Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD)

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Jun 29 2014 by Gossips
Jayme Gutierrez: Hummm, @ 1:55 on the word "apart", autotune error? 

Hell x Bunny: Wow just found out about this! Really good! I have to say much better than the recent videos the actual Gaga has made.

Alejo cardona: is that girl the really gaga??

Stefania Perez: esa no es gaga

Deorgenes Gonçalves: amo

francesco ghignone: Gaga love

David J: If this were really Lady Gaga there would be about 20 more costume changes.

Lilium Alfphiem: how comes Gaga has the guys also in skirts? does she always keep the background dancers equal in outfits? O.o

R20966: Anyone got the link to the Gaggettes (spelling?) video?

EchoReanimation: I'd really appreciate it if you guys could check out the Dance In The Dark lyric video on my channel, and I have newer Gaga songs lyric videos too. Thank you :)

keanu whittier: ok so y ddid she said shooting the video in the beginning was the haredest part cuzz she had to hold her breath for a long period of time......yea it's in her glamourkitty u shud check it out....i did two days ago......she talks about wen she now started out and every song she did.

jeiner pedroza: it's so cute

Martine Cnossen: wow I though for a while it was Gaga O.o, great job . ♥

Deorgenes Gonçalves: Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD)

Soulof Aetherym: I honestly can't stop watching this!

Wleyner Machado: I really love this Fan Made. xoxo

Deorgenes Gonçalves: Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD)

Dyney Fernando: :D

Ketty Villalva Gomez: Baby loves dance in the dark ..... 

Adam Marfinko: Fake 

Rina Parnanzone: "Find your freedom in the music" <3 <3 <3

zadquiel lugo: este video es impresionante, esta echo por una fan de lady gaga, Lo amaras;)

Soulof Aetherym: I reiterate that you should see this video, whether a Gaga-fan or not. Normal people got together, and spent their money, time, and soul into making this. And it is beautiful:

jamie jones: its not lady gaga shes a French model playing the part.

Alireza Arasteh: Lady Gaga Dance in the Dark

Kristina Kim: amazing!!!!

Edwin Nateros: dance in the dark debio ser single de the fame monster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........seria perfecto

Oscar Glass: i like it no.. i love it but she is not using high hills

franziiii: Wrong title

rafał sosnowski: 7 March in Poland Women's Day is celebrated on this occasion for all colleagues from work alone dance to the song Lady Gaga Dance in the dark I want to prove what I'm capable of and I really am her fan

aVeryIntelligentDog: BTW I watched this video many times before I realized it wasn't the real Lady Gaga. I always thought this was her best song, but it barely got played on the radio... I guess that's why I'm not a big fan of pop music.

TheFamousMonster: I love it! :)

InvisiKid: This video reminds me a lot of Rocky Horror Picture Show, which makes it even better IMO. 

Muti Rahmawati: is it her song ?

alleytrash666: Well made though. I like the idea.

Matheus Góes: no its not Gaga

Mario Cesar Cruz: Hey this is not Gaga! It's a wonderful video! LITTLE MONSTERS ♥


Kitty Cat: I love her music after I head gaga I really got into her music I just love her type of style

WorldRPHeart: The song really belonged to Lady Gaga but it was rejected(?) then this is a fan made to support her

WookieNutSack: I know this isnt gaga, but damn good job on this video. Dance In The Dark is one of Gaga's most underrated songs

Мадина Искакова: omg Kate Clapp! :D

Qanada Headlongs: Is it one of best gaga's look? or best one? very pretty

Jonathan L: Korean Tv used this video with Crayon Pop's video as a new, they thought it is an official music video.LOL 

nutcasefruitcake: Wonderful video :D Always loved this song of hers <3

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