Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia (HelenaMaria Cover) Official Acoustic Music Video

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Grace DeVries: My brother likes this very much he is 6 years olll and he said that he you are beutiful

Aiman Yuki: your look like a twin sister...nevermind just go ahead with talent ok..^_^

Angeline Kang: did someone hav the piano sheet for this piano accompaniment?

anod anod: This is a very beautiful voice, I almost listened to this song all the time, I can not believe harmony between both of you, and the way to play the piano very consistent and better than the original , thanks for this cover

R and M Out of the blue: Wow😍

Firuze Kökten: they aint as Adele or David Guetta but their voices are excellent

Mara: sweeeeet voices...you look like angels! great harmonies and feeling

AgricolaSuperbus: So I kind of incidentally watched your version of ´love the way you lie´ and I really liked it. This one however is a little artificial I think. Not as clean and powerful as the original song which I think fits way better.

Mohamed Abouzzi: I Love Your Voice ;) (Y)

Ale Birzina: i love your voice

Ale Birzina: it s just wooooooooow

Hannah D'souza: YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!! goose bumps !!!

msbah lion: nic

Baraa Irfan: Almost same voice

Fernando França: Lindo.

AwesomecoatGaming!: I sing by myself because I'm scared of people what they will think about my voice I use to sing infront of people But I was to scared :( but I did it anyway and felt happy and now I'm even shy more

Sahar Nawabi: Omggg wish i had this talent :o

Debira Murri: 😍

Maniyah Benson: Twins??

sofia danas: Omg u guys are amazing, wish u both the best for your channel!!

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Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia (HelenaMaria Cover) Official Acoustic Music Video 5 out of 5