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Aug 28 2014 by New Albums
BLKDMNDS: Have you seen our +YGVEVO featuring TeeFlii video?

GossipGurl807: What's Teeflii's OBSESSION with Annie ? lol

Chris Machuka: Teeflii the Westside mj/Chris Brown but what's up with the okay crap???

A Rod: YG feat. TeeFlii - Sprung: http://youtu.be/ALZMDpFv4Kk


Brittany Love: Check out me and my friend's rap cover to TeeFlii's 24 hours on my page!!!

funkyfreshlewis: TeeFlii lookin like Luigi from Mario Bros with those gloves on loll

NGAZA ZA: Does teeflii have a rap/song and he's on the beach with a girl??? Or someone does who looks like him lol?

veni vidi vici: 02:14 bruised knees hahahaha groupies be polishing bats

Darren Williams: 2:14 is that Lucious Lopez the pornstar lol

E1iTe357: yooo

THEMASTEROFSK8TING: Annie is a shortening for "any girl "

KT Robinson: I hope TeeFlii blows up.

michael turner: To much annie dude!:)

Rpa Fanai: thats DOPE !!!! Love it !!

niggapark: Yeah,,,,, real crap!!! Doe

joey stan: Everything is about titties and booties with the lyrics 

Slobodan Putin: this naigga needs to get back to the hood, SELL OUT

yungsoulja336: omg teefli look so different since his krumping days

Brittany Love: Just did a rap cover to TeeFlii's latest single - 24 Hours with my friend Lyable! Check it out on my page! 

jokilldaboss: 2:13 Look a the girl's knees LMAO!!!!

Cloud DaBowss: Who the hell is this Annie chick TeeFlii be singin bout ?

Nicholas Openshaw: 1:20 Teeflii wall twerking?

Roger Marmolejo: YG feat. TeeFlii - Sprung

Jason Rosales: i love bad bitches that's ma freakin' problem

Sally Sarai: yass

rere brown: Yg so hard and fine.....yg is the person that a nigga or a bitch could rock with

Luis Ronquillo: Hi

Leonard Zhuta: TeeFlii = Black super mario

Tremaine Wright: Annie is the equivalent of people in the south sayin "shawty" so Annie is not a particular girl.

TheChrxnic: teefliii look like a thug nigga

MrTazzTee: No Lie that nigga dance like rapist but good video lol 😂 

Jules smith: this is rubbish....i can hardly hear yg.

Dollfacenicki1: I'm trynna Finna out who tf Annie is cause they talk about her in every song ..

Brax Boss: TeeFLii pooks like bqlck mario

Ayden Edmundson: Not rocking with teeflii's stache bro

mateal harrison: Annie are u okay

Gisela Göbel: oh yes i love this song !

Kris Sanchez: I cant find this crap freak iphone bruh i needa get phone where i can download crap easy

Junaide Rafael: hj

BL Double OD: 2:47 haha teeflii :D

Lexxie W.: Whoever Annie is he must realllllllllllyyyyy like her!

chelsea adekunle: Yg can get it

Matthew Hernandez: RattPack Boi 

Roman Reings Roman Reigns: Yg is one of the best rappers and the most talented guys l know

Dave Brown: I wonder who is annie 

KING RILEY: Mah nigga got the mj gloves on lmao 

Netty Taylor: From its song

matiah adams: Annie

Tiffany Wideman: Yall real live hating on him for wha??

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