Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark - Music Video (HD)

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Efra Lopez: that it's disgusting

RAQUEL CASTILLO: Iqi Leon Leo hg Lady gaga

Nabih Arámbula: THE BEST

Gorb Snorb: the only way I could tell this was fanmade was the wig omg. everything else was FANTASTIC

V. Alberto Amaro: Great job!!

Luis: Katy might’ve gotten some inspiration from this bc the beginning from the Bon Appetit vid looks similar to the beginning of this one

Goliath sparrow: yeah wow never thought she made a video, and she didnt, brilliant job

Mike Was Here: Fooled me UNTIL they lifted her out of the water.

Roberto Salas: jajajajaja

Albert Camus: l love it
this song is my most favorite song of gagas songs

Erza Scarlet: i gonna download this song so i make a amv with it

Gidget Myllari: for some reason, I have thought this was official since it came out

all the way until now what

Joshua Roche: I wasn't so sure how I felt about this, but after reading the "about" drop down from this video, I've come to the conclusion that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHAT YOU PEOPLE ARE DOING! I've seen a few different videos that you artists have made (I.e., Monster; and I forgot what else, lol) I love the whole concept and the reason why your crew has decided to create these music videos! and to top it off, the female that plays Gaga in these vids looks very much like Gaga (well, Gaga pre having her nose altered) I think Gaga was absolutely perfect the way that she was; but now, OMG IS SHE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!! I f**** LOVEE LOVE LOOOOOVVVVEEEE GAGA!!! I'm a 32 yr old (gay) man and I totally consider myself a little monster! I ain't scarred to put my paws up!!!! Hahahaha!!! If anybody hasn't had the opportunity to watch Lady Gaga's performance at Coachella earlier this year, I highly recommend it! She does a fabulous job (as always), and plus the opening of her set was F**** TRIPPY AS F*** AND TOTAL CLASSIC GAGA!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!!

E aí Tupa: It's so Amazing

Lau Ching Nam: I treat this as an official MV already. It's so nicely done!

Serkan Özfakih: Now , I really felt the soul of the fame monster ! Im wanna dance in the dark with nobody until we die cuz' when ı feel ''mess'' ı remember this and ı remember again , find my freedom in the musıc find my jesus find my kubrick

Cp Funyuns10201: is this stella rose?

Victor Sanchez: that beat of song sounds amazing, what is it from?

Travis Johnson: Gaga just might be jealous of this lol.

Венера Милер: норм

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