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Mar 12 2015 by New Albums
Reynaldo Stufano: Fuiste al franes?

Hunnie B: Love this song......... best memories from my youth !

Nuevo canal MekoCraft: Vos Fuiste al Frances ? , ¿Vos Fuiste al Frances ? , ¿Vos Fuiste al Frances ? , ¿Vos Fuiste al Frances ? Seeee , sugar tuturutuutuu honey tututu tuntuuun Seee

marcelo lopez: hombero tu tu tu sugar tu tu tu TUUUUUUUUUUUT TU TU

Metta. K.: This morning this song popped up in my head. Don't even know the title. Googling the only part I remember, "sugar, sugar sugar, oh" got me here...LOL

Slime Bunny: Dog dog.

dany safi: i was watching the Simpsons and this song came up , its alright 

sonicxmlp bibbo: like si venis por el banco franses

Joaquin Hozukimaru: Sugar tu tu ti tu ti tu ohh honey honey tu tu ti tu ti tu xd

Larissa Vitória: Orphan Black.

Deverick Rooks: cool song

llorT 101draziW: whenever I hear this song I imagine a dude with a crazy smile on his face continuously pelvis thrusting back and forth

Naomi Z: Orphan black brought me here

Brayan Vidal: Y homero: Sugar tu tu tu tu tu tu... xD

Fresnel Beckett: Orphan Black brought me here.

Sara Herrmann: Yo vengo por la nueva canción de Maroon 5, pero siempre que empiezo a cantar la otra digo: SUGAR! YOURE MY CANDY GIRL! Jajaja

skeleton Pants: OH so thats what this songs called

octi .6: **Teo bailando**

John Wolfenden: DImemtica o DImente

Luis Enrique Muñoz Vicent: la musicas de mi niñes

Nicholas Zarra: Best song of all time!

Timothy Brooks: I remember watching Saturday morning cartoons and singing this song from a cartoon musical group called "The Archies." Do you believe that we could cut out a copy of the record from the back of a cereal box ....and it actually played? 

iAmDiiegO ᶠᶸᶜᵏᵧₒᵤ: Yo vengo por el rubius Trolls En Gta San andreas Madafaka

luis loquendo: Like si vienen por el rubiusomg jejje

SEVENDIALS: Throwback Thursday

Gabriel BeZerK: What final music name?

Ricky Pearl: Archies - Sugar Sugar oh honey honey You are my candy girl...

Natalia Kopeć: Well, my sestra and jell-o brought me here.

George Majano: i just cant believe the loveliness of loving you... 

Angela Furment: Helena and Sarah <3

Thomas The Tank engine: The impossible quiz

Adrian CHOY: Archies - sugar sugar

Th3Cr1men: Fuiste al frances (?)

robert Macgirvin: My old man loved this song, I will pass this song to my Grandson (Reagan), as my Dad would have wanted. Family Tradition, simple but it is ours.

Jason Rodriguez: this song is absolutely timeless.

Luca Gilio: ¿Fuistes al frances?

joncito77: All time's classic


Cocó Vásquez: Orphan Blaaaack!!

heungheung wong: Sugar Sugar~~~~ So sweet Song!♡

Niko Whittlesey: Who came here from the impossible game?

arbaxoxo12: I always thought they said you are my candy crush

Tomy Areena: Fuiste al francés?

GeorgeofTheConcreteJungle: The one percent documentary brought me here. 

agent j: It was after I lip synced this tune in her driveway, the neighbours coming out to see what the hell was going on in their normally quiet neighbourhood. It was after I did my damned fool best to impress her, dancing, jumping on the hood and then the roof of the car. It was then that she accepted my marriage proposal. 

MrLucyAckles: Orphan Black! <3

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