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GiLaw The Sparky: For a brief second I thought those were the Planeteers, lol! ­čśé´╗┐

Vicente Tapia: ­čśó´╗┐

Julius Santelices: The impossible quiz brought me here.´╗┐

S├ëRGIO OLIVEIRA JUNIOR: Despedida de solteiro's theme!!!´╗┐

Minkook Sun: wow sugar sugar my memories song of baby times´╗┐

Diegomaster214: -Vos fuiste al franc├ęs?
-SEEEE!! :D´╗┐

Maradi Enciso: Uuuhhh lalalaa!!! One of my favorite songs!!!´╗┐

Simone Brumen/ART: love´╗┐

bier tanker: hee kanker oh tering tering´╗┐

Carmelene Clores: EXO Showtime Ep. 12 got me here.´╗┐

JuaniTUS13: quien vino por bbva frances??xd´╗┐

Bobby Jordan: i grow up listening to the archies suger suger my daddy love the song me and him dance to it when i was a little girl and i remember that its been 50yrs ago my dad pass 1991.this is to my daddy i love u dad R.I.P your baby girl cindy´╗┐

KRAMPUS: oh honey honey tutututu´╗┐

Ricky Bobby: Remember when they made cereal boxes with 45 records on the back of them? You had to cut it out. This was one of those on the back of Super Sugar Crisp if memory serves.´╗┐

marco Lopez: What is art?
This is art´╗┐

Michael Robles: I notice that all Mexicans laugh at this song all I see is jajaja what is so funny about it , this song is so cool .´╗┐

Michael Robles: I thought it was the group called the monkeys that played the song .´╗┐

Nicolai Haugsted (CharlieTheViking): Gorillaz get a run for their money for being the best virtual band, when you hear songs like this :)´╗┐

Thane: Hard to think a colony of bees actually made me see this. :/´╗┐

Hinata Emo: DALE ME GUSTA SI TAMBIEN LO BUSCASTE ASI(sugar tututu oh honey honey tututu)´╗┐

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