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Oct 23 2014 by Demo
Mirjana Kostic: Prijatno veče !

Rottmann870: Fun fact: Katy Perry wrote this song about her ex-boyfriend who went on to murder his landlady and kill her cat two years after the song's release. So, hey, next time you get upset about your ex before listening to this song, keep in mind that Katy "got away" from a murderer, so life works in mysterious ways, and sometimes things are for the best even though it might not currently seem so.

Iago Bruno: Essa música marcou minha vida.. é tão bom escutar e sentir essa nostalgia de velhos tempos =') #ListeningNow : Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

Rosa Negra: Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

Juris Putnis: Katy Perry - The One That Got Away. In another life I would be your girl We'd keep all our promises Be us against the world ♥♥♥

RememberPluto: Why does he die in the music video he doesn't die in the song? Someone said you had your tattoo removed Saw you downtown singing the Blues It's time to face the music I'm no longer your muse Unless by Tattoo removed she meant crash your car into a valley and by saw you downtown she meant I am crazy and see dead people.

Dieguixuful: In another time I. Will be ya friend We will run the server And play útil the end In another time I would not get banned So I dont have to say that you Thought that I used Xray

Holden Caulfied: now i dont usally listen to this type of music but 8i just lost someone very specia to me and now i have become a sobbing mess

Maria Ljungström: OMG this vid is SO SAD :( enjoy life RIGHT NOW cause it could be over tomorrow 

Mónica Gutiérrez: Me encanta este video.... 

Ramiro H: I have severe depression now, once I knew what Happiness was. I was with the best girl in the world for 8 years her name was Meagan Wagner when she broke up with me for the first time this song was playing it's been 5 months since we have not spoken broke up with me on April 30, 2014 I miss her more than anything in this world We went from talking everyday to never seeing each other again. I cry so much to this song. Sometimes I wonder whats the point of going on without the love of my life. I hope your Happy Meagan. Sorry for everything. I Wish you had stayed with me so I could have showed you the best of me and enjoyed life together and had a happy family later on =/.
Lexx Leo: I've lost a friend, and i feel bad because of my fault he was angry with me. We were cyber-friends, we used to talk a lot and play online games (that's where i met him). I started to be very annoying, we lost contact (Because he stopped talking to me) but i used to send messages insulting him, because i was hurt and i wanted him back. A year later; A random day i started to cry remembering of all the good moments we had, and i really missed him so much... I went to hi5 to see his profile, and then i realized that he've died a month ago.... 

frédéric petit-dieulois: *HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KATY PERRY: 30 years old today* . My favourite #musicvideo with #katyperry : #theonethatgotaway *HAVE A SAFE TRIP HOME* #diegoluna #floriasigismondi *Every road is dangerous: Be careful !* http://frederic.petitdieulois.perso.sfr.fr/page_voices.php

luiza Mascareli: ♥♥♥Katy Perry - The One That Got Away: http://youtu.be/Ahha3Cqe_fk

Vampira Dulce: Essa música 👏👏👏😍😍 awaaaaay

3GirlsGoneWrong: I think I saw Vera from Elders React! OMG!!!

GirlsLikeFairies: this song could've been better.. is there anyone else who thinks the "constant beat" at the back of this song is disgusting! It's like sum1 is hammering my head! :/

minchu atmars: ฟังเพลงเก่า จำเรื่องเดิม 

Captain Haddock: What's going on in this song?

Panagiota Mixail: Katy Perry - The One That Got Away: http://youtu.be/Ahha3Cqe_fk

melany DH: ╲\╭┓ ╭★ ╯ ★ º Katy Perry º ★ ┗╯\╲ The one that got away 

M. Sami: He died for the bitch.

Arianna: Don't hate me for trying this <3 but i have a dream and i'm Reaching and hoping that you can help me get there ♫ Each day its always on my brain and i have to make it happen some how ♫ All i ask is for u to take a few seconds and watch a video of me singing ♫ Maybe they aren't the greatest or have the best quality but it would mean the world Every thumbs up is a big smile from me ;) i just need to try and try and try <33 Realistic... i think yes <3 please subscribe I'm 17 and thanks for a chance :)

Wojti 2000: I came here from Noob Fhos F2P.


LuckyMusiqLive: katy is a true talent. love her voice. shes such a performer. this song reminds me of someone i love.. im getting known quickly because i rap with meaning.. thumbs up if you hate when you take a crap and the water splashes your nuts

LUNA PRINCESS: Katy Perry - The One That Got Away: http://youtu.be/Ahha3Cqe_fk

Giovanny Reniery: ""THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY""

Nazlı Ayşe KAYA: love it

Bunnyblast 2: Good thing you did not have sex because that would be sad You have a kid The dad dies :/

Aaron hernandez: Is Gael Garcia Bernal????

Isiah Spotted Eagle: My ex gf wants us to get back together but i said no cuz she cheated and i had my heart broken by her once and never again


notpsojosh jamflex: Much illuminati

제시카 Jess: *in another life i will make you stay..* #katyperry #the_one_that_got_away 

Lisa Price: Katy Perry - The One That Got Away: http://youtu.be/Ahha3Cqe_fk

Wanlin Tong: The one that got away A song for us

Taecia Jones: Obviously he didn't die if he went on to have his tattoo removed. Ha.

kizito Felix: Katy perry

ELANG BALI: Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

Crystal Ruby: in another i would be o.k ,no really not kidding,this world can be so weird sometimes.

Abdirahman Yugrayn: hi katy perry check my songs

Vanella Bianca: Who is the actor with Katy ?

Erica Huerta: this is my song!


Ally Green™: hi

joohanna santos: Wooo q historia...triste pero muy linda :) ;'(

Cassandra-of Troy: had actual tears.........dah heck... :'(

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