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Jul 07 2014 by Torrent
Tomy Areena: Fuiste al francés?

luis loquendo: Like si vienen por el rubiusomg jejje

Chocolity Tiger: Who came here from the impossible game?

Luca Gilio: ¿Fuistes al frances?

joaquin villarino: Sugar tu tu ti tu ti tu ohh honey honey tu tu ti tu ti tu xd

Gabriel BeZerK: What final music name?

Th3Cr1men: Fuiste al frances (?)

arbaxoxo12: I always thought they said you are my candy crush

heungheung wong: Sugar Sugar~~~~ So sweet Song!♡

TheSeoulsista: My internal jukebox brought me here..

ApenasJohnny: simpsons bring me here.

joncito77: All time's classic

Fresnel Beckett: Orphan Black brought me here.

robert Macgirvin: My old man loved this song, I will pass this song to my Grandson (Reagan), as my Dad would have wanted. Family Tradition, simple but it is ours.

George Majano: i just cant believe the loveliness of loving you... 

Andrew Lee: RIP Archie

Jason Rodriguez: this song is absolutely timeless.

Manuloveful: Helena from Orphan Black :3

Natalia Kopeć: Well, my sestra and jell-o brought me here.

Naomi Z: Orphan black brought me here

honchobeatzmusic: :-)

MrLucyAckles: Orphan Black! <3

Timothy Brooks: I remember watching Saturday morning cartoons and singing this song from a cartoon musical group called "The Archies." Do you believe that we could cut out a copy of the record from the back of a cereal box ....and it actually played? 

Cocó Vásquez: Orphan Blaaaack!!

Alexandra Winkler: sugar, sugar, yes !

elizabeth shiflet: You are my candy now

Krystal Spencer: Nice

mhwua: Always hearing it when im high yeah 

Simarut ラーピセートパン: 『Sugar Sugar』 ♪ HKT48のおでかけ! 第15回 「下関・唐戸市場」 ロケ終わり部分 (おでセン植木が 下関とフグに関する質問をした時~伊藤博文に感謝~おでかけ!終了) で 流れていたのは この曲だったんですね!! タイで先程 ラジオを聴いて 調べました! Archies - sugar sugar

TheDiego RD: Yo vengo por el rubius Trolls En Gta San andreas Madafaka

Shannan Crossan: Love this song takes me back to my auld days

Diego Gonzalez Guzman: yo vengo por elrubiusomg

Santiago Bustos: Like si vienes de elrubiusOMG JAJAJAJA

agent j: It was after I lip synced this tune in her driveway, the neighbours coming out to see what the hell was going on in their normally quiet neighbourhood. It was after I did my damned fool best to impress her, dancing, jumping on the hood and then the roof of the car. It was then that she accepted my marriage proposal. 

Luis Morales: Buenisima

Marilyn Rosar: makes me want to dance, brings back my childhood... many years ago

Monkey D. Nahui: 0:18 MOMENTO ÉPICO

Santiago Bustos: Like si vienes de elrubiusOMG JAJAJAJA

GeorgeofTheConcreteJungle: The one percent documentary brought me here. 

luis angel arellano anguiano: Shuga tititititi oh jani jani titititititi

Victor Herbert: Bee Movie 

Betty Macias: Beautiful song so romantic!!

elmurishard: nunca le digas a un chino como tiene que llamarse

Tom Lincmaier: je to super a mam rad tu pesničku

PolloSwager McMuffin: Es hay un chino bailando con migo tutututu,titi

DJ diegitomix: jajaja yo vine por el


Juan Gutierrez: para polagademeirda plaguean asta musica con ewse gil a mi me gusta y todo pero para son unos plagas demeirda

O Diaz: Solo esperemos y pitbull no remixee esta canción , hasta hoy esta gran canción se ha salvado

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