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Nov 21 2014 by Torrent
Rottmann870: Fun fact: Katy Perry wrote this song about her ex-boyfriend who went on to murder his landlady and kill her cat two years after the song's release. So, hey, next time you get upset about your ex before listening to this song, keep in mind that Katy "got away" from a murderer, so life works in mysterious ways, and sometimes things are for the best even though it might not currently seem so.

Carissa Tan: Kalel and Anthony


extraawesomesuper-cool78: I don't wanna be that asshole but... If he truly loved her and wanted to be with her forever why would he get so pissed and leave because she threw paint on his picture.Like I get his art means a lot to him and I would have been pissed too but for real who leave their true love because she messed up his painting?

Sascha T.: Guten Abend im Google-Land! Heute mit Katy Perry! Katy Perry - The One That Got Away: http://youtu.be/Ahha3Cqe_fk

GirlsLikeFairies: this song could've been better.. is there anyone else who thinks the "constant beat" at the back of this song is disgusting! It's like sum1 is hammering my head! :/

Lexx Leo: I've lost a friend, and i feel bad because of my fault he was angry with me. We were cyber-friends, we used to talk a lot and play online games (that's where i met him). I started to be very annoying, we lost contact (Because he stopped talking to me) but i used to send messages insulting him, because i was hurt and i wanted him back. A year later; A random day i started to cry remembering of all the good moments we had, and i really missed him so much... I went to hi5 to see his profile, and then i realized that he've died a month ago.... 

Yeiry The Vampire Hedgehog: me gusta ..pero como se ve ..creo el tipo la trato muy mal..aveces pensamos en otras cosas que olvidamos lo que importa en verdad...

nicholas klemetsen: did u guys too se the lady on 1.38 she is in elders react, the old lady is the same :P

Gabby Tomp: wow Katy if this is real I feel so sad for you and you look so pretty it's not your fault your boyfriend was going so crazy over a picture and it's bob the builders fault he left the rock there for your boyfriend to die I feel so sad it made me cry! poor Katy your lucky I thought you were weird when I first heard about you but I started watching video's of you they were kinda good I dont think your weird at all but I'm not thows mystery solvers well kinda not a adult I am only 8! and I'm in second grade I have a movie at my house of all your songs well accept the gay one not I kissed a girl a diffrent one but dont worry your so famouse

LiSa B: Katy Perry - The One That Got Away: http://youtu.be/Ahha3Cqe_fk

Ricardo Corazón de León: No os perdáis este vídeo, ni la canción, pero el vídeo primero.

Kittiya Tiya Meechamnan: The one that got away.

DilocTheDarkBuizel: I heard that if you click the like button on my comment, it gives you a good mojo!

Keith Snaer: Even tho i get what the song is trying to say, am i the only 1 who thought it was kinda wierd how there were an organized stack of rocks blocking the road lol??

Maryam Yosuof: Awwwww...this was a sad song but I don't understand how come her boyfriend just doodle around Katy's piece of sheet when she was about to paint & Katy did the same thing to him cuz he doodled on her work? (Answer ma question guys plz)

AnimelovingGabby: 1:37 isn't she on elders react!?

Cecilia H.: Katy Perry - The One That Got Away: http://youtu.be/Ahha3Cqe_fk

Raînbòw Däsh: I love this song<3 Katy Perry is my best singer ever^^

Sang Huỳnh: I love Katy Perry very very so much... I wanna see her.... She's my idol... I promise that I will like her forever......................................

Elaine Mcg: Thumbs up if lady at 1:37 looks like one of the elders on elders react on the finebros channel!

LuckyMusiqLive: This is my favorite song. her music is real, and her lyrics speak to me.. I'm getting known quickly because i rap real.. thumbs up if this song reminds you of someone...

Ana Flores: I LOVE

Graf Spea: What are useless pice of crap of our society: artists 

Piete Blikslager: Come on Katy. Write another good one. 


Gabriel Quintero: Y en otra vida quiero hacer que te quedes....Estabas soñando que eras mi Johnny Cash.... Y en otra vida quiero ser tu chica..Porque ahora tengo que pagar el precio... (Jaa...Cuando nos metemos en enrredos,salimos muy mal)

Archibald Weatherby: One of her only songs with substance.

Säräh .š: adoro esta musica,a tempos nao a escutava😏

Skylar Ourworld: i really want to do a cover of this but there's no way i can do it this good anyway im scared to do it cuz i dont like singing to people LOL but i love this song..... 

Gary Carlyle: She was good with Russell. He has his issues but his heart seems like its in the right place.

Ben Ramsfield: that's the worst old people make up EVER!

Laura Munera: uno lo puede perder todo solo por lo MATERIAL.....

Queenstar Betty Amoah: Name: Queenstar Amoah Birthday: April 18th, 1992 Gender: Female Height: 5'3 Weight: 173 lbs Eyes: Dark brown Hair: Black Race: Ghanaian Blood Type: O Positive Education Level: High School Graduate

surachet dhammo: Johnny Cash - You are my Sunshine 

vp narasimman: the one that got away deserves.......

Joe García: Adoro esta cancion ♥

Malek Malek: قالولي تحبہ ۈ قلت ولا ﺎقدر ﺎنساهہ ۈقالولي يحبک قلت اللہ العالم
Sparklezforme: Awwww... This song always makes me cry😪

ynsb-yo no soy bobo: Is a really sad story

gonwa ay: this song alwAYS GETS ME <3

ANA PEACH: todo x berrincheeeeess

ROSA R.: Katy Perry - The One That Got Away: http://youtu.be/Ahha3Cqe_fk

Ninna Yakin: I love u Perry SO much

iksal monoarfa: share permissions...:D

The Best Cat Ever: Everyone has someone who got away
Ernestomaxine Castillejos: This is a sad song and kind of a good song

LuckyMusiqLive: she is a true talent, and shes beautiful. I'm getting popular fast because i rap about life.. thumbs up if this song makes you think of someone...

Fernanda Aguilar: Katy Perry 

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