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Desire Bowen: he was a fool to ever leave her sight

mach flyr: I first heard the song when they peformed at Disneyland.  Great song and Happy memories.

MissS.L: @Solly the first peaches passed many years ago

Solly Pigawahi: funny thing is when i google them, there were many peaches but only one herb (or the band wil called peach and herbs) :p

Solly Pigawahi: i love when it comes to the word "sugar", they're looking at each other..

Solly Pigawahi: does anybody know what year this video taken? they still looked incredible.. yes, this was definetely at 2000 something, they're using Korg Triton

chuck steak: Which one is peaches?

Leslie-Ann Coley: I love these soft soul song.

Sharon Wilkie: WOW - always a GREAT song and so sensually done here!!!

Bruce Baldwin: Peaches is the cutest thing ever!!

Jose7Andalucia: G R E A T, reunited♥♥ is always good for the heart and the soul.

Rocky Graziano: Peaches is still Gorgeous !!

Álvaro Lozano Arnau: aveces no entiendes el idioma de una cancion y despues de veinte años lees la traduccion ydescubres que eso era lo que para ti y para mi. Eres el amor de mi vida Alfonso

Bogus Smogus: IF, love is true love is a good thing. I had a love, a love like I never had before. Then I realized it was one sided. But through it all I coined a word for love. A word that expressed what I think love between a man and woman who are married to each other should be; "erophilagape". it is a word derived from Greek roots. Eros where we get the word erotic. Phileo, whitch is a brotherly love as in best friends, and agape. Agape is an action word for love. It is a duty to care for, nurture, and forgive ,when necessary, like we forgive our siblings, cousins, and other friends that we cherish. Erophilagape is a spouse, or at least what I think a spouse should be.
I hear this song and it is hard for me to believe that marriage should be anything less than a life of "erophilagape" between two people.

amazon don't come: Faith No More brought me here.excellent modern arrangement and melody.

joel james: i dont want to be rude but,who came here because of messyourself????

terry chesworth: this song is so.......s..x..l....last dance at the club..xx

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