Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia (HelenaMaria Cover) Official Acoustic Music Video

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Jul 17 2014 by Download
James Stonley: Yawn

Alexandra Regenass: ♥♥♥♥

marina lrt: vous chanter parfaitement bien *-* je suis fan !

Amiee-leigh Crossley: Love it

Bronte Murray: Love it x

Rachel T: wonderful ^^

patricia sierra: i love your voices

piedathemokona: my favourite acoustic cover... :) I love it, thank you so much x 

Bea Daphne Baylon: You're soo pretty!!! <3 <3 <3

Daulet Abenov: Maria left, Helena right)) Я люблю их

ana brown: oh girls, i've been watching every one of your videos i have come across and i've made a point of liking every single one of them... i'm just mesmerized! i mean, not only are you guys extremely blessed with amazing voices but also you are fab instrumentalists.. and also very good at multi-tasking.. how do you do it, singing and playing all at once? please tell me becuz i need to learn.. :-(

dick roman: OMG Helen&maria I your voice. I am a 7 years old

Laura Camargo: cute. lower voices are also amazing :)

Cesar 'Reynosa: I love this video because I finally can hit the high note

DIYnails andhair: OMG amazing.!!!!!!😱😍

Sofia Ocampos quartarone: what beautiful voice

Smith Und Leo Msp: It's so beautyful ♥

TheSophiaLautner: Human - Christina Perri

RaroCookie15: I think the like/dislike bar is broken, because there is no way this has over 300 dislikes. Either that or there are over 300 crazy people in this world.

Luis Alegre: Muy buen video.

jort switijnk: Awesome 

josxhera: Awesome... nice performance :D

Anne Chang: awesome <3 you are so beautiful and so is your amazing voices 

John Jeric Khaw: Who ever Those People who DisLiked This incredible cover ,Their just insecure of these Two Talented Lovely Ladies .....

g- shegon: i like it.. i really do

Rene Barragan: <3

redtardead: This is like watching a cover of the song while watching a victoria's secret Angels (with clothes on ofc.) Love it, subscribing.

Smith Und Leo Msp: Wonderful ♥

Zephyr Lorna: I don't know why these girls remind me so much of The Corrs

Alyssa Waananen: all the dislikes must be smoking somthing funny!! these girls are AMAZiNG gave me sivers!!

Justin East: You should get with PianoGuys and do that song I think that would be perfect Just saying

Cambria Harper: I love your voices and you both are beautiful I'm 10 years old

Sabrina Hughes: This is really good, :-) :-)

Puro 中Dezainā: It's awesome, very creative WOW

Yesi Jimenez: if your not going to do the song right don't sing it

Justin East: You should get with PianoGuys and do that song I think that would be perfect Just saying

Zeke Hanle: They aren't really playing the piano in this are they? At least it doesn't look the part to me

Michaël G. Beauregard: This one, Diamonds from Rihanna, Skyfall from Adele and Wake me up from Avicii are really your best cover to date. Thank

Yulitsa Rizo: They look like twins

Arnel Emnace: SI ateng CLeavage at ateng LEGS

Marcos Vinicius: OMG ♥.♥

Clemmy Clue: Hope you guys go really far with your amazing voices 💕

Tepentius Etno: (y)

Lolly C: FOLLOW MY BEST FRIEND AND I ON INSTAGRAM: lauren_and_chelaine_music Please you won't regret it!! 

NorelleUmabushi: OMG you are amazing!! These harmonies and voices, and you are both beautiful =)

Justin East: I know I'm a bit late, but your voices are amazing. Solo and together Beauty at its best

Christine Le: They r always on fiya

yerusariel diandora: great twins!!!

Citra Ayu: Are they twins? anyway, their voice is beautiful!

lou ok: they are crazy talented

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