flor first time ¡ o.o

I'm here To pass messages: WH4T 3V3N 1S TH1S

Isaf: She looks like Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars. (Ashley Benson)

yoncé.planet: Only 40 comments Why Why Why 😢

Jennifer Taylor: thank god she has moved on from this

palo: megan turi

caca stallworth: Ok he has a 6 pack 

Aleyna Akçadağ: We're in 2015 and this song is still perfect

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