Bizzle & Willie PDUB Moore - Get Low (@MyNameIsBizzle @PWillie1) Music Video for Free!

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Jan 02 2015 by Download
privera3001: This it like for real!

Olson Gadson: This is it

soflyp31: Feb 12th in Tulsa,OK !!! Let

godnnat: Willie and Biz.. Combining Spitit and Swagger baby !

MoCityAllison: I love this song everyday I have to listen to it! Keep it Up Biz :) ! #GOM <3 !

dinostalino: MAGNIFICENT!!!!!

Douglas Kisamore: God Over Money will wake the hood and bring back the youth to the Lord

Rick Johnson: GODOVERMONEY... enuff said

kendrick11six: Straight heat!!! thank God for bizzle and pdub

Angie Jackson: :-)

alwayssmilesz: loveeeeee it soooo sooo much! AMENNNNN!

ThermalSh0ck: Nice track guys! The best you two men have done, love it when both of you get together. God bless guys. Peace

daspittas504: Yea!!!! Kingdom Stand Up and Get Low

sethandersonSSM: 1ST COMMENT! Yo Biz this is without a doubt one of ur best songs. I was chillin when I clicked the link but i cranked it up and went crazy in my house haha. Praise God for GOMAOHM fam.

Anthonica Ferguson: Bizzle and P-Dub together is truly a blessing. To God be the Glory #GOM & YFS - Lehgooo

soflyp31: *lets go

Juan Torres: Wow! Love it! See u in Allentown on the 28th

Elijah G: Praise the LORD Jesus Christ this track is anointed!

Natalie Walters: This song is my JAM!!

godnnat: @godnnat D'oh.. Spirit and Swagger.. :P

HecNEffect8: "My Faith high, My pride low, I keep the word of my God close" One of my favorite musical verses of all time lol

Jacob Medina: Go head P-Dub n Bizzle! "Protected by the King, Holy Ghost my secret service!" I'm real glad to hear talent like yalls being used for the glory of God, Jesus and what they did for us. Christians taking back the music like Montel Jordan said.

itsmeitsmeit: Kingdom music; it's refreshing to hear something that's clean and uplift the King too!

Victor Alvarez: My pastor snapped on the beat lol


Darnica Gordon: santsof God i also do music ministry im asking for ur support wont lie i hate asking people to ltto my music but im trying to play my part in pushin the gospel so it about what i dont like so if you get a chance check out "camron motvation remix church b.o.i" preciate it yall blessGod

Thomas Prevost: Iam most def gonna get this albumn

Chris Harvey: GOM YFS LETS GO!!!! GON WORK!!!

TommyDragonheart: Another hot one for the Kingdom's cause! =D

MrHIZWILL: Hallelujah!!!

BroSaint: Straight Heat...

Jasmine Copeland: This album is going to be sickning!!! Yeahh...CHHHEEHOOO!!!

MrGodsVessel: @ bizzle and willie The chemistry yall ... bizzle and Willie.... have is annointed, be Blessed and let GOD utilize you all according to his purpose in JESUS Name AMEN.

92thomas92: ill flow

minormarketing: that run at the beginning of the song ask the listeners to focus in, GOD Bless you both in JESUS Name AMEN.

minormarketing: @Dkisamore in JESUS Name I touch and agree that Christian rap will reach the hood where they are like GOD reached all of us where we were and gave us the opportunity for salvation, this may be the changing agent movement for the youth as long as we get low stay low remain humble and stay focused on GOD. GOD bless you and all that are a part of this journey to reach these generations in JESUS Name AMEN.

Alex Arias: Yeah boy, Bizzle at it again, can't wait for this, gonna get it on the first day and get low. Leggo

mslaadypink: YFS!!! Love it!

HecNEffect8: @itsmeitsmeit Amen to that bro!

Caleb Fraser: I can see with my eyes closed :-) walking by faith not by sight

Wilder Fagan: OOOOh bizzle is getting that flow!! bizzle is good

PuertoRicanStyL: Ayo it's all glory to the Father/Shout out to all the artists makin it better for our sons and our daughters/Nobody comin off the bench in this game cause we all starters/Mayne and God's the coach/So when I approach the mic/And when yall say "home boi ya flow is tight/It's all Him workin through me to show his light/Believers say "Hallelujah" and "Fa sho ya right"/Now Get Low and let Him Work it Out/Love Comes just Chase the Son there's only One, I know ya heard about. Ran outa room, hahah.

Timothy Scott: This is a highly anticipated album! Y'all make a great group.

Ron Cuffee Jr: This album is going to be off the chain for real. can't wait

Darnica Gordon: this is krazy!! the sound i amazing precia what yall are doing fo the kingdom keep it up

MrRonnieB82: Banger keep it up fellas Soli Deo Gloria

chevygurl510: This is niceee

TrackillahMUSIC: Whoa!! I'm feelin' this one!!

godsbaby7149: Remember ya'll, PRIDE is what got the number one angel thrwn out of Heaven.... So, "Get Low!" And stay there... "Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, and HE will exalt you in due season...!" Hallel-JAH!! Love it!!!! Bizzle you are definitely anointed! Go!

Rick Johnson: this is my new favorite song! GOD OVER MONEY! WE TAKIN OVER HOMMIE!

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