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UraniumScorpionTV: I like this better than the English :)

Aesthetics: i just found this in russian and its so beautiful , some lines are different tho like all the things she said says i lost mind

zerofann: the girls' voices are so cute and sexy! (i'm a girl btw)

Dawn Yaffe: I love my language...

supersasukemaniac: I have this song on my IPod, it's so catchy.

Amber Annie: *chuckles to self on the sidelines*

Ethale Lynn: I want one ;A; XD XD But yes, I LOOOOOVE Hetalia XD It is the best thing ever to spread over the world~ :3

Ethale Lynn: Am I the only one who loved bands like tAtU that are from other countries THEN WAS INTRODUCED TO HETALIA? Still love tAtU, and I love Hetalia, but the music just has a different ring now~

SaraQuita05: Ivan Braginski(Russia) from Hetalia? O_o

FredJudyKevin123: You wrote "nuzha" instead of "nuzhna", so when translated, your lyrics mean "I've lost my mind, I stab her". Which is a little off.

demonicdrama: I know the russian lyrics for 'show me love' are different than the english translation.. I wish I knew the english for these lyrics. X3

Rosalyn Leban: @Akatsukiluver4890 it is, but americans tend to pronounce нет nee-yet when it's transliterated as nyet. You'll be closer if you say net than if you say nee-yet. The y is really quiet.

D00msDame: i thought it was pronounced nyet not net

aurielMoon: is the english song a translation? or are the lyrics changed a bit? the part in 'all the things she said' when they go 'this is not enough' and repeat it a bit, this version says 'ya soshla s uma' which i thought translated to 'all the things she said' b/c it was the title. im a bit confused. will someone help me out?

Ashley Torres: @jonazapple "she loves her"

FrenkelFilms: My entire family is from different parts of Russia. I was born in America, so I understand it very well, and I can only speak very simple things. My family is trying to teach me. It is a great language and I used to be able to speak it fluently when I was little, but then I went to preschool where everybody spoke english so all of my russian kind of went away, but at least I understand it! :) lol. P.S.: this song is awesome! :).

cocoas: @LEepicproductions hmmm....ya'know i'm gettin' the Japenese, Latin, Korean,and russain one.

cocoas: how come everything is better in a foreign language? *cartoons,music, games*

Fangslash4913: I'm so happy...this song brings back memories and makes me very happy! Thank you!

princeza krvi: Hey i study russian at school.:P... And when accent is not on O then they read it like A . than u read 'ya sashla s' uma... And also alot of other words here :S .'Mama, papa prasti' .. u write like O but read it like A (not with all words cause O with accent they read like O).. sorry for my bad english :P

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