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Beatriz Moura: É incrível como uma música me faz lembrar de momentos maravilhosos na minha vida, fico feliz em lembrar que já tive uma vida ótima, mas fico triste em saber que nunca vou viver a mesma coisa como antes! Bela música ❤

lol lmao: this was and is my jam forever.

#stophorseabuse forever: ;( this makes me think of my friends horse who was awesome but idk what happened something broke and she sold him she regretted it we went to the person who bought him he broke the news...he sold him to the slaughter house...

Jack Uberdo: https://timebucks.com/?refID=214996001

Felipe Santana: Mix tv ?

Lisa Dombroski: Shoes

ForsythJC: Who else is crying their eyes out in 2017 watching this?

Mr.Cake: XXVIII??? (2018)

Alex Lopez romero: This songs about josh groban

Ariel Lucille: Still makes me cry :(

Utkarsha Rai: One of my fav💖


Luigis Magana: OMG ART

Настя NightGirl: i cry when I listen to it😢😢😢 I miss THAT Katy.....

Kathrin Salinas: Me da escalofrios, es como si fuera mi vida, por un error estúpido perdes al amor de tu vida y pasas cada día arrepiendote de eso <\3 y tenes que seguir con tu vida

Andrea Calatayud: 😪💔

Beyoncé forever: November 2017 😣😍

Jessy Delgado: Love this song ............... Para Ti Osito mIss you always

affie s: Why isn't it possible to listen to this without crying 🙄😭😭😭😭💔


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