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Jul 09 2014 by MP3
BLKDMNDS: Have you seen our +YGVEVO featuring TeeFlii video?

GossipGurl807: What's Teeflii's OBSESSION with Annie ? lol

Brittany Love: Just did a rap cover to TeeFlii's latest single - 24 Hours with my friend Lyable! Check it out on my page! 

veni vidi vici: 02:14 bruised knees hahahaha groupies be polishing bats

yungsoulja336: omg teefli look so different since his krumping days

Dollfacenicki1: I'm trynna Finna out who tf Annie is cause they talk about her in every song ..

mateal harrison: Annie are u okay

Brax Boss: TeeFLii pooks like bqlck mario

Ayden Edmundson: Not rocking with teeflii's stache bro

gisela göbel: oh yes i love this song !

Alicia J: Baby Tight Eyez ! 

MrDonutsTv: TeeFlii looks like Nipsey Hussle on crack

MikeHenderson X: A bunch of big niggas ayeeee turnup lol. 

Jonny Dalin: Annie like Michael Jackson Annie are you okay!

Netty Taylor: Annie is Michael Jackson 

Keli'i Woolsey: slapper!

Damaris Jaee: Ooooh ( ; 

Samson Simpson: annie is anything and everything fly wescoast shhh

InkGraff: For anyone asking who Annie is...look up Snoop Doggs GGN news with TeeFlii...funny as hell and he explains who Annie is. Peace

chelsea adekunle: Yg can get it

Tyreke Mekell: My nigga Teeflii ugly as freak lmaooo, his voice doesnt match him

Marcus Andrews: Type in "ggn tee flii", in the YouTube search engine, if you want to know about the origins of Annie are you O'Tay from tee flii. Warning: prepare to laugh.

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