Beauty And The Beast ~ Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson Music Video for Free!

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moana ebanosar: na LSS ako ehh😀😀

The Undisputed God Tyler Black: I want to say something to Ariana Grande and John Legend......

freak YOU!!!

Your version will never beat CELINE DION AND PEABO.

Waad Khalid: Where can I find this movie as this quality 😭♥️? Not the HD one

Yuwanda. Promwong: Love

Miya Foreo: sorry but I still love this one's version 💓👍

Anna Biscari: che bello vedere questo video con i vecchi colori della videocasetta... era più magico il cartone con questi colori...lo hanno rovinato in bluray secondo me..

AkOsIrAnUto9980: This is my favorite slow disney song. I don't know why. XD

Muhammad Sayudi: Am i the only come here after listen ariana john legend version?

Jděte do píči: that feelings and emotions !! New version where is singing Ariana is awful.. 😖

xMeiAndi: I don't understand why this has less viwes than the new version :(

Kev Kevin: I came here after watching Ariana's version. Well, this is classic both are good.

Okkin Taruc: Cleansing myself after hearing Ariana Grande's version.

TheBucketheadfan1991: I am 26 years old and when I saw the final official trailer..... I was a kid again for 3 minutes...

George Beier: Peabo just kills it here. What a voice.

Ngoc Đo: Wonderful !

Con Con: Hey guys st therese won the musical play beauty and the beast and st magaret lose the musical play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wachiraya Meevasana: After 2017 Version and I am here..haha

jhalz M: I like the eyes of belle. It's so pretty.

Levi Carlo Espino: I'm not really fond with Disney movies especially fairy tales, but man, I really love Beauty and the Beast. The story and soundtracks were grand, and Belle.

savi mitra bahuguna: magical. ..its so .... magicial

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