Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD)

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Alex Escobar: omg :o :'(

Elizabeth Gonzalez: I was going crazy for a minute. Definitely not Gaga but still great!

Alokenthebitch: 2017..hmm.
she can still eat me if she wants.

Nolan Aljaddou: Now I get what this computer, and others, are gearing to do. They're trying to get me to open my jaw. Or make a clamorous declaration of some sort. They didn't get the internet, computer, or the Facebook - as that psychological sublimation device of infinitely greater atomic power.

Åsa Berger: Love this!!!

MonsterMusic55: Tbh when i first saw it i thought she didnt release it like the Do What U Want video so meh its cool a fan made this

Tomas Jephersin: At First I Thought This Was The VIDEO!!!!

Whoever Did This Deserves A ROUND OF APPLAUSE!!!!!


Thank U For Ur ART

Francisco Carreón: It was a perfect illusion! In 2011 I thought this was the official video, now six years later I still loving it! Great job, amazing. Love you guys <3

Eduardo Conejo: I love when I listened the instrumental sound of this song during the Gaga entrance in Super Bowl Half Time Show.

Tamara Turner: this is amazing

Kobe Nikoláyev: Great, great job you guys. :D

Paulo Almeida: congrats on the video

Charmbo C: who came here after watching super bowl? lol

Daniel santiago: wait what its fan made?? wtf shes really looks like gaga

alexis fernandez: This video is really good! I dont care if it is a fan made one...

TheEpicZmaster: The intro reminds me of the Tron movie...

Carlos Contreras Miquilena: Awesome fan made

ragga rocks: BEST version..makes me remember my boy-friending past ;p so i quit after loving this song.. hahaha

CUPCAKE23: el 90% de los fans de gaga creyeron creyeron que este video era de gaga, incluso en wikipedia esta puesto como el ultimo single de the fame monster, hasta little monsters lo pusieron como el video despues de alejandro, XD XD

MorrisonDetroit: at first I totally thought it was Gaga! GREAT JOB!!!

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Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD) 5 out of 5