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Tyler Paquette: The first Katy Perry I've fallen in love with. 5/4/2016

Smurfette98: they look like relationship goals in the beginning <3

Seindah Hujan Cinta: Whats the meaning of johny cash ?

Annika Caniedo: Throwback song Am I right?!

Susii Castro: N.G my love 😭

Susii Castro: N.G my love 😭

Neko- SJ: Don't think about the past while driving, kids...

norma isela puga yebra: my favorite

Solange Pacheco: i can't stop crying

Celular Android: Me Encanta esta canción ❤

Diana Ascencio: #likekatty

Azalea Chen: How can Katy still look good with disheveled hair, ragged clothes, and dripping mascara??? O.o

Paula Martins: All this money cant buy me a time machine. So true and so true !

anna julia patty: gente sou a unica brasileira mais

Juliana Avila: if he died right after he left her how could have someone seen him get his tattoo removed and singing the blues somewhere. Plus his "spirit" still had the tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Illuminati confirmed.

Emi Lor: ok

Baby Souzza: n importa qnt tempo passe esa musik sempre vai me emociona mto lindaa

Emmanuel: Tiempo tiene que me separe de ti, sin embargo te extraño tanto como el primer día que deje de estar con tigo. Ahora solo deseo que este super bien.

Džordana Urmanavičiūtė: i love this song so much

Grace Patalinghug: shebpretend shegit a waybuy lenovoandswimming n photo fb post

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