Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD)

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CUPCAKE23: el 90% de los fans de gaga creyeron creyeron que este video era de gaga, incluso en wikipedia esta puesto como el ultimo single de the fame monster, hasta little monsters lo pusieron como el video despues de alejandro, XD XD

MorrisonDetroit: at first I totally thought it was Gaga! GREAT JOB!!!

Gerald Greyvenstein: I love this song and the fan made video is really good!

Karime Perez: esta súper chevere ese sonido me gusta la musica es muy buena buen éxito jajaja

Isaac Edmundo Velarde Acuna: buen intento, lo apruebo para hacer ese mismo video , pero pulido.

Leying Leyong: Man, that music bring me to a different mood, kind of magic

nicshe malik: This proves that little monsters are the best fandom on this planet. who can do same for their faves, but back in the days everyone were obsessed with Gaga, so I kinda get why they made such a good piece of art for her

Draco Tega: is this real or nah im confused

Ulysses Vega Fern: 4444961 views cool.

Hassanatu Mariama Sowa: I love the video 😍

PopPopLychee: I honestly like the fantasy of famous people being perfected clones made by secret organizations' top scientists in very secluded and highly secured laboratories x_x  Those scientists must be immensely valued o_o

Joze Zcobar: ES muy genial el video... Me encanta <3

Jaime Sain: oh my wow freakin awesome job...i thought it was really her lolol

Troy Hedges: how she can look that freaking good dancing is behond my thinking wow can she smoke madonnas stinkass on her best day queen gaga👑


tuan phan: gaga queen . yes . queen

Alex Tgs: Buen video para ser hecho por una fan mis respetos y el video le quedo hermoso :)

Elina Verde: This is the best song, love it, love her!

laken laken: What wrong is with your nose. 👺.
same 💩💩💩💩💩💩

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Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD) 5 out of 5