Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) OFFICIAL VIDEO (Ultra Music)

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Feb 01 2014 by New Albums
Katamori Entertainment: Words can't describe how empty and worthless this song is...

bleezie541: My name is Bleezie, im a 22 year old hip hop artist who was just released from prison with a book of rhymes filled with only the best hip hop. if its not too mush trouble, id appreciate if youd look at my video, this is just temporary production till I get the studio up and running. thank you! Bleezie - Fairy Tales

jason_rogue: fap

fuck you: Gay song. >:P

anoriolko: That metallic "pang" is what makes this song for me...

Shadow Spirit: He is born with glasses and girls...

LRNúñez: +tianlong zhuge The girl you're asking about @ 2:08 is Cuban-American model Sagia Castañeda. (PS - I didn't get a Google+ hit with your username.)

daydayis08: hey the song he sampled this from is called "the bomb" by the bucketheads in case anybody wanted to know

maskedrider K-poploverzScreamo: pitbull (y)

River Acevedo: WAZZUP!

Tony L.: This song is bad ass, throw this on and watch them hos flock...

chhitizz rai: good

Gábor Miseta: 0:16-- : from The Bucketheads - The Bomb

Ashley Philpott: call me crazy but I actually like this song.

Missa Amane: like listen song Rabiosa ft Shakira

Хадижка Рабаданова: ))))))

Ruth Elena Gutierrez: Pitbull.. is the best ! his music make me wake up! and feel like I'm 20! lol lol but I love this sing!! I KNOW YOU WANT ME!! 1234 

Азат Сатаров: sexy Nayer

kayla sowell: nvm people

mrsandman500: i diddnt know he was signed to ultra...

ozan orsel: %0 hair %50 girls %49 porn %1 glasses

Freyja Sonnenkern: +Tammy Shaw I see your Pit Bull and raise you one... :))

MrMississippiMan: did anyone else come here because of hellsing ultimate abridged?

emma deininger: pitbull so handsom she ugly love this song

Royale Musique: Epic Song.

Cedric Bonorchis: That girl at 1:51 O.O crap man

wien aja: 1..... 2.... 3.... go,..go,...

pece lavchanovski: hahaahhaahhaahha

Katy Ekaty: I know u want me hahahaha)))))))))))))

Knyaz Hasanyan: j a n j e k i ch a n

belinda barnett-andrea: QUEENS nyc i LOVE pITBULL

ayu rina: dalee!!!!!!,,,,

Mohammed Islam: well let me simplify the lyrics.... Spanish,Spanish,Spanish, 1,2,3,4 I know you want me, Spanish,Spanish,Spanish, Mr.305 :P 

deeni159: who is the green grils dress. what is her name ?

Kusha Fied: Check out cub hit - Eye freaking - Oze exotic move - Oze

Dung Trịnh: happy birthday Pitbull!

beytullah altun: https://twitter.com/Burakspace takip etmenizi öneririm(I would wish to follow)

allie smith: good club music.

deeeeeeeeeed: the Brazilan girl is freaking Hoooooooooooooooooot

Bogdan Miljanovic: I know you want meeeeee, know, know

toter vonzua: This is gay music.

Junis Bkn: Scheiss gema

Ebrahim Khatib: guy star ,,,,,,,,

Andrew Manzanero: 218,684,854 people watched this video because these woman all have great personaltities

viet anh Dang: Porn porn everywhere :))

misstiggerpooh: Good Song Good Tmez

sazzad hossain ovi: one of my fav songs

Theodore Diamond: RUMBA !!!! Baby Rumba !! Baby One two three four.... Rumba aaaaaa...aaaa.... wantcha wantcha wantme... RUMBA... GREAT TUNE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mert Koroglu: %99 PRN % 1 music

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