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Aug 02 2014 by MP3
keanu whittier: haha who fooled you guys?? this is the real ladygaga! see the tattoo on her right arm?? yea that's the real gaga

Lilium Alfphiem: how comes Gaga has the guys also in skirts? does she always keep the background dancers equal in outfits? O.o

Arom Arce: She said "Fight the jesus"??????????????? youre really a demon

charly aibar: i wating for your dwuw video pleaseeee!

Hell x Bunny: Wow just found out about this! Really good! I have to say much better than the recent videos the actual Gaga has made.

wolverineboy97: You did a marvellous Job!

jamie jones: its not lady gaga shes a French model playing the part.

Alejo cardona: is that girl the really gaga??

Stefania Perez: esa no es gaga

AaronQ1222: Nope, that's not her. I would know...

Jayme Gutierrez: Hummm, @ 1:55 on the word "apart", autotune error? 

daniela little monster alpert: this is'nt gaga, all my life was a lie :(

Maria Belen Del Russo: This is not Gaga!

Giancarlo Lama: claramente no es lady gaga, ¿quien aparece entonces? ¡¡saludos a todos!!

francesco ghignone: Gaga love

jeiner pedroza: it's so cute

James Edward Germanotta-Maragh: this would have been the best video of gagas......

David J: If this were really Lady Gaga there would be about 20 more costume changes.

Fernando Castellanos: How did you manage the part of the copyright? I´m really interested in making a fanmade with another Gaga´s song, but i´m worried about that part, if you could help me with that part it could be awesome, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

keanu whittier: ok so y ddid she said shooting the video in the beginning was the haredest part cuzz she had to hold her breath for a long period of time......yea it's in her glamourkitty u shud check it out....i did two days ago......she talks about wen she now started out and every song she did.

Manu cueva: Precioso vídeo.

Danna Little Monster: No es Gaga pero su interpretación fue excelente. #Gaga 

Alireza Arasteh: Lady Gaga Dance in the Dark

Kristina Kim: amazing!!!!

hookzAndBendz: Ye but this is not gaga

Edwin Nateros: dance in the dark debio ser single de the fame monster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........seria perfecto

Oscar Glass: i like it no.. i love it but she is not using high hills

Alexxa zetta: Siempre crei que la chica era GAGA con razon me parecia bastante extraña. pero muy buen video y si que me engaño bastante hasta hoy

TheFamousMonster: I love it! :)

Jonathan Matias: Mi canción favorita!!!!!! 

gustavo trujillo: ¿Es Gaga? no se parece :O

Stefan Nadj: awsome

Muti Rahmawati: is it her song ?

Martine Cnossen: wow I though for a while it was Gaga O.o, great job . ♥

Lucas Seffer: Good job guys ! I'm proud of you :)

Mike Wolff: Wieso schreiben hier alle Englisch ?? Aber egal , ich LIEBE dieses Video ! War noch nie auf einem Konzert :-( , bin aber erst 11 . Gehe in Oktober zum Konzert nach Hamburg ♥ .

glitter julia: every now and then I stumple upon one of these music videos. the only major difference I see between these and a real gaga video is that these have a smaller budget. all the elements are here though. these are all so good

Gissell Alvarez: No es Gaga :/ Pero muy bueno el video 3

Len Pinochet: This is so good that its recognized as the real video on Google search! LOL 

Steven Loranger: of course that is Lady Gaga

rdv27: She can't dance...

Viany Sandoval: The Hillywood show <3

Larissa Mendes: Por um momento achei que era a Lady Gaga mesmo! E ela esqueceu de começar a cantar... tá! HUAHEUHAUEHUAHUEHAUEHAUHEUAHUEHAUEHAUHEUAHUE

Patricio Gallar Lorenzo: old but gold

InvisiKid: This video reminds me a lot of Rocky Horror Picture Show, which makes it even better IMO. 

DoncelGaga: what kinda joke is this xddd lmao

Perseus M: good work! however the wigs were horrible!

David J: When it comes to fan made videos this one ranks right up there!

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