Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia (HelenaMaria Cover) Official Acoustic Music Video

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Apr 02 2014 by MP3 player
RaroCookie15: I think the like/dislike bar is broken, because there is no way this has over 300 dislikes. Either that or there are over 300 crazy people in this world.

Créa'Fimo D'Ilo: Are You twins ?

Fräulein Fa: I LOVE this cover from you both, i could hear it a thousand times!

Angel Payton angelwow: Wow! Now I'm going to subscribe fa'sho!

Michaël G. Beauregard: This one, Diamonds from Rihanna, Skyfall from Adele and Wake me up from Avicii are really your best cover to date. Thank

Marcos Vinicius: OMG ♥.♥

Arnel Emnace: SI ateng CLeavage at ateng LEGS

Yulitsa Rizo: They look like twins

Laura Camargo: cute. lower voices are also amazing :)

Clemmy Clue: Hope you guys go really far with your amazing voices 💕

Michel Nassar: This is the best cover of all your playlist :D! loved it 

AlexZocktHD: XD

Zeke Hanle: They aren't really playing the piano in this are they? At least it doesn't look the part to me

Yesi Jimenez: if your not going to do the song right don't sing it

AD2000's Home: 😱OMG😱amazing😆

Christine Le: They r always on fiya

Chris Hoffman: Please do a song with Boyce Avenue. The combined sound would be incredible.

eduarda barcellos: Beatiful

Katerina Pomes: You should get a Record deal

Tepentius Etno: (y)

Malini Dharmathilake: God !!!!! incredible... i dont have more words cant express my feelings :) all stunned... amazing .... plz do more and more... you guys make my day... love you sisters... 

Lolly C: FOLLOW MY BEST FRIEND AND I ON INSTAGRAM: lauren_and_chelaine_music Please you won't regret it!! 

Gary Casey: Good but Sia owns song voice soo distinct mary j blige was dropped but freat effort! Put up your own song pls

Pinkrystal: Can u guys do a cover of let it go from Frozen. 

Weronika Stasiak: Perfect! You have beautiful voice! Really, I greet :)

NorelleUmabushi: OMG you are amazing!! These harmonies and voices, and you are both beautiful =)

Citra Ayu: Are they twins? anyway, their voice is beautiful!

Pedro Rodrigues Freitas: of millet theater

Ači Pelevin: =)) gj girls :) like this song

hassan khan: Best ever better than David guerra!!!!!!!!

MARIA ROCHA: wowwowowo i loe it are u sis? is my first time watching this !!!

lou ok: they are crazy talented

Asep Kurniawan: amazing . . . good voice and harmonies

Keeli Pressley: I'm the first to comment you guys are awsome

Donaven Scott: 2 words american idol and are there two of you or just one

yerusariel diandora: great twins!!!

nitrouswarfare211: How could Demi and Britney say NO to these angels?!?!?!!?!?!??!!??!!?!!?!

LysNlyn Pena: woooowcjust woow

Kenny Hoang: Twins 

Nadja Bachler: Good good job verry nice

Saad Shahid: are u two twins?? amazing voice by the way 

Olivia Williams: Singer to singer, i think that you shoukd open your mouths wider when you sing your vowels, other than that, your perfect!

Lucy Maldi: Beaudiful♥ !

Jessica Kozlovsky: Ahh please do a cover with Boyce avenue! It would be amazing!

Miguel Rios: Probably, one of the best of your covers!

Caragh Murphy: Love it x

Ellis Janssen: Niceex

Lizbeth Gomez: are u twins ?????????????????????!!!!!!! 3

Ashlyn Konieczka: You guys are amazing 

דניאל קול: love i!!!! like

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