I've got a key to the kingdom, Jeremiah Yocom, Gary Yocom, Redemption Road Church, pentecostal music

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Bobby Harris: Loki

Maria Poirier: It made me dance and bring Heaven down!

draxie little: Love these people and their singng


Rhonda Burnette: That's some anointed singing! Sing it brother!

W Harn: Yes

Bryan James: wow, this is some great worship!!!! I'm so glad I got a key to the Kingdom!!!!

Simon Saimee Samat: talented singer. great voice should return back to God in praise and worship.

Lisa Johnson: Great spiritual touch from these songs!

Richard Gossett: Love your music always fills my Holy Gost Tank Been Preaching sence I was 20yrs old just turnen 60!I feal like Caleb give me that Mt. Gloey too God keep up the Great work ! Love Bro. Rich Gossett Somerset Ky.

Paula Bowling: My dad Rev. Herbert Gibson from Lily,KY wrote that song. Keys to the kingdom.....

Piano Playah: Some people have been honored with a Key to the City and gained men's applause.  Praise God for the Blood of Jesus, because of the Cross I have a key to the Kingdom of God.  Glory be to Jesus, Great is He who is in me than He that is in the World.  

Via Bloom: whats the brand piano you play?

elmo shipman: Jesus. Sorry about that.

elmo shipman: This man is truly blessed and filled with the Holy Ghost. This is true pentecostal praise and worship! Thank you Jesuse!

joshforsythe1989: my children love this song!!! my little girl (not even 2 years old) sings right along.. she always says ALRIGHT!!! LOL I thank the lord for blessing me with my children.

Candice Tolbert: Love this! My church plays like this. We believe in PRAISING THE LORD in the Holy Ghost! :-)

DFullerton527: Reminds of the old church I grew up in. Churches aren't the same today. Love this traditional gospel!

cassie wilson: ive got a key to the kingdom of god

apostolichollinesgal: ITs alright with me lord

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