Bizzle & Willie PDUB Moore - Get Low (@MyNameIsBizzle @PWillie1) Music Video for Free!

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Olive King: Ewwww wee! Fie!!!! Yes suh

Izzy Figz: Almost There BROTHERS Amen

privera3001: This it like for real!

godsbaby7149: Remember ya'll, PRIDE is what got the number one angel thrwn out of Heaven.... So, "Get Low!" And stay there... "Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, and HE will exalt you in due season...!" Hallel-JAH!! Love it!!!! Bizzle you are definitely anointed! Go!

Natalie Walters: This song is my JAM!!

alwayssmilesz: best two rappers EVERRRR!

alwayssmilesz: loveeeeee it soooo sooo much! AMENNNNN!

PuertoRicanStyL: Ayo it's all glory to the Father/Shout out to all the artists makin it better for our sons and our daughters/Nobody comin off the bench in this game cause we all starters/Mayne and God's the coach/So when I approach the mic/And when yall say "home boi ya flow is tight/It's all Him workin through me to show his light/Believers say "Hallelujah" and "Fa sho ya right"/Now Get Low and let Him Work it Out/Love Comes just Chase the Son there's only One, I know ya heard about. Ran outa room, hahah.

Caleb Fraser: I can see with my eyes closed :-) walking by faith not by sight

Angie Jackson: :-)

92thomas92: ill flow

Jacob Medina: Go head P-Dub n Bizzle! "Protected by the King, Holy Ghost my secret service!" I'm real glad to hear talent like yalls being used for the glory of God, Jesus and what they did for us. Christians taking back the music like Montel Jordan said.

Wilder Fagan: OOOOh bizzle is getting that flow!! bizzle is good

Lenny Luciano: that realness...

Chuck Cornelius: I keep the book where that strap go.....bizzle be killing it

HecNEffect8: @itsmeitsmeit Amen to that bro!

HecNEffect8: "My Faith high, My pride low, I keep the word of my God close" One of my favorite musical verses of all time lol

TommyDragonheart: Another hot one for the Kingdom's cause! =D

Douglas Kisamore: God Over Money will wake the hood and bring back the youth to the Lord

Chris Harvey: Feb. 12th Tulsa, Ok! It's going up!!! Lol!

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Bizzle & Willie PDUB Moore - Get Low (@MyNameIsBizzle @PWillie1) 5 out of 5