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Abdinasir Ibrahim: teeflii , n yg killed......

Abdinasir Ibrahim: I listen to this song almost every times my girlfriend call me..n this my type song when im in good mood with her

Welbeloved Akulas: I guess this bootsy ass nigga TF gonna make a career off recycling Drake's lyriques?

Ali Bazz: this is the driest chorus i ever heard in my life

Rae Maquez: He not ugly. It's his mustache. See if I'm not wrong. Dumbass 6th graders. (If u r not in 6th grade den I'm not talking to u)

Bboy Romeu: this nigguh does the same dance moves in all his songs,nigguh just stahp please

Oswaldo Palomino: muy buena BI

The Juice: Who is the guy at 00:30

ElibearTheOneAndOnly: My name is Annie ;) well not really >~> but you know >~> ..........

Zulma Zelaya: Whats up with the gloves? Why is he wearing them? Im sure its not winter nor he's working on a construction site. So many questions that must be answered lol

Kereama Leach: yg should of had another version

ehwilliamz: The girls slaying Teeflii on his looks Lmaaooooo But They Went in . lol 

Antonio Underdue: When will this b on iTunes?

YSL Thugga Thugger: He look like nipsey hussle

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