Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD)

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sebastian romo: This video it's like Bad Romance 2.0

Jack Martin: 1:20 Elsa up in here

Aqua Dino: This is not GAGA because there is no Video of this song . I Love this song and I wish Gaga would make a video for this .

Carlos Hernadez: lo máximo Gaga te amo

Ferdy Dharmawan: WHO IS SHEEE?????

Γεώργος Ανεστασάκης: The music i like..

Vicky Rodriguez: Beautiful!!!!!! I love her 💋💋💋💋it brings me a lots of memories. By this time my ex made me suffer and lied to me in the worse way. When I was in bed I was watching Lady Gaga in Madison Square Garden and listening to this song.😢😢in the dark. And since then and after I couldn't listen this song until now.

Diego Centeno: I can't believe this was fan made. it looks too good to be fan made

OrangeHerb Tea: oh honey that wig looked rough

Erikk Hernandez: ola ledo cacaaa😁

sarantis1995: This is SO GAGA

Imin Nasir: 3:45 "i see a little silhouetto of a man, scaramouche, scaramouche......"

Berk Can Taşdemir: Find your Kubrick.

Mandy Jung: Her nose

Sharlene Nssh: This song is awesome

cybersasho: nostalgia

Alex Escobar: omg :o :'(

Elizabeth Gonzalez: I was going crazy for a minute. Definitely not Gaga but still great!

Alokenthebitch: 2017..hmm.
she can still eat me if she wants.

Nolan Aljaddou: Now I get what this computer, and others, are gearing to do. They're trying to get me to open my jaw. Or make a clamorous declaration of some sort. They didn't get the internet, computer, or the Facebook - as that psychological sublimation device of infinitely greater atomic power.

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