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Mar 01 2014 by Demo
Marshall Cappy: This is what im going to sing when I get my hands on Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD remix!

joseph stagnitta: amazing, what a great love song

CommunieNetwork: kahn souphanousinphone sung this too..king of the hill

Coach Rollie Workouts - Fat X 101: Classic!

Glody Biason: classic!

Mark Traphagen: Just found out I'll be on a a panel at Search Exchange Charlotte with my former colleague (but ongoing friend!) +Colby Almond, viral and Pinterest marketing wizard. Will be counting down to it like Christmas!

APRIL GUTIERREZ: Check out this video on YouTube:

annhenderson henderson:

unique dominguez: was a fool to ever leave your side Me minus you is such a lonely ride The breakup we had has made me Lonesome and sad I realize I love you 'Cause I want you bad, hey, hey I spent the ev'ning with the radio Regret the moment that I let you go Our quarrel was such a way Of learnin' so much I know now that I love you 'Cause I need your touch, hey, hey 

Carol Pack: OHHH YAHHH!

KAT CHE: How long has it been since you last heard this song?

Ramon Gonzalez: MY BABY'S HERE!!¡! Reunited-peaches and herb

antoinette george: This is real good

blackbeany: Family Guy brought me here haha

Howard Rose: Now that I am working with the last 500 songs, I find some that have been at least somewhat forgotten and brought back to mind as I peruse the best album songs list that I created (but where on the walls are these albums now or, better yet, behind what dolls?), the tapes, the 45's, and the CD"s that have actually been opened and played. So now it might be time to go with # 2999. From Peaches and Herb and "Reunited".

Vincent Tannehill: TAN VIDEO.

Beatriz Lopez: Y esta es la consentida de consentidas.

Ramiro Bernal: At Whataburger jamming to Peaches and Herb......hellz yeah!!!!

Rafael Peleias: Thumbs up if Faith No More version brought you here

Andrea Moreno Garcia: wonderful!!

chungiemunchin: Both have aged beautifully! Very classy act! Never bought their records but must put my thumbs up in for their live stage act.

KHGuitarFreak1988: Shoes have never sounded so good...

Pasqualinoo276: Thank you! i was trying to remember where i heard this!

TheMellow26: i think phineas and ferb got inspired by this.. great song.

TheTapdancegirl88: gotta go get my tap shoes on and dance tap to this lovely song

Shep Trop: beautiful. Music on the billboards charts don't get as as touching as this anymore. Well not this degree. This is a special tune.

Danielsd619X3: WTF!!! Peter Griffin sings this song xD

chellamichelle26 .: I love this song

EternalxxParadox: Nova anyone?

Kawaii King: God i love dat fro.

fivethreefive535: Where can i find a picture of them grown old?

Reginald Coburn: I yolanda mz. Kg and keyairre kg we love eachother so much seriously in love this is one of our favorite songs cause we are so dedicated to oneanother and so happy together but there are haters hatin on us but we dont care we still doin us

Rachel K: She's so beautiful.

Triumph9909: Thumbs up if you like the hell with TV cartoons...!

Maria Lucia Farias: Com certeza...disse tudo... Helio Torres ...

ThePirocadoida: They had spent almost 40 years later and they sang exactly alike, RIP Peaches

Jason Steib: That booty is bumpin!

ZeroX54321: 0:46 don't mind me just using this link for something

GoukiTehPwner: Thumbs up if Food Lion brought you here.

skipper376: sorry fans, but Faith No More's version is way better...actually every cover that Faith No More do is better than the original..

BeNicePlz: Shut the freak up dummy.

jman54354: @Rosshand7 yep I was watching hershels land

ManDudeYeah: Family Guy

Brian Nuhn: I play this every spring when I take my car out for the first time after winter lol

rlf888rlf: Peaches is Miriam Wright.....very romantic song!!!

heliotorresjr: Linda demais , isto não existe mais, só quem curtiu sabe o que o tempo é capaz de fazer , saudades demais.

brainiac187420: old school hip hop and classic soul music, word up

Sheila mcfarlane: Fortunately on unfortunately depending how you look at it I lived through the times when songs made sense. So often I read comments from you people that they wished they lived the the 60's,70's& 80's. So do I. Things were more simplier then. It wasn't about who had the best lighting show, etc. , it was about the music. P.S. we also did not have computers. Just Sat. at the record stop with friends having a soda.

Sneakerama17: fresh prince....

Vladimir Ferreira: d mais!

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