Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD)

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b3z3rk3r2: this video is ..... f*******g awesome !!!!!!!! I thinked that is official clip !!!!!! That man who made this .... big big big respect

Dailyn Herrera: ilovegaga

Estera Kowalczyk: tak taniec

Josh: She looks nothing like Gaga. I don't know what you guys are talking about. But it's a good video!

MR AMY Bodulka: tha video is gaga-like, only gaga is missing :D

Valle Trezzine: So Happy :D

Aimee Turner: Who's this imposter ?

Seong Hyoon S Kang: so awesome its like a shock

Elias Sousa: caracas vc dedica tanto nesses clips de coração parabéns muito bom !

Mithra Changu: this is amazing! at first i thought it was am original gaga video wow

Andreza albuquerque: my favorite one

Erik Tafoya: freak you amy you ugly bitch

jaiblue25: Well made, beautiful woman. But the wigs gah, lol.

KiMbErOcKeR EmPrEsSkIm: wow... i hope someday i will be one of Gaga's dancer or part of her music video haha
well this video deserved to be appreciated, at first, this video did not waste too much money, but the video is considered as world class... it is way better than the music videos that only BUTT are the stars

Christine Runquist: jessica said oh look forward to

goldieyesgods: Still watching 2016😆👏👏👏

Anna Ryšavá: Love you! <3

Sachumqu: illumemati was here.

Marcin Molko: I'm free bitch

#83279 random guy: IM WATCHING THIS IN 2016 BABY! This song is some of the best not to mention this stunning music video!!!

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Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD) 5 out of 5