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Ashley Chapman: The Brady Bunch bought me here

Rey Benkos: Homer Simpson on the boat with Flanders, Rod and Bart brought me here!!!

Ayy bby wnt sum fuk: freak orphan black. bee movie is where its at

karina martinez lopez: shuga tutu tu tu tu tu o hani hani

Brian Renero: Archies - sugar sugar

xxT o x i cxx: PUT IT ON 0.5

Dat Fox Doh: my freinds called archie lol

champigamerxd champi: hahahaha me recuerda a homero de los simpsons xD

Da Ni: Me trajo acá el banco francés. Jaajja

Nutrio 420: put it on 2

Jackeline Cardoso: Sugarrrr ohh honey honey..........

Larissa Vitória: Orphan Black.

Teutonic IA42: hombero tu tu tu sugar tu tu tu TUUUUUUUUUUUT TU TU

Hunnie B: Love this song......... best memories from my youth !

Deverick Rooks: cool song

llorT 101draziW: whenever I hear this song I imagine a dude with a crazy smile on his face continuously pelvis thrusting back and forth

Field On Enemy (F.O.E.): Dog dog.

dany safi: i was watching the Simpsons and this song came up ,  its alright 

Sara Herrmann: Yo vengo por la nueva canción de Maroon 5, pero siempre que empiezo a cantar la otra digo: SUGAR! YOURE MY CANDY GIRL! Jajaja

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