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M LO: "Bust a nut in 10 min thats my freakin problem-yg .." don't feel so bad after all lmao

Kd glizzy: if I told that I love ya I'll bke lying to you😂💪💯

Jenessa Bee: this song sorry

Jenessa Bee: mmm why is he wearing white gloves like hes going to carry a casket

anthony terrell: Do Me A Favor Go Listen To My New Song Live It Up By Kash https://soundcloud.com/kash5500/live-it-up-prod-by-cashmoneyap

Shakila Delilah Nakakeeto: omg who annie doe????

Jasmine's life !!!: fire!!

Nevaeh Harris: Omg who is annie

Rochelle Arms: First the bitch Talk bout no money

Tank Ent: teeflii mickey mouse called saying he wants his gloves back!

Briana Davidson: the bitches knees at 2:37 look busted lol 😑

Jason aguilar: [Verse 1: YG]
If I told you that I love you, I'd be lyin' to you
'Cause if I loved you, I'd be on that jet flyin' to you
Hold up - she got a ass like Pinky
Pretty bitch but she act so easy
Bam! Give it to her like bam!
I ain't' from the lou but that kitty's gettin' rammed
I got her screamin', moanin', hittin' it from the back
Had her home girls like "girl he did that"
I love bad bitches that's my freakin' problem
Bust a nut in 10 minutes that's my freakin' problem
Ohh, Can you freak like you twerk? Ohh
If I do that kitty good then you'll squirt

QuIk Killu: kitty get ram

ilisapesi latu: Ayeee Havnt Heard This In A Min 😩🔊💦

Tyler hauraro: yg all-day fuk teeflii

Tyler hauraro: yg all-day fuk teeflii

jackspacket: Back page showing fat kittys

sincerelymajestik: I don't like how YG's verse starts. Kinda kills the whole vibe. No actually it killed the whole vibe. Musically on point, but the rest is ehh.

Logan Jimison: moms be like turn that music downme be like bitch shut yo fat ass up

igotdembandz hoe: just came here to see some ass

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