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Patrick Martin: What I love about this movie, and song, is the message that you can love someone regardless of outside appearance. Love transcends image, it is a deep rooted thing :))

arya djuanda: Five star....

loreleipm: beautiful

Amz Arma-arma: This song reminds me alot,😍😍love it much !😘😘

Mariz Pascual: U2iuui2u2uu3u277uwuiu2u

Catherine Grace: Wao Disney has it all

Lara Mair Williams: Ariana & John Legend don't touch Celine & Peabo singing this tbh

Ting huff: Beautiful i like thank you love

Nikki Jenkins: I like the original better than the remake. Who else?

Callie Craik: I think Dion should of sang both Beauty and the Beast and How died a moment last forever. But who with?

Callie Craik: I think Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson have better voices than Ariana Grande and Josh Legend.

nancy leddy: Nobody can come close to these gifted singers

Hendri Dalimartha: I love this original version much much more than the john legend version

ELVI ANNA: Bella learned me that beaty is in the inside,Mulan went to war for her family and saved China, Tiana worked hard to reach her dream, Rapunzel was brave and followed her dream and many other princesses too, but in the end frozem gets all the credits teaching girls they dont need a man to save the day.Most of the princesses saved themselves and others before frozen did (sorry for my english)

Christinjoy Diwan: Who watch this video July 12, 2017...

Sheikha Sheikha: This version. the best .

Epsta1: When i was 15 i kept sneaking into the movie theaters that my cousin worked at and i must have watched this movie everyday for a week or so. Best love story every made and greatest disney duet ever or duet period. Every time im stressed or down, I listen to this song as a time machine to a better more innocent time in my life.

Danusha Devi: June 2017 and still listening. :)

Grandizer 45: Peabo has one of the greatest voices Ive ever heard. Disney bring him back.

cindie cox: I like this version better than the 2017 version. .

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Beauty And The Beast ~ Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson 5 out of 5