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Elisabete Mendes: ERVA:
Eu era um tolo para sempre sair do seu lado
Lembrar-nos que era um passeio solitário
Essa separação tivemos fez-me solitário e triste
Eu percebo que eu te amo porque eu te quero de volta, hey, hey

Passei a noite com o rádio
Lamentar o momento em que eu deixar você ir
Nossa briga era um tal modo de learnin 'tanto
Agora eu sei que eu te amo porque eu preciso do seu toque, hey, hey

mcdhema boa noite

vera lucia: eu. amo. demais

Desire Bowen: he was a fool to ever leave her sight

mach flyr: I first heard the song when they peformed at Disneyland.  Great song and Happy memories.

MissS.L: @Solly the first peaches passed many years ago

Solly Pigawahi: funny thing is when i google them, there were many peaches but only one herb (or the band wil called peach and herbs) :p

Solly Pigawahi: i love when it comes to the word "sugar", they're looking at each other..

Solly Pigawahi: does anybody know what year this video taken? they still looked incredible.. yes, this was definetely at 2000 something, they're using Korg Triton

chuck steak: Which one is peaches?

Leslie-Ann Coley: I love these soft soul song.

Sharon Wilkie: WOW - always a GREAT song and so sensually done here!!!

Bruce Baldwin: Peaches is the cutest thing ever!!

Jose7Andalucia: G R E A T, reunited♥♥ is always good for the heart and the soul.

Rocky Graziano: Peaches is still Gorgeous !!

Álvaro Lozano Arnau: aveces no entiendes el idioma de una cancion y despues de veinte años lees la traduccion ydescubres que eso era lo que para ti y para mi. Eres el amor de mi vida Alfonso

Bogus Smogus: IF, love is true love is a good thing. I had a love, a love like I never had before. Then I realized it was one sided. But through it all I coined a word for love. A word that expressed what I think love between a man and woman who are married to each other should be; "erophilagape". it is a word derived from Greek roots. Eros where we get the word erotic. Phileo, whitch is a brotherly love as in best friends, and agape. Agape is an action word for love. It is a duty to care for, nurture, and forgive ,when necessary, like we forgive our siblings, cousins, and other friends that we cherish. Erophilagape is a spouse, or at least what I think a spouse should be.
I hear this song and it is hard for me to believe that marriage should be anything less than a life of "erophilagape" between two people.

amazon don't come: Faith No More brought me here.excellent modern arrangement and melody.

joel james: i dont want to be rude but,who came here because of messyourself????

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