ISHIN - Sumaringa (Official Music Video)

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Fan Comments

SG Pearce: Saku Rep"🙌🏻🙌🏻

TONGAN BOYS MC: The Tongan one is better

Jordan Misi N.S 22%: That first song doe, waht is it called?

vicky mataora: proud to b cook island still love this song man

Rugged Baby: Favorite song😍💙💙

Devonte Sa'u: Solid Music

Aaron Curran: Trying to download on my phone

Benion Sagaukaz: I introduced this song to to C.N.S Queensland Australia. what it do!!! 👅👌👍😎

NzFinest-007 FPS BY HEART: sup j taime ur brother keaps here. stil love dis track 2dis day. chur brother hold it down for AO dayz hahah

Barry Joe: B_@zz@&&

Nelson Okai: love it

Jamaine 275: beast song

Parerima Wiki-Cummings: love

maria clements: shot boiz daang if only i meet my mrs 1 year early i would of been in this Forbury styles

Yrelka lionel: love song

Wayne Tihi: this is a cool song

Ana Evans: me

Devinajentian Jentian: I I wanna freak

jack the ripper: Awesome

Alex Reatere: i like the song

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ISHIN - Sumaringa (Official Music Video) 5 out of 5