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Yousef Alkhuffash: this song is emotional with a powerful message

Rosangela Oliveira: legal

Its Jakeduck: He didn't get too far, the death star blew him up

This Perry: forever I C O N I C.

АЛЕКСЕЙ ТУШИНСКИЙ: и что это доказывает? правильно ,все беды из за баб !

Luciana Cardenas 34: hola

Buddy Is my elf on the shelf: Sad but good music

Katy Cat: Beautiful song. I always makes me cry

مطبخ ام معتز: اشتركو في القناة لمعرفة اجدد الوصفات

Sarah Zadath: 2017💜

juscilene dias: I love this music

Mohammad Ghasemi: همون بهتر که مرد. اون مرده کاملا بی دلیل قهر کرد. حالا نقاشیت رو خراب کرد که کرد. دیگه انقدر عصبانیت نداره. بعد این اگه عاشق اون بود، چطور به این راحتی سر یه نقاشی قهر کرد؟ عشقش فقط توی تختخواب، نمود پیدا میکنه.

Nico Giuliano: Let's Make It in This Life ! And a little Faster :)

pat jen: i was crying over this vide its soo sad and awesome at the same time

Stuart Macgillivray: uploaded same day as my sister was born XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

DiamondUniverse DiamondFuture: I miss my mom

Cuz she died

Nina Terrazas: ah the old, fun, non political, katy perry. she had the best music videos :)

vbq todo por la fama canal 4: love love love

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