ARADHNA - Mukteshwar (Official Music Video)

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James C.K: come back aradhana with new music!

Justin Brown: absolutely beautiful! I long to be in heaven in my heavenly body, walking in my perfect destiny

john cummins: gorgeous

Sue Beckman: This is so good.

Omotunde Femi-Pearse: I love this song! Our father in heaven, Holy is Your Name ❤️

Gail Lewis: The Beatitudes sound so lovely sung in Hindi.

Sophie Sebrechts: <3

Jennifer Pinson: Beautiful  <3

Ana Beatriz Moreno Tudela: increíble! asombroso!

Rob Chiavelli: This song moves me every time. I come to it when I feel slimed by the world and I regain perspective.

Jessica Kast-Keat: One of my favorite songs. My spouse is heading to India right now and I am welcoming this song as my prayer tonight. Peace unto you.

Nirmal Singh: guys you are awesome. you are actually a great blessing to Indians and Indian Christianity. thanks for teaching Indians how to be in Indian in worshiping Christ

jesus first: very nice song!

Arpita Pareira: I m so glad after watching this video. It really helps to strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ, love u Jesus always.... Thanks for this album in different way!!!

tace1020: sundara!

Gourav Singha Ray: AMEN, and your confession is a glorious feeling to me, who was going thru the comments. YESHUA be glorified. Amen. Love from India.

1VroniK: Desde Chile =) ¡Hermoso! creo que lo he escuchado y visto más de 10 veces hoy. Es simplemente un gran mensaje a través de una bella letra y un significativo y bello video...

aaroneinstein007: Killing the replay button :)

TheDailyVinyl: I've listened to this song 100+ times. Magical each and every time. Thank you Aradhna for an incredibly beautiful piece of music & video

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ARADHNA - Mukteshwar (Official Music Video) 5 out of 5