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Dec 15 2014 by New songs
asinasis107: @aurielMoon It's actually not a direct translation. Ya Soshla S Uma actually means something like "I'm losing my mind." And Mne Nuzha Ona means "I need her." The words were changed in the English version to make sure it still fit the syllable count and rhymed and also fit the overall meaning and tone of the original song.

Катя Лищина: @mylastbreath4you2012 no, BPillager is right

MrsGangstaMaedchen: bin russin & ich finde du hast es toll gemacht, [respekt ;) ]

Катя Лищина: Heh, another video with 'nuzha' instead of 'nuzhna', of course it doesn't matter, but this is strange.. Where do you get this lyrics?

IssaKazuma1307: OH MY GOD YES!!! I like Asian music before that, but Hetalia really did it, y'know? I'm totally a Hetalia nerd, I bought this Hetalia pizza-shaped coin purse and I wear it clipped to my belt... all the time... Love Japan and Italy.

K ai: @HomoCallidus Нет.... почему я хотел бы поспорить с тобой?

XscenesarahleighX: Помогите, пожалуйста? я плохо пишу по-русски!

crazymisscarlza: ummmmm........good question

mhigh: @TheVasilisas It just depends on whatever helps you pronounce it best :)

Jonaz Nazareno: what is the meaning of T.A.T.U.????

NicoleMaisen: i love this song so much <3 tatu rocks :)

demonicdrama: I know the russian lyrics for 'show me love' are different than the english translation.. I wish I knew the english for these lyrics. X3

IssaKazuma1307: :D :D Haha, so you like Hetalia too then???

ReNiLovesSingin Ramos R: I love you who made this video ...the lyrics in russian are so much important , so much deeper than the english's version

supersasukemaniac: I have this song on my IPod, it's so catchy.

Fangslash4913: I'm so happy...this song brings back memories and makes me very happy! Thank you!

Ethale Captor: I want one ;A; XD XD But yes, I LOOOOOVE Hetalia XD It is the best thing ever to spread over the world~ :3

SangoLaLobaKat: t.A.T.u. is the best! :D lol I wonder how Russia from Hetalia would respond to this? xD

mhigh: @TheVasilisas suka

IssaKazuma1307: I have a deep love for the Italys. And Japan. And Germany. Germany is sooooooo great.

aurielMoon: is the english song a translation? or are the lyrics changed a bit? the part in 'all the things she said' when they go 'this is not enough' and repeat it a bit, this version says 'ya soshla s uma' which i thought translated to 'all the things she said' b/c it was the title. im a bit confused. will someone help me out?

Lukas: u rock my socks!

OMGConspiracy: God this is hot <3 love russia

billybubblesmabel: Thanx XD

Antoan Tushev: NICE SONG !! ! !!!

Malik13ist: the songs AWSOME!!!! =)

FredJudyKevin123: You wrote "nuzha" instead of "nuzhna", so when translated, your lyrics mean "I've lost my mind, I stab her". Which is a little off.

Катя Лищина: @bfflmnopz4evuh you think i knew what is "kthxbye"?

kawaiipapuruusagi: i think ya soshla s uma means something like i'm losing my mind :O

Shay61000: @LEepicproductions hmmm....ya'know i'm gettin' the Japenese, Latin, Korean,and russain one.


K ai: @HomoCallidus I said kthxbye, did I not? Shhhhhhh. This needn't to continue.

XxAwesomeKittyxX: Russian is a really pretty language if it's spoken by the right person... :) and the awesome thing is I understand most of what's being said here! ;D and I'm from britain. :D

Катя Лищина: @bfflmnopz4evuh Ты хочешь поспорить со мной??

KittieHartmanLilmama: I love its Its an amazing song english and russian versions

FoxieEnvy: WAYYYYY better than the english version.<3

tATuAlwaysForever: Shut the freak up about Hetalia. Thanks. Cunts.

dawsonlove09: My entire family is from different parts of Russia. I was born in America, so I understand it very well, and I can only speak very simple things. My family is trying to teach me. It is a great language and I used to be able to speak it fluently when I was little, but then I went to preschool where everybody spoke english so all of my russian kind of went away, but at least I understand it! :) lol. P.S.: this song is awesome! :).

Gloria Stephanie Cortez Valenzuela: @suerteme16 =D Thanks. But I thought it was "Sooka"..... So it's "Suka?"

Ponygirl Curtis: *chuckles to self on the sidelines*

SaraQuita05: Ivan Braginski(Russia) from Hetalia? O_o

Dawn Yaffe: I love my language...

MrPropapanda: ta - she tu - her

Rosalyn Leban: @Akatsukiluver4890 it is, but americans tend to pronounce нет nee-yet when it's transliterated as nyet. You'll be closer if you say net than if you say nee-yet. The y is really quiet.

XxDaminalsxX: @mjlodina Where or how did you learn Russian? Because the only native Russian person I ever talked to was on xbox live and he was a complete asshole for no reason. And why is the russian translation of Ya Soshla S Uma different from All The Things She Said? Is it because the actual Russian meaning/translation is different from the english version?

LadyArkalya: Hey, I am trying to do a few lyric videos myself and I am epicly failing, how am I suppose to slow down the lyrics with the song? Eeek!

billybubblesmabel: ummm... u sound like a friend of mine... they said exactly the same. sorry... i didnt realise i got it wrong ... i googled it... XD

9deea7: @-) so many times i listened 2day 2 this song... I'm going dizzy @-) take me to your leader! Ya soshla s uma O.O

bRoOtaLkiiD: 2:40 - 2:50 <3 freakING AWESOME!

Denilson L: i love this song i can pronounce the russian lyrics but i don't know what they mean. :)

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