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Feb 23 2014 by Lyrics
Frank White: Annie are you ok is from Michael jackson....

robyn beaza: Who the freak is annie

MaTtGcOoPeR: Looks like mickey freaking mouse with those gloves haha


Kobe Scheymans: 

Marko Redzic: one of the best mixtapes!!!

LIVIU MAJER: bass and bitches:: paradise, ups I i forgot vodka!

NeNelabellefillenoir: annie can be 'bad''/accomplished female for those of you wondering who annie is 

DigitalTrax Channel: A Black Luigi ?

shantell2323: WOR ST VIDEO EVER

Lexxie W.: Whoever Annie is he must realllllllllllyyyyy like her!

MikeHenderson X: A bunch of big niggas ayeeee turnup lol. 

Justin JK: YG Blood Walk 2:15 

Jonny Dalin: Annie like Michael Jackson Annie are you okay!

gabriel cruz: Played this song on my birthday cx September babiess

Keli'i Woolsey: slapper!

Vonn Bam B: http://www.facebook.com/vonnbamb

Ivan Boo: Teeflii's uh fool 

Barry Ponds: Frfr tho Teeflii sound n look like Mickey Mouse 

Damaris Jaee: Ooooh ( ; 

Teau Taputoa: Yeah baby love this crap

macie taylor: this my sssssooooooooonnnnnnnnggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamara Richardson: Haha Annie are u ok lol Michele Jackson nice song 

Sari Boehm: why teflii wearing those damn gloves?

Cameron Epes: Love yg

Saul Verdin: tee flii looks like a mixture of nipsey hussle and big sean 

Allicia Hankins: Who the freak is annie,put her in one of the videos so we wont wonder who the hell she is

D Wizz: Can u f**k like you twerk if I do that kitty good can you you squirt Aaahh

Mariah Aldrich: Nigga look like a rat. 😂😂😂😂

Auburn Bauer: My crap but what's up w ole girls knees at 2:50??? Hahaha smdh 

Brigitte A.: throw a burger to dat buddy!

GOLDMINER Vegas: Subscribed on 11-15-13 :)

Mista Villain: TeeFlii killed the hook but that nigga corny as hell for wearing them super mario brother gloves

superweep: Teeflii looks like a black Super Mario tho

Gabriel Ordonez: crap that's how girls knees be looking now in days if you know what I mean 

MsDaddylilgirl: There's to much haters . I love this song and video

karla kaye Coloma: pop that pu$$y for a hood nigga XDD

Kike Ayala: Sick As Song

Muhammad Conley: This song slap bruh ayyyy!

Nitaaa Bitaaa: Why do blood think he Michael Jackson and crap 

Gustavo Navarro: love this songs lyrics just cuz I can relate lol...

Fabiola Maduena: Lemme get you sprung on this (; 

Alisa Azhocar: bruised knees lol

michael castro: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhee

alexandria hebrard: this my song 

Michael Tyson: Trash wtf did I watch 

Johnson Liu: pause at 40 secs

Ange♥: Um...TeeFlii's dance moves are a little basic and that mustache... WTH?! But YG is fine!!!

shayla baby: Can you freak like you twerk?

jahlia jones: The nigga teeflii ugly

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