Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD)

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Antonia Briones: i. like. dis. song

Alan Xie: This is awesome, but they should've asked a drag queen to do the wigs.... lol

RachRose: 2017


mariam bejashvili: this is not lady gaga

Nicholas R: Absolutely fantastic job! One of my favorite songs of her!

Manuel I Aguilar: she not is lady gaga

Rolando Arañez: And I thought, I was lost and missed Lady Gaga's videos. Damn, this one's good AF!!! Awesom job!!!

Iced Boy: Not available for mobile devices.

Jimmy Andres: I always thought it was her, even after knowing she was a celebrity impersonator gone gaga at the time. I agree this is the official vid pretty much, I swear this song is timeless indeed her best work!

G-Dragon Trishie Jane Nazareno: this may be a fmv but i love it

Kristen OBrian: If it was fan made she wouldn't be singing to the lyrics lol

C.L.T Productions: this is actually pretty good.

Ольга Золотарёва: Wow! So creative and professional!!!

Adela Fabela: love music

fredy aguirre: Amazing video, but horrible fake wigs bad choice like they were purchased at the 99 cent store

Brayan Peña: Who is whatching this video on 2017?
I was think that sha was gaga!

Joaquin Fargo: Honestly, is the best fan-made music video of The Fame Monster :) i love it

My Hà: 6 years later and I'm still here :)

ITouchedTheKore: Why does Gaga's best song have only have 1/200 of the views of her other songs?

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Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD) 5 out of 5