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Nov 22 2014 by MP3 player
Will Carr: It blows my mind how here I am 4 years later coming back to watch this video. I don't know why I never seem to tire of this song and think you guys did such an awesome job with the video that for me this is the "official" Dance in the Dark music vid! Thanks again for creating this!

David J: If this were really Lady Gaga there would be about 20 more costume changes.

keanu whittier: haha who fooled you guys?? this is the real ladygaga! see the tattoo on her right arm?? yea that's the real gaga

Alexxa zetta: Siempre crei que la chica era GAGA con razon me parecia bastante extraña. pero muy buen video y si que me engaño bastante hasta hoy

Ege Dalyan: It has been 2 years, and i came back to watch this. Amazing video, still giving me goose bumps.

Lorelei Carmichael: "she" seriously looks like Christina Aguilera in this video...

Reyhan Unlu: THIS IS NOT GAGA!

ANGELA D!AZ: You guys are so dumb - check out the "TATTOOS" Stupids - it is the real lady gaga 

Kássio Winícius: linda performance Little monsters ama sua Mother 

Martine Cnossen: wow I though for a while it was Gaga O.o, great job . ♥

Klinsmann TA: Good Video! Congratulations!

spike19821000: so cool.... great job, one of her best songs and i always wanted to see a vid to go with it!

Мэрлон Элтонбэк: very similar, good work

Ladav CZ: It's really perfect imitation (y) like it very much! Big respect guys..

Brandy Barber: Ok at first when I didn't read the comments I thought it was her the lady gaga. I was so happy but then I found someone else made it..... I was like good good but like seriously... Eh still good.

Thy Dang: Isn't the real Gaga? o.O

Roman Brah: Muy buen fanmade :) un poco repetitiva la coreo pero muy bueno de todas formas, muy claro el mensaje, buenas tomas, muy bien hecho :)

Aron432: When I was seven I used to know the dance routine I still do

Sierra Causak: You did a great job! Just like Gaga! :D

Martijn van de Wiel: Dutch people can do something good ;-)

charly aibar: i wating for your dwuw video pleaseeee!

MrDisney2013: This video is bad romance meets paparazzi

Petr Homola: super hit a love Lady .................................................................................super !!!!!!!!!!

Mike Wolff: Wieso schreiben hier alle Englisch ?? Aber egal , ich LIEBE dieses Video ! War noch nie auf einem Konzert :-( , bin aber erst 11 . Gehe in Oktober zum Konzert nach Hamburg ♥ .

jeiner pedroza: it's so cute

francesco ghignone: Gaga love

jamie jones: its not lady gaga shes a French model playing the part.

hookzAndBendz: Ye but this is not gaga

Isaac lee: Ever heard of temporary ink? Besides GaGa's dancing routines are more sharp and edgy... this one in low speed and kinda sloppy... but well made is all i can say 

Neruz: first thought: gaga with that cheap wig? no way! but super fan video anyway!

jupitercrash777: The synth line is from the Depeche Mode song “Strangelove". It's totally right there

Gissell Alvarez: No es Gaga :/ Pero muy bueno el video 3

wolverineboy97: You did a marvellous Job!

Arom Arce: She said "Fight the jesus"??????????????? youre really a demon

Lucais Donnell: looks better than the real gaga. real gaga something looks wrong with her adopted look

Carlos Stache: amo esse clipe <3

Samuel Domínguez Salinas: llevaba tiempo esperando que saliera este video, definitivamente esperaba algo más ¬¬

Farandulero cool: Hahaha, clearly she's not Lady Gaga!

imakornut2003: This is amazing!

Kristina Kim: amazing!!!!

AaronQ1222: Nope, that's not her. I would know...

Jamie Ventura: Mucho tiempo viví pensando que era el vídeo real

Fernando Castellanos: How did you manage the part of the copyright? I´m really interested in making a fanmade with another Gaga´s song, but i´m worried about that part, if you could help me with that part it could be awesome, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

daniela little monster alpert: this is'nt gaga, all my life was a lie :(

Jayme Gutierrez: Hummm, @ 1:55 on the word "apart", autotune error? 

angel montano: Its a little bit corny but I Like iT

James Edward Germanotta-Maragh: this would have been the best video of gagas......

Lilium Alfphiem: how comes Gaga has the guys also in skirts? does she always keep the background dancers equal in outfits? O.o

Lumelodic .16: esta buenaa la cancion :D

keanu whittier: ok so y ddid she said shooting the video in the beginning was the haredest part cuzz she had to hold her breath for a long period of time......yea it's in her glamourkitty u shud check it out....i did two days ago......she talks about wen she now started out and every song she did.

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