ISHIN - Sumaringa (Official Music Video)

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Stevie Olsen: mangere reppin 😊 love this song 💖

Horce-Force Kiai: This song always makes my family happy😁

Jorden Henare: whats the last verse? can i get the lyrics please anyone?

Latoya Neki: Love this song and who is listing to this in 2016? In the new year time.

Citizen Kane: i like this songs

Lee Tauu: Maine boys Kuki airani all day mauke pride bleh

Brandi Danny: I love this song💙

Naomi Moeroa: Tumeke Song Guyz..

Afitu Fakatava: love this song thanks lusia for sending it to me I like it im listening to it everyday

Lusia Tokelau: This is the other version to foi lole

Hikutavake1: Mean jam far better then the tongan one 

lili tato: Shotz

PIRAU SUU: whats that word that you like SUMARINGA whats that word that you like when im lovin you

xXCROOKS FTWXx: Bro that's crack up lol my old bike is in there I remember saleing it to that guy. 

Rina Aries Kopu: awesome song and so loving it to the max

Sarah Samuel: beautiful song... good on youse ISHIN

Jj Rolfe: Saku boyz keep it up 👍 cookisland pride 

Wiremu Thompson: Weres thhis beinng video ,nd Mangere or Onehungaa??

Malachi Paiti: "What's that word that you like, SUMARINGA!, what's that word that you like when I'm loving you!" Love this song 

Parys Tetevano-Niwha: Love how the song is so mellow and the beats and the singing is just perf !! make more songs like this hahaha

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ISHIN - Sumaringa (Official Music Video) 5 out of 5