Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) OFFICIAL VIDEO (Ultra Music)

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Alex Apellido: Cuantos tumores tiene Paquito Sanz? One, Two, Three, Four, Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro.

Chino -: Miameee

Erica Daniela: Ví un vídeo de Ricardo Fort y llegué aquí! Jajajaa qué vieja me siento. Esta canción la escuchaba en la secundaria.


omar hesham: The kids can watch you w

Lea Mouniama: J'aime la mélodie quand il dit 1,2,3,4

DecaSpace: This video was made with Microsoft Paint. Still awesome though.

No NAME: # Pitbul
I want to make @@ with you !

Estera Kowalczyk: wollkom to brazzil im em you 'won my me self ☻🤖☹💋

layla preess: 50% porn
40% sex
10% music

Manuel Amaya: How many black guy on grocery store?
One two there four
I know you stealing.

DanceManiaco: Este ya debe tener la pija triste de tanto cogerse mujeres tan buenas !!!!!!!!!!!

Luis camacho: Venezuela 🇻🇪

Ingrid Gonzalez: aqui me enseñe a contar del 1 al 4 en ingles y en español😂 pitbull deberia de ser maestro :v lo amo💖😛🐼

kaan karlı: adam o zamanda gavattı şimdide gavat

Grace Watermelon: I came here from the vine '1234 how many nigga's are in my store I KNOOOOWWW UR STEALING !' XD

Hi There: Who else is waiting for a song to play bcuz they never new what it was as a kid

Hi There: 1234 uno dou tres, as soon as I heard the beginning I new exactly which song

April Sanders: I wish I had a body like the chick in the silver bikini 😍

Rifletrifle137: I think I got a boner but I'm not sure

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