ARADHNA - Mukteshwar (Official Music Video)

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Dec 24 2014 by Torrent
Pavan Reddy: It makes me feel immensely grateful for being part of India's tradition and living. Its a rich tradition. Btw, Chris, People might think you are doing some black magic. :P

Sophie Sebrechts: <3

Gail Lewis: The Beatitudes sound so lovely sung in Hindi.

Jennifer Pinson: Beautiful <3

MissKielstrup: You can find the lyrics in english on their official website. :-)

Rob Chiavelli: This song moves me every time. I come to it when I feel slimed by the world and I regain perspective.

Amber Zion: I love this song!!!

Diven Laxman: God Bless you somuch Bro Chris, Peter and the Team.

tace1020: sundara!

deZengo: Thank you! Beautiful! Shared. dZ

Suyash R: watched them in atlanta, ga last night. thank you guys so much! well worth the drive.

uskirachna: Very nice thanks! I am was blessed just watching it.

Jessica Kast-Keat: One of my favorite songs. My spouse is heading to India right now and I am welcoming this song as my prayer tonight. Peace unto you.

TheDailyVinyl: I've listened to this song 100+ times. Magical each and every time. Thank you Aradhna for an incredibly beautiful piece of music & video

Becky Pearce: I love the ashram where this video was shot. I was there every week day for 7 weeks. Many memories!

LehmFuhrer: Come to Toccoa, GA, fellas!

1VroniK: Desde Chile =) ¡Hermoso! creo que lo he escuchado y visto más de 10 veces hoy. Es simplemente un gran mensaje a través de una bella letra y un significativo y bello video...

kAnNA niranjan: So nice Song and Sceens

sixdaysfool: This just wrecked me. Thank you Jesus!

Nirmal Singh: guys you are awesome. you are actually a great blessing to Indians and Indian Christianity. thanks for teaching Indians how to be in Indian in worshiping Christ

Raquel Ita: @fanceybulletboy boo!!!I didn't know they were coming to NY! Dang! Too bad, I was/am overseas! =( do I have to wait forever to see them in NY? $*)%($)*(%$

Akshay Verma: absolutely amazing stuff !!!!!

aaroneinstein007: Killing the replay button :)

kedarnevergone: Peaceful! lovely fusion, lovely meaning ! Kudos !

ltyas: The beauty and artistry of this song and video is a rich blessing to me.

Raquel Ita: Please come to New York!!!!! I remember seeing you guys perform at Urbana! It was such a touching experience.

Ana Beatriz Moreno Tudela: increíble! asombroso!

rjbkain: So amazing to sing this with them live while the video played in the background. Their music is so moving.

Valerie Nicholson: so beautiful. thanks, guys.

Harvey Thiessen: Beautifully done, worthy of the object of your affection.

npghinn: does anyone know if that's the Jesus ashram they're in?

mally won: Their new album is the BOMB!

TheDailyVinyl: Hey Aradhna fans. There's a great interview with Chris Hale (sitar/singer). /watch?v=lnHmq6OJiUo

EpicycleMedia: Moved me to tears. Thanks Chris for taking the journey seriously. Yeshua is our Master and a Friend who will never leave us nor forsake us. Blessings. Renews me. Beautiful story complemented by sensitive cinematography and the heart of Yeshua Ha'Moshiach.

AdonaiMashiac: AMEN, and your confession is a glorious feeling to me, who was going thru the comments. YESHUA be glorified. Amen. Love from India.

amee528: great music.. so authentic.. Can't believe this is a western man singing.. You've got the accent perfectly! The music, lyrics, video are beautiful. Hope you will come to India soon... and play all over the country. God bless you.

Indrajeet Kaushal: great song

Kalapala Sagar: Good one

Alan Hewlett: should have left a cup aswell

Michael Styler: This is so beautiful. I don't know if music like this is common in India, but I certainly have not heard music like this here in America. It's beautiful, and certainly brings me deep in meditative prayer. If I understood Hindi, I'm sure it bring me very deep. Thanks for sharing!

Nathan Pineappleseed: @Rachelohmg they r here this weekend i need someone to goooooooo with ahhhhhhh

Arpita Pareira: I m so glad after watching this video. It really helps to strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ, love u Jesus always.... Thanks for this album in different way!!!

Nikhil Naidu: Beautiful music just purely amazing!

UltimateGreaterGood: Epic song. This has been replayed repeatedly in my Missions class, and I am now in love with this song. :) God bless you guys.

lisajanebod: Refreshing worship, love it!

Jeet Singh: This is great song ! beautiful music, it was wonderful experience seating by you and listening to song. its very very spiritual. connecting to God . Helps lot of people to understand what God is like !!. Thank you for coming to CO. we will be waiting for you. With much prayer and love ( Jeetendra ) HOPE INTERCULTURAL MINISTRY ) Work among Bhutani Refugee.

jesus first: very nice song!

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