I've got a key to the kingdom, Jeremiah Yocom, Gary Yocom, Redemption Road Church, pentecostal music

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Carl Tackitt: marry       not

John Wayne Raleigh: You are not the same as in the Holy Inspired book of Acts! NOT one of you has ever seen the Lord Jesus Christ face to face! Not one of you has ever healed such as James and John! NOT one of you has raised the dead! NOT one you have ever spoken in an understandable foreign language as the Spirit gave the utterance! Please, I beg you to Google Pentecostalism! Pentecostalism is one of the most blasphemous doctrines today! And the baptism in Acts 2:38 is a BLOOD baptism!! NOT WATER!!

Bobby Harris: Loki

Maria Poirier: It made me dance and bring Heaven down!

draxie little: Love these people and their singng


Rhonda Burnette: That's some anointed singing! Sing it brother!

W Harn: Yes

Bryan James: wow, this is some great worship!!!! I'm so glad I got a key to the Kingdom!!!!

Simon Saimee Samat: talented singer. great voice should return back to God in praise and worship.

Lisa Johnson: Great spiritual touch from these songs!

Richard Gossett: Love your music always fills my Holy Gost Tank Been Preaching sence I was 20yrs old just turnen 60!I feal like Caleb give me that Mt. Gloey too God keep up the Great work ! Love Bro. Rich Gossett Somerset Ky.

Paula Bowling: My dad Rev. Herbert Gibson from Lily,KY wrote that song. Keys to the kingdom.....

Piano Playah: Some people have been honored with a Key to the City and gained men's applause.  Praise God for the Blood of Jesus, because of the Cross I have a key to the Kingdom of God.  Glory be to Jesus, Great is He who is in me than He that is in the World.  

Via Bloom: whats the brand piano you play?

elmo shipman: Jesus. Sorry about that.

elmo shipman: This man is truly blessed and filled with the Holy Ghost. This is true pentecostal praise and worship! Thank you Jesuse!

joshforsythe1989: my children love this song!!! my little girl (not even 2 years old) sings right along.. she always says ALRIGHT!!! LOL I thank the lord for blessing me with my children.

Candice Tolbert: Love this! My church plays like this. We believe in PRAISING THE LORD in the Holy Ghost! :-)

DFullerton527: Reminds of the old church I grew up in. Churches aren't the same today. Love this traditional gospel!

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