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Valentina Mardones: mil años sin escucharla, que hermooooooooooooosa :'(

Thekiller matic (Thekillermatic): 11.11.2011 seem's legit

ericwicks92: This video gets me every time.

Marie France: This song goes over and over inside my head nonstop and it makes me so sad :'(

Bo Fang: honestly I thought the red splatter on his painting made it look better

Pixels N Pawz: I see comments saying, "this song means so much, my love just broke up with me and this is how I feel" and I'm here like, my cat scratched me today.

Ashley Bennett: #kattyperrygreatsing

Margarita Zhigarina: So he left because of a stupid painting?

Hannah Karau: whos the old guy at the beginning supposed to be?

Mia Y Maya Carro Ramos: Algo triste pero no lloras

Jailyn Dominguez: I love this

Stephanie Curtis: to the one i love Mattie Romero patterson. California if someone finds him tell fb Stephanie cofer. i love u mattie❤❤❤❤❤

Frances Reeves: this song makes me cry, i love it....

Angela Braizat: I'm going to die sin haber conocido Le grand amour...

Mattdabrat 1009: the old lady that appears is on elders react right?

Maya Dawood: This song really touches the heart. Her voice in this song is so impressive and strong. It is really Katy Perry's best song.

‫כוכי חזן‬‎: 💖😍👆

brandon fain: so he left her cuz she got stuff on his pic?

Hannah Karau: So sad...

Finlay Arnold: This makes me remember my taco :(. R.I.P taco

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