ISHIN - Sumaringa (Official Music Video)

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Apr 03 2015 by New Music
Rina Aries Kopu: awesome song and so loving it to the max

Sarah Samuel: beautiful song... good on youse ISHIN

Malachi Paiti: "What's that word that you like, SUMARINGA!, what's that word that you like when I'm loving you!" Love this song 

Jj Rolfe: Saku boyz keep it up 👍 cookisland pride 

Wiremu Thompson: Weres thhis beinng video ,nd Mangere or Onehungaa?? 

Jesse Mata: Lolz i got this song from mah brotha

Loreta Tuigamala: Niceeee

Ana Mesui: POLY PRIDE!!! :) :)

Emily Que: Hey thats a good song

ahnari Tay: , Lol you people are hilarious , big brother jay Klixz , u rock 

Manu Eli: 👏 💞 👌👍😘😳😍☺😊😆😁 love it <3

Parys Tetevano-Niwha: Love how the song is so mellow and the beats and the singing is just perf !! make more songs like this hahaha

Jesse Mata: im cook island and maori

Loreta Tuigamala: Nicer

MultiKiaora: Love this song!!!

Sapphirè Antonio: Shot Clerk's older brother and his mates :-)

Trevs Oner: i think is KAI URE or WANO MOE! lol

Puti Thacker: LISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyerena Roberts: hard

Tashay Tya: i love this song so mij hehehehehehe icant believe im actually saying this hehehe

Leykea Hunter: Love it<3

lex puri: Haha yea boii my people doing it bigg!


Christina Mare: , ive got that sumaringa swag(-;

ZEROpointOH: it will be cool if they were on x factor hahahahaha

Le Tiara Arono: The men who sing this, I was wandering if they know Alan Roi? :o

Tatiana Mahina: COOOL song!!! :)

Nemia Teariki: far buzzing mix

Tongarevapwince: Sumaringa means BEAUTIFUL !! Such as beautiful person, woman !! Anything beautiful !! What'sz that word that you like "SUMARINGA" which means BEAUTIFUL !!

tia i: proud to be cookie RAROTONGA ALLDAYY CUZ

Sharz Rangitaawa: I love this song :) Cook Island hard!

unable datem: LOL aht tha jik that wants ta marry jay haha! He has 3kids lol fully taken!

Josephine Rhodes-tuhimata: <3 ilove yuu guys!! :)


Ossbay Adylay: That song you guys are singing at the start of the video is really good, did you guys finish that ?

Imkins HD: Didn't they steal Tahiti's culture ?

J2DAROW: It means beautiful girl my cousin told me.

Isis r: Beautiful


XxxN3RCOxxX: it means beautiful like u

James Rimamate: cook islands 4 evah sumaringa

unable datem: E bradas noteaha SUMARINGA rai koutou!

jessica llevga: this is the best song ever

Dre Skeez: saku allday! :-)

Joshua Samuel: beautiful

Jacob Panapa: cookie boyz guud on yhu loving this sing :)

Metua Taime: your Hori, GEEET!!!

Toy Mit: means beautiful in the Penryhn dialect of the Cook Islands.

Hare Koha: Loving it my bruvaz, keep it coming...SUMARINGA!!!

Ramari Hare: mean song

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ISHIN - Sumaringa (Official Music Video) 4.9 out of 5