Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD)

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Jilly Bennett: She can pull off the Lady Gaga look 👍🏼💋

Blaze Fireball: I never would of thought this was fan made.

Lizalo G: nice memories :)

MusicHeartbeat96 D: WOW!!! Such a great fanmade!! <3

Robert Williams: I love the video, I just wish when the lights came up the people were more scared because that's the purpose of the song, not being able to love yourself unless you are in the dark because you are scared of how you look and how you love with the lights on.

Mico Kessler: I remember Lady Gaga was wasn't sure if this was that time and they found a look alike

Alyvia Rivera: I can so her dance to her chours

Alyvia Rivera: This song is awsome she is just so butifule to

Duper Cheese: Goodness, I hear Strangelove..

Jake Miller: this is only Lady Gaga song I like

June Abreu: It's been over 4 years and I still keep coming back to this video... You guys did such an amazing job

Aline Lynn: Baby loves to dance in the dark,
'Cause when he's lookin' she falls appart.

Katie Kat: Except for the inexpensive wigs, this video is flawless. Still love years later. Great job, guys! I wish you had made one for "Monster." :]

Amanda Hawkins: You guys did such awesome job this video! Mother Monster would be so proud of all of the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears that went into making this awesome tribute video! I have seen a lot of fan made tribute videos, but this one is hands down, the best by far, and to be completely honest, this video is better than a lot of actual professional artist made music videos out there! I hope you guys are able to pull the funds together to do another video!

Joanne Batt: When I first watched it I never guessed it was fan made 

Anong Maungsai: Dance in the dark.

jamie jones: They did a great job on making this women look like Lady Gaga. Bet Lady Gaga loved this.

Aries Llorca: When I first watched this back in 2011 I thought it was really Lady Gaga in the vid haha

BS Layton: I don't care if it's not official, to me, this is the music video for DITD.

Carolina Santana: Everytime I hear this song. It brings me back good memories of how the way I loved her so much. And i still do😄

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Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD) 5 out of 5