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Mar 09 2014 by Demo
Arianna: i know someone will see this <33 I'm a dreamer... and somehow i will make my dream come true.. but i need your help, all you have to do is watch one video on my Channel just doing that makes me so happy and one step closer please listen before you hate,i know they aren't the best quality, thumbs this up so others can see?

Gaby Smiles: Over 200 million views, less than one million likes. I love this song! Can't believe it came out so long ago 😰 time's gone fast!

♥Aubrey♥: To this day, this is still my favorite music video. :)

sun side: she looks too pretty and i love it this video

Bezimienna: artists...

Gabrielle DiscordZ: :'(

Zain Ahmad: Watch her interview on Jay Leno, theirs kinda a hint on who she sings about in this song...

Alma Lindula: #DiegoLuna

Michele Gomes: The very last part with the "you are my sunshine" song makes me teary everytime

morris: The evolution of men asking out girls: 1920: May I have this dance? 1950: You want to go to a movie? 1980: What's your sign? 2014: lol im about to text you a pic of my pickle ;)

obscurimity: So I was singing a Karaoke version of this, and I literally started crying singing it and had to stop. It's a very powerful song. 

Ime8eos: Boobs...

Alexandra Lozano: This is the part of me

ayaJB1D: This will always be my favorite song of Katy Perry ❤️

Dusan Radovanovic: The best by her :)

Cati Catinca: My favorite song ❤️❤️❤️

Alexis Risaldi: :'c

Bella Szikora: :'((

Agustina Tinista: Buenicimooo

Lor Cas: Love love love...❤😍😘😢

levy priem: Always those freaking rocks... 

perla alejandrina Gonzalez: Diego Lunaaaaaa !!!

jose fernando gonzalez garzon: 

Suresh Sababady: Wow 

Fallout Fan: How the did he get away? He flew off the freaking highway 

Claudia Dartnell: Katy perry :-*

Dianna Star: Luuuuv da song and luuuuv the video

juliet carr: You know in one of your songs why did you cut your hair off 

Angel Jacobs: love it

Billy Hernandez: Manly tears

Carol Garcia: I dedicate this song to the one that got away :(

Pam Martinez: And in another life I would be your girl We keep for our promises Be us against the world And in other life I would make you stay So I don't have to say You were the one that got away The one that got away THE ONE THE ONE THE ONE ....♫♪

TheSIMBAlion69: I like this video music

mohammad prince: Ok,this made me cry

Shannen ss: so emo after watching this video. makes me cry...

Cristina lowe: dat wig tho

Daniel kashkarov: nh

jonisha groves: I hope that I'm not the only one crying..

Tala ALAWAD: So sad :'(

Adi Vasquez: :,( ♥♥♥

Karradaguy: Like if you think granny Katy is way hotter than young Katy! Really?! Dude that's weird. 

Сергей Адамян: The Best Song Of My LIFE #respect 

Kirsten Jaymes Steward: This make me cry.

erika lily: who am i

nicknamei23: that woman on 1:37, she appears on Elders' React right?

Caroline Hoak: shame on yall for ruining the mustang

WayOfLife: Y so much dislikes?

riyansmom: OMG...if I don't hear Johnny Cash's part I'm fine. But Johnny gets me every freakin' time.

Polpiv4tifish: Why are people obsessed with finding "the one"? It's absurd. I will never spend my life wanting or pining for "the one". My partner is an addition to my life and someone I enjoy, but not my whole world, which is the most unhealthy thing I've ever heard men and women say about their girlfriends/boyfriends.

Patricija Musinskaite: song liuks

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