Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD)

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Fan Comments

Nik Ace: dance in the dark has no real official video done?

Samy Cindy: Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD):

Efrain Guzman: This will always be the official video to me <3

ncc1968: Well done

jean cristo: Sambou Rapariga <3 , Te amo Gaga, Dona do Mundo!! Lady Gata

Gianluca Raffa: Amazing song, wonderful video...who is she???

MUJAHIDHARUNA 2014AK47: This Bitch looks like the Jewish Pornstar Naomi Russell that Bitch is Nastiest

roman zalonski: I'm wondering if it's gaga or not bcuz you can see her tribute tattoo but she doesn't look like her

holly pietrzak: when I first heard this song I didn't know there was a music video for it

norgeli fernandez: muy buena 

facu sarabia: she is Gaga or not ?

Sam Apihai: i used to legit think this was lady gagas official video.

Victor Proaño: Watching on 2014 :3 

Haru Sandeül: You are not Gaga D:<

Ingrid Espinosa: Great work! Little monsters often do excellently in continuing the creative work of Gaga, definitely would make her proud! excellent song too trhat i think could use more attention! :) more power!


art172: Definitely the best fan made Lady Gaga music video I've ever seen. It has a lot of detail and thought put into it. This video was clearly inspired by her previous work/videos as well (as a huge fan of the Mother Monster, I really appreciate that). Great work!

Music: no entiendo porque esta cancion no tuvo video :'( es perfecta 

Music: Dance in the dark <3 

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Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD) 5 out of 5