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Tandra Hatzihalkias: So sad ­čś¬­čśą´╗┐

Janice Herrera: I think the man died´╗┐

Janice Herrera: Poor Katy perry´╗┐

Regina Zaldivar: I love this song ;-)´╗┐

RyanMabii ParaVoces: amo esta musica n├úo intendo nada oque ces comentam rofl´╗┐

Luisa Eduarda Kotzal: el├í ├ę muuuuuuuuuuuuuito show´╗┐

Tayler Garfinkle: He left because they were fighting so much and were no longer happy. Not because she ruined his freaking painting guys.´╗┐


Mayie Ivette Guerrero Castillo : esto que dice es cierto´╗┐

Glazed colour: the old songs are always the best! Just keep coming back (:´╗┐

Alexandre Resende: I love ... very good ... 33´╗┐

dewanshi suka: hits right in the feels´╗┐

Yahya Ismail: it's 2015 and I'm still enjoying this song´╗┐

Leticia Flavia: eu nao sei falar ingl├¬s´╗┐

Gjeorgei: Favorite song right here´╗┐

Gabe Miller: nice driving´╗┐

hendy arin wijaya: Ninja cutting onions´╗┐

Nina SuperLove: This somehow reminds me of The Notebook´╗┐

Adriana De Leon: me sad

Heather Boesch: We all have that one that got away. If I would of been smart I would of done what I needed to do to keep him. But I didn't, I fell in love with someone who didn't love me. I find out he recently got married, and even though I'm married and have been for awhile, that news still tore me up.´╗┐

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