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Sep 01 2014 by Fresh releases
sulekha hirsi: these firls are bantu Somalis do it better but whatevers. they should stop wearing our clothes

AYO VICK: Sabrina there is no song its just call Bantu dancing

Broken Glass: Its bantu, but also called niiko! Lmao somalis >>> KKKKKKK

Nawal Abdi: Dum they kill it

Nawal Abdi: Dum they kill it

AYO VICK: When put the cloth on her it just she killd the game and we are proud


AYO VICK: Yesssss i miss it

Abdi Muse: Somli. K

Shamim Ahmed Hussein: song name plzz

Macho Machos: Somali women are very beautiful and sweet, I would kiss their between the legs and ass all his life!

amin faarax: Thanks for your help Thanks a lot

CABDI CALI: caadi ma ahan gabdhaheyna weeyba shidan yahiin... qolka walaalaha isjecel e 9669 o lagusoo galo 712-432-3566 kusoo dhawaada.

amin faarax: Youtube is the highest idle technology in this century! Google is the best co -ordination all of the world ! 

moha yare: xaaaaax mida garba saarka madow dhexda ugu xiranyahay taas waye mida guska igu kacay aniga inta kale waa eber waxba ma ogo 

Gina Ghanney: this reminds me of the punta dance in garifuna culture in Honduras

Sabrina Mohamed: Someone PLEASEEE tell me the name of this song!!!! I love it!

dANIELLElOVE: why did they start putting the cloth on her when she started reeeally getting down

Hooyo Macaan: Heesta macageed?

B.Crew: How is a cultural dance deemed "childish"! Lmao, you racist prick! Is belly dancing, tango, afro-flamenco, Newa, Kathak "childish"? Or the waltz? You are a racist/ignorant fool whom I believe has a white supremacy superiority complex, because of calling other cultural dances that are important to a variety of ethnic peoples. If its very "childish, your moronic twat, then why watch the video? You clearly searched the video, or at least had the intention to click on it from the sidebar, pervert.

Dolma Sherpa: I scanned some of the posts. I feel that that is a sensible clip. My younger brother just would like to become extraordinary with women. He figured out a lot from a site called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The ideas on attracting women from nightclubs in those emails through that site gave got him his first sex in around 2 years. I was really displeased though given that I heard them all.

Anab Ali: still better then one of your dances

B.Crew: Obviously great...he killed innocent people. And there will be more if the US.. doesn't stop it's imperialist journeys overseas.

Lisa Nunn: so sad I cant dance like that :(

arodardoardo: @pashun88 lol knowing that i am not the only one makes me feel so much better thanks :P

ComradeAgopian: That first lady dancing , is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen online . She deserves a White man , who will treat her like a goddess .

missy farah: @arodardoardo looool

Devin Williams: the original twerk; nothing new under the sun, lol

arodardoardo: i feel like i am the ONLY Somali girl who can't Niiko!! my ass is just not designed to move like that lol.

MrGaashaanle1: alaaaaaaaaaaaa waxaasaa niiko ah

BeautifulDances: @nasreen51 If you are female then men will get horny just by smelling you. All this is African and if you are not into it then you must had originated somewhere else.

Abdirahman Mohamoud: al shabaab are watching this 0_0

mustsf50: Niiko macsan

habalayo: shout freak up gay ass

H25I03B19A91: This is Bantu dancing; these people live all over Africa not just Somalia and this is their traditional dance!

Liban Amore: Girls can control me Daammnn.. when watching this video my tongue falls outside and watering like a dog

halwahma: @arodardoardo I noticed that it seems to be the smallest girls can do niiko best! lol just try harder

Shaxaaari: Yaab badaa bililiqada youtube ka socoto

fyabun: Fantastic, One can watch this without it feeling all nasty like some of the American stuff. You could happily sit and watch with your kids or your granny for that matter.

somaliahilfe: We help the People of Somalia in Mogadishu Voluntary Hospital w w w SomaliaHelp com

Ismaail Nuur: inkaar ha idin ku dhacdo maxeey ahayeen ku waan

winnie may: Sorry to dissapoint you but somalis are not arab ass kissers. Far from it actually why dont you go and watch your bantu niko and try and avoid insulting my people. Why is it other africans are so obsessed with horners. Don't worry about us go worry about your own people :)

aisha sweety: 2 millon

abdi abdullahi: damn... nice booty control... i like that....

DeeDee .Last: -_- damn son. Habash are Ethiopian, you can't be habash and Somali it's like being Germany and American at the same time. And Somalis are pretty.

dalla112: 41 qof ee dislike ku sameeyay videokan shidan ma gabdho maseersan oo aqoon niiko abaa mase wa qaniisiin qof dhici karoba jirin alaabtan siiba marqaan time

shlomo ayal: cool

B.Crew: How am I a lesbian? I am not, far from it. This is my culture. Your comment is poorly stated to point it confuses me, grammatically incorrect, and in fact, CHILDISH! You are either racist or plain stupid, either way continue one watching the video again and again and again....

nasrahtifow8: Aha at messeri1... Our Somali girls are beautiful .. And we do the best twerking ever!!!!

B.Crew: WTF??? Why you talking ARAB Extremist politics on an East African video. Propaganda! And for Somali pirates,they ARE Robin Hood how you "White people" stay the hell out of Africa. Stop dumping nuclear waste in Somalia, stealing gold and uranium from Mali, gold from Ghana, jewels for Tanzania.You think the American government is innocent,they ARE NEO-COLONIZING Africa as we speak. That's why there are Pirates and Resistance group in West Africa! No Somali is Pirate is screaming "Allahu Akbar"!

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