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marysol gonzalez: es Diego Luna??

Machin: still crying six years later lol

Oliver Chavez: Pinche Diego... suertudote cabron por estar con tan bella mujer !!!!

Gloria: the curse of spraypaint😂

becci Leit: so sad so SAD

Emanuele Carlini: My three favourite song of Katy : LOVE ME - THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY - THIS MOMENT .

Smoll Infired Bean: Okay so let's be honest.. the only reason he died was because a stupid painting. 🤦‍♀️😂

Uknown Person: Come back Katy ❤

Alana Timmis: Why the freak did this make me cry so much?! 😭

FizzyGoat RBLX: I really appreciate the skipable 'sorry not sorry' ad before this

Divbeautycorner _!!: He is Diego Luna

Shelley Grace: My least favorite part is that you had to kill Diego Luna, why does everyone always kill Diego Luna?

kingofwinter: DIEGO LUNA

FizzyGoat RBLX: The only reason 'Music Video Sins' haven't done a sin video about this is because its flawless and amazing

Itzel Rodriguez: En verdad amo tanto la canción! ❤

jessenia marin: 😢😢💙

Pollo Benhumea: copy of don't cry

Erica Ha: This song reminds me of my virginity

Vibol Ly: "You are my sunshine..." and my head was full with Annabelle💀

CRY BABY: Amazing

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