Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) OFFICIAL VIDEO (Ultra Music)

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sara dee: same

Mystic Echo: 1% english
1% 1 2 3 4
99% PORN

Johanna Salazar suarez: no me canso de oírte eres el mejor PITBUII eres un relindo

Простоя девчонка по имени Юля: Rymba

Gabriel Da Silva: PUTA VIDA! To ficando velho kkkkk

nach_9999: excelente song

Diana Escalante: Pitbull Songs:
0% Hair
99% Girls
99%Good Rap
55%Laughter that looks mean
99%Words in Spanish
99%Crazy Screams
99%Deep Voice
54%Lots of clothes about Pitbull
I love you pitbull
If I knew you in person I would definitely cry !!!

SnaPhoS.: 2017?

Caramba: dude when this came out i was in single digit years!! (8)😂😂😂

Erik Mac-Bretschneider: One of the best songs i swear

Mystic Echo: I want cha

Bharat Vashishtha: When I was teen , I Masturbated watching this 😂😂😂

Desmond Gonzalez: 5/19/17 like if you remember

valentina h moren: Latinas <3

Michael Fajardo: 1:51......your welcome

Red Hood: How to write a Pitbull song:
1.- Say "Mr. Worldwide".
2.-Mumble unintelligible spanish words.
3.-Count to four in spanish.
4.-Say "mama" and "dale".
5.-Name 4 major cities for no reason.

Flapjack: Botam uma americana com roupa do Brasil pqp kkkkk

Mohcine Mafhoum: names of all this girls ?

YoungNam: I came from Dexter :D ( Season 8 episode 1, Debra )

sarbagya phuyal: its bess are good than music

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